After a breakup, is it possible to get back together?

It's great to see people wanting to know is it possible to get back together with an ex. It's great because this means that people realize how important it is to have loved and lost. Millions of people across the world don't realize how important relationships are, but they do know that it can be hard

Can a person fall in love again after breaking up with someone they loved deeply?

Personally I haven't, but it differs from person to person. I think most of us who love someone truly would relate to this that Love just doesn't fade away with time.May be the pain will be less with time and you will learn to live with that pain, but that

Do people usually get back together after breakups?

Here is the true story one of my friend.They were into long distance relationship, beautiful couple, compatible , loving and partners in crime ( I think thats enough to understand that how much they are into n how Perfect they were)They got break-up both have their

Does my ex want me back?

Source: How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: THE Guide To Win a Girl Back As Your GF or Wife 2018These 10 signs can help you know whether your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together:She stays in touch.She contacts you first.She waits a few weeks to

Has anyone got back with your ex after a few years and married him/her?

Let's call the guy G.G and I grew up together, were really good friends. When we were about 15, we started dating. Stuck through high school and made it to the same college. Moved in together, only to find things rocky a year and a half later. We tried to make it

How to feel happy after a breakup

Breakups are hard. Here are few things which may help you come out of the painful trauma:Cry your heart out. Cry as much as you can. It will reduce the pain of your heart.Share your feelings with someone you can trust. If that person is your

How to get back my ex-girlfriend with whom I was in a relationship of 7 years

How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?When a guy asks me,

How to get closure after my wife left me for another man

Well I did get closer in a different way.I was married to my ex wife for 13 years. Had two amazing daughters. A really nice house. Earned a lot. I thought my life was great.After my ex wife got a promotion, she got too much busy with her work. We

How can people end their relationships better?

I have had some of the most heart breaking split ups happen on my couch. Most are angry with sharp words designed to pierce and hurt with a door slam to punctuate the finality. But there are the

How to get him back after a few months

It's taken a while, but you've discovered the person of your dreams. Or more to the point, you realized that the person of your dreams was someone you had been dating. With this realization, you've decided to try to win back your

How to get my girlfriend back after breakup

Here are few ways which will help you get her back in your life:Get your life back on track.Getting your ex back if you're not emotionally calm and controlled. Women dislike needy, clingy, desperate men - so you need to pull your own life t So you've been in a relationship for some time,

How to handle my pregnant ex

I could be wrong, and I applaud the fact that you want to be involved in your child's life, but something seems to be missing here.  Given the fact that you seem to have a great attitude regarding a relationship with your baby and the mother, it seems unlikely that she suddenly broke ties with you for no

How to know when it's time to leave a relationship

Funny as it may be, most of the time we are not even aware that we need to move on from a relationship until it becomes evident. Some of us logically know that we should move on - yet we

How to know when it's truly over in a relationship

Everyone has their own red lines, obviously. And it's true that most people's red lines are in roughly the same area, but when they're crossed?...... that's not when it's over.It's over long, long before that. Unilateralism is the key here. How?Imagine that there is

How long does it take to get over a long term relationship break-up?

Emotionally, there is no time-length equation for grieving, healing and moving on. However, if it was a marriage, and there is property and children involved, then, there may be time-frames for settlement, custody, and divorce.The time it takes someone to move on will be directly related to their philosophy of life and relationships,

How many people reconcile after a breakup?

I dont know how many reconcile after a breakup but i can surely tell you that its not about the people in love, its about the understanding they share and the reason for breakup.My girlfriend was somewhat short-tempered and every time i made a mistake or

How often do people truly regret breaking up?

Have you ever broke up with someone and later wanted to take that decision back? Yes! It happens with most of us. As the old saying quotes

I just found out my ex-boyfriend has started dating another girl a year after we broke up. Should I even try getting back with him?

When break-ups happen as you said it did, it unravels a piece of your life and makes you feel like a dangling thread. It's one of those threads that you fear to cut, because it seems right now too final a step to take.Yet, there's not enough thread there to weave it back

If he/she ever comes back, will you get back together?

