Do personal fitness trainers make good money?

I have been a certified trainer since before you were born.Do NOT expect to earn a good living as a trainer. In other words forget about supporting a family, buying a home, putting kids through school.Well ‘Why' you ask !Because unless you are living in your parents' basement or

Is running a gym a profitable business?

At my own gym I've noticed there's a really large ratio of members to staff. Literally hundreds of people paying a monthly subscription but they only need a few members of staff around to clean up and sell memberships to new members. Once the equipment's been bought, the overheads seem to all be fairly cheap and standard things such

Why have so many companies gone to the PTO model for time off?

It is better for the employee and it is easier to administrate. Under the old system of vacation-sick pay you would have 10 days vacation and 5 days sick. So at the end of the year if you didn't get sick you

How much money do gym businesses make?

This really depends.For example, I was the General Manager of a CrossFit facility and after all expenses were paid (including salaries) the net profit per month was typically between 5–6 thousand dollars. This business paid off all start up capital in 18 months.I have a friend who runs a very

How profitable is an MMA gym?

Probably not that profitable. Boxing gyms aren't either. Fight gyms are usually owned by a trainer or manager and they use them to train their professional fighters, who's prize money, in part, is used to pay the gym's rent.The most profitable gyms right now are probably smaller CrossFit

How profitable would opening my own gym business be?

Interesting question. My parents built a smaller gym in their house when I was still living with them, so I'll try to shed my thoughts on this.Gym equipment can be really expensive even when bought in single quantities.(Equipment | Cost)Adjustable

What are the main profit models of a gym?

This is actually quite an interesting  question. One of the main problems for gyms is that it has been a quite expensive operation. For profit, its a subscription driven business. Although many successful managed gyms sell mainly subscription on a 3,

What are some common examples of a lifestyle business?

Here's two common examples of lifestyle businesses:Affiliate marketingDrop shippingThese two business models allow anyone to earn commissions by selling other people's products. As a drop shipper or affiliate marketer, your job is to send targeted traffic or customers to a business or products which delivers a number of products.You're effectively a