Am I being emotionally abused by my boyfriend?

From your details, yes he is absolutely emotionally abusing you and it sounds like he is also finding ways to physically abuse you.Get out of the relationship now, before his abuse escalates any further and before his abuse is turned towards your

Am I ready to move in with my boyfriend?

Deciding to live together is a very big step in a relationship. Usually, this is done when you are considering being with your significant other forever, or for at least as long as possible.Merging two lives together in one home is very

Can a married woman have a boyfriend?

That is for her and her husband to decide, together. Plenty of married people are in that situation right now. You can read up on polyamory, or ethical non-monogamy for a lot more information.If you are the married woman, and you want to have a boyfriend, keep

Do boy-friends/husbands really take you for granted after a period of time?

Yes my husband has taken me for granted .. it's been 5yrs of our married life . Everytime he keeps hurting me in some or the other way thinking that i will never leave him and go .he knows that I'm badly in love with him and

Do women sometimes leave their boyfriends or husbands for another man?

Yes, of course. For an abundance of possible reasons. I can think of many reasons they might choose to leave. What I can't think of is any reason women wouldn't while men would.Is this- leaving for a different lover- something you imagine to be a gender-specific trait? Like, men are prone

Do you suspect your boyfriend is cheating?

A lot of things go on in our life that affects us in ways we can not imagine.Sometimes we are the cause of all this things and when i say we are the cause i mean there are things we can avoid yet we allow this go on in our life's just because we are scared of loosing people

Does your boyfriend verbally abuse you?

A boyfriend who abuses his girlfriend has her in training for some much more nasty surprises like physical abuse. Verbal abuse is the training ground for the seemingly more nasty physical kind, so emotional abuse isn't benign but a preview of things to come.Ask him to take an anger management course while you sit out the next few

How to stop myself from emotionally abusing my boyfriend

For this Buddha has mentioned a specific type of meditation and it is called loving kindness. It works as follows,First sit in a comfortable place and position and try to remember all the happy moments of your life. Just when you feel happy, think about

How to win my boyfriend back

How to get your ex boyfriend backYour relationship with a special guy has come and gone, but now you want him back.Here's how to turn that ex-boyfriend into your significant other once again! Follow these steps to help you out.They might not just let

How can one handle a stingy boyfriend?

Money is still ranked as one of the greatest struggles all couples have. Sounds like you hit a gold-mine here, the opportunity to have these conversations in the time of the life your in now as opposed to later when its more difficult. Now is the time to have a good conversation with your

How to deal with my stingy boyfriend

It's no fun dealing with someone who's stingy on a regular basis. It definitely leads to problems in the relationship and builds up resentment, frustration and dissatisfaction over time. You first need to bring up the subject but be careful with it. You don't have to sound

How to get my boyfriend to stop verbally abusing me and respect me more

Vote with your feet, sister. Abuse - whether verbally, emotionally, mentally, physically, or sexually - is ALL abuse. It is unacceptable behavior. If you accept it, then it will continue and possibly even escalate.I read of a true story of a man who nearly lost his love. They had gone to a movie and

How to have sex with my boyfriend's friend without him knowing

Why you little sneak!I hope it isn't necessary for you to keep your present relationship because this may not end well.My recommendation is to wait for a time that the boyfriend is

How to tell my boyfriend I might be pregnant

Oh boy... tricky situation :)Personally I believe it is better to get such things out in the open as fast as possible. If you keep putting it off... it will get harder to tell him. And if you ARE pregnant, the shock will be greater if he realizes it is already far

How to successfully leave a long term relationship

1. Have somewhere to go.2. Be quick & clean; don't negotiate. explain and leave.3. Try not to involve other people more than you have to. Many of your friends will be shared; try not to force them to 'take sides'4. But do be wary that some WILL take sides,

I tapped bf in face, then he slapped me in the face. How do I reconcile with him?

You tapped him. That was every kind of wrong. He slapped you. That was every kind of wrong.You're seemingly not feeling any kind of responsibility for what you did. Maybe he too is feeling no responsibility.This should frankly horrify you, that you

I think my boyfriend might be emotionally abusive. Why can't I let him go?

Because you cling to hope.You are doing yourself a huge disservice. A relationship needs more than just love. Love is an important part, I agree, but there should also bea partner who is striving to be a good partner.a partner that respects you.a partner that you can be yourself with, that you don't have to

I want to marry my married boyfriend, what do I do?

