Are Canadian girls generally beautiful?

Compared to the superficial of the Americans, no we wouldnt be considered beautifull at all. We generally wear less *Fake up if at all & not obessed with celeb culture as much as them. It's not contantly talked about in the news & we hardly care

Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal? What was it like?

Are you kidding?As much time as I have spent in the wild it would be odd indeed had I not been attacked by wild animals.I have been, by several, on numerous occasions.While turd hunting, late summers, at Salmon Creek, every time, just before dark, I would be

How to get a job in Canada

There are three ways to get a job in Canada. But only two of them work.OPTION 1: The luckiest and riskiest way - Your company can transfer you on a special project from another countryAt the company I currently work at, our IT division is outsourced to India. Project Managers and IT engineers from India

How to get divorce in Canada

Step 1: Decide to Divorce and separate from your spouse.Step 2: Obtain a divorce application. Each province and territory has their own set of forms. You can get the correct forms for your jurisdiction through a lawyer, bookstore, court office or family law information center.Step 3:

How has Australia managed to remain so culturally British compared to Canada and the USA, despite the great distance involved?

I'm not sure you are correct in your assumption, although there is some truth to to told here.I would argue that much of this supposed

How much child support do people pay in Canada?

It varies based on your home province, the supporter's income and the number of children.  It is remarkably simple to check.  Just have that information and input it into the attached website.  I took the median family income for Alberta (89,830.00) from StatsCan and input 2 kids living in Alberta and got this.The child

Interracial Dating and Relationships: How common or rare it would be to see a South Asian (eg Indian) male with a White female in Canada?

If you are talking about raw statistical frequency, it is not common, even in urban areas. I have no figures but anecdotally, I would estimate 2 out of every 100 couples I see.If your question is really about social acceptability, most people wouldn't even bat an eyelid (Canada is a very diverse, accepting nation). People wouldn't

Is Vancouver generally more expensive than Toronto?

Without question.Vancouver is, in fact, the most expensive Canadian city to live in. The authoritative Mercer Cost of Living Survey currently ranks Vancouver at 96 among cities in North and South America; Toronto came in next at 101.* That might not

My boyfriend is emotionally abusive and he shoved me. Should I leave him?

The fact that you ask the questions tells me you already know the answer. I have said this a thousand times. If you are in a relationship with someone who does not make you feel good about yourself, then you should not be with them. Even if

To anyone living in America, Europe or Canada etc, would you ever consider an arranged marriage? Why or why not?

A2AI think that I mentioned this before, but I 100% would if I were not engaged.When you're in school and in the early days of building your career, it should be spent focusing to improve your foundation for a successful life later.But in western countries, we spend that

What are some of Canada's best kept secrets?

in tofino, watch the storms come in on chesterman beach. drive, dont fly across vancouver island through the lakes and timber and port alberni to nanaimoride the train across the rockies - hike to lakes in jasper, not at lesser slave lake, watch

What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about Canada?

Despite being the 2nd biggest country in the world in landmass, Canada has a population 1/10th the size of the United States. As such, Canada has a tendency to be overlooked on themap, despite being a fascinating country.How many Canada facts do you know? Here are some surprising things you may not know about the U.S. neighbor to the

What are the biggest misconceptions about Canada?

Not the ‘biggest' but some common misconceptions about Canada in China, especially among older generation of Chinese.That all Canadians know Norman Bethune.Well, it's all Chinese know this name, Comrade Norman Bethune, actually.Norman Bethune (1890-1939, Chinese name: Bai Qiu'en, 白求恩) was a Canadian thoracic surgeon.

What are the most underrated cities in Canada?

The one that came to mind first is Saskatoon. It's not the boring prairie backwater some people think it is. It's a vibrant university town, with great cafes and restaurants and stores, and very friendly people. And it is physically beautiful, with the South Saskatchewan river winding through the middle of the city.And then there's Hamilton, which

What National Park in Canada is the most underrated?

Here are five of Canada's most underrated national parksGwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, British ColumbiaWood Buffalo National Park, Northwest TerritoriesPukaskwa National Park, OntarioMingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, QuebecSable Island National Park Reserve, Nova Scotia.If you are looking for best property dealer in Niagara Falls, Welland and Canada, Contact TEAM DALE MUNDI.

What would happen if Canada and The United States merged?

It is certainly possible, but unlikely to happen soon.The U.S. has offered to include Canada as a state several times in the past. The sticking point would be Canadian nationalism. Many Canadians like being independent and would rather stay separate.This may prevent U.S. moves

Which is the better country to live in: the USA or Canada? Why?

