Why has Apple been so successful?

There's a bigger pattern but first, I'll use my impressions of the Watch.They intro'd it 4 years ago as

How can Apple improve in 2016?

Hi!(2018) My son has a iPhone 6 with a bad battery one where the home button playing it's own game (I.e locking the phone). We bought a new one (IPhone 8) but I thought Apple could have an interest to learn something from this phone (now in the

How well will Apple AirPods sell?

I've came across a website that gives a lot of information about the apple airpods, well besides the official webiste of apple you can see Apple removes "Finder for AirPods" app from its App Store; refunds are available | EdutaimentApple's New Airpods is now Available for iPhone users | Edutaiment

Is Apple poised to become first trillion dollar company, ahead of Google or Microsoft? How so?

No. The first one to get to 1 trillion would be the one either unlocking next big new market, or the one occupying the existing market with biggest potential, or combination of the two. My guess is it's likely to be Google

Why does Apple have the largest market value at the moment?

Apple shares have hit a record of $665.15 per share.  The stocks have been lifted up because of the launch of  new iphone along wid rumours that involves smaller ipads and apple TV.  Apple owes its achievement mainly to the iphone business. Even ipad

Will Tesla make a profit this decade?

Tesla is really a difficult company to attempt financial analysis on. You have to consider how much they are investing in things like a network of charging stations, a giga factory, autonomous driving capabilities, home solar power storage solutions, and how little time they've had to fully leverage

What are the chances of CNN going out of business?

No way, not a chance, though they should review how many stories they put out are credible. So far ytd out of tens of thousands my guess is under ten. They will be sold They don't report news they push an agenda. Their anchor people tell the news and try to make it about themselves, completely dysfunctional

What are the real reason(s) Toys R Us went bankrupt?

I do not work for and have not worked for Toy R Us but I have seen enough of this to know one truth - the reason almost all companies like this go under is bad management. It would seem that with the KKR and others buyout they would have brought an excellent management team on board

Who is more powerful in influence: Disney, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Google?

Google is the most powerful. They not only are a critical piece of the worlds information system. (Not sure if the internet or most applications would work if google disappeared, since many applications use google apis, infrastructure, etc.) to exist. They also hold data about everyone and everything. Amazon is second, they are

Why does Microsoft have a worse reputation than Apple?

I've never answered a question here before, but would like to offer my opinion. Microsoft and Apple are two companies that took divergent paths over the last four decades. Microsoft was founded by two programmers. Apples was founded by a programmer and, essentially,

Is tech innovation dead at Apple now that the innovator is gone?

Just look what happened last time Steve left the company. History has a tendency of repeating itself. Apple still has several years worth of products left in the tubes that Steve had a part in but a decline in innovation coming.

Will Xiaomi ever overtake Samsung or Apple in phone sales?

We cannot predict the future of anything .Agreed xiaomi is doing well in numbers but it's limited to Asian markets.Its cheap and also not so reliable.More affordable markets wouldn't prefer them.After all no body knows if they start

What types of businesses rarely ever go out of business?

Anthony-Businesses (profit and non-profit) that tend to be recession proof include healthcare, higher education, nursing homes, convenience stores, funeral homes and discount/bargain stores. Hardware (nails/bolts/screws), plumbing, auto parts and electrical suppliers also tend to enjoy longevity.

How is Microsoft Word used in business?

Generally, Microsoft Word is used to create a huge variety of documents such as proposals, meeting minutes and related documentation, performance reports and procedure manuals.For some businesses, they might use Microsoft Word to create posters e.g. for events rather than use Microsoft Publisher.

Will Apple go out of business by 2037?

Apple is currently very good at that and has totally shifted their business several times in their long history as one of the older technology companies. They got blessed with strong leaders though and also unsuccessful with bad leaders. A

What should Apple Inc do with so much extra cash?

Well.... the typical response from shareholders is to issue dividends and give it back to investors.The typical answer from employees is to increase salaries, give out bonuses and increase R&D to keep the future pipeline of innovative products full.The typical response from senior

Will Google ever go out of business?

Yes, Google may go out of business faster than we can imagine.All companies die when they become irrelevant. Google will quickly die if they don't evolve faster than the technologies through which Google reaches their users.Example:Why did Google create their Chrome web browser? This was

Did Voicestarz go out of business?

Going Anonymous because I could get in so much trouble for what I'm about to say:VoiceStarz didn't go out of business; It may have never been in business to begin with! Sit back because the history of this crazy business is long, complex, and a huge

How did Zuckerberg code Facebook so fast?

To round off this discussion, compare the roles of three computer-industry pioneers in the business: Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. When it was time to implement Microsoft's first big order - the order from IBM for a disk operating system for their

Does the average accountant get paid more than the average software engineer?

One thing that benefits an average CPA (and not necessarily an average accountant) is the certainty of the tax season while there is no certainty of income for an engineer.   For average CPAs,  tax software answers most questions. The certainty of income from preparing

When will a company be worth a trillion dollars?

Sorry, but I'm afraid you missed it.  The answer to your question lies in the past, not in the future.PetroChina was the first company to reach a trillion dollar market capitalization when it went public in November 2007.  This one-time

Will Intel ever go out of business?

Intel is in a safe position, but 50 years ago so was Sears. Any company can go out of business if they don't keep up with both the market (what people want and are buying) and the technology (how those products get made). The competition is fierce and the Chinese will probably get into the semiconductor business

What are businesses that could go away in the next 10 years?

