What is the best way to learn to cook chicken?

In my opinion, it is learning from the very best chefs. They have tested it and perfected it!I am Leah Berwald, the co-founder of a new online education platform for home cooking, with exclusive classes taught by the world's best chefs, who share and teach their favorite techniques and food through intimate storytelling and hands-on

What is the best dishes to cook with chicken?

There are so many, it's impossible to list them all.What cuisine? Stove top or in the oven? Fried, roasted, braised, barbecued, stir fried? What part(s)? White meat or dark? Whole or cut up?I personally like a fried boneless chicken breast, brined and breaded. Or a quick

What is the best way to learn to cook chicken?

In my opinion, it is learning from the very best chefs. They have tested it and perfected it!I am Leah Berwald, the co-founder of a new online education platform for home cooking, with exclusive classes taught by the world's best chefs, who share and teach their favorite techniques and food through intimate storytelling and hands-on

What is your favourite Indian chicken dish (in gravy)?

From my childhood i have been loving Butter Chicken.IngredientsFor Chicken marinationChicken 1 kgGinger garlic paste 1 tspSalt 1 tspRed chilli powder 1 tspFor GravyTomatoes 2noOnions 3noGinger 2tbspGarlic 5-6 clovesGreem chilli 2noCashew paste 1tspBay leaf 1noCinnamon stick 1noBlack pepper corn 4-5noRed chilli powder 1tspTurmeric powder 1 tspGaram masala powder

Is that true chicken soup can fight a cold?

There is no healing for the fashioned bloodless. But if you're ailing, chook soup may just support you consider higher. Heat drinks, similar to hen soup, tea or heat apple juice, aid speed up the action of mucus through the nostril. This relieves congestion and bounds the amount of time viruses are involved

What are some great side dishes for chicken and rice?

when I think ‘chicken n rice' I think Jamaica ... jerk or stew chicken (or even fried) with rice and peas ... couple of slices of tomato, couple of cucumber and, the 'pièce de resistance', a big scoop of coleslaw - most commonly with cabbage and carrot, but there are many, many variations, sweet, savoury and/or spicy. this is

Which is the fastest way to thaw frozen chicken?

Depends on if you are referring to a whole chicken or cuts of chicken. If you are doing cuts of chicken then the fastest way is in the microwave. Most microwaves have a defrost setting along with a poultry button. You'd want to consult your microwave instructions for this and just keep half an eye on it. Otherwise

Why is chicken meat generally not eaten for breakfast? We eat pork and beef but not chicken meat.

In my old neighborhood in Minneapolis, we had a restaurant named Poulet. That's chicken in French. Everything on the menu included chicken. They served a rather good Chicken Benedict for breakfast as I recall. I tried it several times. It was the

Why is chicken better than red meat?

I think it depends on the cut of the chicken and how you cook it. Boneless breasts or tenders have almost no fat. But if you fry chicken it can end up with more fat than your favorite steak!Thighs have some fat, but you can trim it and buy it

How to make clear chicken broth

There is also an old technique to truly clarify the broth, as if making consomme:  Cool the broth completely.  For each quart, stir in one slightly beaten egg white.  Stir the eggs into the soup quite well.  Without stirring, bring the soup very, very slowly to a simmer--NEVER let it boil.  A heavy, crusty foam will

How to make chicken breast taste better

Some good answers here already, but...Don't over cook it. The tendency is to cook chicken breast until it's dried out and chewy. No good. Personally, I buy good chicken and I rely on the fact that salmonella is really not that common

How to make chicken soup with stock cubes

I've actually done this, usually when to sick to do it properly.Use decent stock cubes. Try to find cubes that actually have chicken listed as an ingredient. I actually use Better Than Bouillon stock concentrate. Use enough stock to flavour 8 - 10 cups of water.Use fresh vegetables. There's no substitute for good veg. Use one or two large

How did Brahmins feel when they ate chicken for the first time?

As many people in India might not be familiar with my surname, though they are familiar with the different usages of the same word, in different contexts, let me specify that I am from a Brahmin household. I have been born and brought up at the industrial

What is the origin of orange chicken?

I had a similar dish once in Hong Kong (If I remember correctly). Some dried tangerine or orange peel in a sauce stir fried with unbreaded chicken. Was definitely not very fond of the dish as it tasted like marmalade

What are the nutritional values of fried chicken gizzards?