There's a reason I broke up with him. He not only cheated on me. He kept on doing it while pretending to me that everything was over between them. When I voiced my doubts, instead of assuring me, he went on the offense and blamed me for not believing him. So

Is it possible to get your ex back after two years and an ugly breakup?

#Question name: Is it possible to get your ex back after two years and an ugly breakup?TOP 9 TIPS TO GET YOUR EX BACK!Hiii friends, I checked all Quorra ansswers and best tips to get ex back on the internet as below. I hope you enjoy it.#1: CALL YOUR EX

Is there any story of getting back your only love after a long breakup of many years?

If you are looking for a easy read but still something different - you can try And We Remained . The novel is told through emails and first person accounts of events. An excerpt: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is there any way to get your ex-girlfriend back after a one year ugly breakup?

[This has been taken from a wonderful post written by my friend Aishwarya on our magazine: Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back After A Major Breakup? ]How To Get Your Ex Back?Accept the Fault.Firstly, accept that you are

My ex boyfriend started going to the same gym as I do. Should I move gyms?

To be franks yes! Absolutely YES!! you should definitely move. EXES are past relationship. You want to move on and meet new people then change venues. When you change environment it also makes you change the way you think and it can be refreshing! The key on moving on is

My ex found a new girlfriend 3 months after our breakup. What should I do?

First and foremost, don't panic. I'm speaking from experience. Don't call them. Don't show up where they are. Don't stalk them (in person or on social media.) Most of the time, it's a rebound relationship. Allow time for things to cool

Romance (love): Should I accept a girl who dumped me, and after 1 year of breakup wants to get back together?

There are a few things that irritate me about the details of your question. However, I said that as lovingly as I can. ♥Love is not a liquid that is measured with a spoon or a cup. It has no amount. It is or it isn't. It's a state of mind. A way of life when you're

She wants to do the physical aspect of it, but I'm an emotional person and I've never done a "friends with benefits" relationship. Should I get back together with my ex?

Let me start off by telling you about my similar experience with this.A few years ago I met Justin on Tinder, and almost immediately, we started sleeping together. He had just left his wife and was in a brutal custody battle and

Should I end this relationship?

Firstly , take a bow. The way you loved that guy was amazing. You have a pure heart and a great soul.But , I feel pretty sorry for you . Because the fact is that he has USED you and now he wants to GET RID of you . You should have realised that he

Should I get back together?

No. If someone dumps you, you should never try to "get them back". You deserve to be with someone who wants you, loves you and cares about you. If he dumped you, he really doesnt care anymore. And he certainly doesnt care anywhere near the amount you are caring for him. Why chase that?

What are the most effective ways to deal with a break up?

Wisey's Ten things to do to get over a breakup.This will be my very first listickle. Also note that these tips are created by me and probably validated by no one so they may or may not be helpful but they are things I did to get over my last breakup.And as I

What is the best way to end a relationship?

I guess I am qualified to answer this question. I have seen few people in life and observed few things.In my opinion,let the ending be a happy ending! wear a smile while parting! wish each other good luck in all

What should I do if I still have feelings for my ex and want them back?

Been there. Done that.Listen, it is really okay to feel this way. And also remember, if you love something, let it go. It will come back. Trust me, this may sound cliche af but this is really true.I was dating my a guy for 5 years in

Why do breakups happen even after being together for years?

Ten years ago when I was young and naïve, I believed in soul mates. I believed that a certain ‘one' person should be committed to me till eternity. When I found love in college (university), I thought, this is it! He is the ‘only one'.Over the years I have replaced the word ‘soul mate' with ‘companion'.Nobody ever

How to move on from my ex

If you have really made up your mind to Move On and do not want to look back then here are 25 steps you need to follow. No matter what may happen tomorrow, there is no force on this planet that will make you get back with her.1. Cut her off completely from your life: Cut

My ex boyfriend broke up with me and we haven't been communicating. I want to get back together with him. What do I do?

Is getting your ex back what you really want? Do you truly miss this person's mind, body, and soul? Or do you simply want them back because you want what you no longer have? See the difference?Regardless of how you are currently feeling, now is the time to assess the situation objectively and figure it out without letting your

My ex boyfriend started going to the same gym as I do. Should I move gyms?

