Can I work out my chest and triceps muscles on the same day?

Yes you can.Basically workouts which focuses on big muscle group and involve other muscles are called compound exercises like Bench press, Squats, Dead lifts etc. These work on a multiple muscle groups and involves heavy weight than workout based on isolation muscle exercises like bicep curls, triceps

Do I get bigger shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest if I do push-ups?

Let me be honest with you. I did push ups in 2 years every day.You know what I got?No shouldersNo bicepNo tricepsNo big backONLY A BIG ASS CHESTIt looks so ugly.Dude have you any idea how it looks for man with an oversized chest? It look like tits, seriously. You can't tell the

Do rows work the chest?

No. Not at all.Rows mostly work your upper back, and incorporates your biceps.The basic principle to get a basic understanding of what movements train/utilize which muscle groups, and its a bit of common sense to be honest.Pushing, would most activate the chest

Does planking train my chest muscles?

Nope. It trains your entire core (Pelvic floor, ABS, lower back) and it puts some load on your front deltoids (shoulder) and a little bit of the latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior. It is a heavy endurance exercise which doesn't give your greater strength or size, but makes you able to

How to engage my chest more when doing pushups

Make sure to perform the full range of motion: elbows past 90 degrees on the way down (or chest to floor) and lock out elbows at the top.Straight back. A good way to check this is to take a video of yourself and see how it looks.Neutral head position. Tucking your chin

How to get bigger chest when I cannot even do a push up

You can get a bigger chest.There is no need to worry about this.It only means you need to start with easier variations of the exercise and go from there.Of course this means it will take time. But let me tell you even if you could do the regular push-ups it would take

How to improve my chest size

I think a bigger chest, great biceps and V shape body with nice pack of abs is all one always wants to have. So I am going write some genuine ways following which you can build bigger chest and great body.At home without going Gym.Running not slow is the best exercise one can do regularly to have great

How to reduce my lower chest fat despite a workout

General Advice:If you focus on doing cardio and taking controlled diet, it would help in reducing the overall fat from your body, which would include the lower chest fat too. However, process will be slow, and you will need to be consistent. Moreover, even if you manage to start losing

How to work out the middle of my chest

Hey there,The inner chest can be tricky as we are told to perform compound movements to activate more muscle fibers and place more emphasis on the muscles engaged.However for chest especially the inner we need our arms to cross the midline

How to develop a wider chest

To develop a wider chest, you should also develop a wider back/lats.  The form of your body depends on three things, two of which you have total control. Those are genetics, exercise, and diet. In order to gain

How to get a wider chest? What exercises do I have to do and what do I have to eat

There are several exercises for wider chest.But before doing workouts for wider chest particularly ,please ensure whether it'll suits ur personality thereafter or balances ur body posture.coz just having a wider chest and rest of d body is still skinny will make u a Pogo Cartoon...So Here are some of the beneficial workouts1)PUSH UP :

How to train for a more buffer and a bigger chest

Pretty simple, you don't really need that many movements to get a nice chest. Here's what you need to get started and get a pretty good looking chest:Bench press - 2–3x per week. 5–8 reps 3–5 sets per workout.Form is key here. Bar to chest on every rep. Don't half rep it. If

How to train my inner chest

Easy, move your hands closer to the center of the bar.On a seated press machine put your palms on the ends of the handles hear the center of your chest.You can also do dumb bell presses. Lie on a bench, put the dumb bells together with your arms extended

How to train upper chest at home

You can easily train upper chest at home:Normal pushups on floor(4sets -15 reps)Slow pushups - Get down in 20 secs,stay down for 20 sec ,come back up in 20 sec and stay there for 20 sec,perform 4 sets if you can.Your chest would be under constant tension.Get 2 buckets full of water and a

How well do pull ups and chin ups engage the Pectoralis major/minor? Should adequate recovery time be given after a chest workout before performing pull ups?

