Can cats feel frustrated?

Not doubt about it!Watch an indoor cat sit on a window sill, and bird or squirrel or chipmunk watch. Many will literally chatter in frustration that they can't get at that lovely moving toy/prey out there. Cats stalking their prey outdoors don't get vocal, they will make similar mouthing, motion, no sound -

Do cats know people aren't cats?

Yes, they definitely do. The best way to describe how cats see us boils down to cats viewing us as a mixture of a mother/provider and a dim-witted kitten. I know that seems contradictory, but it really is a combination of the two, and it also depends on whether the cat

Do cats talk to themselves?

Why of course they do. They have complicated conversations with all kinds of people, we just can't access their wavelength. This is why humans have labelled them inscrutable for as long as they have shared our existence. I'm not sure if they are aliens or gods as the

How do cats see humans? Do they think we are just a big cat?

The strict answer is that we don't know. We can't look into the mind of a cat, let alone a sampling of a statistically significant number of cats.However, the big take-away I've always gotten from my interactions with cats is that they are very different. Some are just very affectionate by nature, and come right to people expecting

How do pets (dogs, cats) recognize they are being called by their owner? How is it that they know their name or that they have a name?

Dogs do not recognize or understand their name in the sense that we recognize our own name.  For dogs, a call name is nothing more than an auditory stimulus.  They learn to respond to this stimulus because such responding is often followed by positive reinforcement of some kind - not just food, but attention, initiation of preferred activities

Will cat scratches heal?

If gunshot wounds, chainsaw injuries, and shark bites can heal, so can cat scratches.But you can't be a big baby about it. You have to do proper first aid and care.#1. Clean it. Water, soap, maybe an old soft tooth brush, whatever it takes. Ideally, and anti-septic soap like

Are cats and dogs mortal enemies?

They are not. Some Cats and Dogs get along very well with each other. Many people have cats and dogs as pets at the same time (I once had three cats and one dog and then one cat had kittens and we ended up with 6 cats

Are cats friendly to people or they just exploiting us?

Depends if the cat was properly socialized with humans. Cats are not dogs they are not fully domesticated so if you come to touch them and they don't know you they hide they see a giant monster after them. My cat is super social and greets people

Are cats smarter than dogs?

There are many ways of measuring intelligence (of animals) and these are determined in turn by a lot of variables which affect many animals differently. Lets take some details of particular behavior from each animal:DogsDogs (their Wolf ancestors actually) live in social groups led by the Parents (yes, they are not alphas). There is strong cooperation among members

Are domestic cats social animals?

It honestly depends. Here are two stories about two of my cats. One was named Beatrice, and one is named Winston.Beatrice:Beatrice was a black and white tuxedo cat. While we got her as a kitten and she was shown copious amounts of love and attention, when she grew up she grew up to only love one person. That was

Can animals find things funny?

Dogs have a sense of humor. The two components of this are laughter and an ability to "make-believe".Like the chortling of a baby, dog laughter is one of life's great simple pleasures. The dog's mouth pulls up at the corner, opens and they make a quiet breathy "hahaha" sound, if you don't know what you're looking for

Can cats be mad at other cats?

Cats are territorial animals. Unlike dogs, they do not hunt in packs, but by themselves for themselves and (if they are mother cats) for their kittens. When they live in close quarters, they often create a "pecking order" where one cat is more dominant and bosses the others around. If they agree on who is "the

Can some animals (like cats and dogs) sense paranormal activity (like spirits)?

I have a cat and I've had him for about two years. He is an absolutely normal cat and with a super normal behavior but he has really freaked me two times.-Once, we were laying in bed resting and all of a sudden he jumped out of nothing, crisped his tail, bent his back, and started growling

Can your cat talk?

I had one that had a vocabulary of about a dozen human words (English) but he was an exceptional cat. He was born in a litter of kittens on March 26, 1983. The daddy cat, a little black fuzzy thing sat on my son's motorcycle seat in our carport and meowed

Could a wild cat mate with a domestic cat?

Adding to an old post, but I was curious about this too and was still curious after reading. So of course I did way too much googling that I thought I might share? This might have been phrased earlier, but I was a bit confused by some of

Do animals 'think' in their own language? Dogs 'bark!' Cats 'meow!' etc..

It's impossible to know for sure until science advances.I don't believe animals think in any language. It would be more probable that they

Do cats get jealous of each other?

