Can a California employer require its exempt employees to take a full day worth of PTO if they are requesting only 1-2 hours off?

Yes they can.You may know that an employer can't reduce an exempt employee's salary unless the employee misses an entire day and they also have no accrued PTO available. But the employer can alot a specific number of days off and regulate how those days are accounted for.Once those days are used up,

Can a judge dismiss a divorce case in California?

Can't answer for California and I'm not a lawyer, but in the jurisdiction I know about, the judicial officer could dismiss the case for procedural reasons e.g. a document that was supposed to be included in the information before the court was not included, the respondent to the case hadn't been properly

Can an employment contract bond an employee in California?

Although you're not clear what it means to "bond" an employee, I think I know what you're talking about.In California and every other state in the US, and in most countries, an employee remains free to quit their job at any

Can I live on $50,000 a year in California?

Yes, you can survive, but you're not likely going to be able to buy real estate anywhere you would want to live or that seems like the California you may imagine.In Los Angeles County the line defined as low income for 1

Can I live with $120000 in California?

Yes, that is a decent salary in California. After state and fed, you're take home pay will be roughly about 7k a month (guess based on people I know who have similar salaries). This is nice middle income salary.You'll be able to live comfortably

Can no fault divorce be filed by both parties together in California?

I AM licensed in California, and there is some incorrect information in this thread. For one thing, the jurisdictional period you have to wait to have judgment entered is six months, not a year, and it has nothing to do with how long you've been

Divorce: Is it true that the wealthier spouse has to pay for the less wealthier spouse's lawyer fees in California?

Need based attorney's fees in California are provided for in Family Code Section 2030. They are discretionary with the court, meaning the court does not have to order them to be paid. One good argument against paying them is that any support being paid essentially equalizes the income of

Do people who live in California like California?

I love it! I've been around the country and there's no other place I'd rather be, with Seattle being a close second. It's got it's flaws but I think it's worth every cent of the price. Here's the reason:The East

Do politics in California make the cost of living difficult? I'm a native born Californian. I work hard and have my own business, but people in other states who make way less than me and are my age own homes.

A2A:of course they do, but maybe not in the way that this questioner is thinking.California is a highly-taxed, highly-regulated state. This adds to the cost of virtually everything.But the real reason why California is such a difficult place to live in terms

How are NY people in comparison to people living in California?

People in California are friendlier in a superficial way than people in the Northeast. Californians will smile at strangers and say

How to file a lawsuit in Texas? What are the required documents


How to file for divorce in California

As a registered Legal Document Assistant, I can outline filing an uncontested divorce in California in 7 simple steps:Step 1: In every divorce case, the divorce begins with filing a Summons FL-110 and Petition FL-100. In addition to these standard judicial council forms, there may be other local forms required

How to handle a difficult divorce in California

I am sorry to hear you are going through such a stressful situation. You don't specify which part of the divorce is difficult or what part you are trying to handle so I am making some assumptions in this answer.Since a divorce is, at least in part, a legal proceeding, finding appropriate legal advise is a good place to

How is life in California?

I am 61 and I was born in the Los Angeles area, and I have lived in Southern California my entire life, except for 2 years in San Francisco. I have travelled this country, and some of this world. The older I get, the more I appreciate southern California and California in

How is life in Los Angeles?

If you're asking what's in like in L.A., you must be considering moving here. I've lived here all my life and I'll admit, it's not for everyone. In the city of Los Angeles, ironically, most people are from out of town, having moved here to pursue a career in entertainment, so I lot of people who talk about

How much additional cost does a California company have to pay for a $100k employee?

As a very rough answer for planning purposes, the HR costs for most white collar workers with modest benefits runs about 20% of nominal salary, so you can use $20K for a $100K per year worker for a rough cut of your budget, business plan, pitch deck, etc.This includes payroll taxes and basic benefits (worker's comp

How much does it cost to own a house in California?

The median list price per square foot in California is $319. The median price of homes currently listed in California is $538,990 while the median price of homes that sold is $485,800. The median rent price in California is $2,750.California home values have gone up 6.5% over the past year, Predictions says it will rise

How were the divorce costs in California determined?

