Did the Russo Brothers take Vision out of the main fighting in Civil War and Infinity War because he is too powerful?

The answer is yes. Specially in civil war he was one of the members who could've destroyed while team cap with one shot of his energy blast ( maybe not Wanda but she would've been rendered helpless against his speed of they ever

Why is the title of Captain America: Civil War changed to 'The First Avenger: Civil War' in some countries?

According to IMDb it is called "Captain America: Civil War" (approximately) everywhere except Bulgaria (The First Avenger: War of Heroes), Germany (The First Avenger: Civil War), and Russia (The First Avenger: Confrontation). In Russia they used "The First Avenger" as the sole title for the first Cap movie, probably because a superhero that embodies America

What country do Steve, Bucky, Tony and T'Challa go to at the end of Captain America: Civil War?

Steve, and Bucky go with T'Challa to his homeland; the fictional country of Wakanda located in a narrow stretch of land east of the Democratic republic of Congo, north by northwest of Tanzania, and south by south west of Uganda in the

Do people sympathize with Zemo for his actions in Captain America: Civil War?

For me not really. I sympathized more with Bucky's plight and Black Panther's tragedy.Baron Zemo's arc was one of the weak points of the movie in my opinion because it wasn't necessary. They didn't need a standard villain to have been the reason behind our heroes civil-warring. The Sokovia Accords should

How powerful is Captain America?

Captain America (Steve Rogers) is a patriotic super-soldier who first fought against the Axis Powers in WWII. He wears a costume that bears an American flag motif, and is armed with a nearly indestructible shield.Steve Rogers was chosen to be the first man whom the Super Soldier Serum would be

Will there be a sequel to Captain America: Civil War?

Likely no, not a direct sequel... at least not in the way normally associated with a sequel.The aftermath of the stories that occurred in Captain America: Civil War will likely continue to be resolved in other movies like Black Panther and, most likely, in Avengers Infinity War.We are likely not to have another actual ‘Captain

What resources did Captain America use to remain hidden from the world following Captain America: Civil War all the way up to Avengers: Infinity War?

Presumably they used Wakanda as a base and did whatever hero-ing they did during that time with the help of the Quinjet they...ah...appropriated at the end of Civil War.Quinjets are pretty great in the MCU. They fly incredibly fast, they're versatile, and some of them can cloak as well.

In Captain America: Civil War, why would T'challa harbor a wanted criminal Bucky (and presumably Cap's Avengers)?

Asked to Answer, thanks. My argument would be that once T'Challa recognized that the Winter Soldier had nothing to do with T'Chaka's death, he might have felt some regret over hounding and chasing down the wrong suspect and wanted to make it up to Bucky (and Captain America) by offering to keep Bucky in cryogenic suspension until such time

What does the ending of the Captain America: Civil War movie mean?

Thanks for askingThe end of Civil War means that, even tho Rogers was right about everything from the very begging, he managed to make things worse than they were. At the end, he and T'chala should have gone public with Zemo,

Will Captain America Civil War be the most depressing MCU movie ever?

Notice :There is nothing much related to story, but if you don't want to know anything about it,spoiler alert!!!!!I don't think it is going to be "Dark". It is just going to be some difference between Captain America and the government, related to Bucky(aka Winter Soldier). Captain obviously chooses his friend's side,  but others differ. Tony

Who's on whose side in Captain America Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War (2016)Pick A Side: Team Cap!!!Team Cap: Steve Rogers/Captain AmericaSharon Carter/Agent 13Sam Wilson/FalconBucky Barnes/The Winter SoldierClint Barton/HawkeyeScott Lang/Ant-ManTeam Stark:Tony Stark/Iron ManNatasha Romanoff/Black WidowJames Rhodes/War Machine (Hammer)The VisionT'Challa/Black PantherMutrual:Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (presumably more Team Cap)Peter Parker/Spider-Man (presumably more Team Stark)Notably Absent:Thor (will be dealing with Ragnarok)Bruce Banner/The

Is Captain America: Civil War a better movie than Iron Man 3 and The Avengers?

Thanks for askingI'd say Civil War was on par with the Avengers. Both were culminations of previous films with tight narratives, strong characters, cool fights, and a nice balance of well executed drama and humor. Technically Spidy is bloat because he is unnecessary for the story,

How much damage did Captain America's punches do to Iron Man without his shield in Captain America: Civil War?

Captain America's and Bucky's bare punches affect Iron Man. They're not like punches against Superman, which would cripple the attacker's arm: Iron Man does budge. In the Siberia scene, even the Winter Soldier kicks Iron Man, causing Iron Man to physically move even without the bionic arm. While Bucky and

Why did Iron Man and Captain America fight each other in the Civil War movie?

It was not just personal. A lot of people will say that it was only because of Bucky...it was not.Captain America had just gone through finding out SHIELD was full of Hydra agents. Iron Man had just been confronted by a woman whose child was killed due

Why was the Winter Soldier so weak in Captain America: Civil War?