The determining factor seems to be the position of the elbow while performing pull ups; the further back the less chest recruitment. And indeed the exercise does become easier as you allow the elbow forward because the workload is then being shared by the chest plus the Latimus as well as rear deltoids,

Is it beneficial to strengthen your chest? If so, what are the best chest workouts?

I think so especially if you are a man. It can definitely help prevent man boobs along with proper nutrition. In general you want to train using both dumbbells and barbells and you want to hit at least your incline chest press and chest flies. You can omit decline chest press unless you are really trying to get that

Is it possible to build a nice chest by doing only incline bench press?

Consider that your ‘Chest' is made from several different muscle groups. So isolating one particular lift doesn't involve all those groups. Upper Pectoralis, Lower Pectoralis, Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, back muscles like the Latisimus Dorsi, etc.If you want a well built chest then balance is the key. Flat

Is your upper chest important?

Actually upper chest is what will give you the t-shirt popping look. But apart from that its important for shoulder development. Upper chest is the secondary muscle in most front-deltoids (front shoulders) exercises. If you have weak upper chest, you will have weak shoulders development.Also look at Arnold. He has same booby definition that you mentioned but they look

Should I do chest and biceps or shoulders and biceps together?

Our body needs relaxation after workout. It gives time to our tisues to rebuild themselves. Doing 2 parts in a day can exhaust your metabolism if you are fresh for workouts. It can sometimes lead to faintness, cramps and excess loss of water from body.In my early days of gym, i

What are some chest exercises that use a resistance band?

You could do chest presses and chest fly with a band. You anchor the band on something sturdy/stationary and hold both the handles in your hands and take a wide step forward and press forward with the band (quite similar to how you would do with a TRX). Based on how much resistance you can

What are some good home chest workouts I can do?

Killer at Home Chest Workout - Chest Workout Without WeightsWorkout Structure:Single Leg Push Up: This should be your most challenging push up so be sure to push yourself to get the most out of each repetition. Start on your hands and toes with your feet spread to shoulder width or wider and lift one foot so that it

What are some good ways to bring up my upper chest? What percentage of my chest exercises should focus on the upper portion?

Normally I recommend dips for chest, but it focuses on the main (not lower, abandon that myth) pectorals, not the upper pec minor. But dumbbell flyes are my other chest pumping recommendation, and if you do them at 30° or

What are some workouts to help build chest muscles?

If you truly want to build your chest muscle, you need to learn how to contract it properly. The two key functions of the pecs is to internally rotate the arm and moving your arm to your body.Here are some cues that you can use when

What are the best bodyweight upper chest exercises?

Good bodyweight exercise for the upper chest all have one thing in common. They are pushing movements with the hands 'higher* than the shoulders. Elevated Push-UpsPush-ups with elevated feet hit the upper chest hard. When I say 'elevated', I mean elevated to somwhere between 50-70% percent of your height. It's a great way

What are the best chest exercises for advanced gym goers?

I'm not someone who has a list of what I think are the best exercises are for the chest or other areas. Surprise! Each trainee has different interests, goals, physiologies, talents, health levels, strength levels, ages, and more, so to me, it's not helpful to

What exercise can I do for chest line/inner chest?

Training your chest shouldn't be a futile exercise of boring monotony.If you're boring and don't want to experience truly massive gains, feel free to rep through endless standard bench press sets until your back fuses with the bench. You might get

What exercise should be done to get a flat chest?

If you're aspiring to a flat, manly chest, start by considering what you've got instead. Some guys have "man boobs," which are caused by accumulations of fat around the pectoral muscles. Other guys just don't have much of anything in the

What gym exercises should men do to get a flat chest with six packs, and not a bumped chest?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within 22 days.Whether you're aiming

What is the best 1 hour workout for chest?

Pretty much anything concentrating on one body part for a whole hour is overkill. Over training is a sure way to be disappointed with your results.Having said that, when I was younger and seriously into bodybuilding I experienced phenomenal gains (without steroids) quite easily everywhere except, my

What is the best exercise for a bulky chest?

