What did you assume you would really hate and not want to do, but then you tried it once and loved it?

My sister and I have made banana sandwiches since elementary school. Simple: toast the bread, cut up a banana, place the slices between the pieces of toast and eat.One day, as a driver for Global Van Lines, I went to the only open

What do you like the most from reading a non-fiction book on self-improvement? Why?

These books are usually a bundle of concepts, methods and ideas. I like taking them apart, studying each individually and within its own context. In doing so, I achieve a perspective on how others are managing to improve themselves and what experiences they find valuable.What

What is a decent reference book for the science CBSE 10 for practicing questions?

You should opt for Oswaal Books Question Bank. They have a unique layout, precise and updated content. Answers as per the marking scheme are given along with solutions. Solved Board Examination paper & latest toppers answers in their own handwriting. Mind Maps are

What is a good book to read on algorithms for a programmer without a mathematical background?

CLRS (intro to also) - the famous big white book of algorithms.Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Interview Questions and SolutionsAlgorithms and Programming: Problems and Solutions by Alexander Shen (Author)Additionally, try solving these using any programming language - Archived Problems - Project Euler and Topcoder Arena

What is a good book to start learning the basics of nutrition?

Hmmm... Well... I believe that others will add to this, but I'll take a stab at a start. Look for a Sophomore High School Biology Text Book as a first approach. The reason that I mention this, is that in 1967, I took that very same Biology class. And, while it covered the topic that you are

What is the best book about Nice, France?

I lived until 29 there, first of all the best things to do is avoid summer (july & August), crowded, too hot for most of people, way more expensive. Go in april/may/june for Nice weather a lot of Party and people but not too much and maybe september but it's definetly more

What is the best book for biology for CBSE class 11th?

You can go for the classic NCERT textbooks and exemplar problems or books from Arihant publications, full marks publications ,Pradeep publications and S Chand publications. But the problem with going for books is that they require a huge time commitment there's a huge possibility that even after devoting sufficient time

What is the best book for chemistry for class 11?

Hi. Thanks for the A2A.The first book that you should pick up is the NCERT book of the respective subject and your class. The advantages of studying from an NCERT book is that the theoretical part that comes in competitive exams is usually from NCERT. Also the theory is precisely noted. Next you should also study from

What is the best book for maths in class 12 CBSE?

As Such you are just studying for boards and not for any competitive exams, I would recommend you to get thorough with your NCERT textbook mainly the calculus and 3D Geometry part. Then you should go for R.D Sharma Or R.S Agarwal. Don't to both, only keep one to refer. I recommend you

What is the best book that helped you become smarter?

Please spare at least an hour daily before sunrise to critically and thoroughly read Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha in original Sanskrit text with translation of your choice along with Mahabharata to understand its background and the Upanishads to properly understand its teachings.You must follow its teachings to the word; that is why thorough understanding with reference to the context is

What is the best book to learn Selenium?

We all know that software testing tools change over time as the software development practices change with new technologies. In such cases, to keep up the customer satisfaction, to deliver best quality product and to improve overall productivity becomes really necessary and software testing plays a very

What is the best C# book?

There are many good books. If you are a beginner book by

What is the best coding book?

Again, I got these from some of my previous answers to similar questions:Code Complete, 2nd edition. It's about the construction of software and the design that goes in the small parts of the code you write. The book is huge, so reading it might

What is the best reference book for CBSE class 9 science?

Science is a subject that requires considerable thought and hardwork to be out in by the student. There are a lot of books available in the market offering more or less the same content. You can go for any of the books . You can go for the classic NCERT textbooks and exemplar problems or books from

What is the best reference book for the class 9 CBSE, for the new session?

Did you know who invented the principle of competition among students? It was Marcus Verrius Flaccus, a Roman teacher who was famous in the late 1st century BC and had used this technique as an educational aid.Best Books- Study from NCERT text books

What is the best way to read philosophy?