To be franks yes! Absolutely YES!! you should definitely move. EXES are past relationship. You want to move on and meet new people then change venues. When you change environment it also makes you change the way you think and it can be

What's the best way to break up with someone?

NOTE: This is written from the perspective of a

Should I break-up with my boyfriend who has poor dressing sense and makes me feel ashamed of him?

I will suggest either break up with your thought process or break up with him. Option is yours :)Try to think in more constructive and realistic way as materialistic things doesnot matter much in life.If you are judging him on the basis of external factors then you are fooling yourself as well as future relation

What are some post breakup embarrassment stories?

I am going anonymous here because I am really embarrassed about what happened after my break-up.So we met after a month of long distance relationship and she broke up with me that night saying that out relationship was just too physical and not working out. I was sad, obviously and wanted to get back.The next

At what point do you decide to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend?

She was my high school sweet heart and we were in a very energetic and colorful relationship. It started around the year 2012. Like every other relationships we had our ups and downs, our joys and pains.

Breaking Up: Should I get back together with my ex?

One thing that many people lose sight of when a relationship ends is  that their ex was once crazy about them. There was a time their ex fell  madly in love with them and that's the feeling they need to recreate  now. If you want to get your

Can a man fall in love with me again after breaking up?

If he can fall in love with you once then he can fall in love again, he was obviously attracted to you at one point? however are you the same person he fell in love with? Did you do something or has your behaviour changed for him to see you

Can an ex-boyfriend become again your boyfriend?

Honey! Why do you want that? Is he an ex..let him be!! Let yourself be open for new and better people..If you still want him back no matter what..Try this-NO CONTACT RULEJust go with the 30 day challenge and do not contact your boyfriend by ANY MEANS! Google it out for

Can I get back with my ex-fiance after 7 months of breakup?

Sounds like you stuffed up somehow but if she is still speaking to you, then it's probably worth a go. Long distance relationships are frequently doomed to failure and are prone to misunderstandings due to the fact that the partners are not seeing each other to "touch base" regularly. Egos is something you have to

Can I still win him back?

It takes guts to admit your mistakes. But they are not even remotely useful in mending a broken heart. I believe you have changed in this six months but that's because you are stranger on Quora to me. He has observed your behavior for one full year and waited with a blind hope that

Do I end my relationship?

Whaatt? Sorry for that But yeah, end it. Not because he is a Muslim and you are not. He definitely has no plans to be with you anymore and his parents have nothing to do with it. If they did,  they wouldn't have allowed him to be alone

How to forget about the person who I loved for the past two years

Not easy!Diverge your mind to something elseStop all contacts  with your past bf(WhatsApp,facebook,etc..)Read good inspirational booksFocus on careerBe with friends and hang around with them.Crack jokes! Listening to sad emo songs will make you cry but it will make you stronger as a

How to make my ex-boyfriend miss our relationship and come back to me

That was a long relationship and it will take time for you to even make sense of this, and then working through the pain, the anger, the betrayal.You can't make him come back to you. You have to become the best you possible and one gentle step at a time. That will be your allure for

How to break my engagement

Ok. Don't marry. Because you don't like him now and you will never like him. Keep your relationship with anybody, BUT don't marry anybody its a big decision. How To break:Tell your fiancee you dont like him. If he is a creep and still does not break, then tell him

How to break this engagement without getting in to a legal deadlock

Thanks for A2AI understand what stress you are going in.Its like without any fault you have to pay for it.For her reception only a day function is so important that she is spoiling things and even her mom.Best way to get rid of them is to let them only

How to end our relationship

Sounds as though he has already ended the relationship.He rarely responds to your text or messages, he has said he doesn't want a relationship and he is still getting over his past.I would suggest that you do nothing. If he texts again, you can reply and say something like:

How to get over my breakup after 7 years

I was in a relationship with a girl for 6 years. 6 most important years in terms of learning, maturing - from 18 to 24!We met in college, and became the best of friends. Within a year, we started seeing, and were blindly in love. No. Actually it was me

