Are people really leaving New York City?

Of course people are leaving New York City! Some by dying, others by relocating to other states.And this is very good news, because according to official New York City Government Population Projections, New York City is projected to grow from 8.2 million persons in 2010 to 9+ million in 2040,

Is Toronto currently more expensive than New York?

Highly unlikely. Although the rental market is really tightening in Toronto proper, one can still rent a nice 2 bedroom apartment for less than 2K / month in a good area. Spend a few hundred more and your options really open up. This is not the case in NYC, where a budget of let's say $1800 or so

Is Ventura California a good place to live?

along the 101 freeway heading north from Los Angeles... First is Westlake Village, which strattles the border between LA and Ventura. VERY NICE VERY EXPENSIVE. I am in Thousand Oaks. It is a GREAT place to live. Housing is expensive. Schools are excellent. Very low crime rate. Great dept. of Parks and Recs with

My landlord is telling me I have a week to leave because his son needs the apartment. Doesn't he need to give me more notice. How can I find a new place to live in 1 week?

My landlord is telling me I have a week to leave because his son needs the apartment. Doesn't he need to give me more notice. How can I find a new place to live in 1 week?I'm assuming this is in the U.S., since I don't

What are the most underrated cities in Canada?

The one that came to mind first is Saskatoon. It's not the boring prairie backwater some people think it is. It's a vibrant university town, with great cafes and restaurants and stores, and very friendly people. And it is physically beautiful, with the South Saskatchewan river winding through the middle of the city.And then there's Hamilton, which

What factors are necessary for a city to be considered bicycle-friendly?

I do not believe motorists will stop from insulting, killing, throwing objects, or taunting cyclists. I believe that is run of the mill in any city, because America is built on steel, and egos must be acknowledged. I believe that motorists feel they are better than, and entitled to because

Why do people in New York City always run?

They don't. It just seems like a lot of people are running because there are a lot of people in New York. I doubt the ratio of running to non-running people on any given street at any given time is much higher than it is anywhere else in the world. There are a

How do power grids distribute electricity across a city?

Typically in a city especially in major downtown areas, the utility operates a

How much it would cost to setup a gym in a tier 3 city in India, which company provides the best equipments at reasonable rates?

Here is a list of steps you must follow if planning to foray into gym business.Step1: Selecting strategic locationSuccess or failure of a gym is highly dependent on the location. If it's located near a residential or commercial space that too equipped with high visibility rate of consumers, the venture will be a hit in the span

In the USA, why are there no official administrative units for metropolitan areas that combine all incorporated cities in a metro area (metropolitan governments, metropolitan mayors etc.)? Why are metropolitan areas only statistical areas?

The presumption in the question is incorrect. It's like asking why we use plastic pipes for water instead of metal pipes. It's an uninformed question, we use both.First, cities grow around fresh water sources. A lot of US cities, particularly in the eastern 2/3 of the US, are on major rivers.

India is home to the world's fourteen most polluted cities, with New Delhi ranked the sixth. What is the solution?

There is a lot of Difference between The terms "Delhi" and "New Delhi".New Delhi is the part of central Delhi that was planned by architect Edward Lutyens in 1913 for creation of capital city for India. Lutyens designed the city in a planned manner, with wide avenues surrounded by trees,

Indians, what is an unknown fact about your city?

My city is Patna.Patna is in existence for more than 2000 years under different names like Patligram, Patliputra, Azimabad, Patna etc.The current name of the city, Patna, has originated from the name of  a Hindu Goddess Patan Devi. Greek ambassador Megasthenes described

Is Chengdu a better city to visit than Chongqing?

I have just been to Chongqing on short visits, so I can't fairly compare the two equally gorgeous cities. However, if there is only limited time to visit one of them, I personally would slightly prefer Chengdu.So first things first: food. The food in Chengdu

Is Faridabad city livable?

Only those who are born and brought up in Faridabad are going to love this city.I was born and brought up in another state, worked in cities like Hyderabad,Gurgaon and used to live in Delhi but had to move to Faridabad just because i got married to a

There are tons of homeless people in my town. How can homelessness be ended?

Until a great man who wants to fix it comes along (or woman) it will be lived with rather than fixed probably. It's been going on for a real long time though and none has. Many people say that if the homeless would take responsibility for themselves and work harder they could have homes. Maybe this is the

Was it a mistake to completely encircle New York City's Manhattan Island with highways on its banks?

