How to decide what career is best for you

Evolution.April 2016,Seattle, WA.I had been working at Amazon for 3 years as a software engineer. When I started, I absolutely loved my job. I was learning so much every single day. I was working with extremely brilliant people on very challenging problems. I really enjoyed my time at work. I was

I'm in my late 20s and I haven't written a single line of code. If I have the drive, can I become a really good self-taught programmer?

Can I let you in on a little secret? All really good programmers are self-taught!You have experience with the IT industry. You are good in Mathematics. You have networked with smart programmers. You are motivated. You are wiling to put

Is the profession of a doctor as noble as considered?

"Everyone, including doctors, wants to be doing work that contributes to some greater good beyond themselves - work that feels authentic to who they are without compromising their integrity,"Yoon. MIMS.Undoubtedly, being a doctor is tougher than one think; it is a career not always a bed of roses but it is a career

Personal Trainers: How can I be a fitness instructor?

It depends on how deep you want to delve into fitness. There are a few paths that you can take, some easier than others, some more expensive. There are a number of different types of fitness trainers out there(athletic coaches, group

What are some examples of lifestyle choices?

Here are a few examples of lifestyle choices in different sectorstechnology*not using/ using social media or refusing to use social media;*refraining from watching television*using/ not using use a smartphone*refusing to use a telephone at all( which is though almost impossible)*not

What are the highest paying careers?

I agree with Lalit Patel.Never switch positions based on percieved pay. Do what you enjoy and advance in that area. Chasing the buck is not the ticket to happiness. Forget the nonsense that "wealth equals happiness" or that "wealth equates success". It's a bunch of hogwash.I know many people who outsiders would feel

What happened when you confronted your boss when he or she was wrong?

I think this is a classic case of ‘how' you approach someone. I have worked with lots of very senior managers. There have been instances when I knew they were wrong about something, I knew their approach was flawed and wouldn't work.So

What has been your best career decision(s)?

OK Before telling BEST decision I will share my background...I'm 28 now, Mechanical engg...Indian guy working in Pune now...I was not placed in campus placement through there was recession going on and companies were not hiring that much...2010–2011 period...Just FYI my engg aggregate was 65%But i

What is the best profession?

Thanks for the A2AIt depends on everyone's perspective but in my opinion YouTube vlogging is the best profession in the world. It requires a person to do whatever fancies them the most and then earning money by simply making videos about it. I know video editing requires hard

What is the most parasitic profession?

Sales agents, specifically real estate agents.Even though selling is a skill, the process of selling a house is rather straightforward. Real estate agents make it look extremely difficult and therefore have the audacity to ask outrageous fees for simple things like printing a contract..Real estate agents make you feel

What is the profession of the future?

The job of the present and of the future is the job of automating the jobs of others.Automation is the most profitable activity on the planet and will be the last job standing.This process has been well underway for decades despite the failure of society

What is the teaching profession?

‘The teaching profession' is an ambiguous term, so let's clear that up first.Teachers can be divided into 3 basic categories:Primary school.Primary school teachers teach grades prep-year 6 all subjects at a low level. You can teach maths, science, English, et cetera.2. Higher secondary.Higher secondary teachers often teach grades 10+. They specialise in a subject and often

What profession is most in demand in the US? Why?

US Bureau of labor statistics has a good web site that you can learn about this info anytime you want.Top Demand Growth Professions for Next 10 years1-Home Health Aides2-Personel Care Aides3-Medical assistants4-Medical Secretaries5-Software Developers Why?For top four:Aging population of baby boomers that need medical supportFifth:Software

What profession should be more valued?

Remember the day we went to nursery for the first time? Most of us would be crying as if we are sent to the war field :P We would have groped our father's shirt-buttons or mother's saree with our tiny fists, kicking their chest with our little feet. We might have even lodged a complaint against them in

When did you realize you had made the wrong career choice?

I don't think career choices can be inherently wrong or right, but I do believe you can make choices which improve or decline your satisfaction and happiness.I think that generally when somebody feels like he or she made the

When should I give up on a career?

When you wake up dreading the moment you chose this path, when the thought of doing any tasks associated with your career sends shivers down your spine, when you cannot eat and sleep normally after a days work in your chosen career, if you experience any of these symptoms, you should quit your career.And if

Which are the most underrated professions in India?