I agree with Andy Chen's answer to How were the divorce costs in California determined?Legal costs are paid by you. The size of your legal bills is somewhat determined by how uncooperative, stubborn, or vindictive one or both of you

If California were to split into the 3 states as proposed, how would each state vote?

We'd basically end up with two very Democratic states and one

In California, what should I do to file divorce and settle alimony well?

The best thing to do is to hire an attorney. If you have friends or acquaintances who have divorced recently, you might ask them to recommend a lawyer. Your local bar association can also provide references.With children involved, you need to sort this out sooner rather than later.To reduce the cost

Is California an overrated state?

No. I have lived in California all my life except for a few years here and there in the Midwest and the East Coast. There really is no place on earth as great as California. I am one of the rare 5th generation Californians. We are

Is California really an entitlement state?

O'Reilly understands nothing of economics, business, technology or international affairs.In as much as the various Googles, Apples and Oracles pay salaries, they contribute to the fiscal pie that California has to pay their bills.But California is not fiscally solvent, because its a welfare state supporting a fiscally

Is it expensive to live in California?

Beautiful God created state.Hellacious politics.In California, you work for the state. Period.Sales tax has just risen to 10.25% in the Los Angeles area.Gas tax, is $1 per gallon of gas, residents of this state were so confused by the craftily worded proposal on last years ballot, couldn't accomplish to rid us of the

Is it worth living in California?

Absolutely depending on your life style and pocket book.   What's. It to like?  You are half an hour away from the place Tony Bennett left his heart-The world famous San Francisco with the Goldengate Bridges and half an hour drive to the 17 mile drive of Monterey where Steinbeck wrote

Is Ventura California a good place to live?

along the 101 freeway heading north from Los Angeles... First is Westlake Village, which strattles the border between LA and Ventura. VERY NICE VERY EXPENSIVE. I am in Thousand Oaks. It is a GREAT place to live. Housing is expensive. Schools are excellent. Very low crime rate. Great dept. of Parks and Recs with

Should California be split into more than one state?

Should it? Yes and no. Will it? Absolutely not.Why should it be split?A lot of it comes to water issues. Half of LA's water comes from Northern California and the Colorado River. In other words, LA would be built in an awful place if it weren't for the fact that LA is connected to

What are some affordable places to live in California?

This is a tough question. Is it just about affordability, or as you mention above, the culture, food, and things to do? It's a know fact, that the further you live away from the beach, or large centers of commerce, the cheaper it will get.Here are a few:The Central Valley

What are some nice and affordable places to live in California?

Los Angeles Real Estate Reality Check: What will $400,000 buy? Watch that video. Look at the housing prices of other states. $400k will buy you something close to a mansion in other states such as Utah, the Carolinas, Maine, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma. CA is one of the most expensive states in the nation

What are some of the best places to live in California? Why?

This depends almost entirely on your preferred lifestyle and what type of geography makes you feel most at home. The landscape, in my experience, has a large effect on one's lifestyle.  Southern California is mostly desert; it's a car culture, where you have to drive in order to

What are the costs associated with becoming a real estate broker in California?

You have to study for, and take the brokers exam which  is around three or four hundred dollars. You then must take and pass the exam. There is yearly E&O insurance which is several thousand dollars a year. There are association memberships,MLS and other expenses. I would figure around $10,000 for most of the expenses

What are the implications of California ruling that Uber drivers are employees and not contractors?

A broad, final ruling that part time freelance workers are employees would be disastrous for the emerging on-demand economy, and bad for American companies, workers, and consumers alike. Fortunately, the recent labor commission result looks to be an aberration, and is not a

What are the monthly expenses of a bachelor in California?

It mostly depends on the lifestyle you choose to lead,Rent:Depending on whether you choose to live alone or share an apartment, rents can easily vary from 2000 to 1000 dollars for an decent apartment. The best option if your not living with girl friend

What are the most affordable and safest places to live in Northern California?

tl; dr: For the most part, the safest cities are pretty expensive areas, while the most affordable places are less safe. The only crossover between the safest and most affordable seems to be Folsom, just outside of Sacramento. Check out the links embedded in the answer for more info.The safest cities

What are the steps to get a divorce in California? How much does it cost?

