Are calisthenics superior to the average gym?

So many things to answer...First: There's no such thing as functional movement or functional fitness. There is nothing more functional about a body-weight pull-up than there is about a barbell deadlift.You should be able to do both anyway..but let's say hypothetically

Are incline push-ups more difficult than regular push-ups?

The incline pushup is actually a much lighter movement as you have to deal with a smaller fraction of your bodyweight, thanks to your body being more upright. Thus it's safe to say, the higher the incline, the lesser the load. Due

Are knee push-ups any good?

You have to understand that the most important aspect of a good pushup is not just arm or chest strength, but the ability to perform full-body tension. You have to be able to make use of your body as a single unit, or create tension from your hands to your toes. The problem with knee pushups

Are the following calisthenics, Interval workouts and weekly run routines good for building overall strength, endurance and hypertrophy?

Well Mr Anon, I don't know how long you've been following this routine so far, maybe you haven't yet or maybe you have and your body is now literally breaking apart at the seams and you're questioning your life decisions.I'm being overly dramatic here but the message still stands. Your routine looks extremely challenging and incomplete.ChallengingReading your

Can a regular guy/girl who just do basic calisthenics training everyday beat a fitness male/female model? If so, what does it take for a regular person to become as strong as they are?

Remember ,a fitness guy or girl ,not only know what they can do ,but also know what you cannot do . And you don t know what they can do ,and not sure of what you can do. In such a situation it is wise to make friends

Can calisthenics help me build muscle?

It's really good if you know what you're doing and keep adding the challenge and weights for your workouts. Calisthenics is mostly (hope I said this right) about mastering difficult skills as Gymnast do, but at the same time you build your overall strength over time (lots and lots of compound workouts).Depending on

Can I do pushups on rest days?

A2A.It is difficult to answer this without knowing your training plan, what level you are at among other things.A generic suggestion would be to not do push ups immediately following chest/upper body workout because the body needs to recover.If you want to

Can I get ripped just from calisthenics?

Yes definitely body weight exercises plus proper nutrition will definitely get you ripped if you are not trying to get super muscular which will require weights.If you are quite thin right now, you may want to eat at a slight

Can you explain power training and strength training using bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are extremely convenient and effective. You don't need any equipment or gym subscription since you'll be using your own body as your resistance.They can be used to get stronger and more powerful but to an extent. If you want to make serious gains in strength and power you

Can you suggest a good calisthenics workout routine?

Are you new to calisthenics, or new to exercise in general?The workout routine you choose depends on what are your goals, like gaining mass, focusing on performance, endurance etc. Of course, these goals are correlated to a certain point, like, you cannot just build muscle

Do calisthenics build muscle?

Yes you can by doing a lot of calisthenics. It will build not only pure muscles but also a lot of hardcore.Do regularly push ups, pull ups, chin ups, Parallel or single bar dips, Squats and various other body weight exercises like Lunges,

Do you think calisthenics can build real muscles and strength?

I know it can.Jack LaLanne was America's first well-known bodybuilder, and while he built most of his musculature lifting weights, he was on TV promoting straight calisthenics for 34 years. Millions of Americans, including many of my own family members built muscle

Does weighted calisthenics build as much muscle as regular weightlifting?

The key to building muscle is progressive overload, which is increasing the force your muscles must generate as you become more advanced. So, if you use weights, this means adding more weight to the bar or dumbbell. With calisthenics, this would mean doing more advanced exercises that are harder

Exercise Equipment: Why are many pull up bars curved downwards at the ends?

