Are almost 100% of products in China ripped off?

No.It does not take too long to find Chinese products that are not ripped off but because of the business works these days it is hard to tell. Let me give you three examples (one of which is a rip off but I don't know which way...)There are a few things to be aware of first. There are different

Are Hong Kong people rude?

The trick is, has anyone privately tracked them?I have - for years - and not just for Hong Kong people. (smiles)Since my early teenage years, I do

Do Europeans see the Chinese infrastructure extension along the New Silk Road as a benefit or a threat?

Both.It is a very positive initiative for every country concerned. Chinese investments are generally welcome. It is also a great opening for new trade potential between Europe and Asia.But it also makes people nervous for several reasons:China is a bit of a new player here.

Do you like Chinese girls or Russian girls better?

Do you like Chinese girls or Russian girls better?Well, I got A2A, so here goes. This is based purely on aesthetic attraction of course, since

Do you think China will accept gay marriage?

In 20–30 years.Gay marriage is a concern for my parents' generation (born in the 1950s and 1960s). There are man-made reasons. For example, they can only have one child. If the only child is gay (which happens a lot actually), the entire family won't have an natural heir in the normal way. This motivates homophobia to some extent.It's not

How do Sichuanese people stay so skinny even though their food is so oily?

Coming From a Professional Chinese Person HereSpicier the food, the higher your metabolism goesPeople generally run around for hours on end after having some basic spicy meat skewers (burning calories)Not everyone eats the oil- it's just there as a condiment - and it's like ketchup essentiallyThe oil is mainly for the benefit of the restaurant, the

How does divorce work in China? How are assets divided?

There are only two possilbe options to get divorce in China,Divorce by agreement. Such procedure can only applies if(1) marriage were registered in China;(2) both parties can reach an agreement upon the issue related to resolution of the marriage, property, child custody, vistation, maintenance, debt, etc.Divorce by litigation. A standard procedure would happen as follows,(1) The

How far is China from legalizing same-sex marriage?

There's still a prevailing conservatism when it comes to marriage in Singapore. It has to be that of a man and a woman, and there are still many purveyors of this belief in the city state. There will always be a handful

How might a Chinese boy meet an American girl?

Ah.. Let's assume you are already in the US:1. Learn English and make sure it's fluent enough to engage a conversation. Light accent is not a problem. Try to initiate a conversation with girls you are interested. Most of the american

Is China a dictatorship?

Hell yea!China is a dictatorship country that surpass many democratic countries in the world. The visions are clear and the statements are rocklike. Civilians rarely ever interact with the government, and the government rarely impose on the people. In any city of China, the amount of patrols made by police are meager

Is China killing Hong Kong?

NO. Mainland China is now sustaining Hong Kong. Without support from Mainland China, Hong Kong would quickly loss its current fabulous prosperity.STOCKSHK's major source of growth is its financial sector. The size of the HK Stock Exchange is a key segment of HK's financial industry. It is now one of the fastest growing

Is Chinese cuisine the most unhealthy?

Not always trueOnly Chinese cuisine from Northern regions of China, Hunan, and Sichuan are not healthy and greasy.Cantonese cuisine could be healthy because there are Cantonese dishes which are light and healthy, but unfortunately Cantonese cuisine is sometimes rather greasy and rather unhealthy because there are still

Is it hard to get a divorce in China?

In litigation, many divorces proceed through the following sequential steps. (Cases that are settled or resolved in mediation do not proceed to trial.) One of the chief hallmarks of China family law approach is caring about our clients. Our China

Was China's one child policy effective?

It was a very necessary evil for just survival.I will only focus on food issue. Food is indispensable and irreplaceable, you can't manuefacture food in factories with petroleum or minerals, and as a matter of fact, it requires arable land and time to grow them.Without one-child policy, hundreds of millions of Chinese (also a very very large

What are divorce rates in China?