If the divorce is consensual (in other words, if both partners consent to the divorce) then there is no need to pay lots of money in lawyer's fees.You can actually do it from your own home. This company selects the right

What do people not like about living in Malibu, California?

1, Traffic. During so called rush hour, and weekends, PCH turns into a major backlog of traffic. There is only one other 2nd route in and out of town, which also gets backed up.2, Shopping and entertainment. There is only one main

What is an uncontested divorce in California?

An uncontested divorce in California is a divorce where 1) the parties agree to the terms of the divorce paperwork, or 2) a divorce proceeding where one party fails to appear or respond. The advantage of an uncontested divorce is that it is less costly

What is it like to live in California?

California is an amazing place to live. Unfortunately, it's also a place that is easy to take for granted. My advice to those of you thinking about leaving..... don't do it! Since California is a big state, with very distinct regions, I'm only going to speak about the places I've

What is the rule of thumb or formula to predict the true cost of each employee in California? The true cost including all benefits, mandated and normally given.

A common rule of thumb for full time employees with full benefits is 50–60% over their raw billing rate.3 weeks of vacation + 3 weeks of sick time + 2 weeks of holidays out of 52 weeks is 15%FICA and other employment taxes is about 8%Your employee needs

What makes California so expensive/difficult to do business in?

That is a big question. Two main reasons: Prop 13 of 1977 and California Constitution.Prop 13 passed into law in 1977. This law did 2 major things: 1) Kept property taxes low by straight lining property valuations, not allowing local governments to manage their

What's a good place to live outside of California? I am working my life away just to afford an apartment in Los Angeles and want my kids to have a house to grow up in.

Obviously your preferences are key here (if you love the beach and don't mind gators, maybe Florida?), but allow me to plug Utah, and specifically Salt Lake City. The weather is not nearly as hot in the summer as Las Vegas or Phoenix,

What would be the benefits of splitting California in to three states?

For California, none. Especially the current proposal has no relationship to any reasonable division of the state. It splits Southland and the Central Valley in two, lumps the Sierra Nevada in with the Bay Area, and the Central Coast with LA.Why split the state in this bizarre way? Because

What would happen if California seceded from the United States?

Hopefully, nothing too terrible. CA will have to reinvent its financial and central banking. It will have to reconcile its balance sheets to pay back anything they owe to other banks. Interest rates will go up 8+% for CA.The US and new CA will have to workout trade deals and hopefully an FTA. CA

What would it take for California to split into two states?

Legally, absolutely (see other posts for what the process entails). The President doesn't really have a say in the matter, but you'd need a Congress that would welcome the creation of two new Democratic U.S. Senators. A Democrat-controlled Congress under Trump (or Pence) might totally go for this.However, politically, culturally, and economically, the moment for such a split is

What's a good, moderately inexpensive rural place to live in northern California?

Montara - it's tucked away between Pacifica and Moss Beach in San Mateo County along Highway 1. When I was a kid, Montara apparently didn't even have paved roads. It is still very rural with many people owning horses, alpacas and other animals. We have a chicken coop in our backyard which has been there since

What's the cost of living for a family in California?

If you have a choice than I would advise San Diego or Irvine. San Diego is rated as best place to visit in America in 2016 by Money Magazine. Irvine is part of Orange County and has great schooling system, close to Disney Land, Universal Studio etc.I can provide you

Where are inexpensive places to live in Southern California?

How does five acres for $5K sound? Is that inexpensive enough. There is land being auctioned of in the desert for cheap (= inexpensive). You may have to negotiate access to the land with a neighbor.Here is a listing of cheap land for sale. (Use the filter to select the low price range.)Land

Where are the most inexpensive places to live in California?

The cheapest places to live are primarily those where jobs are scarce. Like anything, it's the law of supply and demand. Interestingly or ironically, some of those areas are brimming with natural beauty.I happen to live within walking distance of a river, and within about 10 driving minutes of a lake. Ditto

Which cities in California have the cheapest cost of living? California state only.

Things haven't changed much since Amer's answer in Nov. 2016.I'd just like to add that anywhere in Central Valley is relatively cheaper. Of course, the compromise is that you will be in farm country. Basically, the cheapest housing occurs either in the Central

Which place is a better for expats to live in, California or Texas?