Please read complete answer although it is long you will enjoy this.I will tell about both Over rated and under rated profession. So, hold your phone and have some popcorn.I read newspaper everyday following is my observation.At least One page is dedicated for actors actresses their affairs, what about their ex-GF,ex-BF

Which careers fit these criteria?

Become an engineering geologist. Most interesting job you can get with a geology degree. Engineering geologists are a select group who are very friendly with one another, and who love their work. And they get paid relatively well. Their work is very responsible. And they get top job satisfaction.Regards,Peter.Read about me at

Which is the best work from home job in India?

To be brutally honest 99.99% of work from home job postings on internet are illegitimate, scam or fraud Here are few things you should consider to find legitimate work from home jobs onlineIf it is too good to be true avoid itNetwork or MLM marketing avoid itIf they are asking for money for whatever reason

Which is the easiest profession and the most difficult profession in the modern world?

First of all I would like to mention there is no any easiest profession and a difficult profession especially in the modern world . I would like to use this opportunity to say  a few things which relates to current society. Across the world there is no any so called

Which is the most abused profession in the world?

Once viewed as a problem strictly associated with body builders, fitness "buffs," and professional athletes, the abuse of steroids is prevalent in today's society. This is an alarming problem because of increased abuse over the years, and the ready availability of steroids and steroid related products. The problem is widespread throughout society

Which is the most misunderstood and underrated profession?

Which is the most misunderstood and underrated profession?A2A.The job of a Safai Karmchari or so called Sweeper. We all will live in stink but for them. Though it may be termed as a political stunt, our PM washing their feet is, in fact, well deserved by them.Let's not underrate or misunderstand any profession, other than begging!

Which profession in India gets the most respect?

If you are thinking the soldier is respected the most in India, you're not living in a realistic India. A politician once said that people join army to die, which does not sound respectable to me. Sometimes I think politicians are respected the most, but after elections they are among the ones who are abused

Which profession is the worst to work for and why?

Abu Hamza was an Egyptian cleric living in the UK where he preached militant Islamism and fundamentalist Islamism.He isn't a nice guy. He was arrested in the UK and found guilty of inciting violence, having been charged with inciting violence and racial hatred. He was given a prison term of 7 years, then in 2012

Why is teaching considered the best profession?

First of all, Teaching is one of the career which can directly impact the life of an individual and therefore people have a lot of respect for this profession. In India, becoming a teacher is an easy thing but in countries like USA it is very difficult. Now a

Why is teaching not considered a profession?

I would say that it is a profession. It may not have the best income and it may require a lot of hard work, but it is a respectable profession. This whole idea that being a teacher is not a job or is a bad job is very

Are you happy with your medical profession?

Not as far as my coleages are not able to answer the question:

Career Choices: What career suits me?

Which is the Best Career Option for Me? the most common question in everyone's life that occur after 12th, after graduation, after post graduation and the struggle continues with the career.........? this is the actual scenario of life.According to me, answer to the

Do some doctors regret becoming doctors? Why? How common is this?

I once went out for a lunch buffet with an Indian doctor in Tennessee. I went to discuss some business related to practice management software. As we began to have our lunch, an young intern of his joined us. It was a big buffet. So, we had time to talk.We discussed his

How to start my career

If you have no idea about what to do or if you think you know what you want to do but you cannot even write 10 sensible lines about your chosen profession. Then you should leave everything else and just focus on making a good career decision.There are two important aspects

How to start my career

It was my GrandFathers advise that started my career.It was when I quit my Aeronautical engineering in 2010.I still remember the day of my Interview. One of my high school senior was already working for the company in Chennai, its a 5 hour and 30 minutes away from my home. Having just

How to find out which career is the best for me

Well, the only way you can find what you are good at, and more importantly, what you like to do, is to do different things until you find a thing that you are good at in.Also, here's how I

I am so bored with my job that I'm about to quit it to be a day trader despite it being a 6 figure career path. Will I regret it?

Now there's a million dollar question!! Well, how good are you as a day trader? Is it your passion? How much have you earned as a day trader, would it be enough to cover your expenses?The questions you need to ask yourself are essentially, what do I love doing? What makes me happy?

Is a Chef a good career?

