Are there some parents who don't want their children with disabilities to act the same way as anyone else?

Sure there are! Hopefully most of them, with time.There is a wonderful poem written decades ago (I first saw it over 30 years ago) called ‘Going to Holland' which describes it movingly: Autism Poem: Welcome to Holland It applies to any differently abled child, not just those on the

Children of single mothers have double the drop-out rate as children with both parents. They have lower GPAs, poorer attendance records, higher rates of divorce. Do single mothers know this?

I think the socially, emotionally, and intellectually intelligent single mothers are very aware of this. I was a divorced/single mom for eight years. My focus was on my children, their education, and adjustment. My kids are now 28 and 31. My

Do children born to parents in love marriage get more love and affection from both parents as compared to parents who had an arranged marriage?

NO.........IN love marriage ,there are more commitments before no one is perfect and able to fullfilll all your desire, there is dissatisfaction after marriage and even force them to think over their there is less expectations in arranged marriage, as

Do parents really love all their kids equally?

A better question would be do parents like each of their children equally, and for many of us the answer is no. Children have different personalities and interests as do their parents. Some combinations mesh better than others. So a parent may feel more comfortable with one child and have more interests in

Do people feel obligated to have children to feel normal?

Depends on you.If you are susceptible to pressure from your peers / family/ society , then maybe yes.If you have your own mind and don't care what people think , then probably no.I was pressured by my mom and family friends and was convinced

Do people often change their mind about having more than one child after having their first child?

I am the third child in a family with six children; my wife is the third child in a family with five.  We are currently expecting our fifth child any day now.When we were dating, the joke was that she wanted "no more than ten". Then reality set in. We were the

How can a parent make sure that the child is fine while dealing with a parents divorce? What questions should be asked and how much should the child know?

Having dealt with this in my own life in many ways I will share with you what I believe God has taught me about this matter.1. Children should never be involved in adult matters, the parents need to discuss these things between

How to convince my wife having a second child is a good idea

In your question you ask how you can convince your wife to have a second child. This tells me that you have suggested it and she has said no.Offer to carry the fetus and give birth and then provide all the money

How to get my 14 year old daughter away from her dad

Why would you want too? Is he abusing her? Does he do something to harm her? Or are you just a jealous mom who wants the type of relationship with her daughter that her daughter has with her dad????? IF he's basically a good dad don't fuck that up

How to know if you want to have kids

Assuming you're female, it's your decision to have children.You're the one that will physically bear the children and give birth to them.My wife and I went through a similar process.We had lived together for almost seven years, were around 38 years old,

How does divorce affect children? How can they overcome it?

This will vary by family.In my case I was traveling a lot for business. It wasn't weird or terribly unusual that I got an apartment closer to my regional office, which was about 50 miles from my home. My kids liked the swimming pool at

How does it feel to be raised by sexist parents who favour their sons over their daughters? How do sexist parents treat their daughters around the world?

This is not my story but my mother's. She was born in 1966 in the South of France, to a family from the

How many children do you think you want to have?

We didn't want kids at first. I was too immature and self-centered to give up big pieces of my life to children. But my wife began to want children more and more.When our first child was born, at his first checkback doctor appointment, when my wife was still sore and bleeding

How Many Kids Are Too Many Kids To Have For 2 Parents?

We have had neighbors who have had One child, and typically those families were totally dysfunctional. A lot have two children and they all seem fine. Several have three children and they all work well together.One neighbor has Twelve children (about an 18 year span) and they work together like a well-oiled machine. I coached one

How should a divorced parent respond to an ex-spouse who refuses to help pay for their child's college?

I expected this is what would happen and I was not surprised. About the only aspect of our divorce that he actually did was pay child support and alimony. And that was because I had it done threw probation since

I don't want kids but my wife does. What should I do?

This is an oddly relevant question you asked me - I am in the same boat your wife is in, so I can talk to you from the woman's perspective.I knew before getting married that my husband didn't like

If I am a foster parent and get divorced, will I be required to pay child support for that child?

No, you will not be required to pay child support for a child who is a foster child.  If the child came to you as a foster child and  has been officially adopted by you, then they are no longer a foster child.  A child adopted out of foster care (or any other situation for that matter) is

If my parents never met, yet they each had a child with another partner, which family would potentially birth me?