Well I'm going to say Texas. I just sold my house in California that I lived in for over thirty years and moved to texas. I was sick of getting taxed to death so California could give free college to illegals and letting felons loose in

Why are house prices in Toronto more expensive than California?

I believe that this question reflects both imprecision and an incorrect assumption.The imprecision is that one cannot meaningfully refer to housing prices in California, as a whole. For example, housing in large, coastal, urban areas typically is much more expensive than in Central Valley

Why did the United States want California?

One word: Gold.Gold was discovered in California in 1848, leading to the gold rush of 1849 (that's why they're called the Forty-Niners, people). California petitioned for statehood in 1849, and was admitted in 1850.Prior to 1848, California was a territorial possession of no

Why do people live in California when it's so expensive?

I grew up in Bozeman, Montana, and left at age 19.  I attended university in Phoenix, Arizona, then lived in the Portland, Oregon area for 12 years.  I have lived in Northern California for 23 years now.  I'm in Mountain View, CA - the heart

Why do people live in California?

First because of the weather. California well southern California has the most days in the perfect weather zone witch is 70–75 degrees F. It rarely gets below 45 degrees. The sky is usually clear with minimal clouds and you can plan to go

Why do people want to live in California when the cost of living is so high?

I live in Southern California. It's not on fire all of the time, but I do agree that the cost of living is unbearable. Our homeless population is out of control because even they want to live here too.Most people I'm aware of came here when they were younger and most people (regardless of where

Why do so many people want to live in California?

No. It sucks here unless you're a flaming liberal. The state leans so far to the left, I swear it's going to fall over into the Pacific. They had sanctuary cities before, now the whole state is a sanctuary.It's practically impossible to buy guns here, at least compared to some other states.You can walk down the street

Why does California have the highest cost of living?

It does not. Most rankings put it somewhere around #5 nationwide in terms of cost of living, typically behind Hawaii, New York, and (depending on the ranking) some combination of Alaska, Connecticut, and New Jersey.As to why it is #5, I think it's fundamentally

Why does California mandate a 6 month divorce waiting period?

The 6 month waiting period which is also described as the

Why is California so expensive?

Many reasons.We've got rich and poor people moving in (and middle class moving out) because there's high paying jobs available to those with the skills. It's also very liberal and has a lot of money and government programs available to the poor. California

Why is it so expensive to live in San Diego?

Everyone has said pretty much the same thing. Or to put it the way a Real Estate agent would put it - Location Location Location!Climate and quality of life can't be beat. The supply is limited and the demand is great. These things always drive up prices on anything, including real estate.But as another writer noted - it

Why is the state of California bankrupt?

While the state is not yet bankrupt, my opinions about why it is headed that way are:Public Workers Unions own the politicians.  Government employees enjoy perks, and benefits that the state will not be able to maintain much longer.California likes to chase industry out of the state in favor of bragging about all of the minimum wage

Will California split into three states?

I grew up in Northern CA, near the Oregon-California border, in the part where some folks have for years advocated for an independent state they propose to call the

Do king bed sheets fit california king sized beds?

If you are talking about US or Canada, then it isn't possible for Fitted King Bed sheet to fit on California King sized bed. California King beds are 183 cm x 213 cm (72″ x 84″)

Do people in California hate animals?

I wonder why someone would think that.There is a small group of people in California, Republicans from the Central Valley, that have no use for them (except as food) and protest against our laws to protect them. Overall, we have the strongest environmental protection laws in the country. We are breaching levees to expand

How to find a good personal trainer when I don't belong to a gym

A great deal of Personal Trainers get a lot of their clients through a referral base. Now picking a good or great personal trainer can be a little tricky. Here are steps I would follow.Education: Any can claim

Is it legal to ride a bicycle on a highway in Washington, Oregon, and California?

In addition to the resources suggested by Mark, you may find the maps from Adventure Cycling useful.  They have a complete Pacific Coast route from Vancouver, BC to Imperial City, CA (just north of the border): Pacific Coast | Adventure Cycling Route Network | Adventure Cycling AssociationI have ridden  Highway 101 from

My 1099 employer says I can't work for their clients' client for 12 months after I resign with them. Is this legal in California?

