Why should or shouldn't you give a kid a smartphone?

In secondary/high school, your kid having a phone is a lifeline, when not in class.Aside from kids wanting to keep in contact with their friends through all these apps, You can keep in contact with them, even if it's a text to remind them of curfew, or simply calling to ask them

Why is car safety for children important?

One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is keeping your child safe when riding in a vehicle. Each year, thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes. Proper use of car safety seats helps keep children safe. But

What is something that your child saw that you wished they didn't?

My daughter saw her father dead from an overdose while spending the summer at his home. She was 11 years old. His family had known he was a drug addict for years but they really didn't want to acknowledge the problem and mostly laughed it off. They were

What is the normal age for a child's first words?

Well, it really depends on the child. Most people don't realize it, but a child learns and comprehends 95% of their vocabulary in their first 6 months, so it is very important to talk to your child using a normal, not whiny,

What is so great about having kids?

The absolute topmost best thing about having kids is....well, it's a long list, honestly. I have a great job, interesting and well-paid, and I've travelled and studied and I love my husband but NOTHING comes close to having kids in terms of importance. For me.

Is a second kid really important?

Let me give you a different perspective.Once upon a time, in 2012, a little girl was born. She was one of those kind of babies, who were never a baby- they were old souls just waiting for their bodies to catch up to their maturity. Life with my daughter was smooth sailing- the

What TV shows or movies did you watch as a kid that you shouldn't have?

When I was five: The Twilight Zone. My parents loved that show, and allowed me to watch with them; I really can't tell you why. When my father worked late, Mom couldn't watch alone. She would make us lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches and we'd huddle on the couch, eating and trembling.When

What's the best way to stop kids leaving lights on all over the house?

As a former electric utility engineer I can tell you that people tend to fixate on lights being on without it actually costing you very much money. I suppose it is because it is something they can actually see? However, leaving a 75 watt incandescent light bulb on for eight hours will

Should I give my kids child support money?

You may give your children as much money as you wish, and I encourage you to do so. Teach them to be responsible for their money.THESE GIFTS WILL NOT COUNT TOWARD CHILD SUPPORT.Child support is an obligation of the noncustodial parent to be paid

How to deal with a teenage child stealing money

You sent her to her biological parents for a while ? I wonder if she was your own daughter what would you do ? Face the problem head-on, call a third party particularly someone she respects like a teacher or an older mature peer or even one of

At what point do parents give up on a child?

Why would you give up on your child? Even if they grow up to be selfish and forget their roots.we shouldn't have raised them with expectations. Love towards a child should be hnconditional. No one's perfect and don't expect your children to be. So many parents are alienated from

How to be a good child to my parents

By knowing & playing your role perfectly!See, most of the people in today's world are confused about the relationship between parents and children. Should the child listen to their parents in everything or the parent should listen to the child in everything or is it a half half deal? Many number of

Who shouldn't have kids but have anyway?

Generally people who shouldn't have kids are those that are not mentally competent to raise children, or have a personality

Do parents ever give up on their kids and why?

Do patents give up on their kids and why?Yes. Parents give up on their kids the same way some kids give up on their parents, siblings, extended relations, spouse, friends.... People give up on other people because there comes a time when self preservation is necessary. That may sound cruel but I've seen and lived through it. Growing up,

Is the Fortnite Battle Royale appropriate for kids 10-11 years of age?

As long as you mute other online players mics, yes. There is no blood. There are guns that you shoot other players with, but if you restrict a 10 or 11 year old from that, you're a pretty strict parent

My 15-year-old son is browsing on his phone at 3:00 a.m. What should I do?

I'm pushing 60 and one of my favorite bad habits is looking around online on my phone in the middle of the night, when I should be sleeping. If I wanted to break myself of this habit in the name

How does a child control their parents?

Child control their parents by Emotional blackmail. Child tell if you don't get be mobile , bike , dress ect i will not study or i will leave home. He / she tries to cry & get their requirements to be bought by parents. Emotional blackmail their parents & get their work done.

What are the names of some books which are good for kids (age 8-15)?

I would suggest "Children's Knowledge Bank" (Pustak Mahal publication). It has six volumes and each volume has information on wide variety of topics written concisely in simple language. If the child is interested in reading or a particular subject/topic then this book might be of help to a good start in enhancing one's general knowledge.

What age do children generally start k-12 schooling?

In most states, children are 5 before they enter kindergarten. If you're talking in terms of development, it's best to wait until at least 7 to start educating. (Read "Better Late Than Early" (the Moores) and "The Hurried Child" (by David Elkind.) If you're asking in term of legality, check your specific state's laws. California requires

What age did you get your kids a smartphone?

Though I'm not a parent, I received my smartphone once I turned 16.At the charter school I go to, there are both middle school students and high school students. Most of the 6th graders, assuming that the majority of them

What parenting techniques that have helped you keep a toddler happy when he is super active and gets bored easily?

If your toddler is super-active and gets bored easily, it sounds like he is a normal toddler. At their age, they usually have an attention span that is only about two to three minutes, combined with a very high energy level. They learn about everything by

I have a 12 year old son who is asking for a smart phone. What is the good age to buy kids a smart phone?

A 12yo needs a phone to phone or text home.   That's all.   They don't need a smart phone.They might _want_ one, and this can be a good introduction about how to get what you want in the world.

What is the brutal truth of being the smartest kid in the classroom?

