Can the Keto diet cause you to have a heart attack or is that just a myth?

Myocardial infarction (death of heart muscle, or heart attack) is caused by atherosclerotic heart disease, not any particular type of diet. ASHD (as we abbreviate it) is multifactoral in origin. These include genetics and various epigenetic influences, the presence of hypertension,

Does drinking warm water reduce cholesterol?

Drink hot water every morning and every evening and every night before going to bed hot water what's the lemon and honey one teaspoon of honey and I have dropped a lot of pounds off of me especially off of my stomach..My stomach has dropped down,

Does exercise help lower cholesterol? If yes, how? How much?

Yes, in my case.My readings are as below. Type, before, after and recommended.Total 7.3 5.7 5.2 (less than)HDL 1.17 1.58 1.04 (more than)LDL 5.4 3.69 2.6 (less than)Tri 1.6 1.02 1.7 (less than)Total/LDL 6.2 3.6 5.0 (less than)Do not look at the absolute

Does exercising help reduce cholesterol?

Researchers aren't entirely sure how exercise lowers cholesterol, but they are beginning to have a clearer idea. "Lots of people, even lots of doctors, assume that exercise lowers cholesterol," says Amit Khera, MD, director of the University of Texas, Southwestern, Medical Center's Program in Preventive Cardiology. "But until recently, most of us weren't sure just what the connection

Does losing weight lower cholesterol?

Yes, losing weight may have a positive effect on cholesterol and other lipid markers.A twelve week study of 25 people who were at risk for developing metabolic syndrome   was done in conjunction with the University of Colorado Denver and USANA Health Sciences.The participants who substituted a shake for breakfast and lunch, ate

Does physical exercise increase cholesterol level in blood?

Yes it does.I was playing badminton, swimming, playing volleyball, walking and running for more than 4 hours a day.But my cholesterol kept going up. Same thing was happening to other people of my age.Cholesterol levels have no connection with oil consumption or exercise.Cholesterol is

How big of an impact does exercise have on lowering cholesterol?

This might help answer your question...Two quotes from---- Exercise To Lower Cholesterol"Just how much of an effect exercise has on cholesterol is also a matter of debate. "We've found that the people who benefit the most are those who had

How to control cholesterol? Do you have any suggestions on diet and exercises to control the cholesterol? Can you suggest any devices to measure cholesterol without going to the clinic

I am not a doctor.  What I discuss here is from personal experience (I regularly take hsCRP and blood lipid profile tests to check where it is moving) and few books reading.  Cholesterol is the symptom and not the cause.   Inflammation in your

What are some helpful tips for reducing LDL cholesterol?

Your question is wrong, because it is based on the assumption that cholesterol is bad. The pharmaceutical industry do all they can to make us believe so, because they sell statin drugs for 32 billion dollars every year.Cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease. Inflammation does. The highest risk factors are high blood pressure, tobacco and high blood glucose.Instead of

What are the best exercises of lowering cholesterol levels at home?

Any exercise which you can sustain an intensity level of around 85% HRM for 30 minutes or more will do. Mine was the recumbent bike. Please ignore people saying that exercise does not improve cholesterol levels or those who say that improving cholesterol levels are not important for health. I am living proof that it is effective and whether

What are the best ways to reduce LDL cholesterol?

5 Best Ways to Manage High/Bad Cholesterol (LDL)Cholesterol can be effectively managed by resorting to simple age-old home remedies which are completely natural and include ingredients which are readily available in your own kitchen! So here are five best ways to manage and lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.Coriander SeedsDon't let the size of these little seeds fool you. Coriander

What are the side effects of statins, particularly Pravastatin? I am 55, and my cholesterol is 225, but my LDL is high. Would statins help, or should I try to get my cholesterol down by vigorous aerobic exercise?

Statin drugs will not help. They many side effects, and most of them are bad:Lower LDL levels. But this doesn't solve any problems. Studies show that people with low cholesterol have the same risk of getting CHD as people with high cholesterol.

What is the best food for lowering cholesterol?

Many times we hear terms like LDL and HDL cholesterol , but what lowers LDL cholesterol? We have to go back to a time when the ongoing Framingham Heart Study wanted to find out what caused a heart attack or a stroke. In the 1960's scientists found out that cigarette smoking increased

What should I eat and drink to reduce cholesterol effectively?