There's a fundamental distinction between two types of philosophy (in the West, at least) - Analytic and Continental (Google for more on that). It sounds like you're referring to Continental philosophy. So that's one thing to figure out before you set out

What is the effectiveness of bodyweight training only to build muscle strength, size and tone?

TL;DR: If you are a novice who wants to wants to get stronger/leaner/sexier/healthier/bigger/whatever, there are ways to do it and you needn't overthink it. If you enjoy bodyweight training, dial in your diet, and stick to it, it will work. My advice would be to run a program such as

What is the single most influential book every programmer should read?

I would recommed ANY of the books pusblished my Big Nerds Ranch. I've read most of them and they REALLY helped me to become an excellent programmer. They are a little expensive at retail bookstores, so I'd recommed buying them on Amazon. Here is a partial list of their best titles:Objective-C

What is your favorite book?

Thanks for A2A. Picking 1 book is a very tough job since there are so many really exceptional books/novels, whether Literary Fiction or Non-Fiction out there. I had written a detailed answer on those novels which are my favorite in my personal collection and also I rate them

What makes people smarter, reading books or taking actions?

Reading books makes people smarter about things which are already known. Taking actions makes people smarter about things which may not be known. Shekhar Hardikar has a valid point about dubious definitions, but a lot of Quora questions devolve into semantic arguments even though the beautiful flowering variety of answers comes from nuanced interpretations of

What self help book truly helps?

This really changed our lives drastically after one of our friends brought it to our support group.I have been using the methods suggested by this author to keep myself going. Try this: Set Yourself Started and Going

What's the best self study book to learn Chinese?

To actually answer the question put forth, here is a short list of some resources you may find crucial at the beginning of your learning process.1.) Assimil Chinese - with audio cds. This is the very first resource I used when learning Chinese. It starts very slow

When is it too late to start reading different books to become smarter?

There is never a time too late to start reading books.The people you hear about that read a lot from a young age were also smart. There are plenty of others that also read from a young age, but you haven't heard about them.

Where can I get online PDF or EPUB versions of books?

I'll promise you that after learning the names of this sites, you'll always remain indebted to me, and that's not a hollow one.So, for PDF's, this site will always remain your friend: Pdf eBooks | Download pdf | Download eBooks | pdforigin.net. Bookmark

Where can I learn about fitness and nutrition (books or online)?

Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and FitnessMaking and maintaining lasting changes in nutrition and fitness is not easy for anyone. Yet the communication style of a health professional can make a huge difference. This book presents the proven counseling approach known as motivational interviewing (MI) and shows exactly how to use

Which are best ethical hacking and pentesting books for beginners?

About PENTESTING:Penetration testing (also called pen testing) is the practice of testing a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.FIVE PHASES OF PENTESTING :Phase 1 | Reconnaissance Reconnaissance is the act of gathering preliminary data or intelligence on your target. The data

Which are the best books to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

I am not sure if learning HTML,CSS, JavaScript would be good choice. However, I recommend you to learn these skills interactively with live code editors.We've developed interactive code editors to learn HTML,CSS,JavaScript online. See if it helps you in your learning.Interactive Code Learning. High-Quality Programming Tutorials and References Good Luck!

Which are the best detailed books for learning ethical hacking from scratch?

#Question name: Which are the best detailed books for learning ethical hacking from scratch?TOP 27 RESOURCES TO LEARN ETHICAL HACKING:Hi, I checked all resources on the internet and Quora answers and below are good sites to learn ethical hacking.#1. Masters In Ethical HackingThis is the best YouTube channel about ethical hacking.Subscribers: 230,000+Total of videos: 600+#2. EthicalHacker365This is one

Which are the best physics books for class 11 for average students with lot of numericals under RS 500?

I would suggest you to buy SL ARORA CLASS 11 as it explains typical concepts in easy way and contains lots of numericals.If you search online then you will find it of approximately ₹900-₹1000, but in market you can get of it ₹550-₹650,as I purchased it last year.You can buy old or used book

Which are the best reference books for CBSE 12 chemistry?