Start with your foundational lift - bench press. Set regular goals (fortnightly if not weekly) and track your progress. Also make sure to be eating enough protein (at least 150gms raw protein, which is the equivalent of about 500gms chicken breast), and stick to a routine.Follow this

What is the best way to start a chest workout?

Just wondering the best way to full hit the chest and gte the most out of my work outs. To date I have been hitting my chest well and feeling it for a day or two after and im happy with how its progressing but I was wondering is my routine really that

What's a good chest workout for mass?

For good chest workout here are some exercises you must do.Hollow back press is useful for making chest strong and fit.Core and straight arm strength is suitable for the chest.Pec Deck machine is also good. Start from less force and then

What workout do I do for chest size?

How to train your chestChest Exercise #1: Barbell Bench PressThe barbell bench press allows you to move the most weight compared to dumbbells, so it has to be on top of the list. Barbell bench press is also easier

What would happen if I did only worked out my chest, but never worked out my back?

Bad imbalance. Here is my suggestion, find your weakest muscle groups and strengthen them more and keep your stronger muscles in shape but not training so hard. I remember a dude with a huge right arm and his left arm was puny. He only did right armed dumbbell curls. Most

When weight training is is better to do all exercises for a muscle group (chest, biceps etc) at the same time or can you mix them up and say do some chest then arms and go back to chest?

Okay this is gonna be long so prepare yourself!1st factor: Workout volumeThis is how much you lift in total (total = weight x reps x sets). This is one of the most important parts of lifting to train, as you can see you can vary

Which exercise will help me if I want a wider chest, but not a protruding chest?

Any chest exercise but be sure to stretch a lot .Think about the guys in high school who just benched all the time- their shoulders rolled in, chest went out.But now look at that amateur body builder in your gym- he isn't that way at

Which is the best for bigger chest, push-ups or dips?

Push-ups involve more of your chest but they place far less load on it in comparison to dips. Dips are a heavier movement and they hit your lowest chest fibres while giving you a larger overall stretch. I'd say the winner here is dips. However out of the two, I feel push-ups are

Why do I feel chest pain after lifting heavy things?

Probably a build up of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the waste product of anerobic (without oxygen) fermentation when your body is not optimized to bring enough oxygen to your muscle tissue.It needs to do this to make ATP, an energy molecule that allows your muscles to move (drives ion pumps that directly allow muscle movement). Getting in depth

Why do my pectoral muscles react later after exercise? When I do intense chest-based exercises, my triceps become painful immediately after exercise, and my pectorals start to feel pain after a few days of not working out. What's wrong?

Hey,I think your pectoral muscles are responding normally. When you train hard and really tax the muscle, you are likely to get Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (

Why when I do chest workouts I feel it in my arms only and not in my chest?

This issue could be for a couple of reasons.#1. Your chest muscles are quite a bit stronger proportional to your triceps. This means that the range of motion during chest excercise that activates chest the most is not really taxing your pectoral muscles, but the range that activates your arms is taxing your triceps.

Will working out the chest muscles enlarge a female's chest?

To an anatomically correct reading of the question, yes - the chest will enlarge with strength training. The chest consists of the breast tissue and underlying connective tissue and muscles. The breast tissue is mostly fatty tissue, and therefore it will not enlarge with exercise. However if strength enhancing exercises

Would you tell me one exemplary workout routine for chest that includes all chest parts?

As the other answers here say, it is the old classics benchpresses (dumbells or bar), and dumbell flyes, that will get the job done. The basic movement of the chest muscles is similar to performing a hulk-clapping smash. Bringing your arms

Anatomically can a person's punch reach your jaw if you kicked them in the chest, stomach or hip just as they throw a punch?

