What are Jio chat hacks?

JIO CHAT Features1-One Stop ShopEnjoy instant messaging, free SMS, voice and video calling and much more in a single application2-Media Rich ExperienceChat one-to-one or in groups with emoticons, stickers, pictures and video share for a media rich experience3-One Tap ConferencePick

Do Indian women use Omegle?

Well, I used to use Omegle very frequently a few years ago. Mostly for "Omegle hunt" (see below).But I have also used Omegle to connect to random strangers nonetheless.Most of the times, you get connected to desperate guys, with whom you cannot talk to for more than a few seconds, and I usually disconnect. But

What are the best ways to chat up strangers you meet?

I don't know the exact context of your question, so I'll answer with my experience in a number of settings, viz. at networking gigs, during travels, social gatherings etc. While there are an unlimited number of fun/ legit/ creepy/ out-of-the-box ways to talk to strangers, here's my two bit of some

How to answer a girl when she asks 'Have we met? Do we know each other

I think this already happened. So you might have missed the bus. If it happens again then you can say'Have you heard about love at first sight'.Sounds too cheesy.... In that case you can replace love with friendship. But I would prefer to stick with love.If she says yes, then you can say

Is it possible to hack and retrieve other's deleted Facebook chats?

According to Facebook,It is impossible for a user to retrieve deleted facebook chats.The Facebook always asks you

What is it like to chat with people on Facebook with a fake Facebook account?

I once had a fake account on FB a few years ago. It was a female profile that I had created in order to chat with my GF back then, with her full knowledge of course. The account was made in order to avoid suspicion by her parents and relatives who were not quite happy with