What gives us consciousness?

As you can see, there is little consensus. Many still insist on some

Since when have Bibles been put in prison cells for prisoners to read?

According to the Gideons, mass distribution of the New Testament to inmates in jails and prisons began in 1957, although in the early years some hotel Bibles were given to prisons.http://space.ilahas.com/gideons/...http://www.bremertoncamp.org/cms...The Canadian Gideons were ahead of the US - they

Why do most evangelical Christians support the Republican Party and not the Constitution Party?

Well, for one you might as well be asking why they support the Republicans party over the snargblorf party. The Constitution party is 100% irrelevant, having not a single seat in a single state legislative body, to say nothing of any federal power. Most people haven't heard of them or know what they stand for

Does the Bible say what the Devil, Satan, or demons look like?

ANYTHING that tends to attach you to this material world is considered adversarial to your spiritual development. This was the way of thinking of ancient philosophers. So, Satna is the personification of all that is adversarial, and is called the Adversary in the Bible. Thus is must be clear that there is no Satan-entity, only an

What if aliens arrive on earth wishing to spread Christianity? What impact would this have on Earth?

I am Christian, buy my thoughts in aliens are not good.If God created multiple species, those aliens would not share in the original sin of adam, and as such would not need Christ. If they had their own version. Of that, they would het their own born in the flesh version of Christ.Though It is possible aliens were

A newly Christian friend now carries a Bible with her everywhere, and will open it to quote passages when we're dining out. Should I tell her she's being extreme or do devout Christians do this?

If she's doing it in your home and it bothers you, or she's lecturing you in a manner you find offensive, politely ask her not to do that. Otherwise, what is your interest in telling her your opinion? What harm is she doing? If you're worried people will think she's weird that maybe

Why do some people believe God is evil?

Some specific reasons are, ignorance, lack of understanding, and dishonesty. But the overall single reason is human nature is naturally hostile towards God and the very idea of a God, according to scripture.And, I'm speaking specifically of the scriptures from which the "book" called the Bible is compiled-because, though the question does not specify which God is

Why do people believe in religions and not just God?

People believe in religion, because they believe in God!There are many reasons which state why religion is needed for Mankind:We know that man is a social animal. Every man depends upon millions of people for his life and its necessities. Also we know

Is marijuana mentioned in the bible?

No.Marijuana is made from cannabis, which was not found in the Levant 3500 - 1900 years ago. If Israelites didn't know about it, it's not in the Bible.See Is [thing or concept not known to Israelites] mentioned in the Bible?Really late update: Cannabis would have been known to the Israelites,

Are many Christians racist?

Does the Bible promote racism? Absolutely not.The Bible teaches:That we are all descendants of AdamThat we are all created in God's image and likenessThat we are all commanded to love and serve one another and "in humility value others as above yourselves"That we are all

Why do most white evangelical Christians vote republican?

The democrats shut down every issue they care about with the exception of social welfare. The most deeply entrenched being the abortion issue. Considering that preserving life takes precedence to other concerns when they are forced to choseThe democrats also allowed themselves to be a voice to groups that stand in opposition to the primary mission of the

Do we Hindus have to learn concept of one god from Islam or Christianity?

प्रणाम (PRANAAM )/GREETINGS-------------------NO, WE ONLY HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF GOD IN HINDUISM PROPERLY. PLEASE READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH TO KNOW FURTHERGOD-ISHWAR, PARMATMA, BHAGWAN & DEVTA These are the four words used in Hinduism for GOD . Lets see a little explanation about these words to understand the differenceISHWAR /PARMATMA(ईश्वर)-Ishwar is one & only one. It is

Why are most republicans Christians?

This all depends on you definition of

Why does Christianity believe that we are not to prove, correct and establish doctrine that is righteous (II Timothy 3:16) but sees as harassment when not in agreement with their belief?

2 Tim. 3:16-17 says "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; 17 that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work....... Inspired means God-breathed. As such, this written Scripture is perfect (Psalm 19; 119). Because all Scripture is perfect, it

If you are a Christian who believes in science, why do you believe in God?

I was asked to answer despite being an atheist. I'll address the subject from the outside:The 'progression' or 'learning' or 'reinterpretation' of the original religion is always done to make the religion more acceptable. Whenever new evidence or morality turns against some aspect of the faith, that aspect will be retroactively declared as

How many times is Muhammad mentioned in the Bible?

When you ask most muslims where the Bible mentions Muhammad they quickly quote Deuteronomy 18v15 which says

Were aliens ever mentioned in the Bible?

According to the Bible.. God is the Supreme Being.The Nature of God: Incomparable: Therefore You are great, O Lord God. For there is none like You, according to all that we have heard with our ears.  2 Samuel 7:22Invisible: No one has seen God at any time.

Who allowed Christianity in Rome?

There is an argument to be made the original founder of Christianity was Paul, but Emperor Constantine of Rome both accelerated its acceptance, while corrupting some of its underlying themes.In 325 the Council of Nicaea assembled under the direction of Constantine, a brutal sociopath who murdered his eldest son, decapitated his brother-in-law and killed

Does God control the weather?

Does God control the weather?If there is such a thing as god wouldn't he or she have something better to do than sit around deciding it would be fun to have thousands of people killed in a tsunami or tornado or hurricane? What kind of god is that?

How to believe in Jesus to

Thank you for the question,

Does Noah stand for Northern Aliens Heaven?

There's absolutely no evidence to suggest this is the case.There's no reason to suppose the man's name is an English abbreviation considering he spoke a simitic language. Also, his name is more properly transliterated as Noach.

Why are most republicans Christians?

This all depends on you definition of

What religions send non-believers to hell?

Religion does not send non-believers to hell. It is what people do and did not do, that gave them a free ride on the highway to hell.Matthew 7:13-14

Why was Joshua taken away on a chariot when a conduit could be opened to take him away to heaven?

I think you have your Bible characters mixed up. Joshua died a natural death and was buried, Elijah was taken to heaven in a fiery

Do you believe in the existence of a god?

Hello :)I am a sikh so this is my answer.I do believe in the existence of GOD but not GODS. I believe in only 1 God, the creator, the destroyer, the most powerful, unimaginable entity out there. And God is everywhere, not up in the sky or anything like that.We do believe in

Why is it easy to convert from Hinduism to Christianity but we cannot convert Christians to Hinduism without force?

Christianity is not only about expanding but keeping the flock together. The 1st thing that a Christian will try to fight is doubt on his own faith. Christianity is a closed system. Hinduism is actually a very open system, hence for faiths like Christianity

Does the Bible say anything about archaeology?

Yes, though the Bible was written several centuries before the advent of science, yet it makes some veiled references to archaeology. Here are some of the interesting references:The place of my fathers' tombs lies in ruins, and its gates have been destroyed by fire - Nehemiah 2:3As through a wide breach they come; amid the crash they roll

Why does Judaism seem like a more exclusive religion? As opposed to Christianity and Islam, whom wish to unify all of mankind under one common ideal?

Because it is...The only way to be a Jew is to be born of a Jewish mother or to convert according to Jewish Law.Considering that Jews have been slaughtered en masse for the last 3,000 years, that kind of keeps the Jewish Mother population curtailed.And, considering that Jews have not only been slaughtered

What would you do if Jesus asked you to give birth to him?

I would tell him that I am flattered that he would think of me in that way, but I am straight, dude! You need to find a gay squeeze or a guy that goes both ways. And why are you out trying to dig up dates for your dad? That is creepy!If one values

Should a Christian believe in astrology?

No one should believe in astrology. It's been scientifically proven to be a superstition. However, if you believe in Christianity, there is probably no way to talk you out of it. No offence intended.It's been said that earlier versions of the Bible did contain references to astrology but most were edited out. Perhaps someone here knows more.

What will the Christian people say if aliens visit us?

As a Christian, I'd say that it would be very exciting! I can't wait for A.I. either, the very idea of androids and life on other planets makes me whoop for joy. Our universe is marvellous and the sooner we realise that we aren't the centre of everything and that we don't have all the answers the better. We

As an atheist, if I want to believe a religion, which one is the right one?

The one you grew up with and around and is shared by your parents and family.Look, the other religions of the world don't need you. There's no point in converting unless you have a very good reason for doing so, like, say you're marrying into a Muslim family to someone that

If there is a planet with life similar to Earth's, do you think they had their own Jesus?

Well, interestingly the first man's name was Adam.Adam literally means Earthling Man or Mankind; Humankind.So Adam was named with reference to the Earth. So at least for this reason it would not seem likely for another Earth.Then we turn our attention to the reason why the need for Jesus.Because of those rebellions in the Garden of Eden

What does heaven look like to Christians?

id like to believe its complete perfectness. Colors are 100x brighter, music and smells of flowers and all things beautiful are so much greater than we could ever imagine. Everyone's heaven is different.

If there was no Establishment Clause in the U.S. Constitution, would U.S. Christians persecute U.S. non-Christians?

There are historical precedents we can look at, within the US, for what life was like with established state religions.Several of our states actually had official, established religions long after the 1st amendment was ratified.The original meaning and purpose of the anti-establishment clause was to allow states to have whichever official

Why do we think that science can disprove Christianity if God made science?

According to you, God made science, yet, you don't trust science?And, logically, if God made science, and science disproves Christianity, therefore, God made a way to disprove Christianity.:DOf course, you have some huge gaps to fill in, for your premises.No one in science is working to

Do Christians believe in Moses?

Moses was important enough to the early Christians (who were Jews that believed in Jesus) that he was shown as part of the vision on Mt. Tabor along with the Prophet Elijah. Jesus, seen within his own Jewish context, might best understood as a prophet who preached the Torah as

Are Christians allowed to worship God in the United States?

It's not true at all.Christianity has been the religion of choice for hundreds of years. There has been a growing trend in the US to try to be more inclusive and fair to those who are not Christian.Some Christians are okay with

Does the Bible say anything about gingers?

Yes.It says that gingers are red because hell is red and that's where all gingers come from.It says gingers are pale, because the sun doesn't shine in caves and that's where all gingers come from.It says that gingers have freckles because freckles symbolize the blood spatter of angels that landed on their face when they attacked

Does the Bible say aliens are demons?

To start with, there are no aliens in the Bible. It talks of the

Who allowed Christianity in Rome?

There is an argument to be made the original founder of Christianity was Paul, but Emperor Constantine of Rome both accelerated its acceptance, while corrupting some of its underlying themes.In 325 the Council of Nicaea assembled under the direction of Constantine, a brutal sociopath who murdered his eldest son, decapitated his brother-in-law and killed

How did you manifest miracles into your life? What were they?

I chose to believe that Love is boundless. I believed there was something greater than this life as much as I enjoyed it. I took the risks that defied death, kind of doesn't matter how many times, but some of us are a little deep so it took several. The miracle I learned

Is the United States a Christian nation? If not, how do you respond to those who assert that it is?

Christianity is constantly under attack and people are becoming more secular in America because there is a more see it to believe it mentality. Our core as a Government doesn't necessarily say its based off Christianity but if you really look into it and compare it, there is a lot

Does anyone, truly, believe in 'Jesus'?

Yes. All Catholics do, as do nearly all protestants. Here's the rough Catholic perspective:Jesus' followers, by consuming his true body and blood, are incorporated into his specific physical body; not a vague amorphous blob, but his specific, physical body, with many specific, physical members. The Church, body and soul, is

How can Christians and believers in other religions even begin to justify their belief in the face of overwhelming proof that what they believe in is obviously fake?

There are a lot of answers to this question, but a major one is that "what they believe" isn't a single entity, so how can you claim it's "obviously fake"?  All Christians don't believe the same thing, let alone all other religions. This has often been pointed out as part of the impossibility of disproving

Do Christians really believe in the devil?

I'd imagine a great many do. Personally, though, I'm of the opinion (and it's probably a common one in my denomination) that religion should be about love, not fear. There are a lot of problems in the world as it is, but it's far easier to change