To add a bit more to Rhys Morgan ‘s answer: it's not just about comfort - the type of pull-up bars you're describing promote a wide grip - one where your hands are extended outward, overhand. The wider the grip, the more your mid-back is

How to build muscle with calisthenics

As a calisthenics practitioner of 5 months and enthusiast, I can confidently tell you that calisthenics is THE best way to build muscle because it is the smartest way to do so, and it is the method that builds your body more

How to focus on calisthenics but also maintain a bodybuilding physique? Will my absence at the gym cause losses in muscle mass due to a different type of stress being put on my muscles via calisthenics

From my experience, it is difficult or impossible to maintain a bodybuilding physique on calisthenics alone- unless you somehow managed to build it with only calisthenics.Weights stress the body in a different way. I gained more muscle in 2 months of lifting than I did in 3 years of calisthenics- no joke (and I

How to improve my pull-up

The other answers here are all valid, but there is something missing in my opinion. I'm speaking from personal experience here. I started hanging as part of Ido Portal's hanging challenge, and I was surprised that it massively improved my ability at the top of

How to learn how to do handstand pushups

GymnasticBodies runs a great handstand course. I've used their foundations course before for general flexibility/joint health and they're a good company.Chris Sommers is an extremely legit coach in the gymnastics world and gymnastic strength training is a well-rounded approach to general fitness.I think

How to tell if I have a six pack

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs

How to train every muscle twice a week by working out 4 days a week? What is a weight and calisthenics workout for 4 days a week

Train your upper body twice per week and your lower body twice per week with one day rest in between.Upper body - lower body - rest - upper body - lower bodyThis way you'll be training each muscle twice per

How to increase my level of pull ups step by step

Hello, It is ALWAYS nice to see questions on pullups. Not because I need questions to answer but because it shows that people are choosing PullUps or Chinups over Lat Pull Machines. In my experience and opinion, pretty much everything in life that makes your

How to start a good workout program

Ease into it.Really, that's it. Start with something you can handle and increase the volume from there. The goal is starting out consistent and getting stronger from there.Don't start out with something over your head, it'll dampen your chances of sticking to it long term.Find a workout

How does a female over 50 lose weight?

I love seeing questions like this. How does X lose weight. What's the best workout for X. How does X lose # of weight in # of weeks.It's easy to think we are a variable and that there are inherent differences, when in truth we are more

How effective are body weight exercises compared to weight training?

You said your priorities were; "safety, muscle size, and strength"Safety: Bodyweight wins this oneMuscle size: weightsStrength: weightsWeights win vs bodybuilding if you are talking about muscle size and strength. For example, the best bodybuilders all achieve their muscle size and look through intensive weight training. 

How I can build muscle by calisthenics fastly?

if you want to build muscle mass as quickly as possible, calisthenics won't be right for you.If you want to make it a long-term thing though, calisthenics is totally for you.Here are some of the main tricks you can use

How many people in the world can perform one-arm push-ups?

While I cannot answer your question, I want to point out that more than 1/10 people can do ten repetitions of push ups in most parts of the world. In my house, 4/6 people can do one-armed pushups (Around ten repetitions). It is not as hard as it looks, it is all about

How much muscle can you gain by working out with your bodyweight only?

Bodyweight training is incredibly effective for building muscle. Some would even argue that it's better than free weights. Bodyweight exercises don't beat up your joints as much as traditional weight training exercises do. They allow for a more natural range of motion and improve your overall athleticism quite effectively. Advanced bodyweight exercises require unmatched levels of full

I can do 80kgs benchpress but still can't do a single pull up. What is the problem?

Bench press is a pushing movement. Pull-ups, like the name suggests, is a pulling movement. Both to a large extent involve different muscle groups to work. When you bench, you activate your pushing muscles (which are your triceps,

Is calisthenics a possible aproach to health and strength for me as an obease middle-aged woman?

Calisthenics is actually a great to approach health and strength for every body type.Typically when people think of calisthenics, they picture these guys jumping from one bar to another. And they go

Is calisthenics the best type of exercise?

It's among the best forms of exercise, but every different type of training (weight training, sprints, jumping, swimming, climbing, etc) has it's own benefits.My experiences have indicated to me that it's not good to

Is it better to do 5 sets of 10 push-ups in a single workout or 15 sets of 10 push-ups over the course of a day?