How to handle an ex bad mouthing me

I don't know if you are male or female, so I will take it that you are a girl. Change this around if I'm wrong.His disappointment is making him take revenge on you. Anyone who knows you well will take no notice of what he is up to. When he talks about you to people who don't

How to know if the relationship is going to be okay or truly over

Yes, this is a very positive question and most of the people do not realise that the other person also needs time and his or her space to understand you and get in to serious relationship. It is very important to give that other person this time

How to tell my parents that I have broken up with my girlfriend

Mentioning your parents that doesn't mean to keep a table confidence and announce the new project to get tens.For any person male / female in a family they have one favourite amoung their parents. ( mother/ father ) first choose who is your favourite with whom you can share anything, then

How to write a letter to my gf for the last time if she want to breakup with me

Dear gfIf someone ever decides to walk out the door, there isn't really anything anyone can do to make them stay. I am not going to force you to stay. However, if there's still anything I could do to make you stay, and I do mean, Anything... Then I would do it. Where did I

How to get over someone you never were in a relationship with

If you are spending time in your mind with someone and they figure in your fantasies , plus ... you run through desirable imagined scenarios involving them and you, then although it is an infatuation, it is a relationship for you at least.You have emotions, reactions, incredible desires etc...The method

How to know when it's time to leave a relationship

Funny as it may be, most of the time we are not even aware that we need to move on from a relationship until it becomes evident. Some of us logically know that we should move on - yet we linger on anyway.As I look back and as I look around friends who have

How to recover after the break up of a long-term relationship

"You are able to spend just as long getting over him, as you spent loving him."First, you give yourself time to grieve. This is the ending of a long-term, serious relationship. Of COURSE it's going to be a massive change, especially if it was a

How does a woman feel after breaking up with someone?

There's no way of knowing, unless you know her personally and deeply. Then you can start getting an idea of it, but it'll probably still be far from what she really feels inside.I have seen men reach the point of attempting suicide and women nonchalantly brushing

How long do I wait before I ask out a girl who recently broke up?

She is not interested in dating ANYONE as of now, specially you. That's the reason she clearly mentioned it to you about not ‘feeling like dating anyone' not because she is interested in you. I hate to break it to you first. Secondly I can clearly

How long does it take to get over a narcissist?

That depends upon if you learned -

How long should I wait after a breakup to begin dating again?

It's different for everybody.. but I'd say there are some important questions you should ask yourself after a break up. For one, if you feel the need to jump back into the dating pool so quickly, perhaps there is something

How should I end a relationship which has no future?

Ending a relationship is never going to be pain-free, but here are some very practical ways to lessen the pain:Step 1: Tell your partner you need to talk to them. Don't let them think that you are planning a nice intimate afternoon, only for them to be

I broke up with my ex one year back, and she got married to another guy. Now she is not happy with her life and wants to come back to me. How should I react?

contradiction! you brokeup with her and you still love her.Now let me answer what I feel. She dumped you because of some silly reasons and now she is doing same with her present husband. In future she will dump you again. She doesn't seems to be reliable in any relationship.

I feel lonely after breaking up. What should I do?

Until you move on -Make new friendsSpend more time with familyGet a petKeep yourself busyLearn some musical instrumentsPlay some sport or any physical activityWatch or ready something that makes you laughGo on trek or travelRead some good novels or booksDo something productiveTake a break from people who remind you of your ex or if you are strong

I realized it was my mistake so we had a break up. He isn't gonna get back in a relationship with me, but I still truly love him. What should I do?

Don't sit something before he decides something else. Try to confront your love for him he will come back to you for sure if he still has those feelings remain. Guys are never complicated they're clear in everything. If he wants to come back,he definitely will despite of breaking up with you. You

If you date to just 'have fun' are you PLANNING on breaking up with every person you date?

If you're dating for sport, to enjoy socializing in the company of someone to whom you're attracted, to have sex; whatever temporary reason, you're not ever going to get into the situation where breaking up is necessary.Breaking up implies that you have something to break up; i.e. an exclusive relationship. And that, by definition, requires a mutual

Is breakup a right thing to do after 6 years of relationship?