Data entry - Better data servers equipped with AI can totally remove this jobComputer science - AI will take away that job because as we innovate in the world we are doing nothing but improvising on previous or competitors products. Like your phones, cars, softwares. They all a re basically the

Why does technology advance rapidly?

Actually, in comprising with our ancestors, we are not evolving to be more smarter. Our advances in technology or other fields are largely based on precedessors' ideas. They have laid the foundation of modern science and technology. What we are doing

What are some underhanded business tactics do you employ everyday?

None!Why?There is a fine line between right and wrong, many people believe they have to do illegal things to succeed, what they don't realize, is that if they only used the same intelligence and effort to achieve good things, then they would succeed far beyond their

What are some tips you would give someone starting a business?

Have goals in place. I mean small goals and overarching goals. What do you want to achieve in a month and what do you want to achieve in five years? The beginning stages of starting a business requires weekly goals

Where can I buy established Twitter account?

There are freelancers on SEOClerks who offer to promote twitter accounts for a small cost, so you can get any account established very easily.

As Apple is selling more and more products, are its products declining in quality?

Not really. I've been buying Apple stuff since they were considered exotic and the quality has been rather consistent. Their cables/power adapters sucked back then and they still suck. Some of their hardware will go forever (the kids have an old G4 powermac and it still runs like new), some won't. I've had one time capsule break

Will Intel ever go out of business?

Intel is in a safe position, but 50 years ago so was Sears. Any company can go out of business if they don't keep up with both the market (what people want and are buying) and the technology (how those products get made). The competition is fierce and the Chinese will probably get into the semiconductor business

Why isn't there a broadband service company which provides only broadband and nothing else?

There are companies that only offer broadband. Checkout http://www.highspeedinternet.com to browser providers.However, it's also beneficial to customers to get more services with broadband. Why just have internet access when you can also get TV or phone? It's convenience

Why is Tesla still not a profitable business?

Tesla is not profitable because they spend more money then they take in.Thats the answer but look at it this way. The new VW Golf cost 1.2 billion to develop. The BMW 7 series took 800 million to develop. I do not know how much it cost but for my thought

Is Apple the next BlackBerry?

Keeping in mind their recent growth cut-off, and their gradually decreasing of OS Quality (both MacOS and iOS). It's hard to believe that Apple won't end up like RIM did. But also, Apple has enough money than RIM ever did back in their glory days. So, that

Would it be in Apple's business interests to converge MacOS and iOS?

While Microsoft has controversially been trying to blur the line between computer and tablet, and are now even selling a tablet with full blown Windows in the form of the Surface, Tim Cook has gone on record saying he doesn't believe it's in Apple's or their users' interest to make a tablet with a desktop OS,

Does Obama own any tech corporation? Like how Steve jobs did Apple, Bill Gates and Microsoft, etc.?

President Obama is not allowed (by law) to know what his stock & bond portfolio contains. The investment is in a "Blind Trust". He is allowed to make general instructions on its management, but not allowed to see the individual stocks,

Will Apple ever go out of business?

Let me just be the Devil's Advocate here :-) Apple is a very very strong company right now. We all know that. We all know it is perhaps one of THE most successful tech companies to have risen on planet Earth. While definitely the possibility for the company to fail exists, as long as the products sell,

What are businesses that could go away in the next 10 years?

Data entry - Better data servers equipped with AI can totally remove this jobComputer science - AI will take away that job because as we innovate in the world we are doing nothing but improvising on previous or competitors products. Like your phones, cars, softwares. They all a re basically the

What business is not successful now but will be 10-30 years later?

10 Year's ago one never ever imagined water would be packed and sold in bottles but alas today such is the situation that we are exhibiting in our lives. So in 30 Year's probably if you have a person a bottle of good water as your business it might be like owing an oil well in

How does Apple negotiate when it buys companies?

"In the end, Apple gets what Apple wants."I found this question rather interesting and decided to put some time into researching it. The easiest answer would have been "they talk." But thats a drastic over-simplification and frankly an easy way out. Plus, its 4:30 AM on the East Coast, I

Who has more rivals/competitiors - Apple or Google?

I would argue Apple as they compete in software and in hardware and thus compete with huge players.Google does have the below post competitors, but Apple has the following:Computers - Vizio, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, etc-iOS: Android (This stands for all devices that use iOS),

Can two corporations of massive size such as Apple and Google, or Facebook and Amazon legally combine or buy the other?

The US he a variety of anti trust laws that on the face of it would prohibit this but the laws are subjective meaning that the Department of Justice would have to sue to prevent a merger. No doubt they would.

Will Tesla Motors pivot?

Yes. So far, Tesla has announced two major pivots which will take place on the near future.The first pivot is a change in market. In fact, since its founding, Tesla has anticipated that it would one day seek a fundamentally different customer than the one its current models

Can Coca-Cola go bankrupt?

Technically any company can go bankrupt. This happens even when a company has no debt as even such companies can encounter legal proceedings of their negligence for example. Coca cola is not exempted from this as capitalism involves risk for any sort of return participating in debt or equity ownership.

What's been the worst tech acquisition over the past three years, as of 2016?

Just looking at two big deals of 2015, there are two I hate:Microsoft acquiring SunriseYahoo acquiring PolyvoreTo be fair, the acquisition of Sunrise is purely personal. I'm a huge fan of Sunrise's calendar (well, I was), and then Microsoft

Is Tesla too big to fail?

No, Tesla is not too big to fail. To have something like the ATVM loan issued took lots of lobbying by the big 3 and it was used to bail out Ford. (which the government does consider too big to fail). In comparison,