The short answer is no. However, it's subjective.There are a lot of hey-look-at-mes, who tell you it's hard, that you go unappreciated, its thankless, drugs are everywhere, we are rebels, renegades, and that's a load of bull. You can be that kind of chef if that's what you

Is data science a career for me if I love making order out of chaos and solving problems? What other careers fit this description?

You mentioned some, but not all, of the traits that make for good data scientists. Usually dealing with data and fighting to glean valuable insights indeed includes making order out of chaos and solving problems. However, you also have to have a sense for numbers and an analytic mind. These are tools and

Personal Trainers: How can I be a fitness instructor?

It depends on how deep you want to delve into fitness. There are a few paths that you can take, some easier than others, some more expensive. There are a number of different types of fitness trainers out there(athletic coaches, group exercise instructors, personal

What are some good career options in fitness?

Good question.. fitness is my current favorite...Career option in fitness :Nutrition and dietitian courses : these will help you practice in hospital and have your own center for making diet charts and slimming centre...Zumba trainer : A Zumba trainer is someone who can enjoy work and remain slim at the same time.. You can have your own

What are some good career paths for an INTJ?

I used to be a truck driver and I am an INTJ/INTP. I am no longer a truck driver due to health issues. I think it would be a good job for those INTJs who aren't smart enough to cut college. I

What are the best career choices for INFP/INFJ personalities?

Instead of just giving you career choices, i'll tell you how do these 2 types see the world. Bear in mind that if you typed yourself using the popularised way,

What are the career options for me if i am interested in fitness?

It depends how big you want to be in this field.  One thing is to love to exercise, it is another to understand the underlying theory of movement and exercise.  It is one thing to be knowledge about the theory and movement of exercise, it is another to be able to do it, teach

What career path did you take as an INTJ?

I am in the career path of trying to avoid stabbing out my eyes.After high school, I worked graveyards for six months as a janitor. Then I worked for another six months as a pizza cook.I stared down the tunnel of my life and saw nothing but

What career would fit me best if I have too many skills?

Focus. That's what you need.I won't say it's impossible to find an occupation that would require all your skills, it's just it's VERY unlikely that one exists. At Detego I need a computer programmer who is great at gaming design and ideally knows something about Finance. I really don't care about your

What career would fit me best?

Law enforcement agencies are in dire need of cyber specialists - for security, fighting cyber crimes and so on. However I don't know how active you would be, because in reality cyber-specialists usually are not trained to be front-line soldiers, if your

What criteria should I have in mind when choosing a career?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a career, whether it is your first job or you are in the middle of changing careers. While this can be a difficult decision, it is certainly not an impossible choice to make when

What glamorized career path is actually a complete nightmare?

AcademiaWe tend to associate academia with images of leisurely professors looking out windows contemplating the world in pursuit of the truth. It is a lie. In real life, they're most likely considering jumping out that window to find out what life is out there away from this hell hole. Just kidding ;)

What is the best career according to my personality?

Personality is only one factor for success in a career. Other more important factors are that it's something you will always find interesting and fulfilling, and it suits your natural abilities and aptitudes.Don't rely on just one personality test, take a few and note the differences in

What is the best career in IT?

This is a tough question to answer because so much of it depends on what you are interested in. IT has such a wide variety of opportunities these days, there is almost something for any kind of personality.Project Management – Are you organized? Are you a planner? Project management is a general skill that can be used

What is the best career path?

Ask yourself what do you like to do. And what do you want to achieve.In general.Abstract yourself from your academic background, your professional experience, social setting and indulge in a moment of introspection.Do you like to play footbal(you know, the european one)? Do you enjoy computer games, mathematics, painting, music?Ok.Now what

What's a good career for an introverted/reserved person?

Whoever tells you that your personality doesn't matter don't know what they are talking about.As an introvert you will struggle when it comes to extroverted careers like hr managers, physicians, psychologists, nurses, teachers, etc.Yes, you can do well but at the end of the day you will get burnt

What's my best career?

You have settled on the worst possible reason for not taking a job.Job success is not something that happens to you, because you chose the

Whats the best career to study?

as cliche as it sounds do something that interests you. If you love science study science. There are many ways to earn a living doing what you love. due to globilization (more customers)  and specilization (people wanting certian goods and services). but if you only want to pursue money this info graphic should

Which career is better: Medicine or Banking?