Sometimes we fall for people we know we shouldn't fall for, but then we need to stop and ask ourselves if this is truly what we can allow ourselves to do.If you want to marry him, then tell him. Tell him you want to progress more in your relationship with him. If he says no, then you

If I marry my boyfriend, do I need to marry his toxic parents?

If he is fond of them then your marriage is pretty much doomed if you consider them toxic. If you don't love him enough to find something likeable about them, you should cut him loose. Don't put everyone through the trauma not to mention time wasted. Even if you convinced him to turn his

Is it normal that my boyfriend didn't get me anything for my birthday?

NO.What most guys (sorry, massive generalizations about to happen) don't seem to understand that it's not about the present itself. It's not about a Hallmark greeting card, or a dozen long stemmed roses.We can buy things for ourselves - we have our own $$, and we can get what we

Is moving in with a boyfriend a good idea?

It is for some people, and not for others... and that's the extent of

Is my boyfriend abusive?

This is undeniably abusive behavior from your boyfriend.In a healthy relationship:Your partner should not call you names like ‘whiny little bitch' or call you things like ‘annoying'Your partner should not want anything bad to happen to you, let alone, try to encourage you to hurt yourself or commit suicideYour partner will value you

Is my boyfriend verbally/emotionally abusive?

Short answer, Yes!As a survivor of an abusive marriage I can promise you 4 things...He will apologize and make you feel

My boyfriend had an emotional affair, how do I work past it?

It is not a singular process; do it together. Clearly, you both need to open up to one another if there is to be understanding. Without mutual understanding, of each other's feelings ,the ‘whys and wherefores ‘ and how the affair came

My boyfriend has left his wife for me, but now my feelings have faded. What do I do?

As I always say, I cannot give you advice but I can tell you my thoughts on such things. If a man cheats WITH you, he will cheat ON you. And this applies to women too! I am not gender

My boyfriend is moving across the country. How do I move on?

Being in a relationship with somebody who moves halfway across the country is difficult, especially if you have been dating for quite some time. I've had to deal with it before.My best advice is to try a long-distance relationship and see what happens. You never know what could or couldn't occur. You could be able to

My boyfriend lacks ambition and drive. I don't. Should we break up?

You should be true to your heart. If ambition and drive are an integral part of your identity and are things of utmost importance to you then obviously, you are not well matched. There will come a day when the disparity

My boyfriend of 6 months doesn't make enough time for me. Is it time to end things?

When you first started dating, the relation was new. It was exciting. And that's why there was an effort to be together as much as you could.6 months on, you're going steady. You've gotten comfortable, and it's just another thing in your life.So here's the thing. Keep it interesting. A relationship takes work from both

My boyfriend says 'We can always get a divorce if marriage doesn't work out.' Should I run away now?

No, I wouldn't run away. Divorce is a topic that needs to be discussed prior to marriage in great specificity. And by

My boyfriend tells me to grow out my hair and compares me to others. Now he's picky about what I eat. Is this headed into an abusive relationship?

He's a Control Freak! Move On with Your Life! I was in an abusive marriage (many moons ago). I met him when I was on tour. He was fun and silly and all things nice. Fat forward a few years later. He became someone I didn't know & I didn't want to know. He

My boyfriend wants to live in together without getting married but I wish to get married in a church do I get him to change his mind?

You may not be able to change your boyfriend's mind at all. If your belief is strong enough, you must tell him you won't move in with him. If he cannot honor your wishes, perhaps he is not the right man for you.Your position is very honorable

My boyfriend's mother doesn't like me because my parents have been divorced (my dad twice). What should I do?

I cannot answer your question about what you should do, but I can explain why parents would not want their child to date (and possibly marry into) a family of divorce.In my family of origin, nobody divorced. They stuck through it, thick and thin, better and worse. People worked, supported one another financially and

My ex-boyfriend has anger issues, but he's willing to go to therapy. Should I give him another chance?

No, that's not a wise choice. Consider how bad the bad scenarios can be.Worst case scenerio runner-up: he doesn't change but expects you to take him back. Now you have him angry at you again.Worst case scenerio first prize: You

My parents won't let me hug/kiss my boyfriend. How should I deal with this?

Wow. As a parent (of now grown children) this question confuses me too. The parent in me automatically responds "respect your parents damn it". Then the human side tells that side to shut up and relax. I wasn't nearly as strict as your parents, but I think good parents are always concerned for their child's well being. I'd

Should I move abroad for my boyfriend?