If you're already eating plenty of the following cholesterol-lowering foods, keep up the good work! But if your idea of eating well is to opt for the "buttered popcorn" instead of the "extra-buttered popcorn," consider adding these healthy eats to your diet today: 1. OatsIf you're looking to

Are eggs mostly good (HDL) or bad (LDL) cholesterol?

To answer this, I have to first clear up a misconception.First, let's start by talking about cholesterol. It is an oily substance. Your body on the other hand, is quite watery. As you may know, oil and water don't really mix.Now, your body

Are statin drugs really of "doubtful benefit" for those with high cholesterol?

Based on the link used with the question, I am going to link to an excellent break down for the average reader rather than medical research journals.New Study Finds that Statins Prevent Cardiovascular DeathsTwo snipped quick references:1.) It works.

Can high cholesterol cause ED in men? If so, can statins help with ED?

High Cholesterol, high BP, Diabetes & Obesity are the major causes of ED. Cut down sugar, salt, fast/Junk/processed food. Eat more of potassium rich food like citrus fruits, green leafy veg, sprouts, beans & pulces. REduce your weight if over weight. You

Can homeopathic medicines reduce cholesterol?

High cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. Let us understand-LDL- Low-density lipoprotein. It builds up on the walls of arteries and therefore known as BAD CHOLESTEROL.HDL- High-density lipoprotein. It takes the bad cholesterol out from the blood and avoids it from building up in the arteries and therefore it is

Can I reduce my cholesterol by eating differently for a few days?

I lowered my serum cholesterol from 230 to 180 by going low carb. Low carb diet will slightly raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and as a result, improve your ratio. It should also significantly lower unhealthy triglyceride levels.

Can taking only supplements help lower high cholesterol or do you need statins to reduce it?

Yes absolutely. Niacin can lower high cholesterol as well as LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol as well or in some cases better than statins it can also lower triglycerides where statins won't. I'm talking nicotinic acid the flushing stuff not

Can you lose weight and lower cholesterol by eating sausage and drinking beer only?

Sure. Just don't eat very much of it. Which is going to make you cranky and miserable.The scurvy that sets in after a month will make you even more miserable. Assuming that the constipation hasn't gotten you first.Oh,

Cardio or Strength: what kind of exercise and fitness regimen is helpful to lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol?

Any kind of exercise will elevate HDL cholesterol. This is the healthy cholesterol sub-fraction that keeps your arteries open.LDL cholesterol is a different matter: it is largely diet related. If you eat too much sugar, your liver will produce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which harm the lining of your arteries. The solution is simple: change your

Cholesterol: How to increase blood cholesterol levels? My wife has been suffering from low cholesterol (less than 100) and facing few neuro problems.

Deficiency of Vitamins B12 and D3 are not the causes of low cholesterol. The neurological problems she's having are due, in fact, to low Vit. B12 levels and for which she's being treated. Low levels of Vit. B12 can have various causes which

Do aloe vera and omega 3 help in LDL cholesterol reduction?

Aloevera is generally good . See if she tolerates it. Omega 3 is essential but daily requirement is about 7 ml. The problem is omega 6 should not be more than double of omega 3. Vegetarian sources of omega3 are not converted to active form in the presence of excess omega6.

Does butter lower cholesterol?

Excess blood cholesterol is created in the liver. This is done when you eat foods that are simple carbs or have a high glycemic index. Cholesterol in food has little association with blood cholesterol. Butter is mostly high in saturated fat, which also has little

Does eating a diet rich in cholestrol increase blood cholestrol levels?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that occurs naturally in the human body.Many people think of cholesterol as being harmful, but the truth is that it's essential for your body to function.Cholesterol contributes to the membrane structure of every single cell in your body.Your body also needs it to

Does eating foods with cholesterol cause high cholesterol problems?

The thinking has changed about what increases cholesterol in the body. Although it's still important to limit the amount of cholesterol you get from foods, it's the combination of fats and carbohydrates that may have the greatest effect on your blood cholesterol levels. It is believed that a

Does eating two whole eggs a day increase the cholesterol level in blood?