So lets assume you are talking about both in top of their game:Medicine Education:Bachelors degree 4 yearsMedical School 4 yearsResidency 4 years (this pays so little, that it might as well be more school)3 years specialization (might as well get paid right?  Without specialization  you make alot less)Total education investment: 

Which careers fit these criteria?

Become an engineering geologist. Most interesting job you can get with a geology degree. Engineering geologists are a select group who are very friendly with one another, and who love their work. And they get paid relatively well. Their work is very responsible. And they get top job satisfaction.Regards,Peter.Read about me at

Which is a better profession- medicine or engineering?

I've got both an M.Sc. in electrical engineering and an M.D. so I have first hand knowledge from both fields. I love both physics, math, chemistry, medicine and biology so it ended up being a hard choice for me. So here

Do you genuinely enjoy your career?

I have learned to enjoy it. It's not one of my interests, but I just have to do it. There are times that I have to do things that are not in line with my interests and potentials. I guess, I just have a job now.. not a career.

How can one become part of the 1%?

I was homeless and had 3k to my name , 2 years later I had $1m , simple rule:Make a rich person richer and take your cutThats all you have to doIn response to the message of how I did it:First of all I am dyslexic

How to develop a hobby which can also help your career

Thanks for the A2A!As a hobby enthusiast and an advocate of learning new things, I am excited to offer my advice to you.If you want to develop a hobby into a career - here are 3 steps you need to follow -Step 1: Find Your PassionTo make any hobby your career, you must find what you are passionate

How did you become an ethical hacker?

In my youth, I desired to be a librarian.My parents urged me to pursue a more lucrative career.So I was drawn to information science.As an information science professional, my career progressed thusly:Programmer - I was a self-taught programmer from a library book a couple years before I laid hands on a keyboard. I got hired directly upon acing

How did you find a career that is both fulfilling and lucrative?

You need to get to know yourself - your natural interests, strengths and weaknesses. Think about anything that you find interesting, even if it's a hobby or leisure activity. Is there something that you can do more easily than most people?There are many career aptitude tests on line, but that's just a starting point. Research potential new

I am a software engineer having 8 years of experience. I lost all my interest in programming. What are the career options available for me?

This is not unusual and there many options depending on what you love doing. Finding what you are passionate about is not always easy and sometimes you just need to keep trying various things until you figure out your passion. There are structured methods (personality tests) available which will help you in finding a job

Should I go for a career counselling?

I do think you need counseling. There is not much to worry, it is just that you have not found your calling yet. And each one of us goes through such a phase in life.There are couple of things that you have not mentioned. Why did you opt for Commerce?

Should I go to college or should I follow my dream of serving in the military?

Great answer by Dr Joel Goldstein. I can't top that but I can answer from my own personal experience. I served in the Army and I'm currently an undergrad senior at Texas A&M.Yes, you can join the military and work toward a bachelor's (or even a Master's) degree.Research on the Web what all five services offer you

Should one work for wages or to satisfy one's passion?

Eventually passion is what matters the most. You wouldn't want to spend the next few years of your life in something that doesn't interests you, something you don't enjoy doing, and something that makes your work look even more miserable than it actually is. Money wouldn't definitely solve this.Brony

Should you have a plan for a major/career going in to college or is it okay to sample different classes for the first two years?

Most schools do not require you to declare a major until junior year. Very few 18-years have a clear career path in their heads. Nor should they. Going to college is about learning, not getting a job.Want to work at 18 and have some skills,

What are best career options to earn more money after having 2 years of work experience in embedded development?

After having 2+ yr experience &  tried more than 3-4 technologies, i have concluded these ways(Not tried all)1). Specialize in one of Embedded Application sector like Automotive Embedded, Aerospace, Robotics, etc. There are good job opportunity for specialized people in specific technology. But for this you require strong concept foundation & long exp.2). Become Versatile in your skills(My way)

What are some reasons programmers quit their high paying jobs?

I am 35 and last week I left a $500K job at Amazon in pursuit of more freedom. I don't intend to stop working, but I want to work on my terms, on things that intrinsically motivate me. I wrote a blog post here on Quora with more details about this:Why

What are the career options after 2 years of work experirence in IT?