Rates and figures:According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the divorce rate in China increased to 3.9 percent in 2015, with 3.63 million couples bringing their marriage to an end.  This is a sharp increase from 2014's 2.67 percent. In Beijing, evidently nearly 40 percent of marriages end in a

What are some common misconceptions about China?

Not all assumptions about China are true. But there sure are a lot... here are a few.China girls & boys are ‘easy' for foreigners.People in China are not easy for foreigners. Every person is different. Chinese people have standards too like Americans, and Canadians, and any other country. Some

What are some common misconceptions about the economy of China?

[1]. China has not undertaken major reforms in the last decade.The Western media look for

What are some misconceptions that Americans may have about China?

There are a couple of ideas that come to my mind:1. The Chinese government vs the Chinese peopleI'd like my fellow Americans to understand that the Chinese government isn't always representative of the Chinese people. Just because the Chinese people aren't actively trying to change the system doesn't mean they agree with everything the

What are some of the best English names Chinese people give themselves, but are not generally found outside China?

I am the only Chinese who don't use Eng name in my current company where I am surrounded by colleagues naming themselves in creative but weird if not wacky names.  Purely out of my interest I am trying to make summary on these spectacular Eng names.1, very common

What are some unknown facts about China?

There are many things that a lot of people don't know about China.Chinese women usually keep their last name/family name once getting married. They don't usually take their new spouse's name. Many children also choose to take on their mothers family name rather than father's.China has

What are the best summer travel destinations in China?

BeijingNaturally, no list of places to visit in China would be complete without featuring Beijing, the capital city and one of the most populous cities in the world. Rich in history and culture, a visit to this city is a must! Despite the ever-growing amount of crowds, while in Beijing, a trip to see the Forbidden City, the Great

What are the main cultural differences between China and the USA?

A bit of background for context: I'm a dual citizen of Hong Kong (a SAR of China) and USA that can read, write, and speak Chinese proficiently. I've been to tier 1 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen/Guangzhou (frequently) and do business there. I

What are the most common misconceptions about China's economic growth?

I think the most common one is people think China's economy growth is over-rated. In fact, it is more likely under-rated.Robin Daverman's answer to Why does China hide its GDP growth strength?There is more detailed analysis available on Chinese forums. Basically people are questioning the accuracy of published

What do old people in China do to keep fit?

Keeping fit is largely not their purpose, keeping healthy is.Government has been setting standard sports equipments and machines in the parks in everywhere. The money comes from government budget and selling lotteries. They are literally everywhere and the seniors really like those.Taichi and martial arts. This requires long

What do you think of Chinese girls, and how they appear to foreigners?

I wouldn't have answered this but you seem like a nice girl, even if you're asking a particularly nerdy part of the internet for dating advice.The first part is personal, social psychological analysis. Skip to the bottom for my personal recommendations to you.***I personally was never into Asian chicks before I spent much time in China. I found

What does China think about homosexuality and gay marriage?

If you are referring to the Chinese government, there's not an official statement on that. So it's like on a lot of sensitive topics, the government is avoiding to comment. Because this is more of a cultural and social matter rather than political or economic. For the government, it is not important to have a clear

What industry do most expats in Hong Kong work in?

The most expats in Hong Kong work in home jewelgry industry. but since the competition is so fierce.I suggest you to choose a very innovative, exclusive, and non-competition product to sale. I have seen a very creative product when I went abroad few days ago. It is the globle pioneer backdrop product and all the patterns are original

What is it like to live in Macau?

#Language:Cantonese is used for daily conversation. Mandarin is acceptable, but senior generation probably do not speak it clearly but they can basically understand. English is basically okay in restaurant, shopping malls, cafe shops, etc. Although Portuguese is one of the City's two official languages, most people can't communicate with Portuguese.#Food:Cantonese cuisine dominates. Personally I think Cantonese

What is it like to work in Hong Kong?

I'm assuming that you've got an internship with a big company.If it's an international company, 95% of it will be like any other company.  A few differences are that people tend to stay in the office longer, and the culture is much less flexible.  If you

What is one thing everyone gets wrong about China?