For many decades my wife has eaten two eggs every day; and whenever her cholesterol is measured, it is considered to be almost pathologically low. She does not eat red meat and she uses no dairy products.I imagine the same could be true for

Does exercise help lower cholesterol? If yes, how? How much?

Yes, in my case.My readings are as below. Type, before, after and recommended.Total 7.3 5.7 5.2 (less than)HDL 1.17 1.58 1.04 (more than)LDL 5.4 3.69 2.6 (less than)Tri 1.6 1.02 1.7 (less than)Total/LDL 6.2 3.6 5.0 (less than)Do not look at

Does ghee increase cholesterol?

if dietary cholesterol doesn't increase serum cholesterol than how do people get hypercholesterolemia. does liver start making excessive cholesterol? the answer is no. if our serum cholesterol is increasing we must be getting it from diet because liver makes cholesterol according to body's need. so if you are eating food which contain cholesterol is definitely going to increase

Does lowering your cholesterol really help you live longer?

Increasing your healthiness helps you live longer. People who are healthier live longer. People who live longer are judged to have been healthier.Does lowering your cholesterol help you live longer? No. Except when it does.Medicines for cholesterol are based on studies of disease, not studies of health. Cholesterol is essential to health. But there

Does walking lower cholesterol?

Lowering blood cholesterol levels is a combined outcome of proper diet and exercise. If bad blood cholesterol (LDL) are high then person should plan a diet accordingly as per body needs.Diet should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, whole pulses and legumes, nuts and healthy source of fats like fatty fish, avocados, olive oil,

Eating 8 to 10 fresh curry leaves everyday reduces Cholesterol. True or False?

Eating green leaves (spinach, coriander and curry leaves) with high fibre definitely helps improving lipid profile and control blood sugar. But what else one eats that worsens the lipid profile. If one eats 450gm of refined carbohydrates with 10 fresh curry leaves, the lipid profile

For maintaining cholesterol levels, is exercise good or not?

I don't know about the maintenance part but exercise has improved my cholesterol levels. Below are my readings. Reference Range, before and after. All readings are in MMOL/LDL.TC less than 5.2 7.3 5,7HDL more than 1.04 1,17 1.58LDL less than 2.6 5.4

How can a plant based diet affect my cholesterol levels positively in two months and then immediately negatively in as much time. My LDL went from 206 to 113 then up to 157 the month after. Why is this?

You probably know that blood cholesterol levels is determined more by what is produced by the liver than how much cholesterol you eat. Thus, some people can have high levels, even when their diets are great, while someone can with a bad diet can have low levels.Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) carries cholesterol from the

How to lower my high cholesterol levels

I am not a doctor and sharing anecdotal experience.  I check my lipid levels every 4-5 months.  During this particular period of 5 months between two sets of lipid tests, I did not perform any exercise either except about 10 days of weight lifting and

How to reduce my cholesterol through dieting

"Reducing cholesterol" is the wrong goal.What you really want to do is to minimize your triglycerides/HDL ratio.  A ratio of 2 or less is great, 4 is average, and 6 is lousy.A typical lipid panel gives you the following numbers:Total CholesterolTriglyceridesHDLLDL (computed)Why

What are some of the best ways to treat high cholesterol?

There are a few things you should know about cholesterol – first and foremost, what it is and its function in the body. Cholesterol is a fat or wax-like substance produced by your liver, and is a building block for nearly every cell in your body. Cholesterol is not soluble in the blood

How do cholesterol levels rise?

Factors that may increase your risk of high cholesterol include:Poor diet. Eating saturated fat, found in animal products, and trans fats, found in some commercially baked cookies and crackers, can raise your cholesterol level. ...Obesity. ...Large waist circumference. ...Lack of

How to lower my LDL without a statin

Eat a diet high in vegetables, legumes, fruit and other foods that are high in soluble fiber. If you have sufficient soluble fiber in your gut to

How to reduce bad cholesterol

KALIJEERI-AJWAIN-METHI POWDERTake Black Cumin Seeds (Kali Jeeri) 10 Grams + Bishop's Weed (Ajwain) 20 Grams + Fenugreek Seeds (Methi) 50 Grams.Initially all the three ingredients need to be roasted on a slow fire separately and then powdered and mixed together. Store the powder in an air-tight jar.Take 1 teaspoonful powder with warm water

How to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels

Hi,LDL cholesterol is basically created in the body by the liver depending in the need. So if the LDL cholesterol is high it simply means that the body needs more cholesterol.To reduce the LDL cholesterol you need to change the body and it's internal environment which will reduce the requirement of LDL cholesterol.Bile, produced by the liver, is

How do statins take cholesterol out of blood?

