Who should I sell my used car to if I want to get more than the amount that Audi dealer is offering me?

Private sales may yield more but then you have to through the hassle of showing the car and conducting a safe transaction. You're also likely going to own an extra car for a while, which you need to park and

Where can I buy a smart car?

Marty failed to respond to YOUR question. The arizona dealer is smart | Mercedes-Benz of Chandler 7450 W. Orchid Lane • Chandler, AZ 85226New 2016 coupes will run you 15–18k new, 2017 convertibles 18–25k. Several versions of Fortwo- Pure (I want a car) Passion (normal power windows, ac, radio etc) Prime (leather seats -ONLY

How did Tesla manage to sell cars directly without dealers?

The answer is very simple: If you run a new company, you have to decide at one point how you want to sell your product. If you decide to set up a dealers network, you demand something from your dealers. They have to set up a show room, train mechanics, maybe put spare parts on stock and so

What type of car should I buy?

You should buy a Prius.I say this because you posted something which infers that you have zero knowledge about cars and don't really care, just like most Prius drivers.

How many cars will be sold in 2017 worldwide?

Probably around 80 million or so. Its been steadily increasing for years, and China now consumes more cars annually than the US and Europe. And thats just new cars. Numbers on used car sales are pretty unreliable, but it could be double that number or maybe triple. New car data can come from manufacturers, but used

Would you prefer buying a new car or a used one?

Do you prefer buying a new car or a used one?Short answer: I prefer used cars.Right, I see that you want a more detailed answer, so let me beginTo make it clear, I see nothing wrong with buying a new car. I don't do it, but if someone prefers their new ride factory-clean, I don't despise him/her for

Is it really good to buy a second hand car from certified car dealers?

Yes, it's a good idea. But if you need a good deal on second-hand cars in UK, then I recommend you to browse the following online platforms:Motor2goMotorsAutotraderParkers

What is the most expensive car?

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports:Bugatti Veyron tops the chart of India is most expensive cars with a price tag of INR 38 crore. This sports car is equipped with an 8.7-litre engine offering 987 bhp at 6000 rpm and generates 1250 Nm in the range of 2200-5500 rpm coupled with a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission.

Do people still buy cars?

You might think that high value purchases would be decided on the basis of rigorous research, weighing needs, options, values, and alternatives in a mostly rational way. I very much doubt this, considering the composition of today's passenger vehicle fleet. And there's an entire industry of psychology and marketing PhDs making sure that

What's cheaper, insuring old cars or new cars? Why?

Car safety is very poorly correlated with the number of accidents and associated injuries. The driver of a modern car with lots of safety features is MUCH more likely to be killed in a car accident than the driver of a 60's classic

Why are cars so important?

#1 is freedom: to go wherever you want whenever you want#2 is scalabilability in cost: unless your lifestyle dictates that you only go to the occasional x location during Y time under Z curcumstance all the time then a car is for you.This of course depends on the country we are talking about so my

Why should I buy a used car?

You escape the major financial hit in depreciation, especially around the 3-year markYou get a car with perhaps 4/5th of its useful life still left in itYou will have a smaller debt and smaller paymentsIt's going to be at least 9/10ths as good as a new one.

How to get to sell cars in a dealer

The first answer is heading in the right direction. Although probably not experienced with being a car salesman.Getting a job as a car salesman in a dealership is normally pretty easy. They hire alot of people. The trick is staying a car salesman. It is a tough job with

Is it worth buying a Honda Jazz SV 2016 model (30,000 km used by the first owner) for 5 lakhs?

No, its rather better to buy a new car in this amount you can consider buying tata tiago, maruti celerio or renault kwid i would recommend you to consider the first two options. Factors for decision making-Resale valueAverage all the above mentioned car give better average than jazzTata tiago

What is the safest car one can buy?

Here I am providing a list of the top five best cars of 2017 as per safety concern -Hyundai ElantraAudi A4Hyundai Santa FeFord FusionKia SportageAlong with these, there are also cars like -Toyota HighlanderAcura MDXYou can purchase any one of them according to your budget. Every details about best

What affordable luxury car is reliable?