Yes. They also get jealous of dogs!My currently 6, grey and white male was....beaten in the face by a mean old lady for his first year of life, and who has, as we discovered, a serious prejudice against male animals. She sees evil where

Do cats have a cat language to talk to each other?

I not so sure there is any universal language. More like people; certain sounds mean one thing to one group of people and another to a different group of people. I used to talk to my home cats in Queens, but in

How do cats communicate with each other? How is their form of communication different from other animals?

1) Body language--cats are pros at reading the posture and approachability of another cat.2) Smell; scent marking.3) Contact, bonded cats in a colony will often scent mark one another, rub faces/line up and walk with their bodies touching lengthwise, tails held high, and sometimes will

How do cats communicate?

Cats communicate through the same means as most animals: via verbal and physical cues. Verbal communication is evidenced by the "meow", the "purr",  the "hiss", and a few other sounds cats make. Physical cues include rubbing, licking (or cleaning), arching of the back, raised hair, extended claws. Typically the two are used together and are best interpreted together.

How to justify the life of a pet? Is it morally okay that we domesticated cats and dogs to keep them closed indoors at home

Yes.Because dogs stopped being wolves over 30K years ago.Dog has been man's best friend for 33,000 years, DNA study findsDogs are the oldest domesticated animal. We have, for much of human history, a symbiotic relationship with them. They hunted for or with us, they herded our farm animals, guarded our houses

How would I know if my cat isn't drinking enough water?

When my cat was dehydrated, the vet knew by gently pinching the skin on the back of the neck. He said

Humans tend to speak to themselves in their heads when deep in thought. How do animals 'think to themselves'?

They may not have words but I think animals can think about themselves, their lives and their situations. My cat is very sick and her expression and voice sound pained, distressed and concerned. Her face reflects what she's thinking. She can't come up with any of these words but knows she's in trouble. When its time to go to

If a wild cat met a house cat, would they recognize each other as cats?

Yes, they definitely would. They both know what cats smell like, so they would recognize each other. I've seen it happen. When I lived with my Mom, a feral cat started showing up. One day it walked into our yard while our tomcat Sam was sunning himself on the porch. We

Is a pet tiger or lion safe if raised with the owner at a very early age?

Think about it this way: Dogs have been bred for centuries to live among humans, to love their humans, and to protect or work with them, but even dogs - mans best friend - cause fatal injuries. In 2017 there were 57 fatal dog attacks in

Is having dry food available at all times to an indoor cat a good idea?

I used to think so, but with Skitchycat, Tom and Fuzzbutts medical problems I got a rather expensive education. Once, 40 yrs ago, yes you could free feed a cat on dry food and probably get away with it. Today? Not so

Is it good for cats not to 'make love' and can cats live without it?

My experience of cat sex is from the early 70s. We didn't get our cat Sarah spayed when she was very young and then had a terrible time finding an appropriate time. (They cannot be spayed when there's milk in

I've been caring for a stray cat at my apartment. He comes to my door daily for food. I can't bring him inside because I have an indoor cat who doesn't like other cats. I'm moving soon and it breaks my heart to think of leaving him. What do I do?

See if you can find him a home with responsible people who will love and appreciate him just as much as you do. Look into no kill animal shelters if you can't find anyone directly who would take him.This sounds similar to a situation I had about 5 years ago.

What is the weirdest animal you have seen or encountered?

It was the middle of the night. I was alone, walking down my driveway, which is about 400 meters long and goes through a prairie.I live in a very rural area. There's a forest behind my house and I don't have any official neighbors, so it gets really dark. On this particular night, however, it

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Cats are territorial, they know everything about their territory. If you move a familiar object in your house without their knowledge, they will stop and examine it with care.One day I was sitting downstairs on a couch facing the door at the bottom of the stairs, where I had put

Why do cats and dogs have more protective rights than farm animals?

They don't. Animals don't have rights (yet.). Their owners have rights. PEOPLE have rights that they use to protect their pets or other animals they own.Thus, people have worked to gain more rights for THEMSELVES to protect animals that they love and keep as

Why do cats stretch?

Many times, stretching in that pose is more than just "feeling good".  I've seen the same thing with some humans being coy, actually.  Picture someone sssttttrrrreeeetttttccccchhhhiiiinnnnnggggg .... and they stretch toward someone of desire.  Cats are equally calculating with their stretches.  Luna often will be taking one of her afternoon naps...

Why do cats tap each other's heads?