I wish I had an answer to that. But I guess at very young age being smartest is like having a hell of a party. And all you can say to that is why didn't we do better when we had the chance. I had it diffecult up through time. So I did not realize my genius until I

Should parents give their kids homework?

If the parents have a college degree or the academic background to do it I will say give your kids homework so you check it out. Doing homework will keep the kids working to keep their balance in a given class. And if the

How to get started designing video games for kids ages 4 to 8

You have to think like like kids to do this.Nintendo is making best video games for kids.you can take idea from there.

At what age do American kids get their first cell phone?

5th grade, give or take a year, for girls in Arlington, TX.  Later for boys.I'm talking about their own actual phone that is theirs to text with, exercise their photographic talents, take to their friends' houses, make FaceTime calls with (if it's an iPhone).  Just the basic "emergency" phone would be maybe 3rd grade or so.

Have people started having kids at a younger age again?

I'm not sure if this is something that's happening in general, but I don't think it's right to have kids so soon. I mean, In the 20s or somewhere there close people have got important things to do, like school, and also kids ask for responsability and a considerable life experience.

At what age can one start taking kids to the cinema?

It all depends on the child. If your child can sit through movies at home with out being distracting or losing interest, then they are ready to try theaters. My kids began going to theaters at 3-4, but they were good movie watchers

Why is coffee bad for children?

haha why is sugar bad for children? why is extremely fatty food bad for children? why crossing the street alone is bad for children? why not getting enough sleep bad for children? why drugs bad for children? why extreme poverty bad for children? why sickness bad for children? why soda pop bad

How to teach kids 'not to give up'

An idea.Offer them a chocolate. Just as they try to take it, hide it behind your back. Tell them

How to feel about teaching kids how to shoot a gun

It's a good idea. It removes the mystique of it being forbidden and they learn safe firearm handling skills.

Does a smartphone make kids intelligent?

Note: Answer written below is my personal opinion and need not be the case of majority.I am in my mid 20's born in 90's in a middle class family. As it turns there were times were we struggled to meet the basic necessities for living and seeming to own a smart phone as a kid seemed a farfetched

What is the ideal biological age for a woman to have children?

The ideal biological age doesn't give you the ideal age for parenthood.  Very young women tend to have much easier deliveries.  Older women have greater risk of  unwanted complications.  Children born to either end of the spectrum can be incredibly intelligent.  

What is it like to regret having children?

Going anonymous on this one, for reasons that are, or should soon be, obvious.Although I've always loved being around kids (I was the guy playing with all the kids at any party) and they seemed to take to me, I knew I never wanted to have any of my own. Fortunately, my wife felt similarly... until she

At what age can a kid do a situp?

So this is a really interesting question that I'm asking myself all the time.  My toddler is 18 months old and every since he was born, I've been curious about his abdominal development.  Early on, he seemed to have (from my very naive eye) Diastasis recti -- where the abdominals are separate and so I've often examined

What will be good tips for raising a kid with dyslexia?

Be patient. Seriously, that is all that it takes. Be patient while teaching things to your child, accept that they might need help, and try to not be hard on them.Accept that they have dyslexia.I understand, it can be difficult to accept that your child may have difficulty getting through his

What is the best age for children to start school?

i think kids learn everything so fast its not about age ,its about kids behavior ,teach them to how to ask teacher  to go to potty, make sure they dont cry for parents , make sure they dont hit people, make sure they respect others, some times kids spit on others, you have

At what age can one start taking kids to the cinema?

It all depends on the child. If your child can sit through movies at home with out being distracting or losing interest, then they are ready to try theaters. My kids began going to theaters at 3-4, but they were good movie watchers

How important is it to send your kids to college?

Our sons had one prime directive:Move out at age 18And they had these offers:Come to us with a reasonable plan and we will assist you in getting your college bachelors degreeEnlist in the militaryDo something else with an excellent plan and Good LuckThey both did option one (attend college with an excellent

Should you give a kid an allowance?

Barbara Coloroso in ‘Kids are worth it!' gave an interesting answer which I've tried to implement in my house.Children, as members of your household, are entitled to certain benefits of living in the household as well as certain responsibilities and should receive each commensurate with their age and ability.As members of your house children get benefits: food,

What car did you give your kid at the age of 16?

Easy, none.Studies show they are more likely to have an accident if it is their car. Our children drove one of our older cars. We had a safe, reliable spare car but if we needed it they had to make do.We kept them on the insurance until they did something to raise the rates. If they

Are you afraid to put your child in public school?

Yes I believe I'm afraid to put my daughter in public school, there is so many different things I don't want her to get involve in. My daughter is only 2 years old, but this question comes to my mind quite often because the dangers in public schools has become a big issue. Public schools have changed so much

Should I give my kid an allowance without earning it?

Try to at least give them some token tasks to do around the house. It can be as simple as keeping their own room reasonably tidy or watering some plants. Make the allowance contingent on whether the tasks are done.A bit of free money probably won't ruin them for life or anything, but it may result in bratty behavior

Why do most states give parental control of a child to the mother?

It has to do with sexual politics. Back in the nineteenth century, when most people lived on farms, children were an economic asset to the family and were usually left in the father's custody. Today, in the twenty-first century, children are an economic liability and are therefore put into the mother's custody.

What are ways that multiple kids can share a smartphone?

Instead of a smartphone, get them an iPad. I advise on putting up parental controls. Block the safari app and the youtube app, put on kid friendly apps like youtube kids and some fun games, and put a password up so they can't download any apps that are not pre-approved by you. So if they