A 100-gram serving of chicken gizzards, which is equal to about 3.5 ounces, contains 2.68 grams of total fat, less than 1 gram of which is saturated. If you are looking for lower fat ways to add protein to your diet, chicken

What is the most dangerous type of chicken?

Definitely, fighting Roosters... jungle derived Asian fighting cocks. The spurs must be/are wicked sharp. I did not...I repeat did not intentionally witness a cockfight but I was a witness to one nonetheless. This cock killed its rival, tore him up, slashing

What instructions do you follow for making good chicken noodle soup?

Here in the Philippines, best prepared the night before - I'd prepare cut-ups of a whole fatty chicken, smash half a garlic clove, two Knorr chicken cubes, 50ml fish sauce, and a tsp of whole black pepper. Add everything in a pressure cooker, submerge in water, and cook

Does Turkey taste better than chicken?

It's a matter of personal taste preferences. My wife is Japanese from Japan, and the first time I cooked turkey for dinner, she had to leave the house because the smell of turkey was just too strong for her. She also dislikes duck, which is strong smelling and fatty. I've learned that

How to reheat raising cane's chicken tenders

Microwaving them will make the breading soggy and the chicken rubbery, so you need to use the oven.My recommendation would be to place them on a flat sheet pan (pizza pan or cookie sheet) loosely cover it with foil (to prevent drying out) and place them in a 350F oven for a minutes, then

Is it better for the environment to eat chicken rather than beef?

It is better for the environment to not eat at all. We choose to eat a variety of food for the taste and balanced nutrition. We eat chicken to consume the part that needs to be renewed to make eggs. We eat beef to replace the

What wine pairs well with fried chicken?

There are a number of strategies you could choose to make a really nice pairing with fried chicken:Champagne or dry sparkling white. The old saying that

What are the best ways to cook frozen chicken in a crockpot?

My answer depends on whether your chicken is bone-in or boneless. I don't really think it's a good idea to cook any meat in a crockpot without browning it first, but in a pinch, the following will help:Bone-in: defrost your chicken using the

Is it healthier to eat both beef and chicken a day than just eat chicken?

Is it healthier to eat both beef and chicken a day than just eat chicken?You can eat as much of various proteins per day as you want providing the overall amount of proteins is not more than about 1 gr per kg body weight per

Can chickens eat bread?

If the question means,

How do farmers know when there's a chicken in the egg?

I'm assuming here that there's a rooster (s) with the hens, so that the eggs are fertile. If there is no rooster within the flock, the eggs can't be fertile, and there will be no chick. If the egg is fertile, and has been incubated

What are the components of a restaurant-like chicken soup?

Chicken stock, salt and rough diced mirepoix. The stock is the important bit. I get fresh chicken carcasses from a Korean grocery for 3/$1. 90% of the meat is gone but they make great stock. I cook them with mirepoix, bay leaves and whole pepper

Is chicken halal?

Chicken is halal when it has been slaughtered according to the islamic way of sacrificing animals for the human consumption. Islamic law requires that animals intended for human consumption be slain in a certain manner. The conditions for Halal slaughter can be summarized as follows:The animal to be slaughtered must be from the categories that are permitted for Muslims

How are chicken soups cooked professionally?

As a retired chef (13 good restaurants over 3 global sites)..with no illusions, I have an ‘essential' view.It's easy. Save ALL cut-offs from vegetables except cucumber, celery leaves (bitter), potato peels (rot) , or anything you don't want to ‘enhance' you flavor with....say, cinnamon.Save ALL bones, no matter what carcass - they will add flavor

What is the best cut of meat and the best way to cook it?

Without writing a book covering every possible answer, the question as posed, is essentially unanswerable.If you can narrow the question, you'll find that the answers will be much more useful. For example:What kind of

What is the best way to learn to cook chicken?

I learned how to cook chicken in the simplest way possible. I am a huge fan soups but learned how to make them couple of years back. I was super hungry was alone in my house and the only thing I had were: 1/2 kg of

What are some good Chinese chicken recipes?