He isn't weak, he's just outclassed.Bear in mind that Civil War is the first time we really see him coming up against anyone else with any real superpowers. In Winter Soldier, he's mostly just fighting soldiers and agents and the like, his only truly metahuman opponent is Captain America.In Civil War,

Is the reason the Avengers lost to Thanos related to Captain America: Civil War?

No. They were 100% unprepared for him. Had Civil War. It happened, the March of Phase 4 MCU must go on.Chris Evan's contract and the current continuty if Marvel Films has hit its 10 year mark. A coordinated continuity reboot with some characters'

Is Spider-Man joining Captain America: Civil War? Who will be the actor playing Spider-Man?

According to New Movies, Movie Trailers, DVD, TV & Video Game News! - ComingSoon.net In addition to Evans, Renner, and Johansson

How many of you guys think Ant-man was the coolest in Captain america: Civil War?

Cool ? Yes.Coolest ? No.I consider the Black Panther as the coolest charcter featured in CIVIL WAR.Ant-man becoming Giant Man was great but even though,we all knew that T'Challa is the Black panther, his entrance as Black Panther led the one of the loudest roar

Why is everyone saying Bucky Barnes met Steve Rogers first time after the 40's in Avengers: Infinity war? I think they met in Captain America: Civil War.

You think wrongly. The whole point is Bucky is Steve's friend from as far back as the late 1930's.Since you haven't put it together, I will point out Winter soldier is what happened to caps partner from the first cap movie. He die not die or freeze, he got turned in to this guy, and now turned back.So re

How did Captain America almost win in his confrontation with Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War?

The answer to this might seem physical in nature, but I'd argue it's actually meaningful more on a psychological level.Iron Man definitely should have won that fight against Cap and Bucky, in terms of sheer power. We see this very clearly: in its culmination, Tony manages to rip Bucky's arm

Who was more wrong in the Civil War, Captain America or Iron Man?

It's difficult to say, that is the point of the movie after all.But I believe Iron Man was correct on principle, and Cap was correct in reality.According to Iron Man, the Avengers are just fallible people and need accountability, and people will demand it and so it is democratic and responsible to

Will Marvel downplay Avengers: Infinity War like they downplayed Captain America: Civil War?

Marvel downplayed Civil War? Someone must've forgotten to tell me, because I recall every possible piece of merchandise being marketed as Team Cap or Team Iron Man. I think I still have a Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man tissue box somewhere... Literally every possible piece of merchandise was branded for Civil

In Captain America: Civil War (2016), who does Zemo talk to on the phone before Black Panther finds him?

I'll make it clear. It seems that he is talking to someone on the phone but actually it was a recording of his wife's last phone call which he listens to... before being nabbed by black panther. He also does this at the berlin airport in the movie when he was about to go to Siberia.

What was the purpose or what was the lead up to the airport fight in Captain America: Civil War? What were they trying to achieve?

Rogers, Barnes and Wilson were just trying to commandeer a helicopter and take it to Siberia to stop Helmu Zemo from reactivating the Winter Soldier program, they thought. Team Stark met them there to take them in before they had a chance to get in the wind because Secretary Thaddeus Ross didn't give them much time to hunt

Why was Bucky's personality different at the beginning of Civil War than when he was fully unbrainwashed and put in that metal holder for his arm?

At the beginning, when Steve finds him in Bucharest, Bucky is still very much on the run. He's been on his own for the last two years, slowly regaining memories and coming back from being the Soldier. Now he's finally got a semi-stable life in

Do you think General Zemo won in Captain America: Civil War?

Yes and No. Zemo's original plan was to kill off the Avengers by tearing each other apart. So he DID tear them apart but they didn't kill each other (except for Rhodey, a metal leg is too much though). So we can fairly say that Zemo succeeded halfway.Anthony Russo and Kevin Feigi said that they purposely released Civil

Why is Iron Man powered down in the later movies?

He isn't powered down.In reference to Civil War and the greater MCU, this is actually one of the first times Iron Man has fought against adversaries on the level of Bucky and Captain America.In Iron Man 1,2, and 3, he mostly fights against armed gunmen and terrorists. Obviously, his armor is

How many fighting styles does Captain America know in Captain America: Civil War?

By the time Cap reaches Civil War, he has a few years in the modern world under his belt. We see from the change in his style between The Avengers and The Winter Soldier that he has evolved as a fighter incorporating elements of KC, Capioera and modern UFC style grappling into his arsenal.His

Is Iron Man the villain in Captain America: Civil War?

No I'd say it's the government. They're the ones that drew up the Sokovia Accords, though I believe Tony might have helped. Now does that make him a bad guy, to his teammates/friends yes, to those who looked up to and admired him probably. But it certainly doesn't make him a villian

Did captain America do anything wrong in Captain America: Civil War movie?