In my experience, Moms are 99% correct in what they think. However, there is still 1% chance that they can be wrong. Well, you cant say that to your mom on her face. You know the consequences. :DIn all these years, I have understood that

Is it good to patch up with an ex girlfriend after a 3-month breakup?

I don't know it's good or bad but patch up with a person whom we broke up.. Is somewhat risk taking.first once a cheater always cheaters, i don't know why that person broke up with you, but there may be chances of repeating the same.the person may leave you at any time,i would

Is it normal to feel guilty after breaking up with someone?

Yes, it's normal.If you're the person who dumped someone, and you care about them, you naturally feel guilty for the pain you've just caused them. The only way you don't feel guilty about that, is if you didn't

Is it okay to still love my ex-girlfriend even four years after a breakup?

Define "love".Then define "true love".And, then tell me what do you mean by "I still love my ex even after 4 years of breakup".For me, loving someone means doing things to keep them happy. Now that she is not with you, what are you still doing to keep her happy?

Is it right to break a relationship because girls had some affair in past ?

the 1st guy used to like her but she was not interested and they were not in relationship so no space for doubtsshe didn't give reply to second guy and he was hitting on her so instead of protecting her your brother was full of doubtsi feel pity for her that she

Is it time to break up?

There's an old adage that you'll know when it's time to leave a relationship. I contend that we don't always know the time to leave someone behind and in fact, from personal experience - it may take many times of trying to break

Is it time to end this relationship?

Being in a happy relationship can cause the most wonderful feelings on earth. You have butterflies in your stomach. You smile whenever you look at your beloved girlfriend and the thought of not waking up next to her is unimaginable.A happy and fulfilling relationship can give you the feeling that every rainy day is sunny and that every problem

My boyfriend and I broke up after 2 years of being in love. But, I regret it and want him back. What do I do?

You dont want to move on because you feel you have invested a lot of time in him? You said "i dont want it all to go to waste". Well, i assure you it isnt going to waste, your boyfriend

My boyfriend won't make time for me. What should I do?

Apparently you no longer are a priority in his life and the outcome will depend on how well you are able to handle the situation and perhaps look for some newactivities for yourself.You can't make someone change how they feel about their own behaviors.  If theydon't include you, it means for

Shall I give my fiancee one more chance or break the engagement?

Okay so many here are arguing her ethics and character. I would want to say something to you first. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Here's why:1. The terrible BIGOT that you are: First you said you didn't care of her past. But when a slight issue came up, you dug and dug. Not just into her

Should I end this relationship?

Hey, it's so sad to hear your situation. I'll try to give an honest answer.First of all, A man who hits her woman is no way to be respected. When the love becomes obsessive, that's worse!! If he can hit you now, after marriage that can be a practice.I can understand his responsibilities towards

Should I get married after a breakup with an ex?

Hi, Thanks for asking me this question.According to me the best person to answer this question is you, yourself.I would suggest take your time, if you had a rough break up, your agony would be raw. Jumping in

Should I just move on or try to win him back?

A beautiful and sustainable relationship starts with both couples who feel the same way for each other.Both of them are willing to commit their time (both present and future) to ensure that the other person grows in the relationship.If only one is in love, expectations will continue to pile

Should you accept your ex-girlfriend from an 8-year relationship after a 2-year breakup?

Hey brother/sister.Disclaimer: I am assuming here that she wants to get back with you. (or if you are a female, please replace the 'she's' of the answer by 'he's' as I am not writing anything about the reasons of the break-up since they were

What are some of the best thing to do after break up?

Reminisce how your relationship started then, cry.Go to some places you frequent then, cry.If you kept some of her love letters burn them then, cry.Talk to some of your close common friends go home then, cry.Usually, people will advise you to find a distraction like going out, nature walk and all sorts of

What are some unique/interesting ways to get over a break up?

Fall in love with yourself.  Tell yourself all the wonderful things that you'd want a partner to tell you.  Nurture yourself. Make yourself a cup of tea, give yourself a hug before you go to bed at night, luxuriate in the sensuousness of your bed in the morning.Do

What do I do after a breakup of my marriage?

We have all had our hearts broken. When it happens to you personally, it's devastating and while people can relate, they aren't in that moment. The pain is there and it's real for you. Sometimes it feels like you're completely helpless and you'll never get past the suffering.