I can't make a broad, sweeping generalization, but I can tell you about what I've witnessed in my own cats.Zero is a smart, feisty Russian Blue and she is the most social of my four. Lieutenant Dan is a three-legged, ornery Himalayan that loves to pick fights

Are cats better pet than dogs?

Well I personally feel you cannot pitch one against the other at all . Both have their qualities and differences . It really depends whom you would unferstand better. For eg ..While a Dog is loving and loyal and listens to you ,A

Are female cats less friendly than male cats?

I used to believe this myth especially as I grew up with only sweet male cats. Then I got Tigger, who was a male, after college. He was devoted to me but hated anyone else. He finally took to my husband when

Can cats feel frustrated?

Not doubt about it!Watch an indoor cat sit on a window sill, and bird or squirrel or chipmunk watch. Many will literally chatter in frustration that they can't get at that lovely moving toy/prey out there. Cats stalking their prey outdoors don't get vocal, they will make

Do animals hate the sounds of musical instruments?

In my experience no, but they may be scared of loud noises. I had a cat that loved to sit on my couch and hear me play classical guitar. She hated rock and blues though. She would leave when I played anything other than classical music.I

Do cats like going outside often?

Be careful with that one.I had a cat that was decidedly an indoors cat.On night, he went out on the balcony, and when I went to shoo him into the house, he jumped over the side and seemed to vanish.He had never been outside before, so I worried.When

Do indoor cats feel lonely for other cats if they live in a one cat household?

I have been a multi-cat person because it's so hard to say no, but I have also been a solitary-cat person where I didn't have a choice due to my living circumstances and considered myself lucky to have one. Our relationships were different depending on the number of

How to make my aggressive cat behave more? Will bringing another cat into the house change the aggression

I'd try to find out the cause of the aggression before introducing another cat. Is your cat bored? Is the cat an indoor cat who might be better off getting some outdoor time? Do you have enough toys? Have you

How do cats and dogs seem to instinctively know when their owners are coming home, even if they're more than ten minutes away?

I want to dispel some of the answers here with the case of Barbara, a Great Dane puppy that my wife brought home when we had our general dealer shop in a rural area of Limpopo in South Africa. Barbara was riddled with worms, but we soon fixed

What do cats think when we pet another cat in front of them?

Cats seem to have a variety of thoughts when seeing other cats being petted in front of them. I have a couple that don't even pay attention to it. Grayson wants one pet, will give the cat a nose touch and goes on his merry way. Tootie is extremely jealous and will try to shove the cat away.

What is the largest recorded prey of a domestic cat?

I'm pretty sure my Ragdoll, Jax, could take me out. He hooked me straight through my thumb with a claw yesterday; it took me 1/2 hour to stop the bleeding and it hurts like hell, still. We were just playing with some yarn! Can you imagine if he got angry with me? Luckily, he's a sweet fur baby, he

Why aren't cats as social as dogs?

It is a mistaken belief that cats are not social creatures. They are. Even feral colonies have a social structure in their communities. Most colonies are made up of related family members and occupy territories that they defend against strange male cats. Strange males are known to kill kittens in order to bring females in heat so

Why do cats attack yarn?

Because someone needs to step up. And if cats don't, who will? Dogs? Good luck with that.All dogs care about is chasing the stick of fame and glory; making a big fuss out of what loyal companions they are, with all those attention-seeking displays of selfless heroism they love to perform.Meanwhile, cats are working tirelessly behind

Why does my cat aggressively lick my other cat (to the point of a fight)?

Because dogs lick things, they dont have hands so there mouths explore the world, similarly your dog is not a cat it does not understand what annoys a cat or the subtle warning signs a cat will give off, its not aggression its just only able to comunicate

If cats can't taste sweetness, why do they seek out and eat sweet things?

Cats don't taste sweetness. The sweet receptor is actually made up of two coupled proteins generated by two separate genes: known as Tas1r2 and Tas1r3. All cats, housecats to lions, lack the Tas1r2 gene. Yet owners report house cats like marshmallows or ice cream or cotton candy. One theory is that they somehow use the Tas1r3 gene

My wife wanted to take care of my sis' cat while sis was on vacation. However since we've had the cat my wife has always been in a bad mood and we've kept getting into fights. We've always wanted a cat but she doesn't anymore. How to change her mind?

Don't get a cat if it caused this much tension don't do .Your wife must have a reason she doesn't want a cat honor that.Cats are sensitive and when there is tension they feel it and can start acting out.If your wife don't want a cat permanently why not foster you get to help out a