Assuming that you don't have some pre-existing soul, which there is no reason to think is the case, then none.  You would never exist.  Each of the children born into those families would be genetically different from you.  If both of your parents didn't conceive the night they conceived you, but the next night, you

If your partner already had kids with another person, would you have another child with them?

Finances, and life circumstances permitting, yes. If we are barely making it from pay check to pay check, and I see signs that he is not good with his kids, then those things would definitely prevent me from wanting to

Is it a psychological problem that I don't want to be a mother and I don't like children?

This will sound horrible, but becoming a mother actually didn't change the way I felt about children. In fact, it reinforced most of of my earlier, youthful convictions about the stressors and heartaches of parenting. This horrible feeling, which I could not rid myself of (despite my best efforts to be the best mother I knew how to be

Is it okay for parents to keep asking money from their child's salary for living?

It depends on the state but in general some or all of a child's earnings are under the fiduciary control of the parents.In California, 15% of a child's earnings must be put away in a trust for the child when they reach maturity.  This is due to some history of child actors making

Should governments financially assist families with more than one child?

Going from 0 to 1 child is an expensive endeavor.  Going from 1 to 2 is almost as expensive.  When you go from 2 to 3 the expense is much less.  The modern pain point that is hurting demographics and everything that assumed somewhat stable age demographics

Should I have another child?

All risk depends on your risk tolerance: there are people who plunge into the fire to save others when risk is at 100%, and there are people who refuse relatioinships when risk is more than 20%.What is your level of tolerance? What is your appetite for risk? Your baby

Should I let my 14-year-old daughter drink coffee?

I started drinking caffeinated beverages at age 13. Here's why and how it has affected me:At 13, I needed to be at my bus stop by 6:15 am every weekday morning for school. I usually had 1 hour before this to get up, shower, do my hair, apply minimal cosmetics, eat breakfast, pack my lunch, and walk to

What did your children become, to make you regret having them?

Do not ever regret having your children what ever they become it is their choice, it is their lives they will choose. Whatever they choose is not your responsability. Parents just raise them feed them and give them good examples. It's like food you

What do you think about women who leave their family (with children) for another man?

The reason is... "for a man", this speaks to personal motivation, saying very loudly, "its all about me", an extremely self-centered position. This outrageous disregard for the needs of a child or children who cannot care for themselves, who are dependent on the care of both Mom and Dad (note, Mom & Dad),

What is it like not to want kids but have one anyway?

Despite having this natural and strange ability to have children flock to me and listen to me and cling on to me I never wanted a child. The very idea of having one made me cringe with disgust. Children were nothing more than a burden.

What is it like to lose more than one child?

One is enough but I have lost two. It is not natural for anyone to lose their children before they themselves leave this planet. Survivor guilt although I know I had nothing to do with either death. I also think

What is it like to regret not having children?

There are times I wish there was a little person that I could call mine. Specially during family times like Christmas, Easter, Birthday parties and such. But as much as I love babies and children, as much as I know I would have been a great mom, I do not regret having children.My reasons for not doing so

What is the best way to deal with parents who don't discipline their children but also don't want other people to correct their children?

Years ago, I had a job in a cake and party shop. One day, a couple came in with their small boy (he was probably about three). A few minutes after they arrived, the child walked over to a glass-front candy case and began banging on it with both fists. I leaned over and said to

What is the reason why parents love one child more?

Most parents, unless there is something wrong with them, love all their children, and don't even really love one more, but they may enjoy one more, for a number of reasons. My mother identified with my brother more, because they

Why are some parents so possessive for their children to the extent that they do not understand that they are contributing towards the break up in the marriage life of their children?

Well someone had shared the signs of Kaliyuga story by Krishna on Quora already, so I am just adding the link to his answer instead of copying: Sabyasachi Panda's answer to What did Krishna say about Kali Yuga?Krishna explains that one of the signs of Kaliyuga is that Parents would not know

Why do kids get so upset over divorce?