That China is a cohesive, monolithic nation-state.Did you know that 500 million people live in abject poverty outside Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in China?Did you know that the Major Cities operate as Sumerian City-state in political structure?Did you know that the wealth of southern China dwarfs the wealth of

What is the most popular sport in China?

Popular, as in the number of people participating? or the number of people watching?According to a survey by the General Administration of Sport of China in 2015 (couldn't find anything newer than that), among adults age 20 and above, the most widespread means of exercise

What makes Chinese skin so smooth?

Twenty year ago, I was in the US. One morning, I was having my break first. One waitress (about 25 to 30 years old) served me (28 male) with some typical American breakfirst in a restaurant (60 km away from Boston city).

Where is Hong Kong going?

It is becoming just another Chinese city in the same way Shanghai became just another Chinese city 70 years ago.Hong Kong was always a Chinese city with a western veneer. Westerners and westernized Chinese liked to think of it as being fundamentally different because of the British colonization, but if

Why are countries like India and China so densely populated? What are the circumstances and reasons?

Abstract:India and China together hold 20% of world's arable land (land suitable for a major crop), producing 50% of the world's rice and 30% of the world's wheat. They are spread around the Tropic of Cancer (a great zone for human settlement), were unified multiple times in the past (leading to a

Why are Sichuanese girls so pretty? Is there a different genetic make-up? Are they not pure Han?

First, let's look at the definitions of pretty and Sichuanese, because the words certainly have different interpretations. Here, I assume you mean physical attractiveness, i.e. girls who look relatively young, with smooth skin, well-proportioned bodies, and regular features. You may also want to note that

Why is the divorce rate in China high?

This is just my opinion based on personal observation and extended family research, but I attribute it to the

Why is WeChat popular in China?

As of August 2017, WeChat has 963 million MAU, the most popular social media App in China. (The second popular App is QQ with 663M MAUs, also from the same parent company, Tencent).It's popular for the following reasons:WeChat is a one-stop solutionWestern

Would China support same sex marriage, because of a couple's genetic incapability to give birth?

I see China having marriage equality in the next 20 years.Marriage equality is inevitable. China will eventually have full recognition for same sex marriage. It's just a matter of time.In the next 10 years, the chance of having full recognition

Are Chinese and Koreans the same?

No. Korean and Chinese are, linguistically, culturally and genetically, different.Of course, there are similarities-such as using same sino-glyph[1] in many written languages in past and even present. Especially in Japan in present day, the sino-glyph is widely used in written language.[2] In Korea, it's called

Are Chinese women more socially dominant than Chinese men?

If we do, why our life are still so hard?When you interview, they will ask you two questions before others. "Do you married?" and "Do you have child?" They hate single or unborned women, because we will pregnant

China: What are some mind blowing facts about China?

Lets Begin :)Twenty million trees are cut every year to meet Chinese demand for chopsticks.                                                                             

China's contribution to Japan's defeat, did the nationalist or communist party deal the most damage to Imperial Japan?

Quoting at lengthAt the onset of the war, then, the CCP was not in any position to defend anyone from the formidable Japanese military. In fact, it wasn't even in a position to defend itself from the KMT. The initial battles of the second Sino-Japanese War in southern China were the largest

Did Chinese people love Indian?

I attended a Buddhist symposium in Thailand, most of the attendees were from China. South Korea, Indonesia, vietnam. 90 % of them were ChineseI was curious as what their views were about India, my country.Frankly speaking many have no idea about India and they don't know anything about India,

Do Chinese people still ride bikes?

Very few.When I first went to China, there were no cars. The streets were filled with bicycles everywhere. Maybe from time to time there was a truck, a taxi or a black Audi with a government official.Last December, I counted again: Almost no bikes. The Mobike and Ofo's (rented bikes) hype is over.

Have you ever got scammed in China?