Statins inhibit an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase in the liver. This enzyme is involved in the process od making cholesterol. So when it is inhibited, the production of cholesterol is reduced. The liver then has a feedback mechanism that realizes it has a reduction in

How to lower your cholesterol quickly without any diet

I have been using nicotinic acid to bring down cholesterol levels in patients that are statin-intolerant for years. I use it in combination with diet (which is ideal), but it can be used alone. Please note that the niacin MUST be in the form of nicotinic acid to have a therapeutic

How to lower your elevated LDL cholesterol

LDL-CHOLESTEROL is also known as Bad Cholesterol because raised LDL-cholesterol level causes deposition of cholesteryl ester in connective tissues of arterial walls leading to atherosclerosis and CHD. The total serum cholesterol level and LDL-CHOLESTEROL level can be lowered as given below :-Replace

How to maintain normal cholesterol levels

The serum cholesterol level can be maintained normal as given below :-Replace animal fats with vegetable oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, soy bean oil, etc. that are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).Avoid organ meats like brain and kidney, mutton, pork and eggs.Cut down alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking.Include roughage and unrefined cereals in diet.Do

How does curd increase cholesterol?

Several studies have examined the effect of eating curd on cholesterol levels. A 2013 study curd consumption to healthy blood pressure & cholesterol levels...they also showed higher levels of HDL(high density lipoproteins)or 'good cholesterol'.Consuming card increases the capacity to absorb the

How does the liver work in lowering cholesterol through exercise?

I was asked to answer this, and I declined, because the metabolic pathways of the liver are beyond my immediate reach. But I keep thinking about a few things that I want to share since no one else has answered. First, if

How fast can cholesterol levels change?

As you many know, lipid profiles actually report a variety of sub-fractions and actually report information about the lipoproteins that carry cholesterol throughout the body. I'm not sure if you are asking about total cholesterol or a sub-fraction such as LDL?It appears that your levels of the various lipoproteins and the amount of cholesterol they are carrying can

How long does it take to lower cholesterol with diet?

The short answer is that in only a few days your cholesterol numbers can change drastically. The surprising part is what you need to eat in order to move them quickly and in the "right" direction. I'll share a link at the end to

How much can statins lower cholesterol? Are they worth the possible side effects?

Statins can and do significantly lower cholesterol, however, as with any medication there are side effects. The most serious are potential muscle and liver damage.It's important to understand that cholesterol is not an evil substance. Every cell in our body needs it. We

How quickly do statins lower cholesterol?

Statins may not reduce choleterol but convert LDL into HDL. One may follow the Doctors advise stricy. Avoid sugar, salt, fast /junk/processed/fatty & oily food. Eat more of citrus fruits daily. Exercuse regulerly. Eat more of potassium rich food like sprouts, fruits , green leafy veg & beans. Keep your body weight under control. Check BP regulerly

How should I control my cholesterol level which is 2 times higher then normal?

If you are diabetic, blood sugar should be kept as near normal as possible. High blood sugar is associated with high cholesterol.In diet avoid fat , use not more than two teaspoonful of oil per day. Avoid sugar. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fish is also good.

I have been cutting meat from my meal but I still have high cholesterol level, what should I do to reduce that without taking medicine?

A few changes in your diet can reduce cholesterol and improve your heart health:Reduce saturated fats. Saturated fats, found primarily in red meat and full-fat dairy products, raise your total cholesterol. ...Eliminate trans fats. ...Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. ...Increase soluble fiber. ...Add whey protein.Aug 11,

If statins can reduce total cholesterol to 150 or below, what incentive is there to change the diet in ways that naturally reduce cholesterol levels?