In my opinion, and from experience, it is better to do multiple small sets over a longer time than a compressed set of pushups, with a lower overall volume, at once. This is somewhat dependent on your condition and intentions.If you're already very good at pushups, i.e. you do a pushup properly and

Is it better to do different muscles on different days and get no rest days or work out full body a day after a day?

I'm assuming that you want to train for building muscles.If you are a beginner, do full body workout with 1–2 days rest in between. It will give you the most frequency while still having at least a rest day.E.g.D1: Full bodyD2: restD3: Full bodyD4: restWhen you've gotten

Is it possible to do 100 push-ups in under 2 minutes with a strict form?

Is it possible to do 100 push ups in 2 minutes?Yes, not easy, but yes. To give it some perspective, the Royal Marines entrance requirements fitness tests asks entrants to aim for 60 push ups in 2 minutes. This is among other fitness requirements being tested at the same time.Plenty

Is it possible to do 100 push ups on one breath?

I think yes. My brother has always been addicted to push ups. We stayed up at the parents vacation house recently and I swear he did 10 push ups in possibly less than 5 seconds (so much for time under tension) If someone could keep up a push up a second for 1:40 seconds, and hold

Is learning how to muscle up for the first time using a thick pull-ups bar difficult or even impossible?

I'd say it would be hard, but not impossible if you followed the correct progressions and followed it through like any other muscle up progress.Star with maybe a resistance band and lower the resistance as you get stronger.Then do negatives versions from the top of the bar (jump up

Pullups work mostly the opposite set of muscles compared to handstand pushups. So ideally should we be able to do the same number of reps for both exercises?

Handstand pushups majorly hit your shoulders and pull ups are more concentrated for biceps and back.If you talk about repetition you should ideally do 10–12 repetitions of every exercise and you can do 4–5 sets.Now if you want you can increase the

Should I do calisthenics (pull-ups, dips, push-ups) day after day, 4-6 days a week?

Yeah absolutely.Calisthenics are amazing. I used to lift hardcore for years, hit some great milestones in the lifting world then got bored. I then switched to calisthenics.The great thing about them is that you can do them daily and get in fantastic shape. Currently

Should I train calisthenics every day?

If your training is primarily strength building, then I would say no, usually. If your training is primarily skill building, then I would say yes, usually.In strength building, the magic happens while you rest. There is a magic medium which you must find between training not enough (strength decreases because of under-use) and

Should women do regular push ups?

Yes, if you want to master the form and increase the strength of the pectoral muscles rapidly, doing pushups on daily basis can help you in building the strength. If you really can lift your self with decent form, with

What are pros and cons of plank exercise?

Hello Rafael..thanks for inviting me to answer this question.It's been knawing on ke for a while and now here's a real opportunity to set the record straight about planks.I personally don't do planks and I don't have not one client doing them either and I train over 60 sessions a week. This

What are pull-ups?

Grab a Horizontal Bar above you and pull yourself to the Point where your nose is parallel to the Iron rod. You should literally be able to smell the iron rod Or Taste the iron if it is fine with you.That's

What are some beginner calisthenics?

The basics. You can't start doing human flags and other cool stuff without having enough strength first.Push up. Will improve your chest and triceps. If you can't do normal push up, start from your knees or do them on an incline surface.Squat. When you

What are some calisthenics exercises for shoulders (that do not involve pull-up bars)?

Handstands! And handstand push-ups! Or, if you're a real freak-beast, one arm handstands and one arm handstand push-ups!Really though, if you are a normal weight and can do freestanding handstand push-ups you'll have some pretty dynamic and powerful shoulders without having to progress to the one-armed variants. Honestly, I've never even seen

What are some calisthenics workouts?

Not sure whether you are interested in learning about different programs or basics of calisthenic training. Here are the basics first...There are 5 essential movements you can to do to exercise your body: arms - push forward, push upward, pull forward, pull upward, legs - push upward, abdominal contraction.