When my parents almost divorced, I was already 14 and my brother 21, and I was able to rationalize with myself- but I still felt very upset and confused. The confusion was unbearable- how did it end up this way?What will we do? Who are we going to stay with? How will our days

Why do parents love their children so much?

Because we love ourselves and our child is part of us, therefore if we don't love our children it's like not loving ourselves - which is a betrayal and against human nature.Some parents see their children as the

Why do some people send their parents to old age homes?

I'm going anonymous because this is not going to be a nice answer.(and this is a quite long rant I am trying to mask as a reason)First of all, no, I haven't sent my parent to an old age home.

At what age do you give a kid a laptop?

I'm always stunned by questions like this, because age should never be the deciding factor in decisions like this. You give a kid a laptop when all of the following conditions are met:They can handle expensive equipment without breaking it.They know how to handle themselves safely online.There is some need to have a laptop. If their school

Do abusive parents love their children?

Nearly always Yes.Often the problem with abuse is that a person does not know how to express his love. Or finds that the natural way to express it is unusable for him or her.Also consider how abuse is a very over rated word in

Do all parents love their children?

Some parents love their children, some don't love their children. It depends on the parents, and it can depend on the children some, too. Some parents love their children no matter what. Some parents are incapable of love.Being biologically capable of producing offspring is not anywhere near the same thing as being

Do children love their parents as much as their parents love them?

I am going say no but here is what I am thinking:Parents want to have kids (ideally). They want to grow their family and they are willing to love their child no matter what.But for lack of a better term, the kid did not ask to be born. So they might resent their parents if their lifestyle is not

Do parents love their children less as their child ages?

Parents love their children at all ages and time cannot diminish that love. It is a rare occasion that the opposite happens. This usually has its root in some explainable psychological disorder of the mind.Saying that your parents are tired of you in no way explains their attitude towards you. I assuming that you

How much do parents love their children?

I think this varies greatly from family to family. I know that there are some families out there who don't give their children what they truly deserve. Other than the basic necessities, that would be love, affection and the desire to give them

If it was somehow possible, and I think it is, would you consider implanting a tracker in your child so that you can track where they are?

Under no circumstances. Never. I think it is against humanity and undermines the child. Besides I have seldom felt the need for spying on my offspring - luckily. Because I have been part of their lives, always, and they have of mine. Therefore I know them and I know  how much  and in which

Parents: Does love towards your children decrease as they grow?

Well, here's a story. When I had my son, I was in my early twenties. I was completely unprepared and had no idea what I was doing. Incredibly, within a couple of weeks I was feeling like a pro at the whole raising-a-baby thing. And I remember during that time how with each passing day, I could feel

Should children be allowed to use cell phone?

See the world today, and you can find even young kids and school going children busily chatting away on their mobile phones! Today you find kids as young as seven and eight owning a mobile phone. Welcome to the new age worldMobilePhones Effects on AcademicsTeachers in schools are complaining of increasing indiscipline

Should parents give kids allowances?

I know this is controversial. I have always fallen on the side of advocating for an allowance.Some people believe that an allowance should be based on chores. I have seen this done very well in families where the children were older and close in age. They bid for chores and got paid based on

What are the ways to grow kids?

Attempt to answer their questions, when they ask. If it is late, the question is forgotten and it does not hold value. There is lot of learning when these questions are answered. Appreciate all good acts/ habits immediately. In case

What is the best lie you have ever told your child?

Oh, I've got a few.My sister:When I was 10 and my sister was 6 we ended up watching some children's movie about a kid who when he turns 13 starts having odd things happen to him. He gets more and

Why do children love their parents?

1 parents are the first relation for a child in the world2 they are the first one to take care of a child and being human child also develops sensation towards those caring hands3 they are the one who stays with a child in most of

Why do parents love their children so much even though children hate their parents?

It's not that parents ‘hate' their children. But it's often a difficult relationship for two reasons. One is that you're exhausted. With a baby, you can barely find time to bathe, comb your hair, or even go to the bathroom. And, of course you will be sleep-deprived, for years. Even when kids get older, they require a huge amount

Why do parents love their kids more than their spouse?

It looks that way, but it isn't so. Your children are like your arms and legs: You take care of them and protect them almost like a reflex. It is a mindless animal thing, and you may or may not understand or even like your children, but nevertheless, they are PART of you. As a parent of

Why should parents love their children?