Canada.Canada ranks higher on many lists of social development and freedoms.Here I will rank the two countries from a global ranking standpoint.For everyone saying that it is impossible to answer this question, they are wrong. Just because a person is content with living in a country, does not mean that

Why did you immigrate to Canada?

Why?Social aspect1# -> People welcome new immigrants, they look forward to them to add to this wonderful counties rich immigrant history. You will find many like yourself here who are new, working and expanding their skills, but in all those places you will Canadians who will

Why is housing so expensive in Toronto and Vancouver?

The other answers here (finite land, etc.) are technically correct but most ignore the real elephant in the room.Van and TO are pricy because they have become a great place for non-residents, mostly non Canadians, to buy real estate for speculation. For the Asian buyer it is also a way to launder money

Are Canada and Australia more British in culture and identity than the United States since the US broke with the British in the 1700s while Canada and Australia remained colonies until the 20th century?

I would say definitely ‘yes'.As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, we have a common bond with the UK. Even though we are a democratic country, technically Queen Elizabeth is Head of State. Although she has no power here and is a figure head, but the crown joins all commonwealth countries together with

Between the UK, Canada, and Australia, which is the closest to the USA culturally?

Canada is the closest, in many ways, despite many differences.English-speaking Canada has its roots in the same population as the United States, because thousands of United Empire Loyalits came to settle Upper Canada from the Thirteen Colonies after 1783.Many Canadians and Americans easily visit each other across a long open border.

Do modern-day British people feel any cultural attachment/connection with Canada and Australia?

Yes, of course. As we do with people from Jamaica, Nigeria, New Zealand, the USA, France, Sweden, Spain, The USA, India, Pakistan, Argentina, Ghana, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Portugal, The Gambia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Greece, Myanmar, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belgium...the list goes on and on (I haven't listed all the countries, sorry

Does Australia have the same culture as Canada?

Aussies and Canadians share culture in terms of us being Commonwealth brothers, loving each others' countries and people, having a shared beer-drinking culture, and we both have a rugged work-hard-play-hard approach to life, and I think it's fair to say we're both nations of fairly outdoorsy-type people.I've long thought of Australia as being the Canada of the

Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal? What was it like?

Are you kidding?As much time as I have spent in the wild it would be odd indeed had I not been attacked by wild animals.I have been, by several, on numerous occasions.While turd hunting, late summers, at Salmon Creek, every time, just before dark, I would be mercilessly attacked by squadrons of malicious mosquitos. I would fight valiantly,

How common is bullying in Canadian high schools?

I went to two different public schools in BC. Besides slight feeling of division on ethniticy, people generally respected each other. Yes someone in my first secondary school put a condom on my water bottle, but we ended up being friendly, because I knew

Is Canada as boring as Australia?

I live in Australia and have visited Canada. Wow, Canada was WAAAAYYYYY more exciting. We were constantly on the run to avoid becoming

Is Canada better than Australia?

What do you mean by better? What is your situation? Is Canada better than Australia in what context? School? Standard of living? Sports? For living? For holiday?I am a Canadian living in Australia. I grew up in Canada and lived there for 25 years. I moved to Australia as

Is Canada culturally closer to the USA or France?

User-10554796183794387357, If you're not aware, culture is generally defined as the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts, and more.In our increasingly smaller world and increasingly interactive population realities diversity has become commonplace across our world.

Is CBD oil legal in Canada?

A complicated question. Only CBD oil sold by MMPR registered companies is legal for sale inside of Canada. However, this oil is often in low supply and of low quality due to inexperience and a heavily over-regulated federal system that is not conducive to the production of good product at a decent price. Funnily enough, the companies with

Is it true, that Canada is regarded as most beautiful country in the world?

Arguably yes. I recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that there are many very beautiful spots on the planet.Canada has a vast area, the second largest of any country in the world. It spans a continent

Is the US or Canada culturally closer to Europe?

Not all together a simple question. I think you'd have to say that over the period 1783 to the present. (1783 marks the foundation of our two nations or at least a major milestone for us.) Being a British Colony and a part of the greatest empire ever created it's not hard to see a

Is Toronto culturally closer to America than Canada?

We have a saying here in Toronto - the biggest party is being saved for the day the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup again. As such, when Tampa or Anaheim or Los Angeles wins a Stanley Cup and there are no riots, or even a parade, we realize we're different.And it goes way beyond that. Here in Toronto,

Is weed really going to be legal in Canada in 2018?

Is weed fr gonna be legal in Canada in 2018?The current plan is for marijuana to be legalised on July 1, 2018 for people over 18 years of age. This will include smoking it where cigarette smoking is currently allowed, possession of small amounts - personal usage, and growing up to four plants in your home

What are cultural similarities between Japan and Canada?