I've done it, and I am still doing it.. sometimes it is great and I don't regret my choice, but a lot of times I am left here feeling alone and as though I have thrown my future away.. I know I just experience this feeling because I miss home so much sometimes and

Should I move in with my boyfriend?

Thanks for the A2A. Generally, I try to avoid these questions because I don't know the specific situation. So, as a random guy on the internet take what I say with a grain of salt because this is my general impression.First,

Should I move in with my military boyfriend?

I can understand why you are having a hard time deciding. I would say, given that you are both extremely young, you should seek approval from your parents first. If they are neutral or positive with the idea, and you both feel emotionally and financially ready, then follow

What are some signs that your boyfriend really loves you?

DressYou two are going to a mall. You are dressed very prettily. You are wearing a T-shirt and shorts, attractive coolers and a cap. Three guys are crossing you, passing some dirty comments and laying their eyes on your breasts and thighs.If your

What can I do about my boyfriend being a slob?

Because male's brains, on average, have a higher threshold for mess than female's do. They simply don't notice it as much. There is a certain point of messiness where male brains will begin to lose focus and notice the chaos of their surroundings

What is the most efficient way to get ripped?

So you want to get ripped, eh?Great, lets do it.The first step to get ripped (or literally) with any goal is to GET SUPER SPECIFIC.You need to know at what body fat percentage one gets ripped.Take a guess: 5% ? 7% ?Well, I like to think the definition

What separates wife from girlfriend and husband from boyfriend?

Girlfriend: Never passes gas in front of you. In fact, it is impossible for her to fart at all! She doesn't poop either!Wife: Not only farts whenever she pleases, but will probably laugh about it like it was the funniest joke on earth!Boyfriend: Will walk away for a

What should I do if my boyfriend does not want to marry me?

Did he come to know about his parents after meeting you?Was he open at the get go of your relationship that it will never lead to marriage because he doesnt want to hurt his parents? If that is the case - he is off the hook as this was never meant to be a serious relationship. I am not

Why can't I leave my alcoholic, emotionally stunted boyfriend?

It is because of the way natural selection has shaped women over many generations. Natural selection is important - a woman born without eggs in her ovaries will not pass on her DNA no matter how wonderful it might otherwise be.There are many factors which affect how many DNA copies a person passes along to children.

Why does my boyfriend emotionally abuse me?

This is going to sound tough: Because you let him!Sorry, but you stay and put up with that, then it will continue. And whatever the cause for him - it's not for you to work it out, it's up to you to

Why does my boyfriend want to stay in bed and have sex all day is it normal? He comes over and stays all day asking for sex, it's a new relationship, and I am afraid of choosing the wrong person.

I would say it is pretty normal to want to have sex with your new person for a little while, about a year or so.Leastwise thats how it is for me.I get hella attached, and want to spend all my time together, and yes, that includes lots, and lots of

Do you think 14 is too young to have a boyfriend?

No. When you enter middle school its only natural to want to date someone you like. But don't expect anything too serious or have high expectations. Don't expect your sweetheart to show up with flowers or chocolates every day, or to even kiss you for a while. Middle school is

My boyfriend of 2 years says he can't definitely see himself opening emotionally to me or a clear future, but says the desire to make it happen is stronger than his doubt. Should I keep staying?

Do you love the way he loves you? Do you believe he is faithful and trustworthy? Is your relationship more important to you than him sharing in the near future?You should let him know your answers to those questions and

My boyfriend said he's not over his ex, so we broke up, what should I do?

My mother was not good at teaching me about sex or relationships, so I'm going to tell you what I had to learn by trial and error. When a guy dumps you for another woman he's telling you two things. 1.) He doesn't respect you. 2.) he never

What are the biggest lies lovers tell?

Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance. -Oscar WildePsychology Today reports the results of an online survey called,

Am I wrong for cheating on my potential boyfriend?

In black and white terms, I guess you're not technically wrong for sleeping with somebody other than this potential boyfriend that you aren't in a relationship with.However, if you and him are working on developing into a genuine relationship, and you intentionally withhold the information that you had sex with somebody else

Can a short girl get a tall boyfriend?

Sure, I'm the third tallest junior in a class of over 300 and I'm dating the second shortest junior.  (I'm 6-3", I haven't asked how tall she is and everyone shorter than me looks the same height ).  Here are some things to consider when seeking to date someone considerably

How to lower my feelings for my boyfriend

What you are looking for is not how to love your boyfriend less, but how to accept things if they don't work out the way you hope.You love him, that is obvious. He loves you too, but he doesn't show it in the ways you need. This lack of emotional fulfillment is what

I feel my boyfriend doesn't understand me and I feel tortured. What should I do?