What do I do if I am bored in my relationship but do not want to break up with my boyfriend?

Relationships are not for entertainment.Try being awesome. Being awesome means learn some foreign language, join some sport, read , dance, learn some music instrument. Travel to new places, search new simple recipes and try cooking. You can try these activities with your partner. Stop blaming your relationship, you are responsible for

What happens when the mistress gets dumped?

When the mistress gets dumped, she's NOT the only person who's suffering the consequences of her actions. The person who cheated will have to suffer along with her, unless if the cheater gets who knows how many chances with their spouse, and the cycle repeats.Mistresses are missing out on true and meaningful relationships. They're wasting their time

What is taking one for granted? What is a real example?

Many a times the prices are like INR 99, INR 999 i.e. one less than the round figure. In such cases its very rare that shopkeeper returns one rupee and many times customer also don't ask for it.In such cases they take one (1) for granted. Sorry for the joke answer.

What is the easiest way to break up in a long-term relationship?

The easiest way is to believe that it is the absolute best thing for you and have utmost conviction and certainty about it as if you were deciding to breakup peanut shells or greasy pizza boxes to fit in the

What should be done after 4 breakups in two years?

Start living life for feels great when you start doing something for yourself....stay single for sometime,flirt with people but yeah don't get into a relationship,travel a lot and focus on your career.I am telling you all this because these are the things we miss

What's ideal time to start dating again after breakup from 7 years relationship?

There is no set time. The time to date again is when you are ready, and feel more whole. The time when you won't spend all date talking about your ex, comparing this person with your ex, wishing you were with your ex, ex, ex, ex, ex.There are people

What's the best way to break off an engagement?

Millenials will tend to text the bad news , but this seems impersonal and flip. The person wishing to break it off must meet with the other and look them in the eyes. There is no need to apologize because it is the right move to avoid the wrong situation. Be kind and avoid hurting feelings by highlighting

When is it time to break up?

When to decide it is Time to Break Up – the following is taken from my article in my website marriagesexlove, to read many more articles please visit the website through the link in the footnote1. Whenever you talk there is an argument or fight2. Whenever you talk, you both or one of you only

When is the best time to end a relationship?

What do you want long-term?  Do you want a long-term relationship with a man?  Do you want to raise children?  Do you want a career?If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else.I am not trying to be difficult, I

When is the right time to end a relationship?

I think that you are the only one who knows when that is. It is cliche but it's true.You are the only person who understands the relationship fully. Your friends nor your family truly understand all of the seconds passed, feelings felt or not felt, questions asked and answers provided.If

Who has fallen in love again after their long term relationship ended and what are the odds of that new relationship lasting forever?

Only if you have grown and selected for a different component in your psyche. I have seen people in five and six marriages now. They kept repeating the original program without upgrading. If abuse has been involved like you say, go get counseling befor some old program

Who is affected more by a breakup, the boy or the girl?

Who is affected more, it totally depends upon who is holding the relationship more seriously. Because a person who takes the relationship casually is less affected than other one. Relationship is like a rubber band which is hold by two people, when it breaks both person feel the same kind of pain, but who holds this rubber band casually

Why do a lot of long-term relationships fail?

I don't know really. I've been with this guy since I was 13 and I'm 21 now. It's not ended or anything, touchwood. But I've seen relationships end after 9 years together. See it's the individual, not the time that necessarily causes a downfall. If

Why do I break up over and over?

You're probably repeating some version of the same mistake over and over. Maybe it's choosing the same sort of partner over and over. Or you're not emotionally strong enough to leave a poor match, so you keep returning.Whatever it is, it's time to get off the

Why do people want their things back when you break up with them?

Are you for real?...They probably moved some of their stuff to your place to make the relationship easier. as it'd allow them to sleep over more often. Isn't it natural for them to pick up their stuff afterwards?Why would they need to

Why does an ex-girlfriend cut off contact with you?

I don't know you or her, but sometimes people do this in order to help them keep their resolve. If you have truly cared about someone and feel an attachment, but believe that the best thing might be distance, sometimes you