It was September 2013, around 4 PM and the temperature was above 35 degrees.First time I stepped in Shenzhen, PRC and I was carrying a big luggage, a small luggage, a backpack and I was all alone at the metro station in Shenzhen.I was very excited for my new adventure, but I had only 40 minutes to

How to detoxify my body after living in China for several years

Simply eat a healthy diet. Avoid toxins in the food you eat now. To help combat any negative effects of the foods/substances you may have/did ingest, make sure to eat foods that are high in nutrients like fiber, water,

How common are bikinis in China, South Korea and Japan?

I suspect some people don't want to answer because they'll get suspected of looking at bikini girls all day, or of photographing them. But I'll bite-Korean women do wear bikinis, but less so than North Americans or Europeans do, and the bikinis are a bit dowdy in comparison. It's a conservative country. As well, Koreans have the odd

How different are China and Japan?

Japan learned and imported a lot of Chinese culture during the Tang dynasty. Both Japan and China were heavily influenced by philosophers such as Confucius 孔子 and Han Fei 韓非. Japan is still influenced by Confucianism like Filial Piety 孝 and Li 礼 which is a kind of a

How do Russian see Chinese people?

Russian people are very different. Many of Russian people do not care about China at all. People, who do not support Putin (like me) see in China a more peaceful and smarter way to oppose American hegemony comparing to Putin's brute-force militarized approach with little care about improvement of the life in province. I know from Laozi

How important is WeChat to residents living in China?

For us in Silicon Valley, one anecdote can help give context.Back in the mid-2000s, VC Jeff Jordan met a young entrepreneur named Mark Zuckerberg for lunch. Zuckerberg's phone buzzes. He looks down and smiles. Zuckerberg gets his daily metrics report via text, and he asks Jordan,

How is food so cheap in China?

I've been to Nanjing, and I had a GIGANTIC bowl of lanzhou lamian for only $2.36. It was the most delicious stuff I've ever had, and it was also really healthy. Street food and small restaurants are super cheap in China, and also give large amounts while using traditional ingredients and spices, instead of processed crap (unless you

In Japan and China, how serious is the campus bullying problem?

China has no such problem?  I totally disagree.  I think the problem very much exists, and in some cases, extremely serious. We haven't heard a whole lot about it because the issue is not well recognized (or prioritized) as a social phenomenon yet.   As Baidu mentions, in China, bullying doesn't get reported until it touches upon criminal

Is bullying common in schools in the USA?

Yes, it is.Over 160,000+ students avoid going to school everyday because of fear of bullying. And that's based on statistics in 2014.Here's a sample of what goes down:According to one study cited by the DHHS, 29.3 percent of middle school students had experienced bullying in the

Is bullying in schools common in China?

Yes, but it can be check by escalating it into fights or via class or pioneer/youth league leadership positions. While I'm normally quiet with decent grades and don't get involved into thing, I could fight when puched and make the bully

Is Chengdu a better city to visit than Chongqing?

I have just been to Chongqing on short visits, so I can't fairly compare the two equally gorgeous cities. However, if there is only limited time to visit one of them, I personally would slightly prefer Chengdu.So first things first: food. The food in Chengdu

Is it true that mainland Chinese who do not exercise regularly are actually much healthier than mainland Chinese who exercise regularly as the latter group takes in more smog from exercising and inhaling too much toxic air molecules?

I live in Shanghai and used to live in Beijing. Taking Beijing, the pollution is bad in only 3 months of the year, November, February and July (and not everyday then) and nothing like so bad, even at its worst, than New York when I was there in 1967 or London where I lived

Is WeChat Pay popular in China?

Yes it is popular. In a more comprehensive description: it is popular in China in cashless payment field but less popular than Alipay and its share is growing up.It is carried by Wechat which is definitely dominant among all the social or

Is WeChat popular in other countries? As we cannot use Facebook and Twitter in China, I want meet someone on WeChat outside of China to know more about the world.

Wechat was launched in South Africa about 3–4 years ago. The local company supporting this happens to be Naspers Ltd, a 34% owner of Tencent, the maker of Wechat. I met with a business development person who told me they are struggling to expand their userbase because of the confusion with Whatsapp.Both apps have a green brand

WeChat is quite popular in China. Are there many people from other countries using WeChat to contact each other?