OK, honey, now listen. You and this man are VERY different. You obviously are a very emotional type of person-and from how you've described him-he is NOT. You can't FORCE this man to be something he isn't-or to feel things in the way(s) that you yourself do. That's

I just found out my 43 year old boyfriend tried to have a fling with a 16 year old before we met. Is this a deal breaker?

I once overlooked something very similar.Before I made the decision, I too anonymously asked the internet, "Should I overlook this?" The answers came back with enough yeses to make me feel guilty for not overlooking it. My friend told me, "It probably felt good to be wanted by her."

I want my boyfriend to feel free in our relationship. I want to trust him, but I feel like I can't trust anyone right now. How can I stop being so jealous of my boyfriend talking or dealing with other females? What steps should I take to improve my behavior?

This is going to sound nonsensical at first, but bear with me for a couple of paragraphs, at least.In a love relationship, trust is meaningless. As another Quoran points out so eloquently, how you feel about him has little or nothing

Is having a girlfriend or boyfriend really worth it?

Girlfriends and boyfriends have no value.You know what has value? A piece of cake, a car, a gun, something you can buy somewhere, something you can provide a service for.Can you guess why a boyfriend/girlfriend has no value? Because it's not something to be bought. There is no currency nor bargaining chip involved. All it has

Is it appropriate for me to ask my boyfriend if he prefers plus-sized women? I'm the smallest girl he's been with and doesn't feel he's as attracted to me as he is plus-sized women.

No, you should not do that to him or yourself. He's with you- so he obviously likes you. You cannot accurately compare his attraction to you vs other girls without jumping to a hundred assumptions.Preferences can exist before a relationship and they can be changed after as well. But seeing as he's not running off and

My boyfriend is always on his phone and it's taking its toll on me. I know he's not cheating but we can't even have a conversation without him being on his phone. What should I do?

Explain to him in writing how it makes you feel about the quality of interaction in your relationship without demeaning him in any way. Doing it in writing allows you to pick the most tactful and diplomatic words without any ugly face reactions or raised voices to ruin the message.

My boyfriend of 3 years just found out he has a 6 year old daughter, what do I do?

I think the way you feel is understandable. One day your partner had no children as far as he knew, and the next day, he's the father of a six-year-old girl. What a shock for you both.Did the little girl's mom happen to say why it was that she waited six years

My boyfriend said I‘m too fat and he doesn't want to sleep with me. How do I lose weight fast?

I'm going to go against the grain here, and while I agree it comes across as rude, I think people take too much offense at a significant other having an issue with their partner's weight. We all typically gain weight when we get comfortable in a relationship, and I, myself, have gained plenty

My boyfriend wants a blowjob, but I don't like doing it, what can I do?

You should never be forced into doing things you really don't want to do. If you are then your boyfriend doesn't respect you: his needs are more important to him than your feelings and you should re-evaluate your relationship with him.I would never force any woman to do something

Should I move in with my boyfriend so I can get out of my parents house?

Nope, absolutely not for that reason.If you have problems with your parents and

What does it mean if a girl already has a boyfriend but still glances at good-looking guys from time to time?

It means she has a healthy dose of being a human being. It's natural to like to look at nice looking things.My wife and I look at all sorts of people all of the time. Sometimes, she would say something about him/her and sometimes, I would do the same. What matters

What is the most efficient way to get ripped?

So you want to get ripped, eh?Great, lets do it.The first step to get ripped (or literally) with any goal is to GET SUPER SPECIFIC.You need to know at what body fat percentage one gets ripped.Take a guess: 5% ? 7% ?Well, I

What is the most embarrassing thing your parents have caught you doing with your bf/gf?

Late one night my parents had gone to bed and my step sister and I are fooling around on the couch in the living room. It got hot fast and we started fucking, thinking that at 1am there's no way that our parents are getting up. She was wearing a

After I told my boyfriend that I didn't want to be gay anymore. He got angry at me and left. I don't want to leave my boyfriend but I also don't want to live like this anymore, what should I do?

A2AFirstly, I would say to you that this is who you are and nothing and no-one can change that. As much as you may not be fully accepting of the fact that you are gay but you really are gay. Learn to accept yourself wholeheartedly and fully.Do you not want to be

Can a volatile, passionate relationship last?