No. I think it was a great idea. It saves a lot of time when you're traveling long distances in Manhattan. I live in the very northern part of the borough and keep a car, and to get downtown via the Henry Hudson Parkway on

What are some tricks to stay healthy in a polluted city?

I'm going to give you two that might be a little less obvious.Wash your hands as often as possible, much more than you think is necessary normally. If you went outside, went shopping, rode the metro, then wash your hands when you get home. This will prevent you from getting most cold and flu cases, as well

What are the best cities to be a foodie?

I have a bunch of them...Singapore - The hawker centres are legendary, and both Chinatown and Little India are contenders. Mustafa Kebabs and Curries in the Mustafa Centre and Muthu Curry (specifically for fish head) have some of the best Indian food outside of India.Taipei and Kaohsiung - Specifically for

What cities are the most 'bicycle friendly'?

Gone are the days when we could leave our windows wide open and let the breeze flow in and delight us. Those invaluable coffee sessions huddled up by the window sill is just a figment of our nostalgia now. Sadly, now the first thought that comes as we step out is

What cities do you know of that are the most bicycle friendly?

Portland, OR is a great cycling city, as is Vancouver, BC. However, some of the best cycling cities in the world are in the Netherlands and Denmark, where the culture really embraces cycling! Bike Culture: Europe vs AmericaChina has also been

What city would be most hospitable to an out of state homeless person, specifically in terms of things like finding short term shelter and eventually getting back on their feet?

In terms of weather it's best to go somewhere warm year-round to avoid the worst effects of living outdoors. Not that you have to live in the Mohave Desert exactly but it shouldn't get too to cold where it's ever dangerous to sleep outside in non-exessive amounts of clothing. Granted, if that does happen there's a good chance

What factors are necessary for a city to be considered bicycle-friendly?

I do not believe motorists will stop from insulting, killing, throwing objects, or taunting cyclists. I believe that is run of the mill in any city, because America is built on steel, and egos must be acknowledged. I believe that motorists feel they are

What is the best city for a bicycle enthusiast to live?

The best city for a bicycle enthusiast to live in is a bicycle friendly city. Bicycle friendly cities are rated by the number and frequency of riders, bicycle friendly infrastructure, and safety. There are several list published by reputable associations. These list change, but as previous answers stated, Portland, Oregon always makes the top ten list. It

What is the future of McMansion suburbs?

There are a few things to know about both McMansion suburbs and other shifting demographic elements.McMansion suburbsMcMansions are typically poorly constructed. Shoddy workmanship, shoddy underpinning materials and an emphasis on size and ostentation.The communities that they are in are among the lowest density

What is the most sinful city in the world today that can be compared to ancient Sodom and Gomorrah?

I think we should think of Sodom and Gomorrah allegorically.I think they have probably existed historically and once flourished, and then later were destroyed.According to Jewish sources, they were not primarily destroyed for homosexuality, but for extreme inhospitality. (as I read on Wikipedia)It is also said that, despite great wealth, they were highly

What is the Worst Thing About The City Of Chengdu China?

One of the most nerve-wracking thing for the propaganda department of Chengdu government is the alleged

What's the fastest growing city in Russia?

In absolute numbers that would likely be Moscow, although big part of the growth is attributable to the formal absorption of neighboring territories and satellite towns. This brings St.Petersburg as 'no tricks' leader on the list (in fact, the city just rebounced from post-USSR depopulation (and slightly overgrew historical maximum)).In relative terms that would be Tyumen (a capital

Which are most bicycle friendly cities in India?

Parts of new delhi and noida do have well contructed cycle lanes but are mostly used by motorbikes and small cars to avert traffic.Bangalore has a well established cycling community and i do see people cycle to their work places but

Which cities of the world serve the best street food?

Perhaps most foodies would agree that the best food is often not the one served on fine china inside palatial restaurants but, in fact, the ones those are offered by hawkers and vendors amid bustling markets. The street food of any place is also the embodiment of

Do many people who live in New York City never leave the city?

Yes. And there are people in New York who have never left their tiny little neighborhoods too. I will never forget a few cases in point. I had a school chum who grew up with me in Astoria, Queens, just across the river from Manhattan confess that she could not

Does New York City have any disadvantages?

AdvantagesCareer opportunities. People all over the world migrate to the city because of this particular reason. No place offers so much promise of career growth than NYC. It has practically doors to every profession who seeks breakthroughs such as finance, PR, modeling, fashion,

How to look smart

If you just want to appear smart, and not actually be smart, you can do the following:Wear glassesWear preppy clothing (for guys this would be a sweater, khakis, maybe a bowtie)Carry a book with you everywhere you go, as well as a pen and tiny notebookGo to museums, art

How do non-New Yorkers view New York City?