Being able to make contact with a punch if struck by a kick would be difficult assuming the legs are longer than than the arms. Side kicks and roundhouse kicks both move the head away from the opponent making it more difficult to contact with a punch. Other

How to build a stronger chest

Building a bigger & stronger chest doesn't have to feel like brain surgery. Get back to the basics with hard work and these exercises!Barbell Bench Press - When it comes to chest day, the barbell bench press is a perennial favorite. Grasp the bar with a wide grip and use

How to reduce fat from the side area of the chest

Hi,Here are six simple weight loss tips you can try today.Number 1: STOP drinking beer (or any alcohol), drinking one single beer is equivalent to 7 slices of bread.Number 2: Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week. I know you

How to get rid of chest cramps

Chest cramps? Would that be the chest pain that are like spasms?The reason I am asking is that chest pain can be a sign of a serious underlying problem that needs to be checked out.On the other hand, cramps in the chest

How to fix an uneven chest without going to the gym

To fix an uneven body people go to the gym and follow a strict diet plan and achieve their goals which they have set. So what plays a major role here

How to get a broad chest without going to the gym

I will give you my best guess without knowing anything about you: body weight, age, height, body composition, any medical issues, past injuries...Here it is: push up and its variations: look up push up variation, pull up and chin up; after that do squats and then its variations: look them up.Two most important factor when you start training:

How to stretch my chest muscles

Dear StretchHere are a couple of great ways to stretch the chest.1. Lie on a flat bench with small dumbbells, one in each hand. Lower your hands to the sides and let them drop below your chest until you feel a great stretch in the chest. This is almost like a chest fly exercise

How to treat a pain of a pulled muscle in my chest and back

Rest for a while, don't keep exercising. Local cold packs. Massage, Take recommended doses of ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil and other brands), or naproxen (Aleve and other brands). Notice I said

How much wider (in inches) can one increase their chest?

There's no exact answer to this - but if you look at bodybuilders, you can see that most of the width comes from increasing the size of the BACK - especially the muscles called the latissimum dorsi (lats).The lats are sometimes referred to as ‘wings' in bodybuilding. They make up the bulk

How often can I exercise my upper chest?

You can do it 3 days with the following guidelines for some of the movements you can do:BARBELL INCLINE BENCH PRESS - 3 SET X 12-15 REPSAdjust the position of the bench with a slope of 45 degreesPosition the bench in the middle of the smith machineLie on the benchHold the bar shoulder width

I have broad shoulders but no chest muscles. What are the best exercises to develop my chest?

Increase your volume. Strength does not always equal size. Normally, for size, it's all about increasing weight, without sacrificing form. If you are shaking and can barely lift it, reduce your weight. Like Maykel said, bench press is a great way to increase strength and size, but try to get more volume in. Even if

Is it possible to build a nice chest by doing only incline bench press?

Consider that your ‘Chest' is made from several different muscle groups. So isolating one particular lift doesn't involve all those groups. Upper Pectoralis, Lower Pectoralis, Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, back muscles like the Latisimus Dorsi, etc.If you want a well built chest

What chest workout can I do at home when I only have dumbbells?

you can do home workout for chest even without having a dumbbell. Home Workout & Bodybuilding Plan - Apps on Google PlayNo equipment needed. Bodybuilding App to get six pack, biceps, triceps. A perfect app to start your bodybuilding.Bodybuilding App focuses on 5

What is the best 1 hour workout for chest?

Pretty much anything concentrating on one body part for a whole hour is overkill. Over training is a sure way to be disappointed with your results.Having said that, when I was younger and seriously into bodybuilding I experienced phenomenal gains (without steroids) quite easily everywhere except, my chest. I still don't know

What is the best chest bulk training to maintain a good chest?

Three must have workout variation for your chest muscles are-Bench press (Mass builder)- This is an must have workout for gaining strength as well as put mass on your chest. While doing make sure your chest is out and your back is not fully rested on

What is the best exercise to get a muscular chest?