Mario s so right. If you get married, your opportunity for arguments is going become even more prolific. If you can't settle down and work out exactly where this relationship is going and how you are going to plan your lives, then you'd better think again, IMO. If you can agree on most

Can an ex-boyfriend become again your boyfriend?

Honey! Why do you want that? Is he an ex..let him be!! Let yourself be open for new and better people..If you still want him back no matter what..Try this-NO CONTACT RULEJust go with the 30 day challenge and do not contact your boyfriend by ANY MEANS! Google it out for

Do I tell her what her boyfriend says about her?

Really depends on what he said. If he speaks highly of her she would probably enjoy hearing the great things he is saying. If he just wanted to use your ears to vent some frustration at that moment then leave it

Do I tell my parents or boyfriend first that I (teen) am pregnant?

I'd tell your boyfriend first. Have a private talk with him. Talk about whether or not you want to keep the baby or abort the baby. After you come to a decision, both of your parents should be informed. Better early than late. If you do decide to keep the baby, your parents

Have you ever intentionally gotten pregnant to keep your boyfriend or husband around?

My first wife told me (when angry, so it might not have been true) that she had done so deliberately to get away from her father (by forcing a marriage) and wouldn't have married me if she hadn't succeeded. Although we made the marriage work as long

How to change my male chauvinistic boyfriend

You can't. Trust me. I've been married to one for 10 years and I've learned to cope but sometimes it really gets under my skin and I explode. He is very loving but has a sense of entitlement that he deserves to be served all the time. Most cases I feel it's the family

How to make my boyfriend forget about me

As soon as communication will damp down, both of you can start a new journey. It will take some more time that you will say ‘Please do not call me', ‘I do not love you anymore', ‘Never call or see me again, find someone else'. It might take 6 months or may be a month that communication will

How did you cope after your boyfriend broke up with you and how long did it take for you to heal and get over him?

rick break up with me 2017 and his cousin told alots lies about me and his cousin don,t like me because i am handicap person and i don,t drive and and his mom lies about me and his grandmother all are assholes and i had better guy

How to deal with a boyfriend who does not give me enough attention

Leave that person who has changed and never cared for you. Initially, every boyfriend is awesome but later they start taking us for granted. If your boyfriend doesnt get changed even till years, it means that he is the only one for you because it shows their love, patience, caring and commitment. Show him that you are not

How to deal with a boyfriend who doesn't give me time

I know it hurts severly..but people dont understand other's emotions...nobody..!! I HV felt that loving infinitely only results in sadness..this is the real world..!!Leave him can HV infinite options..don't ever wait forforBusTrainBoys..If you are true women...boys would fall in line for shouldn't desire love at the cost of self

How to know if I should leave my boyfriend

I know at this time you feel like you would be lonely without him, and possibly you may be. However, in the long run, you will find the other part of you that values your person more than you presently do. That greater value for yourself will more than fill that

How to know my boyfriend wants to marry me

If you are shy to ask direct question you try this trick to get a hint what is really going in his mind.If you go out and about with your boyfriend in the mall find a bridal shop. Stop and stare the mannequin wearing a bridal

How to know when it's time to end my relationship with my boyfriend

When he starts to:taking things concerned about you for grantedfails being on his promises he made before or during the relationshipgives importance to himself much rather than youabuses you verbally or physical leading to emotional breakdownsisn't having those same feelings on you as beforeIt's time to say a good bye to such relationship if mending is not possible.

How to make him want to commit? What makes a guy want to commit

You ask what makes a guy want to commit: a good upbringing, good values and ethics, and most importantly, the wisdom that goes along with maturity.Some guys want to get married eventually-just not now. Others are behind the bell curve and don't marry until later in life. Others never commit to the

How to politely tell my boyfriend I don't like the way he kisses me without hurting his feelings

It may be easier than you think.While you are kissing him, whisper,

How to tell my boyfriend that I am going back to my husband

Just like this...Hey John doe, I have came to realize . That the grass was greener on tbe other side, do too the fact it was fertilized with bullshit. Therefor, I'm here to tell you. That my selfish, inconsiderate self is going back to tbe person.

How to know if you love your boyfriend anymore

Does the thought of them not being in your life scare you?Are they your first and last thought or person you talk to?Do they randomly pop in your head during the day and bring massive grin on your face that No one else can?Do You find yourself going out of your

How does your husband (or boyfriend) differ from your dream boy?

Your actual husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend are examples of reality. It's complex and there is strengths and weaknesses associated.Your

How should I break up with my boyfriend of 5 years?