1) NCERT: A book which is termed the bible by many has actually achieved the status of apical. This status is not only given by students but considered by CBSE itself. More than 40% of final examination questions are directly picked from the NCERT

Which are the best reference books for class 11 CBSE science (physics, chemistry and biology)?

Hi there.Reference books comes in two categories, one in entrance point of view while the other in board level.For boards level, go for Pradeep's in case of Chemistry and Biology. Even there are more but these two books are very

Which are the best reference books for class 11?

I took the exact same group for classes 11 &12 and these are the books I'd recommend:1. English: if you're very passionate about the language you don't need any reference books but if you're more keen on scoring marks buy Oswaal Chapterwise Questions. It's

Which are the best reference books for science for the CBSE for class 8?

There are a lot of books available in the market offering more or less the same content. You can go for the classic NCERT textbooks and exemplar problems or books from Arihant publications ,full marks publications, Pradeep publications and S

Which are the best reference books to study for class 9?

According to me, Oswaal Books Question Banks are the best. They have been designed to assist students to prepare for their periodic tests, internal assignments as well as the Final examinations with equal ease.Some Key highlights of this book are:Chapterwise/ Topicwise presentation for the systematic and methodical studyPrevious

Which are the 'must read' books one must go through before getting married?

A2AIf you are interested in people and relationships, that should be enough :-) Read the 'Book of Life' :-) No book is really going to prepare you for a married life.  On a lighter note, if someone insisted, my recommendations

Which biology book is best for class 11 ICSE?

HelloBiology subject needs lot determination and dedication towards the subject inorder to get success in that subjectAt this time a book will be a good choice to gain the knowledge of biologyBut I can say that the book alone for biology is not enough because the itself can explain

Which book is good for physics in class 9?

Physics is a subject which is very beautiful in itself. Physics is the subject which needs a great deal of understanding and daily practice. Physics is not merely just a subject as taught in 9th standard but forms the basis of

Which book(s) help make someone smarter?

Every kind of book make you smarter even Harry potter.. here is a list of a library base .. Authors writers and novelists.Aragon, Artaud, Aury/Réage, Barjavel, Bataille, Besson, Bory, Brautigan, Capote, Carver, Cendrars, Cioran, Cocteau, Colette, Cos- sery, Dantec, Debord, Desnos, Dick, Drieu La Rochelle, Echenoz, Ellis, Fante, Frank, Gary/Ajar, Genêt, Gombrowicz, Grass, Guibert, Guitry, Hamsun,

Which book teaches you or guides you to become a more flexible human being?

Flexibility for what? To be a gymnast To be flexible as a Yogi To address a particular stiff body part like backGet specific for Right answers. In a very general perspective,  do take a look at this book Move Like An Animal: Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move

Which books did you solve for class 10 boards CBSE?

S C I E N C EFor Both Concept and Questions●Dinesh**(Best book for Phy,Chem)NOTE-Dinesh Bio is too Large●All in one*(Another best book for theory especially bio)●Pradeep*(best for Explanation Phy*,Chem*)●S chand(Chem,Phy)If u like itNOTE-Don't Buy S chand Bio ,It has to much of Extra Data(Out of course)Question Banks●Together With**(Bible for Boards and have a Lot of questions with almost

Which books make you smart?

Any book that pushes your limits, if only slightly. This could be stylistically (trying out poetry as opposed to prose), maybe in terms of word calisthenics ( heavier, different vocab - though this probably applies to younger readers more) or simply tone (George Orwell and PG Wodehouse for example - miles

Which books should be referred to for the HPAS (Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services) Exam?

Current AffairsThe HinduDaily News Analysis by Jatin Verma .The Tribune , Himachal edition.PIB analysis by Jatin Verma .MagazinesYojana Magazine.BooksIndian Polity by M. Laxmikanth.India Economy by Ramesh Singh.NCERT books Class 9–12th standard.HistoryNCERT books 6–12thHistory of Modern India by Bipin ChandraIndia after Gandhi by Ramachandra GuhaGeographyPhysical and

Which books would make you look smart?