The best part in doing the exercise is sculpting your body. Everyone bodybuilders would love their toned and attractive body. When you get a toned body, you should have the toned chest too. Because it will make your body to look more attractive.So you need to workout the chest in your body. Chest has the largest muscles

What is the best workout routine for chest and upper body?

When it comes to building your chest i highly recommend focussing on building your upper chest (Incline bench press, incline flyes etc..)I have written a full blog post on how to build up your chest (Exercises, Rest time etc..)Check it out -

What kettlebell exercise can I do for the upper chest?

Again, like the above two have assumed, I shall assume you are speaking about

Which exercise is suitable for increasing chest expansion?

I can definitely help you with this.These are some of the exercises that you need to include in your workout routine:Deep breathing : This is one of the most important exercises that you need to do. Inhale as much as you can and hold it for as

Why do I feel chest pain while taking deep breaths after chest workout?

Is it at its worst whilst you're pretty tired? I used to get this a lot when I first started running. It was because my body just wasn't used to expanding my chest so large to take in more oxygen. I wasn't used to hard physical exercise at that point. Eventually it got better, but it can feel pretty

Why do I feel chest tightedness and pain in left chest region post gym workout?

I see you're a doctor, you should get the idea of this problem. Anyways, it could be because you're not doing a proper cooldown. Cooldown after a workout session is very important as it helps in smooth transitioning from sympathetic to parasympathetic handover, reduces pulse rate,

Why do my shoulders hurt when doing chest workouts?

I had the same problem. When doing heavy benches your upper arm can push back into the shoulder joint and compress the cartilage causing pain.To avoid this, experiment with different angles. I got to where I had to avoid doing flat benches all together. I moved to Hammer press machines.Try this, move your

Why does my chest feel sore after workout for so long?

Hi there,Your chest still feels sore means you have clearly overworked your muscles. Stiffness is there because when there are micro level tears in the fiber of your muscles which takes time to heal. You can apply ice pack in the sore areas but since its on your chest you put minimum ice on the injured

Will specific exercises on the chest reduce fat in that area?

No exercises reduced fat in the chest area, only caloric deficit or surgery reduces fat in specific areas , but its possible to improve appearance of the cheest eventhough of the fat , by weightlifting exercises , such as barbell bench press , barbell incline and

Would you tell me any exercises for chest and triceps?(with free weights and body weight)

The chest and triceps muscles are pushing muscles so exercises that require an upper body push will work at least the triceps or chest. Often it will hit both. Here are a bunch of different bodyweight exercises you can do:Chestregular push updeficit pushup (hands on a box)feet

Do dips work on the full chest?

Yes and no. The whole chest will be involved in the movement. However the sternal head of the Pectoralis Major will take the brunt of the workload. This is simply because your Humerus is working in a downward angle. Balance it out by adding in an exercise that works in an upwards

How to build my chest if I'm skinny

I read lot of answers suggesting push-ups to failure. Granted you will see some muscle gains but they will be lacking definition. You need to divide chest into 5 parts.Upper ChestMiddle ChestLower ChestSide ChestInner ChestThe exercises for each are the followingUpper chest: Incline Bench Press, Incline dumbbell press, incline dumbbell fly, incline cables press

How to grow a bigger muscular chest from an extremely skinny chest

The best and the most basic step to increase the size of your chest is to do regular push-ups. One may not be able to do enough push-ups in the beginning , but the regular practice will definitely increase the no. Of pushups as well as the size of chest.You can do push ups anywhere because they only

How to achieve defined pectoral muscles and chest

Focus on the compound lifts focusing on your chest area. i.e bench press, over head press, dips.For a defined, 3 D look focus on the incline benh press, don't train on the regular too often. Also, forget about the decline. 5x6–8 set/repsThrow in some accessory work,

How to build my upper chest

I'm not sure what your body composition is like right now or what your eating habits are like. If you are smaller framed, it is important to know that more strength training and less cardio is needed to build this kind of muscle. You will

How to get a flat chest

Don't worryWhat lets you down will help you rise above and everyday looking at what is embarrassing to you will motivate you. So don't worry Here is what you can do about itConcentrate on cheat workouts and tell this problem with your trainerLess carbs will help you control the extra fat on it.Keep the chest workouts

How to get my chest more flat (Guy)

The biggest factor in reducing fat deposits , which I assume is the primary cause of you're puffy chest, would be diet. Unfortunately you can't really spot treat fat so having a healthy diet with non processed foods and a calorie deficit will slowly eat away

How often can you work out your chest per week?