Let me give you some data.according to annual report released by tencent, the company that developed wechat, overseas users of wechat has surpassed 20 million until August 2014.The top 3 countries are india, indonesia and Malaysia. Growing markets are Latin America

What American television series are most popular in China?

Most of the answers just list a bunch of shows. I want to answer this question a little bit differently. First, I think most Chinese are not familiar with the major networks. Many people cannot even name the five networks. For example, many Chinese may watch Big Bang Theory for years and do not know which network

What are some cultural differences between mainland China and Taiwan?

I'm going to bypass all the political mumble-jumble that everyone else seems to inevitably bring up and go for some more light-hearted stuff.First of all, I should mention that the PRC is big, and while Taiwan is small, we also have numerous cities with different lifestyles and culture. Therefore, everything I will mention will primarily be focusing on

What are some less known facts about modern China?

I grew up in a central district of a Chinese city that is not coastal, and it'a even quite behind in terms of developments comparing to other famous cities at that time.It was more than twenty years ago that a luxury shopping mall was completed near my home. I was a kid at that time. It

What are some little known facts about China and Chinese culture?

When doing the traditional greeting gesture, the Gongshou Gesture (拱手礼), one should cover the right fist with the left palm instead of the other way round. Nowadys even native Chinese are mostly ignorant about this rule and just anyhow do as

What are some of the most mind-blowing facts (preferably rare/unknown facts) about China?

China is a fascinating country! I spent more than 2 amazing weeks in Beijing more than a month ago. It was not enough to explore the beauty of this country, so I will definitely go back there in the future. Anyways, there are so many fun facts about China to share with you!

What are some tricks to stay healthy in a polluted city?

I'm going to give you two that might be a little less obvious.Wash your hands as often as possible, much more than you think is necessary normally. If you went outside, went shopping, rode the metro, then wash your hands when you get home. This will prevent you from getting most cold and flu cases, as well

What are some unknown facts about China?

There are many things that a lot of people don't know about China.Chinese women usually keep their last name/family name once getting married. They don't usually take their new spouse's name. Many children also choose to take on their mothers family name rather

What are the main cultural differences between China and the Western World regarding business etiquette?

Communication and Trust are the key factors to be successful to do business in China.Understand the CultureTry to understand the established customs and traditions, no matter how different they are in the western world.Follow the business etiquette in

What are the main cultural differences between China and your country?

I've never been to China but I did some traveling around Europe and the US and even have been to Thailand once. So what I can do is I can tell you the things about Russia that I haven't seen anywhere else in the world.1. People.When you walk around Moscow the amount of

What are the main cultural similarities between the US and China?

Both are very large, with large populations. Both have diverse landscapes and a diverse population.In the modern era, neither of them are welfare states. Both of them are quite capitalist. Both of them are very patriotic. Both of them view themselves as a superpower of importance.In the modern era, both cultures are relatively

What are the main differences between what's culturally acceptable in China vs. the U.S?

There are many differences but one obvious one is a preference for family in business. The arrest of an executive of Huawei displays how some Chinese businesses, even important ones, are run by family members. That is unlikely to happen in the US, particularly in the tech sector in which Huawei operates.So, family connections come first in Chinese

What are the most popular team sports in China?

In terms of TEAM sports,China is probably the best at women's volleyball if that counts.Basketball is probably the most popular team sport

What are the most scenic places to visit in or near Shanghai, China?

i lived in shanghai for almost 2 years and was able to visit many places in Jiangsu Anhui and Zhejiang province which are all located close to the city of Shanghai. Many of these locations are accessible by high speed trains, long distance buses and

What country do Chinese people admire most?

As a 80s Chinese, per my understanding, the answers are:We admire the openness and the spirit of innovation of the U.S.We admire the engineering spirit to make the best products of Japan and Germany.We admire the ability to gain commercial success of the Jewish people.We admire the science achievements by all the great western talents.We admire the battle

What do old people in China do to keep fit?