Reading is a constructive hobby. I am sure once you have taste of some good works, you will not stop. But still if you are looking for books with whose content you can connect with all masses in communication then you can choose any from

Which is the best book for chemistry class 12?

#I would like to recommend you to study ORGANIC CHEMISTRY from SOLOMONS FRYHLE and Pradeep. As it has the most basic and well written book for Orgainic.#For Inorganic and Physical Chemistry NCERT is everything. Practice all the Solved Examples, Intext Questions and back question Twice,Thrice as many times as possible.#Pradeep is the best book(for all the

Which is the best book for Indian history?

There is no single book that could cover the entire

Which is the best book for learning Linux as a beginner?

The answer to the above may vary depending upon what the beginner is aiming by "learning"  Linux.Although no matter what the user is interested in, The Linux Documentation Project should suffice for most if not all the doubts for a beginner.To be more precise, if the user is interested in an

Which is the best book for physics in class 11?

Hello dear, Selection of a book for any subject depends on to what you want to pursue in the field, you asked for physics then surely you are a science student with either PCM or PCB as subjects. First of all if you are from

Which is the best book for the class 10 SST?

For SSTOkNCERT - read ncert line by line and understand the chapter. There is no book in market better then ncert for sst theory. Reading it could get boring and sometime tough to get meaning of some words but you can take help from your teachers to understand. Read your class notes and do each and every question

Which is the best book in ethical hacking for beginners?

The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide to Penetration TestingIt's a great book that each one must read.Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to HackingGeneral good books for learning the basics the Penetration TestingThe

Which is the best book of science for class 9 CBSE?

Did you know who invented the principle of competition among students? It was Marcus Verrius Flaccus, a Roman teacher who was famous in the late 1st century BC and had used this technique as an educational aid.Best Books- Study from NCERT text books

Which is the best book to learn about indian stock market and trading in indian stock market?

Stock Market Books for Beginners – Are you checking your stock market app more frequently? More than you check your WhatsApp and Facebook? If yes, You are an avid investor. Money and investment are the subjects we didn't learn in the schools. So if you want to learn about the stock market, you are in the

Which is the best books to study for CBSE grade 9 maths?

I scored 10 cpga studying these books in my 9th standard.Therefore I will suggest you to focus mainly on ncert. Once you are done with ncert completely,revise it at least 2–3 times for all subjects. Ncert must be on your tips. After

Which is the best maths book for class 9 CBSE?

There are two scenarios for choosing your math book :Scenario 1: If you want to go into deep understanding, and want to be conceptually strong then, RD Sharma's book is the best. There are many things which are beyond NCERT to make you think, and this is really helpful for

Which is the best novel about social psychology?

in my opinion, this book fits the category you are askingSocial PsychologyReflecting your students and their world.How many of the students in your Social Psychology course are Psychology majors? Business? Sociology? Education? In the 11th edition of Social Psychology, David Myers once again weaves an inviting and compelling narrative that speaks to ALL

Which is the best reference book for social science for class 10th cbse?

You need not to go for any additional reference books at this stage,right now ncert is enough for you.First finish ncert books and then if you want some extra practice or knowledge then you can go for following books... for, 1.Maths- a book by R.S.Agarwal 2.Science-S chand publication books. 3.Social studies- ncert is more than enough read

Which is the best reference book for the science class 10 CBSE?

Science is one of the scoring subjects in class 10th if taken seriously and if one has a hold over concepts. For building concepts and vivid learning you can go for:-Lakhmir Singh & Manjeet Kaur for Physics, Chemistry, Biology.Pradeep for solving numericals and other additional and HOTS questions (this is not compulsory)**NCERT is your Bible, never

Which is the best reference book of English class 9?

These are most important Books for classes 9th and 10th.Class 9 has far more syllabus than class 8. Class 9 is very important as it lays foundation for your class 10 results. And class 10 (Board Exam) decides your future. To top in your

Which is the most over-hyped book you have read?

Kind of agree with some of the above answers. For me, the three that were inordinately disappointing were:1. Life of Pi: It did not make sense to me, no, I mean, literally did not. I could not understand the play of present and past and future,

Which reference book is best for chemistry for class 12 CBSE?