Rather than mention the obvious dishes like General Tsao's Chicken or Kung Pao Chicken, "Dapanji" is a dish you should try, otherwise known as "Big Plate Chicken." It is from the cuisine of Xinjiang, China. It is a relatively new dish which I first read about in a column by Chef Mark Bittman of the New

How to cook chicken soup

This is a soup you can be proud of. No matter how many times you've made it before, a pot of this soup on your stove should (and will) result in a self-congratulatory fist pump. And if you've somehow made it this far in life without making chicken soup from

What are the best ways to cook a whole chicken from frozen?

You can cook a whole chicken from frozen easily, even the USDA thinks it's fine. Add 50% more time than you would use for cooking a thawed bird, follow your usual recipe, the chicken will thaw as it cooks. These instructions are from

How to cook chicken thigh fillets

I'm a huge, flexible, fat-sifted chicken thigh, a huge fan. They are cheap, delicious and easy to cook. Actually, I think it's hard to mess a chicken thighs. They are dark enough to stay perfect, but those who like white meat are not as

Why does beef taste better than both pork and chicken?

This is a matter of personal taste. Some people consider pork or chicken better tasting. I combine chicken and pork with quite a few great dishes. And have had varieties of ( southern) fried chicken that still leave my mouth watering. My mother made a spaghetti

When you make chicken soup does it come out of a can or is it homemade?

They make canned chicken soup? Well I'll be.Campbell Soup stock (haha double meaning) used to be in my portfolio, but not often in my pantry. At least not chicken soup. In was

Does rabbit meat actually taste like chicken?

Not exactly, more like pork and gamier but much like tofu, if you add enough spices and sauce you could mistake it for chicken.When I was a teenager we had rabbits, mostly for my little sister who had been begging to have rabbits. We were also poor and there were 8 children in the family.

Why did McDonald's stop selling dark meat chicken McNuggets?

A chicken has about 30% dark meat. When McDonalds's started with McNuggets, using only the white meat would have skyrocketed the price of white meat and dropped the price of dark meat if they only bought and served the dark meat.Additionally, many people like the dark meat. But

What is the nutritional value of Indian broiler chicken?

I don't suggest to have broiler chicken always, go after healthy meat choice.Some of the nutrient values areThe Nutritional Value of Chicken - The National Chicken CouncilChicken, broilers or fryers, breast, meat only, cooked, roasted Nutrition Facts & CaloriesEat This Much, your personal diet assistantHope it was helpful.

What are some delicious things to make with cream of chicken soup?

Ok, you ask the question. Perhaps not the top choice of ingredients but we can't always chose what we use. Nearest shop for me is 16km away, I need to be inventive. So you might want to adjust the seasoning a bit, maybe add some cream or similar. Then you basically have a sauce. Immediate thoughts are as

What happens if I eat a banana after chicken?

Ultimately, it depends on the quantity of chicken and how it was prepared, and how ripe the banana is.I don't recommend eating dead animals, to begin with, but in the spirit of your question, and allowing for a normal portion of a properly-prepared chicken being ingested prior

Is it true that chicken soup is Jewish?

yes, but only when the chickens are Jewish :)no, everyone makes chicken soup. -put a chicken or two in a large roasting pan, preferably after browning on both sides- add potatoes, parsnips, celery, carrots and add a quart of chicken stock, some wine, port or

How to prepare gravy with the cream of chicken soup

It's really much easier just to start from scratch and make a cream sauce base. Melt some butter in a pan or use ghee. whisk in a tablespoon of flour for every cup of liquid you're going to use. Then on medium, whisk

How long should I cook a chicken breast? What is the best way to do it?

Well, that's a good question. How is it that I can walk into my local Noodles and Co and order my pasta with a chicken breast and it's done in the ten minutes or so that it takes me to find a table, sit down, organize my kid and have each of

How to make soup with boiled chicken

I gave this answer in response to another question...I think it will work for you! Here it is:This is my all-time favorite chicken soup recipe, but it only requires four ingredients, plus salt and pepper. (Wait, don't dismiss it, keep reading!) Just a chicken, chicken stock, self-rising flour, and buttermilk. That's it.I know what you

Do chickens like human food?

Let me tell you a story.It was summer, and my family was enjoying a nice dinner of pizza on the lawn. All the kids were roaming around with their slices, and we had let our lovely birds out to roam. My youngest brother, who at that time was in his toddling phase, strayed a bit too