What are some of the hardest calisthenics lower body exercises?

Pistol squats are probably the hardest, but the best.A few relatively difficult ones are:Jump squats, jump lunges, box jumps. A great one for the hamstrings is the following:Kneel down, and have someone hold the back of your ankles down. Then, keeping your body straight lower down to the ground (only extending from the knees)

What are the most effective calisthenics exercises for strength?

Hi Sankalp,So first let me give you a quick brief about what calisthenics actually is. It is actually resistance training with your own bodyweight. It is an art form of using your own bodyweight as a means to maximize human power and athletic ability. The

What are your benefits of pull-ups?

Pull-ups is that exercise which has many uncountable benefits. In this bodyweight, exercise people faces that how to increase your pull-ups. And the 9 most amazing benefits of pull ups every day and in how many days you got these results.

What calisthenic workouts can I do at home to build muscle?

Staying fit and gaining muscles without going to the gym is actually a lot easier than you think. The only thing the gym has is resistant training...that's it. So depending on your goals or what you consider

What calisthenics routine is good for muscle mass?

If you're wanting to build some muscle mass- you may need to look into your nutrition as well, by adding a bit more protein.Now that's out of the way...recently, I posted one of my workouts on IG. One of the likers on that video is a personal trainer. His IG has numerous

What do you find, in general, the best calisthenics exercise?

I'd say the muscle up for upper body, and the pistol for lower body.The muscle up is considered by many to be the holy grail of upper body training, because of the numerous muscle groups worked and the coordination and timing required. It works the pulling muscles (posterior deltoids, biceps, back), pushing muscles (anterior deltoids, chest, triceps),

What exercise routine works well to build significant amounts of muscle in 12 weeks?

if you want to increase strength, play 3-5 reps, if you want to increase muscle mass, the optimum is 8-10 reps. accordingly, from my experience, for 12 weeks, you can train 4 consecutive days and rest the fifth. a suggested sch is:1- chest & Biceps2- back & triceps3- shoulder4- legs

What if someone did 1000 push-ups a day?

Push up without pull up will destroy your shoulder long term .You also need HORROR leg exercises.You also need flexibility exercises. You also need warm up. You also need yoga or meditation for stress relieving. I do not know you but i guess that you are young and want to impress girls or

What is the best way to start doing calisthenic training?

Great to see another Calisthenics enthusiast.Now, I see you wish to start practicing Calisthenics and are aware of the the progressions for various moves. So what I would suggest to you is that you start off with the most basic moves.If your goal is to get stronger and build muscle as well, I would

What is the difference between calisthenics and bodyweight exercises?

Really old question but I'll try to clarify any confusion.Calisthenics and Bodyweight training are NOT the sameToday people seem to use the terms ‘calisthenics' and ‘bodyweight training' interchangeably but this in incorrect. Calisthenics is rather a type of bodyweight training; it is it's own discipline of which

What is the toughest exercise in Calisthenics?

Haha no good answers so here is mineThe hardest

What should a calisthenics workout plan look like?

I believe it's best to train different groups on different days. The only muscle groups I would recommend you train together would be your back and your chest/arms. The best way to achieve results apart from proper diet and rest is to keep pushing yourself. It's always ok to start with a strict

What would be the best option for working out at home: video workouts, workout machines (Bowflex, Total gym, etc) or simply walking?

It totally depends on the body type you desire.If you have knowledge about the form and number of sets and repitions to be done of the exercise you wish to perform, then watching workout videos is not necessary.If you are new

What would happen if I did 200 diamond push-ups a day rather than 200 normal push-ups?

You would become very skilled and efficient at performing diamond pushups and the alternative pattern of movement would become more difficult. It won't actually improve life for you, it's mostly just switching one thing for another. Doing loads of pushups

Which gives faster results, calisthenics or weightlifting?