It would be unusual for a 1099 client to control the activities of an independent contractor that it had hired after the end of the contract. Such conditions might apply if any constraints had been written into the agreement between the 1099 client and the independent contractor. Otherwise, in view

What are some recommended 1-2 night backpacking trips within about 5 hours of the Bay Area? I'm interested in hiking no more than 10 miles a day, and I don't have the gear to do snow trips either.

Five hours from the Bay Area covers a vast range of California. It's even enough to get you into Nevada, although not to the parts of Nevada that you'd probably want to go backpacking in.So I'll hit three compass points:To the north - one hour, maybe twoUp in Marin, Point Reyes National Seashore is a great

Are Republican politicians from California more liberal than Republicans elsewhere?

I'm not sure there's any factual way to answer this question.  There are varying degrees for both parties almost anywhere you go.  I'll offer my observations.  DISCLAIMER: Opinion onlyCalifornia is a beautiful state, and I love to visit.  Politically, it seems to be a bit of a mess.  Friends of mine that live there have talked

Can a Republican survive in California?

Of course. Even leaving aside my temptation to treat

Is it a good idea to move to Texas from California in your 20's?

When I was 19, I moved from San Antonio, TX to San Diego in 1982. I didn't have a job and I wasn't going to college at the time. But I just went for it. After a few months I got a job at a law firm and then went to the University

Should I move out of California?

I have an MBA and my wife has two bachelors degrees and we still don't make a ton of moneywhat no one ever talks about is that California jobs outside of medical and tech and government work most jobs pay below the national average especially

What is your biggest cultural shock from visiting California?

1. The urinals don't flush. They smell bad, too, because they don't flush. This was a necessary adaptation to drought-stricken Southern California. The entire state when to flush-less urinals. The first time I saw one, my thought was "cool, let's see how this works". Except there was nothing to see. It functioned almost identically to the outhouse

Where are all the Republicans in California?

Still in California.Republicans are spread through the state.This map from the e Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) (a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank) shows the Republican (Red)/Democrat (blue) mix by county in California. It is misleading because the large inland rural (and mostly red) counties have very small populations. It is also really showing Democrat vs Non Democrat party

Which is the nicest beach in / near Los Angeles?

Answering your question:In my opinion and truly influenced by a marriage's El Matador Beach!My lover was in the east coast and flying to California for the winter holidays when he calls me to announce his plans. He asked if there was a special place I'd like

Why are there Republicans in California?

I'm thinking that this is a joke question, but I will bite. I helped get Obama elected for his first term, but I switched to Republican Party before the 2016 Presidential election and like around 33 percent of Californians, I voted for President Trump. The only reason there aren't more of us is because people rubbing neurons together are

Are houses so expensive in California compared to other states?

You have to select a specific area to live in. There are many areas in California (it's a VERY LARGE state) that are more rural and the prices are really affordable. It depends on where you are working, what you do, what you

Are taxes California making it difficult to live?

California taxes are higher than most states. Fortunately for the rest of the country incomes are much higher here too, so we can afford it in general. Why is it fortunate for the rest of the country? Because California sends much more money to the federal government then it receives. This

Are there maximum occupancy rates for residential homes in southern CA?

There are maximum occupancy rates just about everywhere in the USA and they're usually set at the city or county level. You would need to check with the local city or county officials where you live. Now if a couple buys a three bedroom

Can I get a green card if I got a prenup in my marriage in California?

Prenup is for the financial asset protection of the couples, if the marriage goes south in time. It doesn't mean that they are going into the marriage with the purpose if ending it after the green card is obtained. If you are doing it for that purpose, let me tell you to stop right here

Do you like the idea of California splitting into multiple states?

No. California is the size and shape it is because the parts of California that have large cities have little or no fresh water, whereas the parts that have plenty of fresh water are sparsely populated inland areas that are agricultural or desert.OK, maybe we should

Does anyone actually think that the plan to split California up will ever succeed?

I don't. Quoting from Dana H. Shultz's answer to Should California be split into more than one state?, which I wrote just minutes ago:Because,  despite the various, sometimes opposing interests of people in  different - or even within the same - portions of the state, most of us  identify with California and

Does the climate make it difficult to study in California?

