Brain Teasers: How many girls are there in the picture?

There are only 2 girls in this picture.This has been done by the use of multiple reflections (using 2 parallel plane mirrors)To understand this lets name the leftmost girl 'A' and 2nd to the left girl 'B'First Clue:Lets start

How many triangles are in this picture?

Simple formula to count the no.s triangles in figure of this type is ...(no.s of horizontal lines ) + [(no.s of horizontal line )*[(No.s of slanting lines -1)+ (no.s of slanting lines -2)+.......+ 2] = total no.s of trianglesIn the above example you have horizontal lines =

What are some cool math brain teasers?

This is one of my favourites, mainly because of the surprising answer:Alice thinks of a polynomial P(x) of arbitrary, but finite, degree with strictly positive integer coefficients.Bob is allowed to ask Alice adaptive questions of the form

What are some easy brain teasers most people get wrong at first?

Here's one for you, let me know how you go....Sam is a gifted child, very interested in quantum physics. Admitted to university early, Sam studies hard and achieves a PhD in Advanced Quantum Physics at an early age, with new ground-breaking ideas. These ideas

What are some simple brain teasers?

This is the list of easiest brain teasers i could found, mostly can be answered within seconds if you dont think much, otherwise it might take hours - What happens when you throw a blue rock into the yellow sea?

What is a brain teaser that is very short and extremely hard for adults?

My dad gave me this riddle when I was growing up, and he refused to tell me the answer or give me any clues until I'd figured it out (this was pre-Internet, so no looking it up).This is how my father told it to me:There are four prisoners, and they are

What is a good website/app/game for brain teasers and/or logic puzzles?

Playing puzzle games can improve decision-making skills and even prevent age-related mental disorders.Following are some free Brainteasers for a sharp mind:-Where's my water?2 |Android, iOS,KF, Windows phone- Swampy the alligator wants to take a bath, but the pipes in the sewers are broken. Dig line through the mud so that the surface water gets to Swampy's pipe.

What is your favourite brain-teaser?

1. A tourist visits a small town for his research. While in the town, he decides to get a haircut. Since the town is quite small, there are only two barbers in the town – one on the North Street and one on

Which game increases your productivity?

There according to me are two best mind games 1. Chess :- Chess is the no 1 game for  developing your brain. It teaches us many things. It increases 1. Planning skills:- In chess , you need to plan a lot. you need to have a diverse

When my brother was 15 years old, I was just 4 years. Now his age is twice as old as my age. What is my present age?

The spread in age between your brother and you (15 -4) is 11. It will always be 11 no matter what your age is as long as you are both alive. If your age is Y, and your brothers age is B, this will always be true:B = Y + 11You say at present, he is twice

When my dad was 35 years old, I was just 14 years. Now his age is twice as old as my age. What is my present age?

Dear Quorans,Welcome!When your dad was 35, you was just 14.Your Age_ _Dad Age_____ 14 ___ ___ 35 _______ 15 ___ ___ 36 _______ 16 ___ ___ 37 _______ 17 ___ ___ 38 _______ 18 ___ ___ 39 _______ 19 ___ ___ 40 _______ 20 ___ ___ 41 _______ 21 ___ ___ 42

When my dad was 38, I was just 12 years old. Now his age is four times as old as mine. What is my present age?

There will be no whole age you will a quarter of your dads age in this puzzleWhen you are 7 his age should be 28 but his real age is actually 33When you are 8 his age should be 32 but his age is actually 34.When you are 9 his age should be 36 but his age would actually

Does Lumosity work?

Brain training games like Lumosity rely on the concept of transfer - that training one skill will improve a related skill. These programs claim to have a vast supply of scientific studies​to back them up.The truth is that those scientific studies are far from conclusive. Nearly every study on

What are some legitimately entertaining video games that can make you smarter?

Games like MOBAs will improve your reflexes , sub conscious thinking power, your macro decision making, micro decision making and best of all they are a blast to play. Example: Dota 2, Smite, League of Legends, etc.