How to forget an abusive childhood

From the ages of 8–20 I was abused in every possible way you can think of, including rape.I thought I had it under control, but I was wrong. As I got in my mid 20s the memories would often flood my mind, causing at first little health problems migraines, panic

What moment in your life made you realize your childhood was dead?

Oh, its not just grew up...At first I wasn't going to answer because my experience does not live up to the anticipated drama your question inspires: No, I was not ‘robed of my childhood'. I was just an ordinary kid in an ordinary environment. It was 1976 and I was well into

Why do you name your pets?

One most basic reasons to name your pet would be so that if you have multiple dogs (or cats) they would know who you are directing the punishment to when you start yelling.Imagine the confusion and stress in the room when you start yelling

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Oh there are so many actually....My childhood has been the bestGoing to parks for playing with my father on his scooter everyday. Actually he is the one who made my childhood so special. Pushing the swing so high when I used to sit on it, fulfilling all my demands, popcorns on a daily basis, jumping high

What's the worst gym class you've been to at school?

Hands down. Weightlifting.Not because we had to lift. I was actually one of the top three female weightlifters in my school. It was pretty fun but, dear god, the teacher was borderline pedophilic. Now keep in mind we're all immature Sophmores in high school. Most of us

What is that one regret you have had in your childhood?

Gobs!!!! Let me list the major ones:I wish I hadRelationships:Been kinder to my little brother.Expressed more gratitude to my older sister for her kindness, and perhaps beg her to take care of herself more, and when she didn't, accept that

What is the biggest myth your parents told you during childhood?

Water Mellon was my most favourite fruit as a kid.I loved eating water Mellon but did not like taking out the seeds of it in the palm and then put in a bowl and afterwards throw in the dustbin. It was a lengthy procedure.

What is the hardest thing you had to go through in your childhood?

Seeing parents having little money to make ends meet !!!I used to cry whenever I see my relatives/friends getting new clothes/toys/pocket money or whatever stuff I couldn't even think of asking from my parents. I used to stare at confectionary

What's a childhood secret you've never told your parents about?

I was 16.I was used to driving the smaller car, I think it was the Ford.I was driving the big Buick and was about to park it into the two car garage which had the Ford parked on the left.It sure looked

What things scared you the most as a child?

My father. My first memory of him started at 9. I had weekly visitation but I don't remember him before that. My mom was a woman you did not disobey. She told me that when I got to dad's house I was to take a shower. I remember not wanting to.

What was the biggest lie someone told you growing up and how did it affect you?

It came from my own Mother who made me believe that me and my brother had the same Father when in fact we do not.I am 2 years older than my brother and we look nothing alike. I am fair completed and blonde hair with hazel eyes and my brother is half

What was your best kept secret as a child?

Lol it's still my best kept secret, my brother gorgie a foster child my mother was going to adopt raped me, in my own room with my mother down the hall I put up with this for 8 months when I was 5, and guess what my brother the one adopted before this

What was your biggest childhood fear? What is your biggest fear as an adult?

For children, it varies by age groups. See which group you still identify with.Infants and toddlers – fear of separation from parent, strangers, loud noises, imposing objects.Ages 2-4 – fear of separation from parent, dogs and/or large animals, darkness, sleeping alone, monsters, loud and/or unfamiliar noises, burglers.Ages 5-6 –

What's one thing you wish you learned as a child that you never did?

What I wish I'd learned as a child was HOW TO DO STUFF!I grew up in a family where my parents never even considered doing handiwork around the house. My mother was a good cook, excellent baker, cleaned fanatically and eventually learned

How do children deceive their parents?

So this one time, a lady, who was our ex-neighbor and my mother's friend came to visit us. She had a son, same as my age. Both our mothers got to chatting, and we went to play.Now I always had this habit of getting really cranky