The abstract form of this question is: "If man-made Solution X can achieve Goal Y, then why do natural Solution Z?"Employing a mechanical crane for construction rather than oppressing hundreds of slaves is a brilliant application of this question in modern-day life. However, this type of shortcut-seeking approach is rather dangerous when

Is 235 a high cholesterol level?

The answer is YES. Total cholesterol scores are considered best at 200 mg/dL or below; borderline from 200-239 mg/dL, Your total blood cholesterol is a measure of the cholesterol components LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, and VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein, which is the triglyceride-carrying component of lipids). Total

Is cholesterol nonsense?

Yes and No. A lot of our understanding of it is nonsense.Cholesterol is essential for life. No cholesterol = no life.Our understanding of cholesterol is changing all the time. Certainly the long held understanding that high cholesterol will give you heart disease is simplistic and while not completely wrong, doesn't tell

Is cholesterol so important?

No, at these levels not of any importance to you, you won't be having a heart attack at a young age, stop obsessing about it, don't let your anxiety get the better of you, if is still bothers you have your anxiety issue

Is Cholestoff effective in reducing ldl cholesterol?

I don't think so.Cholestoff consists of phytosterols from plants. These phytosterols work by blocking the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine, i.e. the cholesterol you get from your food.The body needs cholesterol to produce new cells, to repair damaged tissue, to produce many of our hormones, to absorb fat soluble vitamins, and much more. We get some

Is exercise the only way raise your good cholesterol without medication?

Dave, where did you get that?YOUR DIET IS THE BEST WAY TO CHANGE YOUR CHOLESTEROL! And NOT by eating less cholesterol.Properly designed nutrition healthy, well-balanced meal plan is what will really make a difference in your blood lipids.You can do zero exercise

Is it possible to reduce cholesterol by running for 30 minutes per day with good diets?

Hi,You can reduce your cholesterol levels within 15–20 days itself. And running is a good habit but not absolutely necessary for reduction of cholesterol.Cholesterol is very easy to modulate and set right by changing diet. Depending on an individuals condition and parameters the

My total cholesterol is 109, LDL 53, HDL 45, triglycerides 57 and fasting glucose 91. Is the healthy or should I try to improve?

I'll be the contrarian answer provider. While some of the markers indicate a good situation, for example your triglyceride/HDL ratio is very good at at 1.3, indicating good insulin function and low likelihood of atherosclerosis, your TOTAL cholesterol is potentially concerning. I'm not a doctor, but there is data that shows that too LOW

Since eating dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol, does that mean one can eat cholesterol relatively freely?

Yes.Cholesterol has long been considered the trigger of heart disease. Evidence is mounting convincingly that cholesterol is not a cause.If not cholesterol then what?Malcolm Kendrick has done a series of blogs about heart disease in which he lays out an alternative hypothesis. Instead of relying on two separate mechanisms, his hypothesis needs only

What about my lifestyle causes high LDL cholesterol?

Here's an anecdotal story about my wife's extremely rare form of Familial lipoprotein lipase deficiency, which back in 1986 didn't even have a formalized name. I vividly recall the day I took my [Korean born] wife for the required lab

What are good reasons I should not take statins for high cholesterol?

Statins are given for lowering cholesterol levels. Statins are the most popular drugs. They are the most prescribed. Now they are saying after the age of 40 years everyone should take statin.The body produces cholesterol. Then you take medicine to reduce it. Don't you think there is something

What are some good tips for reducing cholesterol levels in my body?

LDL levels of 81Ground-breaking research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) studied nearly 9,000 European patients. All had previously suffered heart attacks. The trial found that those who reduced their LDL levels to an average 81 with

What are some helpful tips for reducing LDL cholesterol?

Your question is wrong, because it is based on the assumption that cholesterol is bad. The pharmaceutical industry do all they can to make us believe so, because they sell statin drugs for 32 billion dollars every year.Cholesterol doesn't cause heart

What are some of the best ways to treat high cholesterol?

There are a few things you should know about cholesterol – first and foremost, what it is and its function in the body. Cholesterol is a fat or wax-like substance produced by your liver, and is a building block for nearly every cell in your body. Cholesterol is not soluble in the

What are some of the best ways to treat high cholesterol?