This concept of physical affection and ensuring children feel loved is a very western concept. Coming from a collectivist background and growing up in the United States, I have a perspective that can shed light on financially supporting children as a means of affection. There are multiple ways of showing love, and culture can

Are you a working parent or a stay-at-home parent? What is it like?

I work, my wife is currently on maternity leave. We have two boys under 3, and I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous marriage. My position is a little unusual because I am a partner in my business (a pub) and have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. My

As a parent, what is the hardest part about your child maturing through the teenage years?

Your child is not little anymore, and really doesn't need you the way he/she once did.Your child is not an adult either, and, in some ways needs you more than ever.Herein, lies the crazy paradox.A wise parent learns to give his/her child breathing room to explore

Biologically, at what ages is it ideal for a man and a woman to have the healthiest children?

My dad is a doctor, my mom is a midwife. Both had more than 3000+ patients over the course of 30 years of practice.My dad said to me to get married after I graduate and get a husband that is less than 30 y.o. Implicitly he gave a hint

Should employees be allowed more flexible leave time for caring for children and elderly parents?

I manage a school with staff that have young children. I also have an elderly parent. We earn PTO time at the same rate based on working a 35 hour week. My staff never has any accumulated PTO because it's wasted on coming in 15

What are the biggest lies ever told by parents to their kids?

Let's go down in the lane of childhood memories:When relatives used to visit our house I used to get very excited. Firstly because I knew they will get sweets and mom will prepare something special for them. Secondly, I knew when relatives

What is the ideal biological age for a woman to have children?

Eighteen  to  twenty-three  are  considered  the  best  technically . However  the twenties  throughout  are  ok. A first  pregnancy  beyond  thirty   comes  into  the  grey area  when  one  has to  seriously  think  of chromosomal  disorders ,  ie becomes  necessary  to rule  them out. Chances  of anomalies  are  less  in a mother  in her twenties .

What is your greatest fear for your children's future?

Things are changing continually for the better, development and technology improves us. But, today's adults are yesterdays kids whom are lazy, and inexperienced. They're not thinkers like the generation before them. It's the health of baby boomers I'm concerned about.

Why do some people send their parents to old age homes?

I am 16 years old. My mother will only be turning 49 in 10 days. Despite this, we may have to put her in a nursing home in a couple of months.My mother was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) at age 18, but it went untreated for years. She has two forms of it, but it's treatable.

After having your first child, is it any easier when you have more?

In some ways like you know what pregnancy is like you know what giving birth is like, you've learned ways of doing things and how much sleep you get/loose, how to ween, breast feed etc etc. but nothing prepares for you for each little individual soul being different - you may try the exact tactic

As a parent, did you ever feel that you have loved one child more than the other?

This happened years ago in 2001. A terrible earthquake had struck India in Gujarat with epicenter in a city named Kutch.  (2001 Gujarat earthquake )At that time we used to live in Gandhi Nagar which is capital of Gujarat. My mother and my

As a parent do you agree that we too are partial towards one child over others?

Yes as parents we are partial towards one child over others based on situations and scenarios.My daughter exaggerates when her dad is around her. She will cry at the drop of a hat if things don't go her way when daddy dear is at home. In such situations I side or favor my son.When it comes to being responsible

As a parent, do you struggle to tell your children no?

Perhaps this makes me the odd one out, but I didn't really struggle with this at all. I began having children in my thirties, and I already had more than a decade of working with young children, I also feel that I had

Can a non-custodial parent claim child on taxes?

YesThis usually is set up as part of the divorce decree.The default is that the custodial parent gets to claim the dependent, but it can be set up differently via the divorce decree.In my case, I (non-custodial parent) claimed my son as a

Can a non-custodial parent sue the custodial parent for keeping their child away from them?

You wouldn't be suing for money. Such a thing isn't about money. You would be suing for access to your daughter. You would probably seek a contempt order, and you could ask for sanctions as part of that order. This might include money. But most of the time the only money you would get might

Can CPS make the father of my children pay me child support if I don't want it?

