What are typical OKRs for a CEO?

Kevin's answer is excellent!I am chiming in with a real-world example that may be useful.As you may know, a CEO's OKRs reflect the company's OKRs at the highest level. CEOs generally set up between 3 and 6 objectives with 1-4 key results per objective.Here is an example set

What do CEO's 'get' that other employees don't?

This really comes down to the classic, you need to be working on your business and not in your business.The best CEO's and leaders in general know that they need time to think about the strategic changes they can make to grow the business. If they spend too

What is your most frustrating experience with HR managers?

(must read 2nd point)I work as a footwear designer in surat. It is my 1st answer on qoura ( I am that frustrated with my HR), We face all sort of people while our job.. I have bit bad experience with gujrati people. Mass of whom I met were not so broad minded. I and some of my colleagues

As a management student, what are some useful skills I can learn in a day?

Teach yourself Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (VBA) fundamentals.You being a management student, will need to be versed in creating and/or interpreting financial models, which inevitably means tonnes of spreadsheets.VBA is the language of all the macros in Excel so learning it should give you huge