There are a few things you should know about cholesterol – first and foremost, what it is and its function in the body. Cholesterol is a fat or wax-like substance produced by your liver, and is a building block for nearly every cell in your body. Cholesterol is not soluble in the blood so it is

What are some simple things I can do to lower my cholesterol?

Typically your cholesterol level (and your weight) has to do with dietary intake and bodily output.For starters, increasing your energy output (exercising) will help your body utilize the high energy resources that are stored. Namely, your body will start burning fat. Sometimes it's hard to find time to do

What are some ways to keep bad cholesterol (LDL) low and good cholesterol high?

A few things you can do:Maintain a healthy weight by staying active and eating relatively healthy.Focus on one ingredient whole foods and minimize any processed carbs or fats. Try to get in at least 30 min of light cardio such as walking 3 times a week.Get

What are the best ways to lower your cholesterol?

What are the best ways to lower your cholesterol?There are some things that may work for you, but not for others, and vice-versa.For example, if you are obese and have high cholesterol, losing weight should help lower your cholesterol, as well as your risk for other obesity-related conditions

What food controls cholesterol?

Cholesterol iѕ аn important substance wе аll nееd fоr оur bоdу tо function properly. But in thiѕ case tо muсh оf ѕоmеthing iѕ nоt a good thing аnd high levels оf cholesterol саn bе dangerous tо уоur lоng term health. If уоu hаvе high cholesterol it iѕ a good idea tо lower it tо mоrе

What foods and drinks help reverse the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries?

Why to regulate cholesterol ??When you have too much cholesterol in your blood, the excess builds up on the walls of the arteries that carry blood to the heart. This hardening of arteries is called

What foods help lower cholesterol as part of a good healthy eating lifestyle?

Niacin, B3 is a great way to lower cholesterol, large doses reduced my cholesterol. I didn't take the Niacin to reduce cholesterol but to flush out toxins. I have learned to love the niacin, flush but not everyone does. With that said, why do you want to lower

What foods naturally lower cholesterol?

EAT low-saturated-fat, low-cholesterol foods such as these: • A variety of fruits and vegetables (choose 5 or more servings per day) • A variety of grain products like bread, cereal, rice and pasta, including

What increases high cholesterol levels in blood?

Mаnу people today wоndеr whаt аrе thе саuѕеѕ оf high cholesterol, аnd whаt thе high cholesterol symptoms are. Thеѕе аrе good questions tо ask, аѕ levels аbоvе nоrmаl саn lead tо high blood pressure, clogged arteries, аnd ultimately strokes аnd heart disease,

What is a good LDL cholesterol score?

Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol can indicate risk for heart disease, so an LDL-C result is evaluated with respect to the upper limits that are desired based on individual risk factors. According to the National Cholesterol Education Program, if a person has no other risk factors, an LDL-C level can be evaluated as follows:

What is best for controlling high cholesterol?

High Cholesterol level is the cause of stroke and heart attack, so you need to find out what are the possible reasons that affect your Cholesterol level. Which food can cause risk to have higher cholesterol level and which food products should you

What is cholesterol?

Meaning:Cholesterol is the compound of the alcohol kind found in most body tissues. sterol and its derivatives area unit necessary constituents of cell membranes and precursors of alternative steroid compounds, however a high proportion within the blood of LDL(which transports sterol to the tissues) is

What is some medicine for high cholesterol?

Hi,Cholesterol is always shown in bad light due to it's relation with heart disease. But, cholesterol is made by the body because it is important for the body. Generally cholesterol does not come from the food, the liver makes it.LDL (referred as

What is the best diet to lower bad cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is found in the fats (lipids) in blood. While our body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, having high cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease. There are 2 types of cholesterol in the body; one is the HDL(good

What is the best food for lowering cholesterol?

Many times we hear terms like LDL and HDL cholesterol , but what lowers LDL cholesterol? We have to go back to a time when the ongoing Framingham Heart Study wanted to find out what caused a heart attack or a stroke.

What is the best remedy to reduce VLDL cholesterol?