I'll speak from a Quebecer perspective because I cannot really speak for Canada for that matter :Just like the Japanese we tend to think of ourselves like an island that nobody can understand. So we often give up explaining how we understand the world to foreigners.Just

What are some cultural differences between Canadians and Americans?

As someone born in the U.S. but having lived in Canada and been a citizen more than half my life here are things I noticed when I moved here:I could not figure out what to do with the milk in the bags.  I didn't know there was a special container and a little tool

What are some elements of British culture which New Zealand and Australia have discarded, yet Canada retains?

Most of these seem to be to do with references to the monarchy, but there are differences in the political systems as well. Like the Queen, but unlike her counterparts in Australia and New Zealand, the Governor-General of Canada still rides in a horse-drawn carriage on ceremonial occasions.

What are some of the most dangerous snakes in Canada?

Canada is home to only a few species of venomous snakes, compared to the many kinds found in the U.S. The only three medically significant venomous species in Canada are all rattlesnakes:The Prairie Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis) is found mostly in the provinces of Saskatchewan and

What are the major cultural differences between Anglo Canada and the United States?

Let's start here.Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of

What is a good bicycle to buy for a complete cycling newbie to use for commuting in a harsh climate?

What is a good bicycle to buy for a complete cycling newbie to use for commuting in a harsh climate?I assume that you know how to ride a bike but even if you don't ...First off, don't spend a huge amount of money. Cycle

Which passport is more powerful - the American or Canadian passport?

I think you need to look at your criteria for determining the

Why did Canada become less British compared to other British colonies or Commonwealth realms?

I think I understand what this Question refers to. Canada is certainly a Commonwealth country but doesn't have quite the

Why is Canada getting warmer during the winter?

Simple answer? Global warming. It's why the North Pole was 56F about 3 weeks ago. It's why there is no longer a polar ice cap and why the polar bears are dying. It's all because we have abused the atmosphere to the max with emissions from cars, trucks, planes, etc.

Can I come to Canada on a work visa? What do I need to do?

It all depends. You can certainly apply to come to Canada on a work visa but you will have to:Provide proof that you have a job offer.Satisfy immigration officials that you are not going to over-stay and will leave when your visa expires.Have your

Can you swim in Lake Ontario?

Are you kidding?!! Swimming is one of the MUST do activities in the Great Lakes. Although the experience may be nothing compared to those by the beaches, in the Great Lakes, you need not worry about running into sharks or jellyfish!Swimming in the Great Lakes region is surprisingly available to you

Going to Toronto Canada for 4 days in July, what's the best things to see and do?

Here are my votes (not ordered in any way)Rex It's a great jazz club located on Queens StreetWest Queen West voted as one of the best streets in the world. Really cool, a bit expensive, but it's worth walking aroundBloor West a nice little area in Etobicoke (the western part of Toronto). I may be a bit biased

How much funds is needed for a Canada tourist visa?

Honestly, there is not a fixed number that can be determined for this answer.What a consular officer at Canadian embassy will look into your file/documents is the consistency of funds. Make sure the bank account shows consistent amounts.Our recommendation is $7000 minimum; however, we have seen people getting visa with only $4000 too in bank account.Provide your financial

Is Canada secretly a transcontinental country?

Hi Abrar,It's no secret at all; Canada is a transcontinental country! In fact the motto of Canada is a

What are some common misconceptions about Canada?

Based on what I see on Quora:That Canada is somehow still a British colonyCanadians die unless they go for healthcare in the USThat every Canadian university has exactly the same application process for international studentsCanadians all want to live in the USCanadians want to be part of the USThat we don't have an inferiority complex about

What are some things the United States doesn't understand about Canada?

It is not a question of what the United States does or does not understand. The USA is a political entity. It does not "understand" anything. It is people and groups of people who do.I have partially addressed this question in some other Answers, but, given some of the questions and

What are the best aspects of Canada?

In addition to the excellent answers already present I would like to add that the somewhat more socialist governance leads to a tighter social net for those who live in poverty. Anyone who wants prenatal care gets it. Those children born with congenital heart disease, cleft lip/palate, cystic fibrosis, etc. get

What are the best jobs in Canada?

The best jobs in Canada are the jobs that provide a decent wage and make you happy. Full stop.Oh, were you looking for me to name some? Nope, I won't do it. My nephew is going to school to be a banker and he has been put down

What are the biggest misconceptions about Canada?

