How much does it cost to remove deep scratches from a car?

Well, to be honest it can cost that enyire body part(i.e if it's available as a spare) plus the cost of labour and other smaller spares that would be replaced and the definitive cost of getting it repainted.From my experience of ownership of car, it's easy to get the part, but getting the paint finish close to the current

How much will a full car body wrap cost?

I don't know how much it'll cost but let me offer some adviceIf this is for a normal car that you're going to drive on the street don't do it becauseIt will draw the attention of the police and as soon as you do a minor infraction you'll get pulled over and I'm sure they

How much does a hip replacement cost?

Total hip replacement surgery would cost around $6,000 in India, while in USA the same surgical procedure can be done for a quantity of $30000.THE FOLLOWING IS THE AVERAGE HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY COST IN INDIA AND OTHER COUNTRIES:India - $6000US

How much does an oil change cost for an OLD or the First car Lamborghini ever made?

The Murcielago will run you about$2000 for an oil change, $4000 for plugs and the best part $12000 for an E-Gear Clutch. The Gallardo on the other hand is more docile and similar to the Ferrari 360 Modena at just $400for an oil change, $2000 for plugs and finally about $3500 for an E-Gear clutch.

Would it be cheaper to go to the mechanic for an oil change, or do it myself?

You can't save enough doing it yourself to even think about it being worthwhile. And you have to get rid of the old oil in an environmentally satisfactory manner. Plus its an unsafe procedure for you to handle alone. mechanic may have a busy schedule and may