CPS is not the department that handles child support. You would need to talk to the division of child support enforcement in your county/state. If CPS is involved it's usually ordered child support to be paid to the state while someone else is

Could you tell some good parenting practices that your parents had with you during your childhood?

If you want to instill in your children that they must tell the truth you can use this method that was passed down in our family for generations.The law of the land was as follows - if you had done something wrong like broke a vase or made

Did you feel unwelcome in your own home when your parent remarried after divorce? How has that influenced your own parenting style or in-home dynamic today?

When I was a kid and my parents remarried... when I was around the kids from the previous marriages (my step-brothers)... you got the feeling that you were the same - but not equal. Years later we're cool with each other... but that was the feeling as a kid.As a parent - I'm not in that situation,

Do narcissistic parents try to control their children even in adulthood?

Yes. If you get married there's a good chance that they will try to sabotage the relationship. They'll undermine your parenting. You won't be allowed to parent your own kids. They'll ignore any preferences or rules that you attempt to put

Do parents understand their children?

I can only talk about Indian parents.Most of the Indian mothers do understand their children. It's the father who doesn't! Fathers, in India, are still less communicative with their children. All their communication revolves around studies, marks, jobs etc.And as it is father who takes all the decisions, children feel that their parents do

Do passive-aggressive parents love their children?

Passive aggressive doesn't mean they can't love .. they love. Their problem is not being able to give voice to whatever is upsetting them. So they tend to pout and throw tantrums when bothered by something. All this in an effort to

Does a child have a right to ask their parents for the money that their parents borrowed?

Let's see if this is correct.Yes, they borrowed money from you.The entrepreneur I have alway been at 13 I had $830.00 saved up. That a lot of yard mowing, gas was $0.29¢/gallon. My mom asked if she could borrow some money for a ticket to see her parents for reasons I won't get into.I gave her

How to convince my husband to leave his job to raise our child

Please consider the facts exposed in this post:How can I convince my wife to leave her job to raise our child?I can't make any specific judments or suggestions regarding the status of your personal relationship but there is are very clear and important

How to tell my parents that I can never have children

Tell them you need to share some information with them, and then just be honest with them. Have you had tests to confirm this? If you have then take this along as well. If you don't feel you can do it then perhaps talk to the family Dr to see if they can talk to your parents. Sometimes

How do children deceive their parents?

So this one time, a lady, who was our ex-neighbor and my mother's friend came to visit us. She had a son, same as my age. Both our mothers got to chatting, and we went to play.Now I always had this habit of getting really cranky

How do the children of parents who arrange their marriages in India feel about this custom?

A2A.I won't exactly classify myself as a very traditional person mainly due to the fact I've lived abroad with my family for most of my life. So do keep in mind, this answer is not representative of all the young Indians out there.Honestly, I am not comfortable with the idea. I trust my parents and know they

How much money is too much to leave to your kids?

Place It in a trust with a responsible trustee or the bank can assume this role and give out equal payments.I think spacing out enough money so that they have a saftey net that can let them do whatever job they truly love will work. Try to come up with a decent livable income, and

How should a new step-parent behave towards their new step-child in the beginning of a marriage?

Hopefully you have already started to develop the relationship well before the marriage. If not, you'll need to start at zero.This child has no reason to trust or love you. They have no reason to listen to you. Your job

I pay child support but never see my child. Is this ethical?

I have a girlfriend whose ex husband never would see his children. One day I was at a bar/ restaurant and her ex was there. I had to ask him why he never saw his own kids. He said that it was good enough that he supposed them. I realize that some

If my parents never met, yet they each had a child with another partner, which family would potentially birth me?

Assuming that you don't have some pre-existing soul, which there is no reason to think is the case, then none.  You would never exist.  Each of the children born into those families would be genetically different from you.  If both of your parents didn't conceive the night they conceived you, but the next night, you wouldn't exist,

If parent 1 takes a kid from parent 2, who has full custody, at kid's request, will parent 1 get into trouble? What will happen?

You need to talk to each of your parents, and maybe your mother will be willing to let you stay with your dad for some amount of time. Not knowing how old you are or what the laws are in your state, you may be able to request that the court allow

If you were going through a custody battle with your ex and Children's Services got involved, would you rather the kids be with your ex or Children's Services, if you were the one deemed as an 'unfit parent'?