It depends on what you're talking about when it comes to results.Strictly for muscular gains, both should deliver a similar amount of muscular gains, if the same protocols are followed in both. This only applies until a certain point though. Once tendon strength and adaption is taken in to account for the more advance calisthenic

Which is a more complete and/or easier way to work out at home with no other equipment, bodyweight training counting with a pullup bar or kettlebell training?

For a complete workout u should base ur workout on all ways that u have.For body only workout ⬇⬇2019 Beginners Full Workout | جدول تمرين للمبتدئين 2019Bar only workout ⬇⬇Pull Up Bar Only Workout || 5 Exercises

Which is better, calisthenics or the gym?

It depends on what "best" means to you.If you want to get ripped in the shortest amount of time, resistance training is a great way to go about it.If you have the patience to develop new, impressive skills, don't have the time or money to go into the gym, or don't have enough money to buy enough

Which is better for fat loss, calisthenics or weight training?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but purely in

Which move is more difficult full planche or human flag?

Basically my skill level has not reached that advanced (yet), but I have experienced both of these exercises, at earlier stages during the phase of progression, i find Planche is more easier than human flag as it goes beyond Full Planche becomes harder. so in the end both are the hardest exercises in

Why can't I do a single Chin up eventhough I do 20 pushups and 2 pullups in one go?

Best techniques that help to improve your pull-ups in 10 days. These techniques especially for beginners.These techniques for both male and femaleNot only workout but all techniques are mentioned that you can easily increase your pull-ups in 10 days.These techniques you can do at home easily.Read it:-Best techniques of increase your

Why can't I pull ten chin-ups in a row even after a lot of training? What is the right technique for doing chin-ups?

Listen brother it doesn't matter how many pull ups or chin ups you able to do.Doing 20 to 30 pull-ups or chin ups in a row won't give you better result than doing 6–7 Chin ups with proper form and slow tempo.More

Why is my pull up max rep dropping?

As written before me, it could be many many things, but don't let that discourage you, people's reps fluctuate depending on one or all of the reason already suggested.However,What I would suggest is to change up the way that you're training.People often

Will calisthenic beginners be able to do a proper pull up with only about 3 months of training done?

Hi there! Depending on your current starting point (your fitness level and body weight) a single pull up should be achievable within three months.If your goal is to accomplish a single pull-up, I'd recommend practicing the negative portion of the movement first (lowering yourself). Do a few sets every other day (or every day) of standing on a chair,

Will doing 20 sets of 3 rep will help me improve the number of pulls ups I do at one time?

No not much.Get a backpack and put a 10 pound plate in it and try to do as many as possible,if you can't do 1 rep pull up until you fail back,then put a 5 pound plate and do the same thing.Keep adding weight when it's gets easy.If you do 20 or 40 sets of

Will one-arm push-ups stunt a teenager's growth?

Would everyone just stop wanting to be tall? I'm tall. 186 cm or so. I don't particularly enjoy it. It's just a state. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are happy with the healthy, good body God gave you, and that you use that body in a way that will

Will your muscles form differently if you do different types of exercising when loosing weight say weight training VA calisthenics?

Calisthenics and free-weight exercises fall under the broader category of strength training. Strength training helps in building muscles, increasing bone density, improving balance and coordination in addition to burning calories.If you are a beginner, thinking of adopting a strength training routine, start with body-weight exercises/calisthenics. Body weight

Would 2 sets of 5 pull ups a day be effective over time?

Over time?No.Maybe the first few days. After that your body will have adapted to that and you won't be gaining any more. You need to press through that barrier. Aim higher.Personally, I'd aim for 4+ sets of 5 at first with a minute rest. If you can't do five,

Are calisthenics worth doing?

Hey Robert,I think a lot of people ask themselves this question. I've been asking it to myself recently, and I literally train people in calisthenics and bodyweight skills!So you can imagine the kind of heavy feeling this has given me. What am I doing with my life!? Is it wrong? Do I even like it?To help

Are isometrics worth doing?