Hi Richard,The question you asked can have multiple answers, depending on your goals, but assuming that you are one of those who goes to gym for just being fit, I will answer this.Initially when I started training , I would go to gym six days a week.And this is how my schedule would be.Monday : Heavy Chest, Light triceps

I only have one 35 lb barbell. What are some workouts for chest I can do at home to build muscle?

Start saving money for more weights.      Seriously, that 35-pound weight will not be of much use other than perhaps to familiarize yourself with the proper movements and techniques of lifting, so that when you start using proper resistance, you won't hurt yourself.You are going to need a program, and one geared to what you want

If I'm working chest and triceps together should I do a set of chest and then a set of triceps or should I do all chest at once and then all triceps?

All great answers here to your question... I will step a little outside the box and say to alternate a chest exercise with a tricep exercise. An example would be : Dumbell flyes on the floor + Dumbell Tricep extensions on the floor using a unilateral movement or one arm

Is training chest muscles everyday bad?

Every muscle should be given proper time to relax in order to increase the size, over training and without giving rest to the muscles can result in to shrinking of muscles which will ultimately hamper your interest of getting a muscular body.It

Should I pull the bar to my chest when I am doing barbell rows for my upper back?

I assume we are talking about bent over rows with a straight bar. There is a rough rule of thumb that should be considered. If you pull the bar to your chest you tend... and I use the word

Should you use your belly to breathe or your chest?

Short answer: Both.Long answer: Your main breathing muscle is your diaphragm. It's the large, flat muscle that separates the abdomen from the chest. When you breathe, your diaphragm moves downward toward your feet. At the same time, the smaller, but numerous, muscles between your ribs (called

What is a good exercise for the upper chest mass? I have a really flat and empty upper chest.

It's real simple-everything for chest falls into pretty much just two types of movement categories-pressing movements and squeezing movements-the only exception is probably db pullovers where you lay with your upper back on a bench, and perpendicular to the bench, with your lower back and butt sloping

What is the best way for decreasing all over body fat ?

Our body has two phases of metabolism, anabolic and catabolic. When you do cardio for a long time your body enters a catabolic state leading to fat loss and muscle loss and this, in turn, can lead to critical muscle mass loss which is needed for strength hence cardio is not the good way

What will happen if someone does only back and chest workout for years and ignores all other exercises?

You'll have a developed upper body. A chiseled chest, wide back, turtle shaped triceps ( if you do enough push-ups and close barbell press), a pumped up biceps.Your lower body won't be in proportion with your upper body. They may look like chicken legs. So it's better to focus on a

What would happen if I did only worked out my chest, but never worked out my back?

Picture a skeleton. Now add springs for muscles on the front and back. Now imagine the springs in front are much stronger than the ones in back. You'll see your shoulders curl in and will have massive back pain. That will eventually force you to either build your back up through the pain, or abandon bodybuilding altogether.

What would you rather have: big arms and chest or a 6-pack?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within 24 days.Whether you are aiming to accomplish your exercise

Which exercise should I do daily/regularly for a round butt, a six-pack belly, and a chest?

Completing 8 weeks of The 6-pack Ab 5-Day Exercise Program will maximize your fat loss and muscle tone for excellent abs. Since you can't show off muscle that's hidden beneath fat, your first step is to do cardio. Your next step is to tone your body while you build muscle in your core. To do a 6-pack ab workout,

Will swimming make my small chest stronger?