Mercedes W210 chassis were a favorite I heard amongst Mercedes techs. Fairly reliable, OBDII, and easy to DIY (which is why they can be affordable - they are easy to work on yourself). I have one at 272k miles, bought at 184k and was well cared for, so I got a code foundation

Is it worth buying an Audi Q7 used car?

Depending on your financial situation it may be a good idea to buy one but there are a few small issues (unless your rich). The engine size starts from 3L to 4.2L so it is a gas guzzling monster I used to have one and every week I had to

How to buy a new or used Tesla Model 3

To buy a new Tesla Model 3, you go to Electric Cars, Solar Panels & Clean Energy Storage | Tesla and configure your car.You can custom order a new Tesla Model 3 at: https://3.tesla.com/model3/desig...Eventually, you will also be able to buy a used Model 3 from the Tesla Certified Pro

Why should I buy a Tesla Model S?

You should by a Tesla S if: You are in the richest 0.5% of the world's populationYou like high quality saloon cars You live in California, or somewhere else with a good charging infrastructureYou like cool technologyYou want to have a somewhat lower carbon footprint than someone driving another luxury car

Will I get bad service at my local dealer because I bought my car elsewhere?

You might, or maybe not.It is about the dealer and the philosophy of their ownership and service personnel.It would be better to buy where you expect service or take it for service where you bought it.A dealership survives on the profits from both sales and service, and everyone there knows it.

Will you buy a Tesla Model 3?

As I see it Tesla's priorities in approximate order are:-1) Survive Financially.2) Make products.3) Design new and improved products.4) Fund and deploy expansion.5) Keep customers happy....It is not that customer happiness isn't on the list, just that some things in particular 1)

Would you buy a 2-year-old used car or a brand new car that is 15% or more expensive?

Well, don't know if I'm rich, but I do almost always buy low mileage used cars. The only new cars we've bought over the years are maybe the family hauler, that were almost exclusively leases.15% more expensive is an arbitrary amount I understand. But late

What is the most affordable luxury car?

When looking to buy a cheap or affordable luxury car most people don't look at the cost of ownership. Usually the cheapest luxury car esp a used one is some of the biggest money pits that money can buy. German luxury

Where can I buy a pre-owned Bentley?

For that I would first check Craigslist. Every so often one will pop up on there for pretty cheap. Next Id check eBay, and then finally other car sites like CarSoup. It may be wise to search for "Bentley forums" then head to the classifieds section as people usually give the best deals on forums.

Is it really worth it to buy a Fiat Linea car with a 24,300 KM odometer for 2 lakhs?

Depends upon the condition of the car... linea is a very capable car with fiat's engine. But the condition is what makes the whole point...you can get any linea in good condition for 2 to 2.5 lakhs.. if you want to use it... its bang for the bucks.

Are the new Volkswagen I.D. electric cars worth getting over a Tesla?

VW has issued purchase supply contracts to multiple existing battery manufacturers... They have no plans on producing batteries themselves and are trusting that the suppliers will be able to produce the volume they anticipate needing and presumably they some how hope to be competitive by buying the batteries other than making them - themselves.VW doubles

Is it better to lease or buy a vehicle (potentially with cash)?

If you can't afford to buy a depreciating asset (like a car) outright, you should NOT buy it, lease it, CHP or otherwise borrow money to have it.It comes down to this simple principle:

Can we buy a salvage title car?

Unless if you are really good at examining the mechanical and electrical components of cars, it is not a wise idea to buy salvage title cars. A car that has been in a major crash or been submerged in water will never be the

Is it the right choice to buy used Getz car?

Getz is very old car. It was biggest failure of hyundai motors at that time, parts are also not available for that vehicle so dnt fall for that car never ever.

What are the most expensive car modifications?