Good parents would want their children to experience as little disruption in their lives as possible. Foster care is the epitome of disruption, even in the best of cases.So if I did not have clear evidence that the other parent was unfit, I would accept that the other parent was in their best interest for the time

Is it okay to judge your parents when you don't have kids of your own?

It's never "ok" to judge anyone, parents or any other's. Tolerance of another's perspectives and limitations is a much better path, for your own peace of mind! Your parents are as human as you are...whether or not you understand that now or after you have kids. You have to trust that they may have

Is one child enough, or should there be more?

I would recommend a one child norm strongly in the current generation ...reasons being1.present generation most families have both parents working ..hence bringing up more than one child may be stressful2.with high cost of living n education it's better v pool our earning on bringing up one child rather than split it among a few.3.lack of

Parents, what are the pros and cons of raising a child vs raising a teenager?

Raising a child is easier than a teenager, at least in my house.A child does not eat as much as a teenager, a child still listens to parents whereas a teenager ignores you. A child will still say

Parents with adult children, what age did your child's personality reflect what they would be like as grown adults?

As a father of two grown children, so different and yet so alike in many aspects, I would say around 4 - 7 years old.Our firstborn son had, in the beginning, the privilege of staying awake till late so I could still see him after coming home

Should my friend call the CPS for the psychological abuse of her child by the other parent? She's afraid the kid will deny it, so CPS won't help, & then the kid will have horrific retaliation, but a smart evaluator can't miss the abuse. (PA)

If the child's mother is for sure knowing the other parent is mentally abusing her child then what IS stopping her from calling? The mother should know what the child's father is doing based on the relationship they had in the past. CPS can have physiologists test the child and would

Should parents limit their children's screen time?

Research shows, that children spend up to 7 1/2 hours per day on average in front of a screen. Scientists have proven that excessive screen time leads to addiction, turning children into digital junkies. Here are some facts that support this

Should step parents be able to hit their step kids?

Why do people keep asking about this? Why do so many people seem to want an excuse or permission to hit kids? Spanking isn't discipline! At the most it only focuses attention so you can get a point across and it's only effective if used

Should you tell your adopted child that they're adopted?

I was adopted. I grew up knowing who my biological mother was (I was scary smart, taught myself to read before 4 years old and started, on my own, calling her my incubator). I tried to love her, only to be disappointed in her manipulations. I tried to just

What are successful principles of good parenting?

Respect, love, listening, doing. REspect each other, give and receive respect by showing the proper way to act and respond. Love each other for being individuals. Even children have thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Encourage that, and don't trample it. Listen to your child, and share, honestly, your thoughtful opinions. Do things

What are the most important responsibilities of a father to his children after he divorced?

To remain an important and active part of their lives, and keep the animosity between himself and their Mom to himself- NEITHER parent should EVER ‘vent

What are the various problems faced by parents to get their children married?

The first challenge is to arrive at the right bride or the groom.Next is their demands. The choice is ours toeet it or reject it. Or report it.Following that is the schedule. Some parents want vilayati son IL or D IL. The hurry and the rush begins. Sadly, parents have to go slow on

What do you regret not doing before you had kids?

There was nothing I could afford to do before I had kids. I would have liked to travel more widely, but we were working and buying a house. I had my eldest child when I was 28 and I wouldn't have liked to leave it longer

What happens when a step-parent doesn't like a step-child?

In my case, it's a living hell for the child.My mom and her husband met when I was around 9–10 ish, right after my biological father was finally kicked out of the house and ran away to who knows where (he was abusive to my

What is an alternative option beside lawyers for an out of state non custodial parent being denied summer visitation with children by the custodial parent?

It depends entirely on who denied the visitation and why. If the issue is solely between you and your ex, I highly recommend mediation in lieu of litigation when possible, especially in custody cases. Often times, a skilled and experienced

What is the best advice you have ever given to your child?

Original question - What advices would you give to your child?As a teenager, there's a long time for me to embrace motherhood and raise a child. However, I feel there are a lot of things, I often think to myself, I would like my kids to learn.There's