Not the ‘biggest' but some common misconceptions about Canada in China, especially among older generation of Chinese.That all Canadians know Norman Bethune.Well, it's all Chinese know this name, Comrade Norman Bethune, actually.Norman Bethune (1890-1939, Chinese name: Bai Qiu'en, 白求恩) was

What are the dark secrets of Canada?

Canada's ongoing treatment of the First Nations, North America's original inhabitants, continues to be a dark mark against Canada. Beginning with treaties that were almost immediately or eventually violated, the government policy of attempting to eliminate indigenous cultures, traditions and religions through measures including the residential school system where children were

What dark secret do you wish people knew about Canada?

Canada is portrayed in American media as a tolerant and loving country where people can be themselves without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. And for most people this it true. For Black Americans especially, this comes as a shock. See Habib Fanny's answer to

What was/is your/someone else's biggest misconception about Canada?

My aunt came back from a short visit to the US a good 20 years ago, and told a story about a conversation between herself and an American friend. Her friend asked her if we all lived in igloos and traveled by dog sled, and questioned whether we

What's the best time of year to visit Toronto and what are it's best kept secrets?

I think the best time of year to visit Toronto is September because the weather is still beautiful but not disgustingly hot like it can be in July and August, there isn't much rainfall like there is in the spring, and since the kids are back in school, the big attractions

Which is the best and easiest way for an Indian to get a Canadian visa?

Well, that depends on what you are up to.1.) If you are into a job and have an experience of at least 1 year and your job is listed in the list of jobs mentioned on the CIC website, then the best way is to get your degree evaluated(WES) and scoring a good

Which is the best country to live in: Germany or Canada?

I don't know much about Germany, but I do about Canada. If it were me I would choose Germany for the easy access travel to other European destinations, the limitless speed on the autobahn and the overall culture of Europe. I myself am about enjoying life. In Canada it is all about making it big, work,

Why did Canada switch to the metric system?

Canada officially switched to the Metric system in 1976. It was planned to do this in tandem with the USA.In 1975, the American Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act, which Gerald Ford signed into law. It authorized the plan to convert US measurement into the metric

Why is Justin Trudeau seemingly falling out of favor with Canadians?

Trudeau... • Publicly admonished a woman in Edmonton for saying the word

Are churches in Canada forced to perform homosexual marriages?

No.The preamble to the Civil Marriage Act of 2005 (C-38, Royal Assent (38-1)), which legalized same-sex marriage across Canada, says "WHEREAS nothing in this Act affects the guarantee of freedom of conscience and religion and, in particular, the freedom of members of religious groups to hold and declare their religious beliefs and the freedom

Are people who live in Canada considered Americans abroad?

Well I used to travel to England Germany and Holland a lot.When I went to a restaurant or tetail shop I would know I was being mistaken for an American by the way I was treated.: Slow service; often ignored; often rude.The moment I pointed out I was Canadian the mood changed immediately to polite friendly and

For Indian migrants, which is a better country to live in, Canada or the USA?

If you have an option then definitely the US. But tax laws etc are quite miserable. So in an ideal world you should become a Canadian citizen and live and work in the US. To avoid US Tax laws just ensure that your work takes you out of the US for a minimum of 100

How is living in Canada different from the United States?

It so much depends on where you live in either country. Perhaps life in a small town in Southern Alberta would be more similar to life in a small town in Northern Montana, then to life in the Greater Toronto Area.A sizable part of Canada's population speaks French as their daily language of use. The French-language culture

How is living in Canada the same and different from living in the USA?

Hmmm, in no particular order.Same ... living in Canada and in the USA1. Both currencies are called the dollar. (Of course one paper currency is this green piece of paper, which you have to carefully look at the number or numbers at the corner and the other is very colorful to

How much does it cost for a family of 4 to live in Canada?

In poverty, $ 47,000 /year.In reasonable comfort, with a car and a suitable apartment or modest house, $ 75,000 /yearWell, with the odd vacation trip, $ 100,000 per yearThe Median income for a single worker is $ 47,000The median income for

How's living in Canada?

It is an open ended question so I can describe my day during winter and other seasons (In Toronto) as your days largely depends on the weather.WinterWake up at 6 and get ready in 30 mins, spend 5 minutes putting on winter clothing, gloves, caps and boots. Get out of the house and clean the

If Canada and the United States merged into a single nation, how would the public of either react?

Canada is actually already a part of the US, they don't acknowledge it, and we let them. We protect Canada, from all the bad kids on the play ground, they are good with that, and except for some of the stuff they have that we want to dig out of the ground, we are good with that. 

In what ways is the United States of America better than Canada?