Listing from most expensive to least expensive.Engine swap.Transmission upgrade/change.Suspension Upgrade.Tyre upgrade.Change lights.List of non functional mods.Reupholster your car with leather.Change music system.Paint job.Install subwoofer.

How reliable are cars sold by Hertz?

These cars probably receive plenty of maintenance, but my take is that they typically have more wear and tear than most cars due to the way they are used.   An average rental car will have many different drivers (some not as good a driver as you might be), endure back

What is the best used car to buy for cheap?

GMC Acadias are going for pretty cheap. We had seen a black 2008 for $5500, it had black leather interior, an overhead DVD player, back up camera, and the My Link stereo system. It was really nice, had about 120,000 miles on it, which is a little

What are the worst places to buy used cars?

Survey says...No credit? Bad credit? Bankruptcy?NO PROBLEM. Call or see us TODAY!It works out to be:

Is a Smart Car even worth buying?

Like so many different questions the answer to this one is going to depend on your personal preferences and requirements.My wife saw the Gen 1 Smart when we visited Italy and she fell in love with them. We put an order in for one when they became available in the US. It took

Would you buy a driver-less car?

A number of studies have asked this question, and the percentage saying yes tends to run about 20% to 40%.However, the studies are flawed, in large part because the people don't really understand what it is they would be buying, as no product is yet on the roads, and many different forms of the vehicles

How much should an Indian spend if he imports used car? Can he import left-hand-drive cars to India?

Hey! If you are planning to import a used/new car you will have to shell out 108% extra as an import duty. Plus if you are planning to get a used car there is alot of paperwork included before getting a used

Is it worth buying a Skoda Octavia 2002 model 96,000 km for 1 lakh?

Well it depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to drive it, may not be allowed as per the govt regulations.If you want to use it for spares then you would want to check the individual value of each component and

Why do people claim battery cars are 'the future' when - after seven years of selling them - less than one percent of car buyers choose to buy one?

When a new product is introduced, it sometimes takes a while for it to become widely accepted. Also, it may take a while for technology and support to advance to the extent that the new product becomes practical for most people.Air conditioning became technically possible by about 1900

What makes luxurious cars worth the money?

Luxurious cars are not worth the money unless you buy them second hand. Second hand luxurious cars are certainly worth the money.In order to confirm how much luxurious cars are not worth the money, one just has to look at the

Can a car dealer give me a used car under the tag of new car? How can I ensure it's a new car and not a used car?

Well if its this year's model, it would indicate that it not more than 12 months old. Check in used car magazines to see if its listed. Also if its a used car from a dealership for that sole make of manufacturer then you might get a decent price

Is it worth buying a car on finance?

I know there is lots of advice out there about only paying cash for stuff and it's great advice. However for most people it's not realistic. It's totally fine to finance a vehicle when you don't have the whole amount in cash. Providing the following - You have a considerable cash down payment that doesn't put you in

What mileage is preferable when buying a used car?

That would heavily depend on your budget - the lower is the mileage and age of the car, the higher is the price. Of course, the lower, the better but you can buy only what you can pay for. To start shopping, you shall decide on the price you are prepared to pay, car makes and models

How to find a junk yard that buys used cars

If you are in the United States, this was my most recent experience:I had a small truck with high mileage. It had been parked for two years, so the tires were dry rotted to a degree. It wouldn't start. I parked it because something broke causing the check

Should I buy a Tesla car now? Or wait 2-3 years when it might be 1) a more 'mature' product, and 2) hopefully a bit cheaper?

Well it really depends on your financial situation right now and in the near future and it depends upon how and where you will use a Tesla.I am 26 years old. I really like Tesla (the company itself and the vehicles they're producing). It would be a stretch for

I want to buy a second hand car in budget of 2 to 3 lacs, which car should I buy?

Considering your budget, you should get a great condition hatchback along the lines of Hyundai i10, Chevrolet Beat & Ford Figo. However while buying a used car make sure to look for these things before you make your purchase:-Proper paperworkCondition of the car body and paintworkFunctionality of engine, clutch, brakes and other componentsTest drive itPrefer