This entire response presupposes that you have decided that you are done with the relationship and he hasn't don't anything hurtful, like cheating on you or hitting you.The best way is to simply vanish. Just go. Don't negotiate. Don't fight. Don't explain. You're

How should my boyfriend convince his parents for our intercaste marriage?

I want to ask to people that caste is more important than happiness? I always say No. Please enjoy the life. Your child is wanting to marry a girl or boy not caste. Youngsters please eradicate this caste from society. Only you guys can do this. Go get marry that girl or boy

How would you feel if your boyfriend's daughter calls you mom or step mom even though you're not married?

If you are planning to stick around and do the decent thing by her then why not? If on the other hand you are in a temporary thing you should probably gently dissuade her, although if you are a temporary thing, what the hell is your

I broke up with my boyfriend and I miss him. We argued a lot over little things but we had a lot of good times. Is it normal to want to get back with him? How can I?

Its normal to want your ex back but think of it this way.. He's your ex for a reason you broke up with him so there must have been something u did not like or else u might have stayed.. Move on amd make memories with someone u can see yourself spending your life witg.. Good luck Love...

I got my boyfriend a birthday gift & he says I didn't have to get him anything. Should I return it?

Have you already given it to him? You should certainly not take it back. Have you already told him that you bought it, but not yet given it to him? Go ahead and give it to him. You don't want to say

I have a husband and a boyfriend, am I a bad person?

Absolutely not. But you are not a good person either.Either get a divorce from your husband or work it out with the husband, and dump the not have both at the same time without your husband and boyfriend knowing about each's ridiculous.If a man

I hurt my boyfriend, he was really upset but he forgave me and is suddenly being nicer to me than ever. Does anyone know why?

He may perceive your action as not so hurting ...BUT suddenly he starts thinking that by showing his unhappiness ,he may lose you....!!!Which is a big insecurity. He definitely feels that there is no life after you and it is all his feeling of becoming lonely . This situation may create terrible

I keep hurting and disappointing my boyfriend unintentionally. Should I let him go or should I still hold on?

I feel like there are far more questions than answers in this post, along with a few red flags.How are these hurts and disappointments being communicated?Are you seeing a pattern of behavior in yourself that hurts and disappoints your bf, or are you simply

I love my boyfriend but I feel like that kind of love for friend. We have good relaionship but I can't see him as a man anymore. What should I do?

In my honest opinion you should be honest with him. I know you feel worried about telling him but I've been there too. There was this guy I had dated and I only liked him as a friend because he wasnt my type. Basically

I'm 16 and not allowed to date, but I have a boyfriend. How do I tell my parents?

I would always want to be honest with your parents.In two years you will be considered an adult. I would read Romeo & Juliet to understand how things have changed in modern times and take note of the miscommunications Throughout the story and then tell your parents of your relationship with your boyfriend and prove you are

I'm dealing with a boyfriend who gets turned on by himself and he abandons me for days even though he knows I was adopted after being a foster kid. Should I leave him?

OK, let's see, the question begs to be clarified. I think to sum up the question you are feeling not loved and desired. My answer is two part, one do you love him and does he love you, if so talk to him and tell

If a guy didn't want to kiss his ex, he wouldn't have. Am I right to be upset about my boyfriend?

Your boyfriend did want to kiss his ex. And that is his choice to if he wants. You should not be upset over this - You may not like him kissing another girl but that is his right if he wants

I'm 18 and I've boyfriend. My family is conservative and if they knew about my relationship they'll stop educating me. What should I do?

If you feel education is more important for youbat this moment, please concentrate more on that.Because at this young age your boyfriend might not be able to support you or marry you also if you leave education and family for him.It is always better to be independent first and then fall in love.

Is cohabiting with your girlfriend/boyfriend before marriage the right thing to do, and why?

I wholeheartedly recommend cohabitating, premarital sex, and family vacations prior to getting married.A teacher once told me in high school that you should get married first, and crank out the kids right away, because then you've got all of the

Is it appropriate and ok for a boyfriend/husband to give some credit to their wife or girlfriend for helping them become, a better man / the best they can be and should the man be ashamed of this?

You are not serious, right? Of course it is always good to show appreciation and respect, especially for one who has devoted their self to helping you become a better human being, and more successful in their life. I suspect that they would be thrilled to be appreciated!

Is it fair to ask my boyfriend about marriage after over 2 years of dating?

A2A.It's a bad idea to ask when he's going to settle down and marry you. But you're not asking that. You just want to know how he feels about the idea and if he sees it in the future.