Can I directly start the construction of a first-floor superstructure if the floor slab was already constructed long ago? Is there any connectivity required between ground floor columns and first floor columns? How do I achieve this?

Hi!Happy thought that you request my answer. So let's start.Before going to answer this question i would like to tell about some fundamental facts that will be used in construction industry. Now a days the structure is made on framed structure. In framed structure, the load is transmitted from slab → Beam→

How were we able to build the tallest building in the world in 5 years, but there are those that think 5 years is too short a time to make a new roof for Notre Dame in Paris?

You are comparing apples with bicycles.Let's start with the basics. We are looking at an ancient fire-damaged building which needs to be extensively surveyed first to check the safety and stability of the remaining structure. Repairs need to be made and it may well need to be strengthened. Doing these in a way which is achievable given modern

If we want to start construction in an area that previously has a building, what should we do to the foundation?

Great question to think upon.In my opinion, the foundation of a building is identical to the spectacles. One person cannot usually wear the glasses of another person.Many issues related to compatibility of previous foundation with the new building shall have to be researched.It's

What type of construction is needed for a building?

There are various construction techniques used based on the requirements (functional and aesthetics) of the project. For a building the two main types are load bearing structures and framed structures . Both have their pros and cons but for a high rise structure a framed structure is advantageous.