In his book "The art of thinking clearly" Rolf Dobelli points to the "Swimmers Body Illusion".It says: Many people see all swimmers having fairly good bodies with a strong chest - and conclude that swimming leads to a muscular body.However, this

Can I preserve my chest muscles with push up this summer?

For somebody at a weight of 150lbs, you'd typically be moving around 105lbs during a basic standard push-up. That's just 15lbs shy of your total weight with the dumbbells.The good news is, you can't just preserve your chest size, you can add considerably to your pushing strength and muscle size in the 2 months of not having access to

Despite it's risks of accidents why is the bench press a staple lift for chest even though the dip is arguably equal or better?

The risk of being injured is equally the same for all compound lifts. But if you think about it, why do most people get injured in the first place? From what I see at my gym and at the past gyms I've been to all the

Do I get bigger shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest if I do push-ups?

Let me be honest with you. I did push ups in 2 years every day.You know what I got?No shouldersNo bicepNo tricepsNo big backONLY A BIG ASS CHESTIt looks so ugly.Dude have you any idea how it looks for man with an oversized chest? It look like tits, seriously. You can't tell the difference in a

Do I need to do bench press to grow my chest?

If your primary goal is to "grow" your chest, no.There are a few pro bodybuilders out there that used nothing but flat and incline dumbell presses to build an impressive chest. Unless it's powerlifting, there's nothing written in stone that says you have to do bench presses to build a buffed chest.However, note that Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Do parallel bar dips grow the chest in an unproportional way?

Firstly, it's completely normal to have a little asymmetry in your muscles, relax. Usually your dominant side will appear to be more developed then the other side. All kind of exercises, will leave your muscle a little (if not a lot)

Does a proper push-up imply that the chest must touch the floor?

No. And the reasons are simple.In a push up, the force you are fighting against is gravity. The weight of your body is the weight you are lifting. But in a push you are only lifting around 65% of your body weight, not 100%. This is because you are keeping

Does back training improve the chest?

No.While training opposing muscle groups is important for overall symmetry and prevention of muscular imbalances, most back training simply does not recruit the muscle fibers of the chest.Have you ever seen a rock climber? Those guys have outstanding back development from all the vertical pulling but they have no chest development whatsoever.Training your back

How can a lean guy reduce excessive chest fat?

So you have man boobs? It is possible that you think you are leaner than what you actually are. If you have man boobs you are more than likely overweight. If not you have breast tissue more than likely caused by some type of hormonal imbalance. Check with your Dr as it may require surgical

How to get rid of lower chest fat

There's no way to spot reduce fat. You could undergo surgery if you are desperate about it, however, there are other ways to ‘rid' your lower chest fat. One of the main reasons the chest fat may be bothering you is that your Pectoralis major muscle isn't very developed. So, I'd suggest hitting the bench, and

How can one lose chest fat? I am a boy. Do push-ups help or is running better? I don't want to make my chest bigger.

Dumbbell pulloverHold a low or medium weight dumbbell above your chest and have your elbows slightly bent.Slowly lower the dumbbell back over your head all the way down like in the animation above.Make sure you do this slowly and you feel the

How to build a bigger chest at home

Try this. It worked perfectly for me when I started to workout at the age of 15 and it worked again for me when I was serving at the German Army:You should do this as often as you can. You continously adapt to your progress. No

How many times in a week should I train my chest in order for it to get bigger?

2 - 3 times per week is kind of the max, with 2 being the limit for most people. Muscle hypertrophy takes time, and overtraining the muscle you're trying to develop will do more harm than good. When I build a program, I usually rotate a focus group each

If I did 100 push-ups daily, to what extent would I develop my chests?

Actually experts would not recommend doing repeated workouts on the same muscle every day, I have seen the following video, I felt that make sense, Push-ups and Pull-ups se daily warm up Karna? [GOOD or BAD]But one thing I