,Isometric exercises has become incredibly popular in the recent years as it opens you up without much ado. In this form of exercise, you strengthen your muscles, incinerate fat and get a super toned body. This you can achieve by just activating the

Are weighted calisthenics equivalent to weight workouts?

Yes and no. The best thing about weighted calisthenics is that it's easier to track progressive overload. Of course you can do it with reps instead of weights but then it starts taking forever. So yes you'll get stronger, yes you'll

Can calisthenics (even advanced calisthenics) give you the same ripped physique that weights can?

Yes they can for your upper body, but it's pretty difficult to achieve the same level of resistance for your lower body - pistol squats and single-leg sliding leg curls will fare you well until you move onto barbell squats and deadlifts. To attain similar resistance

Can someone help me get started with a calisthenics weekly routine and list of exercises?

Begin with the basics:Pushups (diamond, Hindu, conventional)Pullups (overhand wide grip and underhand narrow grip)DipsSquatsHanging leg raisesHollow holdsMobility - stretching, active warmups, joint maintenance ect (there are some great mobility videos by ‘bodyweight warrior' on you tubeThis should hit all major muscle groups and provide a good foundation to build

Can you build size doing calisthenics?

Yes, you can build size with calisthenics. The question you need to ask is how to build size with calisthenics. The answer is by increasing the workload on your body. Calisthenics are a very versatile form of exercises. They can be utilized with an isometric form of training that primarily aims at imparting strength and control

Do calisthenics count as strength training?

Well...that depends.How long have you been doing the same bodyweight exercises?Can you do sets of 20+ reps of everything?If yes, then no, it doesn't count as strength training, it counts as endurance training. Because beyond 20'reps you aren't getting stronger anymore. You're simply increasing your endurance. In other words - if you can do 20+ push-ups it

Do muscles built from the gym and that from doing calisthenics seem different?

When you say gym , I am assuming you mean lifting weights.Is there a difference in building physique through weights vs calisthenics? The answer is YES and NO depending upon your workout goals.For the body, resistance is resistance. ANY kind of resistance training stimulates muscle growth (assuming it is consistent

Does calisthenics really build a more proportionate physique than weightlifting?

No.Calisthenics will never be able to be enough by itself to build a

Does it worth to make the switch from gym to calisthenics?

I think it's valuable it to have variety in your training to keep things interesting and develop your body in different ways, so why not take 6–12 months and give it a go? There are some great bodyweight training books out there

How can a person that is too heavy to perform burpees work up to that exercise?

Like others have said, I admire your goal and understanding of current limitations.So I'll go into a fast and clean break down of the burpee and how to work up to it.I'm going to use the burpee variation that includes the push-up and

How to focus on calisthenics, and at the same time, maintain a 'body building' physique

Coming from the perspective of an aspiring Masters Oly Lifter there is MUCH that one can do to

How to focus on calisthenics, yet maintain a 'bodybuilding' physique

Your first option would be doing calisthenics, while still going to the gym.You can still progress in your calisthenics, you just have to lower your gym volume.If that's not an option and you can only do calisthenics, your only problem is smaller muscle groups like the side and rear

How to improve my left arm strength for pull-ups

Left, right all strength can be improved.Read this-This is how you can do pull up successfully :This is very good question and a very common problem, I have seen guys with very good otherwise exercise capabilities sucks in pull up, whereas some skinny girl may come in front of you, get away with doing

How to make street workout routine

Honestly your workout is pretty good . Best mix up things on different days . Workout 3–6 Days a week . Rest is very important , So rest on the 7th day . Don't do a fixed routine . Do different routines everyday . FYI , Bruce lee used to different type of routines .In your 5 sets

How to combine calisthenics and gym

Gyms are places where you do exercise. The one I use, at a large university, allows you to lift weights, use aerobic machines, play basketball, take spinning classes or yoga or swimming... And a whole lot more.I don't know why people use

