How does DNA fit inside the cell nucleus?

It is indeed a huge problem for the cell to manage the DNA. The total length of an E. coli (the most widely studied bacterium and the most trusted friend of molecular biologists) is about 2 micron and its diameter is around

What are reactants and products of respiration?

Cellular Respiration: is the process that releases energy by breaking down food molecules in the presence of oxygen.Cellular Respiration = Aerobic RespirationAerobic respiration occurs in the mitochondria.Some of the energy released by breaking food down is stored as ATP, while some is released as heat.ATP is a short-term energy storage molecule all cells use as their energy source.

What is the difference between anaerobic respiration and fermentation?

In anaerobic respiration, as in aerobic respiration, electrons are accepted by the substance being oxidized, but the reduced compounds that accepted the electrons are ultimately not themselves oxidized by oxygen, but some other source of oxidizing potential.In fermentation, the substance being fermented disproportionates, undergoing an

Why does the anaerobic respiration produces less energy than aerobic respiration?

Oxygen is a strong oxidizing agent because it has a very high electronegativity. Anaerobic respiration uses an oxidizing agent that is less effective than oxygen, and therefore is unable to gain as much free energy from molecules as does

What are the biggest problems in science right now?

First off, science is a vast field of study. Each discipline has its own unique problems. I wall just mention a few problems in the disciplines that interest me.Astronomy: The biggest problem here is the question of what Dark Matter is and what it can do. It is a

What is the best way to learn about health and nutrition?

Your very desire to think about health through the nutrition perspective is a healthy habit! To begin with, approach a nutritionist or a dietetian and briefly hear from her what she wants you to practice for a healthy living. Then, I would suggest you to read the following books, namely Food Science by B.Srilakshmi, Nutrition by