Traditional one Government job exam prep like ibps, SSC, rail, upsc.GATE for MTECH & PSU jobs.CAT for MBA in IndiaGMAT for MBA abroad.GRE and MS abroad.SSC, UPSC and similar other administrative level government job exams.Non traditional options:Start freelancing on your core skills. Initially you can sdo it only on weekends, based on your experience

What are the career options after earning a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)?

Hi,You have following options after BCA:Do an MCA (which I recommend not to) which is a 3 years course again. The curriculum is almost as same as BCA course so you end up studying same things that you studied in BCA. Plus placement for MCA are

What are the most flexible career paths for someone starting over?

Most people have to start over at some point in their life these days.Choose what you like and go for it.My wife was a teacher but not happy. After that, she became a salesperson for a food manufacturer. She became very successful and had her own company with

What career advice would you give a 24 year old fresh out of college with a psychology degree?

You did not include any other character information aside from being young... It will be more helpful at least from my perspective if your personal interests and inclinations were included...However, being very young and fresh out of college with psychology degree, you may try doing some volunteer work in areas like hospitals or

What do people not like about working in the technology field?

There are more reasons here than you can shake a stick at. I forgot to add a final point, so I just added-in point 11.The Corporate world of IT is full of rats, weasels and kiss-asses, not to mention pecker-heads.The IT field in

What is a good "backup" career if I want to pursue my passions?

Well, I think it's a very good for you to have a

What is it like to be a stay at home mom?

Fuck work, am I right?Who wants spend their life, working for the man, no freedom, following the rules?Sure, maybe it kinda gives you a purpose. Possibly a bit of self respect... to earn a paycheck every so often, so you can: buy things / pay your own bills, etc? It

What is something that you started as a hobby but then became so good at it, that you made a career out of it?

Electronic and electricity I started working on this stuff by helping a repair technician in a shop after school.When I had extra cash I used to buy the RCA electronic and electrical project books and build my own gadgetsAt 10 years of age I was wiring houses and repairing radios and

What is the most important factor when choosing a job?

There are many factors to consider, but after 13 years of working, to me the most important factor to consider when choosing a job is your team.Your team refers to your boss and colleagues. You'll be spending a ton of time with these people. So ask yourself

What was the deciding moment for you to change careers?

After completing my intermediate course, I'm always in a confusion that what was the college I am going to join?? During the 12th standard every student goal is to join in a good reputated institution. But the destination is not in our hands.I completed my intermediate course in my native

What's the size of the career services market?

I don't have any statistics either, but I agree that there are lots and lots of career consultants, coaches, advisers, counselors, etc. out there.  The key point, though, is finding someone who is (a) good at what they do (and they don't all do the same things), and (b) a good

What's your profession?

I am the mother of 165 plus humans. I take care of them, watch them, see them on occasion and make sure no one is acting up.I give them thorough instructions on how to behave. I set some strict rules and make sure that they are following them.I punish if one acts out and help repair relationships between

Where is my career going?

Personally speaking, each student has got certain unique talents (aptitudes and personalities); just that most of us don't know about these talents or can't see / identify them in ourselves.A correct understanding of what is aptitude and what is personality

Which profession is the worst to work for and why?

Abu Hamza was an Egyptian cleric living in the UK where he preached militant Islamism and fundamentalist Islamism.He isn't a nice guy. He was arrested in the UK and found guilty of inciting violence, having been charged with inciting violence and racial hatred. He was given a prison

Why did you choose your profession?

I knew from an early age that I wanted to go into electronics. My dad got me started on this, giving me electronic kits to put together for every Christmas and birthday starting when I was in fourth grade or so. He had gone

Are you in the wrong career? How did you know?

you can know if you are in the wrong career, when you find yourself struggling to achieve or dominate in that career.your career path should be something you enjoy, not something someone needs to be forcing you to do.i encourage to know what you can do with less ease by knowing your purpose in might be

Can one career mistake spoil one's life?

Sure it can. If you have the wrong mindset!In other words, if you think that this mistake (a wrong career choice in your youth) can spoil your life, it will. And I guess we all have a tendency to think that way, because,

What do you do when you feel like you made the wrong career choice?

It's easy to answer that try to focus to build current career... but hard to accept and digest.. but still I think one should focus on what is according to situation... because sabko dab kuch nahi milta ... but we should keep trying... just try to have second