How to combine calisthenics and weight lifting while avoiding overtraining

Combining calisthenics and weight lifting is great choice, first of all. I strongly recommend that.You can do it in 2 ways.Separative training.Separative training is something that I usually don't like but maybe it'll work for you. You are going for 1 week of weight lifting and one week of calisthenics. This way your body

How to get fit with calisthenics workout

First of all, I think it's amazing that you've lost so much weight.Second of all, don't go by how big your waist is. Go by your performance, how you look, and how you feel.Also, don't expect the

How to make sure I increase strength without just increasing muscle endurance (without weights / at home)

Great question!Do you have a broomstick laying around? Grab it first.Let me explain what a ‘dusty' old broom stick can teach you about real strength.On a basic level strength can be increased without increasing body mass.In order to increase your strength you need

How effective are body weight exercises compared to weight training?

To be very honest you can't beat weight training for muscle building because it is all about progressive overload. I am a big fan of body weight exercises myself but I still use weights to become stronger and gain muscles. Body weight exercises if it is done right can increase your muscle endurance and also can be very

How long should a calisthenics workout last?

If anything you're doing too much, not too little. If you are exercising intensely enough you don't need much volume or frequency for good results and as they increase you very quickly hit a point of diminishing returns. Too much can actually be counterproductive.I teach a bodyweight exercise program that starts people out with two

Is it possible to get fit and do effective workouts without paying for a gym?

Fitness has 3 requirements- cardio, strength, and mobility.Cardio fitness can be improved in many ways. You just need to raise your heart rate to higher levels, and hold if for reasonable amount of time. There are countless ways to do

Is it weird if someone goes to the gym just to do mostly calisthenics?

Absolutely no.They pay for membership, they can do anything as long as they do not disrupt others workout. If they wanna do this in the gym with lockers and showers - thats completely logical and understandableIts much better to have dozen calisthenics hanging on the horizontal bar, then one wanna-be-lifter who is sitting on

Should I do calisthenics or running as a teenager and how much should I workout per day?

Calisthenics will probably do you more good in the long term.Running will do cumulative damage to your knees & hips over the course of your life.It's difficult to imagine as a teenager because, at that age, you tend to feel physically invincible. The

Should I start calisthenics or hit the gym?

Y.ou can do can start with functional bodyweight exercises first just to get your ligaments and tendons strong then progress to more resistance using barbells, machines and dumbbells. Remember that all the things you see as far as body types on YouTube Facebook magazines are all illustrations of

What are some calisthenics books, from beginner to advanced?

I started in calisthenics in 2012 because I was afraid that I'd get too big doing weights (I was naive back then) and also because I was beginning to enjoy rock climbing. Since then I have read over a dozen books about calisthenics, and the only book that stands out in my list even after 5 years of calisthenics

What are some of the best, free Calisthenics workout programs?

The only calisthenics training program you'll ever need is the calisthenics recommended routine.It's not a routine made by some marketing company trying to sell you supplements.It's a routine made by the calisthenics community, perfected over the years.It focuses on skill training, strength training, and it's

What are some signs of overdoing cardio?

The first one is probably asking on Quora whether you've overdone cardio It's easy to overdo exercise, especially running, because once you get used to the sense of movement, it becomes harder to stop than keep going.So here are a few symptoms of overexercising, and a few recovery techniques you can

What are the 10 basic calisthenics exercises that I should do?

You don't need 10 exercises to get started in Calisthenics.There are 4 Exercises I suggest to a beginner and they are:Push-upsPull-upsSquatsDipsDo a Full Body Workout consisting of these. If they are too hard do easier variations so for example:Knee Push-upsNegative Pull-upsAssisted SquatsNegative DipsOnce you have mastered those four exercises (it will take moths, maybe even a year) you can

What are the best beginner guides for calisthenics?

You'll have to pay for most of them.One guide that really helped me back when I started out was Ashley Kalym's guide: Complete Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercise: Ashley Kalym: 8601410649906: BooksIt's really helpful and got me a good start.But if you would like something quicker, more condensed, and comparable, check out