For those of you who have not come across my writings yet, I am a lifelong citizen of Canada and have a very good appreciation of both Canada and the United States. I have travelled extensively throughout Canada (BC to Nova Scotia) and

Is Canada better than USA for working?

Depends on the industry. But right off the back the US is somewhat notorious for our lack of federal support for worker protection/benefits.Not to say that these things don't exist, but benefits are more of a consideration here while in

Is it better to pay off your mortgage or put money in RRSP or 401(k)?

Get at least the company match in the 401K, it's

Is it true that Canada is better than America?

As an American who was raised in Europe and own businesses in the US, Canada and Europe. I can safely say my Canadian & European staff have a much higher quality.To add as am example while my Canadian employees enjoy free healthcare which

Is the United States responsible for the creation of Canada?

"Canada" as a nation distinct from British North America, came into being with Confederation in 1867.  Preceding that there was the War of 1812 followed by the emergence of "continentalism" and the doctrine of "Manifest Destiny".  That policy, in turn, factored into the resolution of the Oregon boundary dispute

Should you live in Canada or the USA?

Honestly, all you need do is watch the news and the answer would be obvious. But in case it isn't, I submit the following, just to start the list of reasons off.Dysfunctional government. Washington has been in political gridlock for years, it seems. The ONLY game in town seems to be upending

USA or Canada, which country is better for international students?

If you have the financial resources, go to the best private universities in USA. Those are world-class universities, taught by world-class professors, and are meant to cater wealthy foreign students.Canadian universities are not in that caliber. Most universities in Canada are public universities meant for local

What are the cities with the lowest cost of living in Canada?

Predominantly in the Maritimes. And I have to agree with Chris Liu, that this typically means poor job prospects. However, a very notable exception to that at the moment is Halifax, NS if you are in the skilled trades (plumbing, pipefitting, welding, etc.), as there is a major

What are the laws concerning a traffic stop in Canada?

The answer depends upon which perspective you look at it from.For the driver, when signalled to stop by a police officer, you must do so safely and expediently. You must produce your driver's licence, vehicle permit and proof of insurance on

What do you think about cannabis being legalized in Canada?

I remember the original hippy era, so I have a lot of thoughts.Was There Any Reason Not To Legalize?I have a political belief that covers this any many other situations. That is, an adult should be allowed to do what they want to do. A given country should justify the reasons for saying, no, you

What is the best city in Canada with low cost living?

Almost anything in the east or centre-west. The smaller the city, the lower the cost of living. One of the fastest growing areas in the country, Moncton, NB, also has a very low cost of living. Fredericton, NB; Charlottetown, PE; Halifax, NS all have relatively

What would happen if one of the United States wanted to leave and join with Canada?

I believe this would require an amendment to our Constitution as provinces get members of Parliament and Senators, and changing the composition of the Senate would require unanimous approval of the ten provinces plus passage by the house of Commons and Senate. I'm not sure how much support there would be for this. Alaska would

What would happen if there was an open border between Canada and the United States?

No thank you.At least not for many years. I am now living in Canada. In looking at what is happening south of the 49th, I am appalled. This is what I see:Unbridled and callous capitalism, the inexorable rise of fascism, and xenophobia at every turn. Overt, even celebrated, racism and sexism and degradation of

Which among these countries is the best to live? Canada, USA or Australia? Why?

I will put my two bob in. I am Australian and live in Australia now. I have travelled and visited the United States and Canada. I make my observations therefrom educated by my encounters with natives of the countries through my travels and living

Which is better to live and work in: Canada or US?

1.) Its a much less congested country. Canada has one tenth the population of the US, with a larger land mass. 2.) Notwithstanding the vastness of the country spread over 5 time zones, Canada's population is more homogeneous in wealth equality &  social values than

Which is the better place to live: Canada or the USA?

My girlfriend an I compare living in the U.S. Vs Canada all the time. She lives in the U.S. And I am Canadian. I could write a book on reasons I believe life in Canada is better than in the States, but to be fair, I will quote only those that she has

Why is Canada bigger than the United States?

They're not that different in size. Canada is about 3.8 million square miles, and the US is around 3.75 million square miles.Most of Canada is tundra and Arctic environments. who else other than Canada would lay claim to the thousands of islands north of the Arctic Circle in North America?

Why is Canada politically more liberal than United States?

That is an interesting question. There is some irony in the question too. When

Will the housing market crash in the Toronto any time soon?

Nobody knows.With houses, stock, and bonds, if investors knew when the market was going to crash, they'd all attempt to sell out just before the crash to maximize their profits and thus cause the market to crash earlier. If investors could prevent the market from crashing, they'd do so. All that's possible is to recognize when the housing/equity/bond market