If you aim to prepare only for CBSE board exam, then I will advise you only NCERT and Latest Arihant's Chapterwise Solution(It contains previous year's solved question from each chapter and hence is an excellent one). For Board exams, I never prefer other

Which reference books should I take for CBSE class 9 and 10 for all subjects?

Reference Books for Class 9 CBSE- Class 9 has far more syllabus than class 8. Class 9 is very important as it lays foundation for your class 10 result. For this reason, most of the students tend to accumulate lot of class 9 books, which is not good thing to do. Rather

Which science book is best for CBSE class 7?

To be very frank, in class 7th no reference book is required. You should just focus on ncert because Ncert is best. You may think that Ncert has a typical language written in it. No problem you should try your level best to understand word by word

Which would make you smarter: reading books or watching movies?

You can't reasonably expect an empirical answer to this question, but I will try to give you something helpful. Many people make the mistake of labelling watching films as a 'passive' activity. This can be true, but it reflects trends in cinema more than it represents the whole of the art form. Some films require the same

Which would make you smarter: reading textbooks or reading fiction books?

By smarter, do you mean more knowledgeable?Or more able to think?Those two things are different.I would say that, by and large, textbooks would make you more knowledgeable.Though there are many fictional novels written with a grounding in history, math, science, etc. There are

Which zombie movie/book/show had the scariest zombies virus?

Zom-B. I have only read the first 3 of this series, but trust me when I say that, although I love the series, the zombies are terrifying.For one, some of the zombies are sentient and can act just like humans.Two, one of the scenes in the books is about a man screaming and chanting while

Who was your best motivator in life?

Not being anywhere near dying.Life is insanely long. Far too long, for me.I have a very special and funny mindset, since my childhood.And I had concretized most my dreams and figured out all existential and mankind questions that were bothering

Why do people read?

I read because it gives me immense pleasure. The power to imagine can be generated only by reading. For me reading fiction book is escaping from harsh reality of world and to live life by reading stories of other people. Reading is getting into author's mind perceptive and feeling pain and happiness of characters. It's hard to put

Why do you love to read books?

Hahaha :)Sorry! after reading this question this was my first reaction , not that its funny, but highly amusing.Though am sure many people might be having the same question,But before that tell me Why do people enjoy MoviesWhy do people enjoy sports(cricket

Why don't I enjoy reading books (so much) anymore? Did the internet ruin reading for me, or do books become less useful/insightful/enjoyable at a certain age?

The internet ruined my patience for deeper immersion into content and topics OR I am old enough (late 30s) to see that many ideas in books are not novel and many ideas/insights don't need long books to be described.There are three possibilities that occur to me. The

Why is reading books so over rated?

Over rated? Reading books has so many advantages:1. Improves your language- Reading a book of any language improves your vocabulary as well as grammar of that language.2. Makes us more knowledgeable- There are books about a wide variety of topics and we can

Why should we read books?

Why read more?Books have made me everything I am. They have been my mentors in almost every area of my life. They have influenced and improved my mind, finances, health, social life, and everything I do. They correct me when I make mistakes,

Why we have to use reference books in class 9?

Don't get disheartened while you are on the verge of finishing the task of reading this answer but you should indeed put this to your habit---the practice to use reference books--be it any subject. As you might be well versed with the cut throat competition that exists today, these books will only help you rise above the ordinary bunch

Will books ever become obsolete?

Interesting question! A best seller is what - 2 Million Sold. There are what?, 300 Million Americans. Books are barely viable as is. My friend proudly states he NEVER read one and my brother wrote book reports on Bell for Adano all thru school.The majority

Will reading Harry Potter books make me smarter?

Hell yes. It does..!!The Philosopher's Stone was THE first novel I ever read back when I was 11 years old.And I have never looked back.Not only has the series (books and movies) helped my imagination skills but also helped me to realize and understand very important lessons of life that I will never ever

Has a book ever ruined your day?