As far as I know captain america always tries to do the right things in life let it be on the battle field or daily life. In the movie he did know about the death of stark's parents but didn't tell tony about it because he didn't want his friendship to go

Is the movie Captain America: Civil War an allegory, with Captain America being conservative and Iron Man being a liberal?

Nope. You have it backwards. Cap's liberal individualism versus Tony's conservative authoritarianism.Note that the original comic was essentially a super heavy-handed critique of the George W. Bush administration, with Tony increasingly trampling the civil liberties of superhumans in the name

Based on the ending of Civil War, will Steve Rogers give up the Captain America mantle?

Based on Civil War alone, it is clear that Steve is on a break from being Captain America.He gave up his shield - the main weapon and symbol of Captain America - to Tony Stark. Giving it up would likely translate to giving up the mantle. It

[SPOILER] In Civil War (the movie), why didn't Iron Man use the Hulkbuster against Captain America and his faction of the Avengers?

You gotta use the right tool for the job.The Hulkbuster suit is great against (surprise)...the Hulk. While said suit can sustain an incredible amount of punishment and give it right back the Hulkbuster isn't designed for safe apprehension of friends with whom you disagree.If, mid-way through the airport fight, Tony had his satellite

How many Avengers are we going to see in Captain America: Civil War?

The Avengers we know so far:Chris Evans as Captain Amverics/Steve RogersRobert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Tony StarkScarlett Johansson as Black Widow/Natasha RomanoffJeremy Renner as Hawkeye/Clint BartonPaul Bettany as VisionElizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch/Wanda MaximoffAnthony Mackie as Falcon/Sam WilsonDon Cheadle as War Machine/James RhodesAvengers which are going to join the team later in the MCU, i.e. in the movie Avengers:

[SPOILERS] What will Tony Stark do after Captain America: Civil War? Will he kill Bucky, and/or continue with the Avengers?

Sooo....... Someone here is asking the right questions..!!Thanks for the A2A.... but before we begin WHY SO ANONYMOUS??So the question is will Tony go after Bucky or will he continue with the Avengers to answer that let us recap the final scenes of Civil War.First of all , I think by now Tony's hatred

What do you think about Spider-Man's costume in Captain America: Civil War?

Well, I haven't seen enough to make a real opinion on it, but it seems like the best incarnation so far. It's really the only one that has been true to the comics. The original one was close though.The thing about Spider-Mans costume is, its homemade. You can have all the sewing montages you want, BOTH of

How did Captain America and Bucky escape Team Stark in the airport fight?

It is an interesting question.Let's rewind a little.As a matter of fact Team Cap did have an unfair advantage over Team Stark. But, wasn't it six on six fight with equally matched powers? Equal powers, more or less, yes! But, it was seven on five battle in

Which team are you on: Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Why?

I am positively TeamCap.For me, this was a

What are the reasons for Captain America's actions near the end of Captain America: Civil War?

Because it was the right thing to do, and/or because he felt guilty. Let's recap what happened. Tony had all but forgiven Captain Rogers and Bucky for all their actions because he found out that Bucky was under-control. And then he found out that his parents didn't die in a

Whose side would Phil Coulson take if he was in Captain America: Civil War?

Phil Coulson is on the Captain America Side. Though he is a big Captain America fan but He agree that Avenger should work independent from the government restriction. Source Agents of SHIELD: Coulson is Team Cap in New Post-Civil War Clip.Thanks for A2A, Bino S Kumar.

What would have happened if one of the Avengers died in 'Captain America: Civil War'?

I just can't Imagine what Infinity War would be without Captain America or Iron Man or Bucky or Vision or Scarlet Witch. They all have huge roles to play in Infinity War. If Cap would have died in Civil War, then no one could have

What are Black Panther's powers in Captain America: Civil War?

Short answer and without spoiling anything:As far as Captain America: Civil War is concerned, MCU's T'Challa is comparable to Batman: a rich guy who trained himself to be physically powerful.-Just like Batman, T'Challa is in peak human condition.

Why is Marvel's next called Captain America: Civil War and not Iron Man: Civil War?

Thank god you didn't ask why its not Avengers 3.People have unofficially named Civil War as a Captain America vs Iron Man Movie. Broadly speaking i agree to some point. But i see this movie more of a Captain America vs Government movie.If you

Is Captain America Civil War worth a watch?

That depends.Do you like Marvel movies? If yes, you should definitely watch it.Do you like comic book movies? If yes, you should definitely watch it.Do you like action movies? If yes, you should definitely watch it.If you like any of those three types of movies you will almost definitely like Captain America: Civil War. It

Is Captain America stupid? Was the argument in Captain America: Civil War even slightly relevant?

Okay, first of all, here's my answer about poking holes in the arguments from the other side (Sokovia Accords).Now, let's begin with clearing some misconceptions.What Team Iron Man thinks Steve Rogers believes:Avengers don't require oversight. They can make