Despite the fact that California has amazingly tolerable weather year round, there are also air conditioners and heaters in almost every building in California. Now if you come from a cold place like Boston or Minnesota maybe the coldness outside forces you to study. Maybe this is why there are so many great schools out East.

How to become a real estate broker in California? Is it worth it

Great question! To qualify for a Broker's License, you are required to complete eight courses through an accredited real estate educational institute. Then you are required to pass the California state Broker's exam.California requires individuals to receive their salesperson license and receive 2 years of experience before taking the

How to file a lawsuit in Texas? What are the required documents


How to go about getting a divorce in California

Look into the "Collaborative Divorce" process if you have some expectation of this being an uncontested divorce.  You want a divorce lawyer working for you to get the divorce - not necessarily one working to run up billable hours.The idea behind "Collaborative Divorce" is that both parties are represented by

How to go about getting a divorce in California without a lawyer

Unless you and your soon-to-be ex spouse agree on everything and there are no children in the marriage, then... DO NOT attempt this without a lawyer. If there is any basis for dispute such that you may fight about it later, get a lawyer. If you and your soon-to-be ex both agree

If California split into 3 new states would this encourage Texas to split into 5 states?

Texas has been a Republic, as well as having been under control by 4 sovereign nations. It has it's own identity, which is distinctive.Property rights are strong and taxes low, and most Texans remain Texans,California in contrast is largely populated by immigrants from other US states. When I lived there folks born elsewhere greatly outnumbered natives. It's

In California, is it legal for the court to order an unvaccinated foster child to get their vaccines despite what the biological parent says?

In California, is it legal for the court to order an unvaccinated foster child to get their vaccines despite what the biological parent says?While the child is in foster care, Chile Protective Services is assigned in parentis loco responsibility for its care and schooling.

Is an LLC that was created during marriage considered separate property if only your name is on it during divorce in California?

You will need to consult a family law attorney about your specific situation. But generally property acquired during the marriage is community property. Merely putting it in one spouse's name typically doesn't change that absent evidence that the other spouse agreed, in writing, to the change in

Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister? Why?

Yes it is legal provided they are both of legal age and not a close blood relative.For example, a man with a young son named Jack marries a woman with 2 young daughter named Jill and Jane. The couple soon have a son together named Dick.Jack is the stepbrother by marriage of both Jill and Jane and the

Is there common law divorce in California?

I don't think there is such a thing as

My wife filed for divorce in the state of California, I am not involved in the process at all, how do I find out if I am still married or if I am now divorced?

I just went through the same thing. Just call the county courthouse where she filed and check with them. if she has your address you should receive something in the mail indicating that you are divorced and giving you the stipulations, if any. Since you were not there it will be up to the judge to

We just moved from California to Arizona 2 months ago. Should we get divorced in California so we don't have to wait another month?

If you decide to wait until you're in Arizona, having a full understanding of the divorce process in the state may be helpful. The family law attorneys at Bishop Law Office in Phoenix put together a helpful breakdown of the entire Arizona divorce process including documents

What are the steps that need to occur for California to secede from the United States of America?

There's no procedure in the U.S. Constitution for Secessionism in the USA and the USA fought its U.S. Civil War over the question a century and a half ago: the proposition against won the day, then.However, you could:Hold a Referendum on

What is the average living cost in California?

The best gauge of the COL in California (and the other states) is this measure:Cost of Living Annual Average 2018The 2018 CA COL is about 39% higher than the national average - an average that INCLUDES California.FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The

What is the best place to live at in California for someone on a budget?

I vote my hometown, Sacramento.  It's in the middle to everything one would enjoy California for: Beaches, San Francisco, Tahoe, Eastern Sierras, Death Valley, Redwoods, Wine Country, etc,.   Rent here is a 1/3rd of San Francisco's rent and the salary isn't that far from or Bay Area neighbors.  It has a bustling downtown (albeit small) that's

When did California become a state?

September 9th, 1850. It's a California state holiday which means almost nothing - schools get a holiday, and, I guess state offices like the DMV.Look up the interesting history of the Bear Republic. California Republic - Wikipediain 1846, some folks in a

Which state is more expensive New York or California?

California seems to have a more even distribution of high COL areas whereas New York state can basically be separated into two COL extremes with everything north of Albany (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, etc) being dirt cheap and everything south of Albany