I guess you could say that. Or maybe my life (in some ways?).When I was in 5th grade, I was fascinated with the function(s) of blood. I read everything (medically) that I could get my hands on. I had made up

I want to learn hacking. What is a good book?

Our list has suggested by HackerZ Team to others hackers:Famous Hacking Books:Gray Hat Hacking- The Ethical Hacker HandbookOrder Link(For Amazon users): https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/gray+hat+hacking+bookThe Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2edOrder Link(For Amazon Users):The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2edHacking

What are some of the best and useful books for self improvement?

I'm leaving out books that teach skills simply because they speak for themselves. A craft skill learned is always self improvement. But I guess we're talking here about books that enhance the people we are and make our lives happier for our-selves, our families and the people we come

What are the best e-books to learn how to hack as a CS student?

Hacking Made Easy 1 (Volume 1)This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a true hacker novice. This book is not all inclusive by any means. The first half of the book is dedicated to educating you on what hacking is, clearing up truth from fiction, bringing you up to speed on what

What book has helped you prove that God exists?

When we talking about God we should define the God first and second thing is the way of worship !!How one would identify God ??All religious people are describing God as supreme power, one who has created whole nature including all the

What book or movie really disturbed you?

There is no book or movie that can disturb me, because I feel movie is a movie and book is a book, not life.Some times I get emotional, but not disturbed.So why I am answering this question. Because I have explained the disturbance in another sense to amuse

What causes the smell of old books?

The old book smell is cellulose and lignin in the paper breaking down.  They give rise to whole bunch of organic compounds, each with their own smell.Newer books have a lot less lignin, and a lot more chemicals deliberately added to treat the

What is the best book you know on the topic of lie detection?

I have not come across any good books on "Lie Detection" per se but a very good book on reading people and their gestures is How to Read a Person Like a Book: Gerard I. Nierenberg.It talks in a lot of detail about how

What is the best ketogenic diet meal plan/book to go for?

Meal planning can be challenging on a keto diet. Just staying within the 75/20/5 ratios for fat/protein/carbs is challenging enough, but doing that while ALSO staying within a target daily calorie goal can be downright complicated.Fortunately, I've gone through my favorite ketogenic diet cookbook and put together a 4-week ketogenic meal plan for three different calorie levels:1700

What is the best marriage counseling book?

The 24x7 Marriage : Smart Strategies for Good Beginningsn this witty and inspirational book, the first in a Westland series addressing The New Indian Marriage, psychiatrist Vijay Nagaswami shows you the way to your own answers to questions that shake the foundation of a happy marriage.Paperback: 274

What is the best tutorial website or book to learn complete hacking?

First of all, I want to make it clear that there is no single book or resource which will teach you Complete Hacking. And secondly, I am going to reference some part of my answer to some blog post so that I can reduce the size of this answer. Otherwise this answer will be over 1000

What is the most life-changing business book and why?

"Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.This book gives you the steps and guidance to create a life made-to-order whereby you put in the work and action in order to achieve your ultimate burning desire.  The author breaks down the secrets to success that he learned from studying hundreds other successful people for over

Which is that one movie/book that changed your perception about life?

Oh yes, for all students ( especially Indian ) there is one most amazingly plotted movie -- 3 IDIOTS. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani and Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra , this movie was created on the basis of the storyline of- Five Point Someone ( What not to do at IIT) written by Chetan Bhagat. The

Which is the best book or cheap way to learn ethical hacking?

Start reading!There are some go-to books that you can buy to help you learn the basics and essentials of penetration testing and Ethical Hacking. Since Ethical Hacking often include website targets, we'll focus on getting you started with Web Hacking and later we'll branch out.(You can get all these book's PDF)Your two go-to books are

Why is an outdated book like the Bible still used to moralize and condemn?

Original Question:Why is an outdated book like the Bible still used to moralize and condemn?Because some people have deep, unresolved control issues, and they use the conditioned conceptual constructs they identify with, which often take the forms of specific religious, political and social opinions, to attempt to control other people, and get them