Keeping fit is largely not their purpose, keeping healthy is.Government has been setting standard sports equipments and machines in the parks in everywhere. The money comes from government budget and selling lotteries. They are literally everywhere and the seniors really like those.Taichi and martial arts. This

What do old people in China do?

The old people in China do the same type of things in general that other old people from other countries, cook, eat, cleanSleep.some workexercise - group dancing at night - morning exercise in parkspend time with family.most look after grandchildrenappreciate musicpractise Taichi in the parkmeditatepraygo to church or a place of worshipread the newspaperhang out with friends and

What does a typical Chinese breakfast look like?

Typical is such a broad term.Different regions in China have different breakfasts. Everything from noodles, soups, buffet, hot pot, dumplings, steamed buns, deep fried stuff, and even beer because you can buy beer 24 hours a day. And I always had beer for breakfast, kills the germs as a visitor.My Favorite:GuiLin Rice Noodles - I

What is a good itinerary for 4 days in Chengdu?

Below is the 4-day Chengdu sample itinerary for your reference. Hope you have a nice Chengdu trip.Day 1 Chegndu ArrivalWelcome to Chengdu, the hometown of Giant Panda.Your local guide will meet you at the airport

What is a popular food trend in China right now?

That is a difficult one to describe given the size of China and the different levels of development in China.For example, in Guangzhou, Hunan food is very popular, but less so in other areas. Though I suspect Hunan food will group in

What is the best Chinese food dish? Why?

You have sown the wind, my friend; prepare to reap the whirlwind.This is going to be an extremely objective, rational, scientific answer not at all based on personal biases or arbitrary judgments or whatever I happen to be jonesing for at the moment.However, I refuse to

What is the best way to learn Chinese?

Short Answer: Find a Westerners in a similar life situation as yours who learned Chinese to the level of proficiency you desire and ask their advice.  Most likely you'll discover that they best (and perhaps only) way to learn a language is to use it.Long Answer...I asked this Quora

What is the political difference between China and the USA?

Americans hold the individual in the highest regard, whereas Chinese hold the community in the highest regard. When the United States formed its constitution, it specifically dictated the unalienable rights of every person. The freedom to speech, to press, to petition, to assemble, these were given to the people

What is the Worst Thing About The City Of Chengdu China?

One of the most nerve-wracking thing for the propaganda department of Chengdu government is the alleged

What should every Chinese know about Pakistan?

1.China is Pakistan's second largest trading partner.2.The China-Pakistan friendship is strategic and is "higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans and sweeter than honey."3.China provided direct assistance to Pakistan for its nuclear weapons programme, including nuclear warhead designs and enough HEU (highly enriched uranium) for at

What social media websites are popular in China?

When I fist came in China, I had almost dowloaded more more than 15 to be up-to date with the pace in China. Chinese are really connected among them and Social media websites clearly play a great role here.WECHAT - Beyond all social platformsThe Chinese community uses this social media platform for booking forms, investing,

What's the best time to go out for running in China: cleanest oxygen time?

It is not so much the time of day but the weather and season. The best of a bad day may be very much worse than the worst of a good day. Many days you will be able to go running at any time without problems. Other days or even weeks, you will have

When did China start classifying homosexuality as a mental illness?

In April of 2001  Chinese Psychiatric Assn. dropped all references to homosexuality as a  pathological condition, according to Chen Yanfang, vice chairman of the  association's standing committee.Chinese Psychiatrists Decide Homosexuality Isn't AbnormalSo when did they start classifying it as a mental disorder?  In

Where are the nicest areas to live in Chengdu?

Obviously, if you were a foreigner, there is no better place for you than the south area in Chengdu,where the higher and richer class of the locals live. There is a block specially designed in European or American stayle named ‘tongziling'(桐梓林).In this block,many communities are designed in western style to attract western people.And many

Which is the best commercial gym equipment manufacturers in china?