The same tactics used to lower cholesterol and triglycerides can help you lower your VLDL cholesterol. Here's what you can do:Lose weight.Cut out sugar – the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends only five percent of your daily calories come from added sugar.Increase your fiber intake.Limit fructose – fructose is a type of sugar that can contribute to

What is the best way to avoid LDL cholesterol?

Reducing the risk from high LDLs can be accomplished in either of two ways: by lowering the amount of LDLs produced by the body, or by increasing the rate at which LDLs are sent back to the liver to be destroyed. Statins and other drugs can reduce LDL

What is the best way to lower cholesterol if you already eat healthy and exercise?

What is the best way to lower cholesterol?To answer this question, I must first share what I have found out about Cholesterol in my research in my Quest for the Real Life. What is The Real Truth about Cholesterol The real reason

What is the best way to lower LDL cholesterol? What is the best way to increase HDL cholesterol?

Treatment of dyslipidemia(lower your LDL cholesterol and way to increase HDL cholesterol):Before you will get any type of prescriptions, your doctor will suggest you to change the way of your life. A healthy diet and physical exercises are your best friends in lowering LDL and triglycerides and are

What is the best way to reduce cholesterol without medicines?

Go vegan.If your cholesterol is high, as mine was, and you have no healthcare or money to buy prescription cholesterol-reducing medication, then consider modifying your diet.A couple of years ago, I was unemployed and taking programming classes at a local college, and decided to have my cholesterol checked at their

What is the difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol?

Cholesterol is the substance your body needs to produce essentials like Vitamin D and hormones. It is also important for digestion and cholesterol is synthesised by the liver for all the functions. But, the body gets addition cholesterol from the foods you eat like

What is the proven remedy for lowering cholesterol with home remedies and exercises?

Avoid eating saturated fats as found in red meat, full cream milk.Avoid trans fats or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, as found in cakes, margarine, cookies.Eat Omega-3 fatty acids, as in walnuts, salmon, herring, mackerel, flaxseeds.Regularly exercise (walking, running, biking, swimming) for

What is the purpose of taking a statin drug if your LDL cholesterol is in normal range?

1.Cholestrol Does not cause heart disease except in very rare cases.2.LDL has particles a and b ,Small and big.Small particles can cause Herat att am due to oxidised state and causing rupture if clot is formed.3 I STOPPED STATINS WITHIN 2 years of heart attack.4.Those

What is the reason why exercise lowers the cholesterol Levels?

Generally no.I say generally because sometimes when people start to exercise they become more aware aout their health and also start taking care of the diet. In such cases, cholesterol may come down.Generally people take cholesterol lowering medicines (for life) to keep their cholesterol levels under check. But there are two fundamental problems with it:Forcefully

What is the right cholesterol level?

There is no good answer as such, a young person and an old person have high cholesterol because one is needing to grow and one is needing to heal.So, it depends on your diet, inflammatory foods causes the cholesterol to go up.So if you eat carbohydrates and

What should I eat and drink to reduce cholesterol effectively?

If you're already eating plenty of the following cholesterol-lowering foods, keep up the good work! But if your idea of eating well is to opt for the "buttered popcorn" instead of the "extra-buttered popcorn," consider adding these healthy eats to your diet today: 1. OatsIf you're looking to lower your cholesterol,

When should one take statin to lower cholesterol, range of cholesterol, in view of recent findings?

The most recent cholesterol treatment guidelines have created a windfall for statins. Over 40 million Americans are now considered

Which are Good cholesterol food?

Nuts - groundnuts, hazel nuts, almonds and walnuts complement drinks, but these are salted and spiced which is unhealthy. Opt for roasted nuts without added flavor. Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, this component helps to reduce bad cholesterol. An added bonus to nuts is the

Which foods can oppose high cholesterol foods?

Sorry, but wrong question!All foods from animal sources contain cholesterol. The reason is simple: All animals, and humans alike, need cholesterol to live and thrive.We get some cholesterol from our food, but this is not enough (20 % at the best). So the liver has to produce the rest to meet

Why are Statins not recommended for elder adults over 75 with high cholesterol?

The question takes for granted that statins are not recommended for the elderly over 75 of age, but it's not as simple as that.According to the latest ACC-AHA guidelines, statins are recommended for individuals who have a 10-year estimated risk of 7.5% or more for developing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease