Are vapes as bad for you as cigarettes?

It is a kind of complicated subject these days but, the short answer is that No in general vaping is not as harmful as tobacco smoking. But - you really, really need some instructions on vaping until you learn all there is to it. The main thing is that one pod

Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

Every smoker wants to quit but it is not an easy task. There are many methods available to help you quit this bad habit but the problem is that not every method works for the other.One of the methods which have become very popular lately is vapour cigarette kits or E

Can I consume 2 cigarettes per day without any risk of health?

A2A.No you cannot do away with health risks by reducing the number of cigarettes consumed per day, though it is quite difficult to root out the daily propensity for having an occasional puff or two. Switching to nicotene tablets/gums would be a feasible trade off between health risks and addiction. Read Nicotine gum.P.S: I was

Could someone help me to quit smoking?

I smoked cigarettes for 22 years. During that time, I tried to stop several times, but failed.Then one day I had enough, and succeeded. Now I am smoke-free for five years and a half, and can't possibly imagine a situation that would cause me to go back.

Does nicotine increase worker productivity?

I highly recommend reading through Gwern Branwen's thorough take on nicotine: summarise:Not only does nicotine boost IQ score [1], reaction times [2], performance in driving [3], flight [4], reading [5], and inspection [6], but it also improves symptoms of ADHD [7], and perhaps most

How many cigarettes a day cause cancer?

It's a very difficult question to answer, but looking at it from the perspective of someone who has never smoked is a very simple answer especially when you have seen one maternal parents die at a younger age than I am now. And the other maternal parent die at 65, which

How many cigarettes per day on an average can cause cancer?

For every 50 cigarettes smoked there will likely be 1 mutation per lung cell. On average a cell needs to have minimum of 3 crucial mutations for it to become a cancer cell or take the first step to become a cancer cell called

How much can one cigarette per day harm our body?

I found a very interesting answer to your question (that I'm personally interested in as well), via a metafilter topic that linked to the following study that researched different levels of intensity of smoking over different total smoking durations: study is based on a concept called

How much damage do 5 cigarettes a day cause?

As a medical student, one of the most striking things that I've had to face is the incredible level of uncertainty surrounding a lot of our guidelines and practices in the field of medicine.  There is a common adage that

How much damage is caused to the lungs by smoking one cigarette daily?

Smoking is injurious to health. Whether you smoke single cigarette or multiple cigarettes, tar will start getting trapped in your lungs. You will start with single cigarette but within few days or week, get addicted to it and start consuming more cigarettes. So I will suggest you to

How much damage is done by smoking an average of 5 cigarettes per day for 6 months?

Not much. It has a handicap effect that you'll notice if you work out.As a sports coach, it was my experience that a smoker with that history needed about a year of training, perhaps a little less, in order to lose the handicap and regain parity with others. For that initial period of training, it was harder

How much does 5 cigarettes a day affect breathing?

I smoked about 4 cigarettes a day for approximately 10 years, from 16 - 26. From my early-mid 20s, every winter I would get chronic bronchitis that would last so long it would make the blood vessels in my throat break from coughing so long and hard. Also I had chronic stomach

I bought an old house I'm going to fix up and the whole thing smells like cigarette smoke. What's the most cost effective way of removing the smell from the whole house?

Start by washing the walls really well. Purchase the powdered TSP that you mix with water. Make sure you wear good cleaning gloves and use a mop (I use a sponge mop) to wash the walls. Wash with the TSP solution then rinse. Do this on the walls and ceiling. If

If smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee makes giving blood take longer, does that mean partaking in these activities could benefit one in the event that they were losing blood?

So let me get this straight.Someone is bleeding out at the scene of an auto accident, and instead of a tourniquet or something similar, we offer the victim a double espresso latte and smoke? That might be nice, but I am not sure I want my life hanging on the results of this ‘Quora Wisdom'.

What are some successful ways to quit smoking?

I'm 28 years old male & I was a chain smoker for past 3 years.I took up smoking just because I found people holding cigarette in their fingers & blowing smoke rings out of their mouth "cool".Within no time I got addicted to smoking, from

What damages the smoking (cigarettes) can cause?

Your answer about air quality is valid, but unfortunately smoking is addictive.  I am concerned about the environment also. I do think that there is a decline in smoking in the United States from what I have observed. I see "No Smoking" signs frequently in restaurants, bathrooms

What is more detrimental to your health: smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or drinking a 12 pack of beer a day?

I'm going to answer this from a general knowledge and personal anecdotal perspective rather than from a study-research one because I believe the answer is fairly obvious.There are VERY few people out there who can start putting away a 12 pack of beer as a teenage

What is the most feasible and effective way/s to quit smoking?

Be careful, using the WRONG method to quit smoking will not only lessen your quality of life even more, but worse still, it will get you yet one step closer to the grave, even as you waste hundreds, or even thousands, of DOLLARS

What is the safest number of cigarettes per day?

Zero-One.The oldest woman ever to live smoked a cigarette a day for 80 years of her over 120 years of life.On the other hand most people lack the restraint to smoke that little.Medically speaking there isn't such a thing as a

Are cigarettes harmful to the mind?

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Some of these harmful and negative effects are immediate.Nicotine from cigarettes is as addictive as heroin. Nicotine addiction is hard to beat because it changes your mind or brain. The brain develops extra nicotine receptors to accommodate the large doses of nicotine from tobacco. When the brain

Are cigarettes with menthol more harmful?

Menthol, a mint-derived substance, causes skin to feel cooler by arousing nerve endings that sense cold temperatures. Cigarette manufacturers use menthol because it mellows the taste of burning cigarettes. Interestingly, intake of menthol is pretty safe. Animal studies indicate that high doses of menthol distributed over a long period of time do not cause observable

Are electronic cigarettes as healthy as we are made to believe?

That depends how you define "healthy". Do e-Cigarettes promote health? Heck, no. They don't. Aside from a little concern about formaldehyde you might be inhaling if you use e-juices that are based on propylene glycol e-juice, and the obvious effects of nicotine,

Are slim cigarettes less harmful than normal cigarettes?

I don't understand the premise behind your question. Seems it's like asking if there are fewer calories in an ice cream soda if you drink it from a tall thin glass as opposed to a short fat one. Then, there's the question of what's a

Can a cigarette smoker exercise at a gym?

Statutory warning on cigarette packets has done little to prevent addicted people from practicing this deadly habit, which leads to cancer and many other respiratory diseases.Although many consider celebrities as their role models, they should not imitate their bad habits.

Can one grow taller after quitting smoking and drinking if he is a teenager?

Be careful, using the WRONG method to quit smoking will not only lessen your quality of life even more, but worse still, it will get you yet one step closer to the grave, even as you waste hundreds, or even thousands, of DOLLARS and suffer MANY new and serious health problems! For

Does lungs really recover after quitting smoking? If not what are the ways to restore the efficiency of lungs?

Benefits of quitting tobaccoSome health benefits begin almost immediately. Every week, month, and year without tobacco further improves your health.Within 20 minutes of quitting: Your blood pressure and pulse rate drop to normal and the temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal.Within 8 hours of quitting:

How to clean my lungs after stopping smoking

The number of patients suffering from cancer every day is increasing. Before starting treatment for lung cancer, it is necessary to identify the cancer very well. As it starts from the bronchial epithelium, it is also called bronchial lung cancer. In most cases, most of the patients do not understand the symptoms of this cancer

How long should one wait to light up a cigarette after workout?

I used to smoke for 10 years and am now 3 weeks cold turkey smoke free. However to answer your question from when I was smoking, your body will absorb whatever you put into your body at a more rapid rate right after your workout for

How many cigarettes are smoked on a daily basis?

Currently there are close to 6 trillion cigarettes smoked annually around the world (1998 figures were 5.6T but they've increased slightly in the last 15 years).  So, on a daily basis that would be 6T/365:6,000,000,000,000 / 365Let's simplify that by doing it in two parts:  first divide by 100,

How safe are electronic cigarettes?

I'll go one step past the

I'm a chain smoker. What should I eat to keep my lungs healthy?

You can do these things to mitigate the effect of Smoking:-1.Vitamin E helps protect the heartOne smoking-related factor that raises the risk of heart attack is atherosclerosis, a hardening and narrowing of the arteries caused by deposits of LDL ("bad") cholesterol and

Is it bad if I smoke 3-5 cigarettes per day?

When you smoke a cigarette, just with one puff you inhale following toxic chemicals -Acetanisole• Acetic Acid• Acetoin• Acetophenone• 6-Acetoxydihydrotheaspirane• 2-Acetyl-3- Ethylpyrazine• 2-Acetyl-5-Methylfuran• Acetylpyrazine• 2-Acetylpyridine• 3-Acetylpyridine• 2-Acetylthiazole• Aconitic Acid• dl-Alanine•

Is second hand vapor from electronic cigarettes harmful?

Since they've never been able to conclusively show ANY real harm from even

Is smoking cigarettes in moderation still very bad for you, for example one a day or only when imbibing or only on the weekends?

First, I wouldn't say one a day or a few on a weekend is "moderation." That level would be classified as very light smoking. If you look at research tables on smoking risks the "Light Smoking" level is usually more

Is smoking less than 6 cigarettes per day safe?

No it isn't safe.I smoked for 5 years. Then switched to chewing tobacco as I can chew it in my own room also and my kids won't get passive smoke.I chewed tobacco for 15 years. Infact I am chewing it

Is there such a thing as an e-cigarette with absolutely no nicotine or other harmful/unhealthy components (i.e. just vapor with a consumable flavor)?

As far as any research available has found (that I know of, and I do a lot of reading on the subject), the nicotine and the carriers (propylene glycol and glycerine) have little or no harmful effects.The flavors do not have such a good record. Most flavors are intended to be ingested

It it possible to smoke and stay healthy?

The answer is a definite NO, since exercise has no influence on the negative health effects of smoking.How smoking causes COPD:chronic inflammation, consisting of enlargement of the mucous glands and  remodeling of the walls of both large and

Smoking from 5 years. Smoked 5 cigarettes per day for 2 years and 3 years around 5-10 per day. Started to stop smoking, Possible benefits?

Keep on not smoking, thus avoiding any further harm to your body future smoking might cause, not just lung cancer, but also COPD and cardiovascular problems including heart attacks, stroke and limb amputations, and impotence.From Smoke-free Living: Benefits & Milestones

What are some good ways to detox the lungs after quitting smoking?

Congratulations on quitting smoking! That's the best detox on the planet for your whole body.Detox is woo science. Your body already has excellent methods of removing substances that are not useful or are harmful in some way.Your lungs create mucous to help remove trapped gunk such as dust,

What are some ways to offset the harmful effects of smoking?

Sticking to a diet of real, whole foods and strictly avoiding anything processed, refined, or artificial may help.  Limit red meat, focus on fruits, vegetables, whole dairy, wild caught seafood, nuts, and whole grains.  A diet that is mainly vegetables with plenty of dark leafy greens may keep

What are the good effect of smoking?

You stop tasting food, meaning you can eat bad food happily. Also it can lead to one not gaining any fat (What I hear from a lot of girls), as well as muscles- no matter however much you exercise (personal experience).You

What does one feel like when smoking?

Depends what you are smoking and why you are smoking.Overall, the sensation of smoking is calm, relief and wellbeing. Smoking relieves the unpleasant sensation of a nicotine craving. You may also be smoking as part of a routine, to relieve stress and because you are looking for a excuse not do to something useful.Initially cigarette smoking may feel exciting,

What does smoking do to your body?

being the #1 cause of death should be enough to discourage someone. Although if you wish to know exactly what happens it would take a very long time to count all if the issues.One of the main issues of smoking would be ruining one's alveoli.

What happens if I smoke only 1 cigarette per day?

People start smoking for various reasons. I started because I wanted to

What happens if you smoke occasionally?

Depends on what you're smoking, there is a difference between cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. With that said, what will happen if you smoke occasionally......Nothing! Or at least most likely. People don't want to hear it, especially those in the anti-smoking crusade, but the reality is, having an an occasional smoke really won't do all that much, especially if you

What happens when we smoke cigarettes?

The brain is connected to the heart and the lungs through arteries. These arteries supply oxygen and other chemicals to the brain. So, when a person smokes cigarette, the chemicals inhaled are sent to the brain.The chemicals, particularly nicotine, reach the brain ten seconds after the smoke is inhaled

What is the least harmful cigarette?

All cigarettes are potentially harmful because of one simple fact: it's the smoke that kills.That can be encapsulated in a hashtag: #ITSSIt's The Smoke, StupidYou could conceivably try to manufacture a minimum-harm cigarette using a source material with the least measurable toxins after curing.

What temperature do electronic cigarettes vaporize at?

Well it may vary a lot.It mostly depends on:- voltage of the battery (from 3 up to 6 volts)- the level of the heating resistance (from 1.5 ohms to 6 ohms)But also:- the wetness of the resistance (if it's dry, it's very

Which one is more harmful, iQOS or electronic cigarettes?

Nicotine delivery systems are being developed by tobacco companies for three main reasons:Growing public concern regarding harmfulness of tobacco products.Legislature that limits advertisement possibilities.Risk of total ban on tobacco products.Electronic cigarettes have been created to address these concerns and they have done their job. For a

Why do the majority of smokers still smoke regular cigarettes when electronic cigarettes are said to be less harmful?

The reasons are many:Inertia: Many smokers like what they are doing and don't want to change, see no reason to change and are generally unwilling to change.Lack of accurate knowledge: There has been some adverse publicity and media coverage, much of which has since been proved inaccurate. The most noted cases being the FDA press release in

Will I become thin by smoking cigarettes?

No. But if you start smoking and become addicted then you will probably gain weight if you quit.That is the conventional wisdom anyway.However, there are a lot of gray areas. Once upon a time, Lucky Strike ran a campaign: "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet," and showing

Are e-cigarettes safer than smoking actual cigarettes? And how e-cigarettes may affect?

Let's check the main components that can be found in e-liquid: Propylene glycol has been studied since the 40's, considered a GRAS substance, and has even been used as a solvent for drugs to treat *lung* diseases. Those formulations have been designed to be *inhaled* by people in very fragile health conditions.In fact, Hon

Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

Every smoker wants to quit but it is not an easy task. There are many methods available to help you quit this bad habit but the problem is that not every method works for the other.One of the methods which have become very popular lately is vapour cigarette kits or E Cigarettes. More than 2 million people in UK

Cigarettes help me function. How can I stop smoking?

Some cool answers already. Here's my story -Like you, I was hooked. One day, I was out having a quick cigarette. It was about 25 degrees outside and I was in a dress shirt. Freezing my ass off and moving around just to keep warm, I was feeding my habit. At one point, I looked up and

Could someone help me to quit smoking?

I smoked cigarettes for 22 years. During that time, I tried to stop several times, but failed.Then one day I had enough, and succeeded. Now I am smoke-free for five years and a half, and can't possibly imagine a situation that would cause me to go back. The details are below, but I believe the true key to

Did 'Easyway to stop smoking' help you quit smoking? How?

Well, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself, about how amazing I feel.The answer is yes, and I find suitable to answer right now in order to get all of your attention.My whole lifestyle was about smoking. I couldn't enjoy a moment without smoking... Then once, I found myself rejected

Did you quit smoking?

Be careful, using the WRONG method to quit smoking will not only lessen your quality of life even more, but worse still, it will get you yet one step closer to the grave, even as you waste hundreds, or even thousands, of DOLLARS and suffer MANY new and

Do e-cigarettes really work? Will you become addicted to e-cigarettes after quitting smoking?

Yes, e-cigarettes do work and I am a living proof for that. And millions and millions of others like me around the world. Just anecdotes? I don't think so but you can judge yourself.About addiction part. You are already addicted to the same drug (nicotine) but you are consuming this

Do you still see people smoking after having quit a long time ago and long for a smoke, even just for a moment?

Absolutely, though it's been nearly 5 yrs since I quit, and my mom said the same, though she'd been quit for over 10 yrs, at the time of her death.I have a terrific advantage, though: I vape, and that not only allowed me to quit, without any suffering, it's also the ONLY cessation method that also helps prevent

Does cigarette smoking offer any benefits?

I'm going to answer this question based on my personal experience, and I'm not going to repeat any of the same anti-smoking talking points that have been common knowledge for decades.I've been a smoker for 25 years.I started at 12 and quickly became a pack a day smoker (20 to 25 cigarettes in

Does fidgeting help quit smoking?

Be careful, using the WRONG method to quit smoking will not only lessen your quality of life even more, but worse still, it will get you yet one step closer to the grave, even as you waste hundreds, or even thousands, of DOLLARS

Does one cigarette a day cause health problems?

Yes and no. If you are one of those who shares certain genetic characteristics  with many who smoke and get lung cancer and die, the answer would tip to the yes. Also if you live in an already polluted environment, this added burden might tip you to the yes. For

Every time I open my bedroom window, no matter what time of day or night, cigarette smoke come into the room from outside. I never see anyone smoking outside. What should I do to figure out where it's coming from?

Sorry i have no idea.I can sometimes smell cigarette smoke coming from the corner of my living-room. No one smokes in our house. can you tell me where its coming from.My wife did an evp in one of our bedrooms and recorded what sounded like an elderly man groaning in pain. It made the hairs on my neck

How addictive are cigarettes?

Very addictive, over time; nicotine is a highly addictive drug. When I say

How can anyone avoid smoking cigarettes?

Changing your habits means your activity patterns, if you get up & have a coffee & Smoke then get up, shower/ dressed & go have a coffee at a local cafe, for the first week you have to change the places where you smoke. The best time to quite might be on your

How to help my husband quit smoking cigarettes

I assume that your husband is already trying to quit this habit. Quitting depends on a number of factors like duration he's been into this smoking, number of cigarettes he smokes per day, the various triggers which lure him into lighting up a stick.Giving up a habit like smoking requires him to understand what smoking

How to resist the temptation to smoke when I am in the process of quitting smoking

If you've just quit and you're hit with a craving and you find yourself overwhelmed by it don't panic, you've got this. Take a mental step back from whatever you're doing. Visualize something that makes you happy, or calm, or look around wherever you are and mentally describe the object of your gaze to yourself. Let's say

How to start my recovery phase after quitting smoking and what is the best possible way to quit smoking forever

. It is a prudent idea to stop smoking*. Why, because-------------------Quitting has almost-immediate benefits. Your circulation will improve and your lungs will work better. Your lung cancer risk will start to drop over time. Ten years after you kick the habit, your odds of getting the disease

How did you stop smoking cigarettes?

I started smoking in 2007 and completely quit in 2014. Soon I realized this was a serious self-destructive habit and probably in 2010 I started trying to quit which I found very difficult.I was trying to cut back one by one but that strategy didn't work.I tried to make Friday no-smoking day,

How difficult is it to quit smoking? Why is it easy for some people, but very difficult for others?

Only 4 to 7% of people who attempt to quit smoking are able to do it cold turkey. Getting support from your healthcare provider, which includes counseling and medication, can double your chances for a successful quit.Nicotine can cross the blood-brain barrier within 10 seconds after it is inhaled. When nicotine reaches the brain, it triggers

How to get my parents to stop smoking cigarettes

People who smoke do generally want to quit, but most are terribly afraid that they will fail, or it will be hard or a very unpleasant experience for them. Ask them..."if it was easy to quit smoking would you try". If they say yes, I suggest you hand them a copy of Alan Carr's "Easy Way to Quit Smoking"

How to support a friend who wants to quit smoking

As a smoker and a heroin addict (now seven years sober), I have to give you the bad news. You cannot convince anyone to stop doing anything. They say that cigarettes are more addicting and harder to quit than heroin. I used to laugh at that. Until I finally quit heroin and tried

How to successfully quit smoking cigarettes

I've been smoking for 63 years. I never wanted to quit, but I did one time for three months. What happened was I fell in love with someone and wanted to marry them, but they didn't like smokers. So I just stopped smoking. I didn't use anything to help me quit or experience any withdrawal

How have you stopped smoking once and for all?

When I quit 11 years ago, I told myself this was an irrevocable decision. I told myself I would never pick up another cigarette again. Unlike most of life, this decision would be black and white, no grey, no ambiguity. I have never questioned it. Mentally, I put my new non-smoking

How long do cigarette cravings last after you quit smoking?

It will depend upon how nicotine dependent you are, possibly your genes and your self-talk about your relationship to cigarettes.Cravings are simply the receptors in your brain saying,

How relevant is out of sight, out of mind when recovering from an addiction? Should recovering tobacco users remove all related products from their household? Would keeping a pack of cigarettes aid in the process or hinder it?

While it may seem masochistic, I carried a pack around with me for months after I last quit (and later kept it in my car for years). My rationale was this: I will always be able to buy a pack, always be able to

I quit smoking quite a while ago, I still have times when I would really like to have one. I know the nicotine is long out of my body and it's just mental. Any ideas on what I could do to help?

I feel your pain.I have been an ex-smoker since about Labor Day of 1997. Doing the math, that comes to almost 22 years. And there are still times when I pass by a group of smokers and find the aroma

I smoked roughly five cigarettes a day for two years as a teenager, but I have long since quit. What are the chances of me developing a smoking-related illness further on up the road?

If you don't have an accident or unusual medical condition that saves you first, you will probably die from some form of cancer or heart disease I'm afraid.Same as a lifelong nonsmoker would.You know those huge numbers of smokers who die of

I wanted desperately to quit smoking but I couldn't breathe properly after having meals without smoking a cigarette. What should I do to stop the cravings of smoking cigarettes?

The craving is obviously the nicotine. If you decide to go the vaping route, remember that you need to find something right for you. To quit initially, I recommend a pod system like a SMOK Novo, or Nord. You can look the pros and

If I stop smoking right now will the damage I did from 20 years of smoking go away or is the damage permanent?

It's much more complicated than just that.20 years of damage won't go away that easy and it will take time for your lungs to heal.Although, a human body can work wonders in healing itself by flushing out unwanted particles and toxins

Is cigarette smoking wrong?

Yes, it's definitely wrong for the following reasons -It is very harmful - Many people can't even fathom the intensity of the harm that smoking causes. It ruins your liver, harms your lungs, your heart, increases blood pressure, gives you oral problems, increases your chances of getting

Is it better to quit smoking all at once or little by little?

A2AI'm assuming you're talking about cigarettes. Have no experience with cannabis usage.I feel it will be much easier for you to simply quit cold turkey. Quitting smoking is more of a psychological challenge than a physiological one. Yes your body does require the nicotine, but

Is second hand smoke worse than smoking a cigarette?

João Pargana's answer quite nicely covers a good bit of what I'd consider important in answering this question, but I'd like to add one thing. The question clearly stems from antismoking propaganda: i.e. messages created and put out into public view with the intention of reducing smoking,

Is smoking but "not inhaling" any less harmful than actually smoking?

According to the early Surgeon Generals' Reports, before they got turned more to political than scientific purposes, cigar and pipe smoking were usually touted as far more innocent than cigarette smoking precisely because the smoke was generally

It has been a week since I quit smoking and I still crave it. I don't want to smoke again. What should I do?

I smoked for 17 years and quit cold turkey. I craved cigarettes badly for months, gradually less badly for maybe a year. And felt an ongoing desire for years. But getting good at conquering the craving got to be kind of a game, kind of fun.  

My father has been smoking for more than 20 years. How do make him quit smoking?

This will be very short. I facilitated approximately 350 people wishing to quit smoking. In my experience, NOBODY can make a smoker guit. Wives, children, doctors and others may give input to support or give options for quitting and not quitting; however, in my experience, the smoker will only quit when they themselves make the decision to do so.

Shall I try smoking cigarettes?

No, don't try it. It is a filthy and disgusting habit that will cause disease and cancer. And your breath and your clothes will stinkIt doesn't even taste good and as a non smoker you will have to FORCE yourself to get over the initial disgusting phase. A very important secondary reason is cost.In the

Should I start smoking?

That depends heavily on your situation. My default is no, because I know way too many young people who start smoking in reaction to relatively low stress. If you go to smoking because work is stressful, or for non stress reasons, where can you go from there?Anyway, cigarettes are very expensive so you need

What are some opinions on smoking, and why do people smoke?

Some people like it, some people hate it, and some people fear it due to the wild exaggeration of the

What are some tips to help smokers to quit cigarettes?

It's not always the method of quitting smoking that's effective or not, but often the motivation and determination of the smoker in their desire to quit. For some people a combination of prescription drugs and counseling works really well. For others they

What are your thoughts when you see someone smoking a cigarette?

Why you should start smoking?1. Smoking is coolI can't believe how often we overlook this simple fact: smoking isn't just cool, it's super cool. Whenever I see someone smoking a cigarette, the first thought that pops into my head is, damn, that person is cool. The way you

What does smoking cigarettes say about you as a person?

That I valued short-term over long-term happiness."If smoking makes me happy, why shouldn't I?" was my way of justifying to myself that smoking was okay. Most of my friends (who still smoke) share that same thought. On my journey

What is best way to avoid smoking?

Hi friends, want to get the tips to decrease drug addictions and quit smoking. There is a site where there are number of unknown techniques you can find it by doing a research in google as "Tips4Sober". There are enormous number of tips which will be very beneficial to stop any sort of harmful drugs. I'm not promoting the

What is it like to quit smoking?

Smoking is such an insidious habit that it can seem damn near impossible to quit, though in reality doing so isn't too difficult- once you approach it the right way. The hardest part about quitting smoking is dealing with nicotine withdrawal, which can be uncomfortable to

What is the simplest way to quit smoking?

First thing first, Will Power!You will have to have strong will power to quit smoking. Remind yourself constantly that you have promised not to smoke again. Self esteem is good thing....breaking a promise actually lowers your self-esteem. Never allow yourself to fall into that trap.Collaboration or group-ism helps-

What made you decide to start smoking and why have you chosen not to stop?

I started smoking when I was about 13, roughly 30 years ago.Back then, smoking was much more common than it is today. You know the famous red double-decker buses in London? Back then, upstairs was for smokers. Trains had smoking carriages. The reason I started was because I always loved the

What steps did you take to quit smoking cigarettes?

For 28 years, I smoked most days. Usually 10–40 cigarettes daily. Plus the occassional cigar several times a year or more.Here are my steps to quit cigarettes.Pick a reason. Mine was my declining oral health. My dentist's repeated reminders that nicotine damaged blood vessels and was now damaging my gums.

What's your best advice on quitting smoking?

I get asked this so very often that I decide on the 15th anniversary of my nicotine cessation to post the method of the 4-day process to help anyone who wish to have a new, nicotine-free life. Using this method, anyone who takes the decision to quit can be successful, quite effortlessly. The

What's your best tip for quitting smoking?

Here are a few hurdles that smokers face when quitting, and you should address each one of these in order to maximize your chances to quit cigarettes successfully:Nicotine - For those who are addicted to nicotine, vaping a nicotine-bearing e-liquid