BFT fitness equipemt Co., Ltd is the most popular Manufacturers in China.China Fitness Equipment Factory|Gym Equipment Intelligent Treadmill Supplier_Spin Bike ManufacturersGuangzhou BFT Fitness Co.,Ltd was established at the year of 2007,Locating in Shenshan industrial park.BFTFITNESS is the larges brand in south china,and also one of the leading brand in China. fitness

Which is the best fitness equipment manufacturers in china?

Guangzhou BFT Fitness Co., Ltd. BFT fitness equipment manufacturer,the leading brand in China .BFT Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. design and development, production, sales and service in one of the wholly-owned enterprises is an important bodybuilding products manufacturing enterprises. The Company since its inception in 2007, holds "The selection of excellence, meticulous operation, quality

Why A Bite of China is so popular in China

Of course the food in it is wonderful, you can tell that after you see it. But there's another thing in this documentary that attracts me so deeply.The people and the stories in it. People who made all the tasty food and stories about eating and life.When you see the parents who live by the

Why are large aircraft carriers apparently so difficult to build even if they are conventionally-powered with oil when many countries like South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and China build hundreds of tankers and container ships that are much larger?

Aircraft carriers are not that difficult to build; the U.S. won the war in the Pacific by luck and their ability to ‘crank out' a great number of smallish (and large) serviceable aircraft carriers. The airplanes on deck and the ships engines were designed for

Why are sports so popular in China?

Over the last years, the country saw a development in its economic situation and a global increase in people's income. The benefits of sporting have been well communicated with more and more people getting started in the game. With a growing interest from Chinese for a healthy life and healthy body, sporting goods in

Why do many people in the USA still think that China is a communist country?

Because it is still governed EXCLUSIVELY by a group that calls itself the Chinese Communist Party, and that party has never said it is abandoning Socialist or Communist ideals. No member of the Chinese government has said "this is now a capitalist country." So people who say it's

Why do most of the people in China use WeChat?

You can do EVERYTHING in China with WeChat. (I am talking about legal things.)And you cannot use most of the international alternatives.This is what I did today with WeChat:Bought my breakfastBought my morning cappuccinoI know...I know... I should drink less coffee...I rented a shared bike to ride to workI bought a new pair of glovesToo cold for

Why do people love Chengdu?

Perhaps, I can give an answer from the sight of a Sichuanese, though I'm not from Chengdu.Firstly, it's really easy to see Chengdu is developed better than any other areas in Sichuan. Moreover, it's also one of the Four First-tiar Cities. From what I have said, you

Why do the Chinese eat dogs?

2017.11.25 UPDATEThe reason I wrote this answer is not to ask you start eating dogs tonight, rather I'm writing this to protect our rights to EAT. I think we should only ban eating a species if there's a

Why does China bully Taiwan?

I know you probably hates the

Why does China still call itself a communist nation?

Precisely, China calls itself a socialist nation. And today we are at the primary stage of socialism. And the present social contradiction is that the backward productivity cannot meet people's increasing needs. Communism is the ultimate goal of communist parties, but no country had developed a real communist society or found out a

Why does China use WeChat pay more than physical currency?

I will answer this from the point of view as a foriegner in China.When I first came to China, a lot of cash was still involved in daily life. I'm from Singapore and thus it's either cash, nets or credit card for most of my life. When wechat pay came along, I

Why does NASA insist on having international partners involved in the return to the Moon that may introduce overhead and delays even though China's space program has a smaller budget and is doing it alone?

/cynical modeTo involve even more people and countries in the conspiracy to fake it/end cynical modeIn truth: to share the costs, the risks and the burdens. At the height of the Apollo moon landing program NASA received almost 5% of the federal budget. At the moment they get less than

Why does Western media keep expecting and predicting that China will collapse?

In recent years, China has been a convenient go-to excuse in the media when markets or economies are bad.For example: China's banking sector is in trouble; debt levels in China are too high; China's real estate bubble is going to pop... and China's rate