It is expensive. It's dirty. It's congested. Even street food is expensive in comparison to restaurants outside the city. There's no parking. One-star hotels centrally located have the gall to charge four-star prices. New Yorkers are rude, jaded, obnoxious and will not help you when

How do people in New York City do their laundry?

There are numerous places that will efficiently do laundry for people in New York City (drop off/pick up or deliver to your place).I use NextCleaners which is the largest and most advanced eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry company throughout Manhattan and Northern New Jersey, delivering the highest quality and

How do Upstate New Yorkers view New York City?

Usually, Upstate New Yorkers don't think about New York City. They just go about their lives. But when it does come up...All Upstate New Yorkers view New York City as expensive, just like the rest of the world, New York City included.Upstate New York is not very culturally diverse, and the stark contrast with New York City

How does living in Tokyo compare to living in New York City?

Been here 4 months after living in NYC for 4 years....I'd say Tokyo is urban life v2.0. So many of the things that I had problems with in NY are corrected here. I was one of those people with an almost religious affinity for NY

How exciting is it to live in New York City?

Living anywhere is exactly as exciting as you decide to make it. You can live on a remote farm and have an extremely exciting and entertaining life (see James Herriot), and I know many people who live in NYC whose life is the same day in and day out-and completely

How interesting is Tokyo compared to New York?

How interesting depends on your interests.If you are interested in creative, unique, strong character, complicated history, famous, powerful, influential, world best at something people... NYC is for you.If you are interested by experiencing a widely different, culture, perspective on life, language, social systems, esthetic, entertainment, work ethic, TKY is for you.If you

Is Boston a good place to live?

I think so. It's a little cramped in some neighborhoods. There was a tremendous boom in building triple deckers in the 1880's. Those lots are jammed together. If they have yards, they are very small. Boston also didn't plan well for parks. The Boston Common and the Public Garden are nice but small. The

Is it hard to live in New York City?

It all depends on your level of adaptability it seems. I actually grew up in a town of 100, yes one hundred, in a state whose largest city is now around 120,000 people. I did not move to Manhattan directly from that small

Is London overrated?

'Familiarity breeds contempt', as the saying goes. I am from the southeast of the UK and visit London regularly. After I finished my undergraduate degree (at Southampton, so still reasonably local) I decided there was more to the world outside of this little corner of England and went travelling. I spent three years living and working in India,

Is New York a prudish city?

This is truly an impossible question to answer. If you know New York City, then you know that it's defined by its diversity. The only common thread is that New Yorkers are survivors - however, that tenacity to succeed comes in every possible shape, size, color, and background. This includes every possible assortment of social values. On the whole,

Is New York City a terrible place to live?

The arrogance of these answers match the braggadocio of this city. If you haven't noticed that the answers are arrogant and kind of aggressive, then you'll probably be immune to New York's negative sides. I respect that, but it isn't me.There are three main arguments listed in the responses so far (all

Is New York City as cool as people say it is?

There is no city in the world that is as cool as NYC. From a historical viewpoint it was one of the first major population centers in the new world, it is where the richest people in the world have donated cultural icons like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and The Frick Museum.Fifty second street was

Is New York City really that densely populated compared to other world cities?

New York City doesn't even make the top 10. The most densely populated city in the world is Manila, with slightly over 43,000 people per square kilometer. The most densely populated area in the US, however, is the New York metropolitan area,

Is New York still a modern city?

Absolutely!! New York City, as of today, is an epicenter of:financefashionnational and international media cuisineartsmusictech (for the east coast)retail diversity other things i havent thought of If a city is to be considered "modern" (though it's not clear what you mean by that), that to me implies

Is Tokyo a city or a state?

Technically it is a prefecture, which you could think of as being like a county in the UK or a state in America (though with considerably less autonomy than an American state). People's image of Tokyo is largely formed by the 23 "ku", or wards, which comprise the centre or hub of

Is Tokyo an overrated city?

I am a native Japanese who has been living in Tokyo from birth, briefly living near NYC from 5 to 11 and again since age 12. In my personal view, yes, Tokyo is overrated.When I was a child, I thought my city was the best

Is Tokyo the best city in Japan?

From my point of view, Tokyo is the last place I want to live/ visit in Japan. It is overcrowded and there is nothing, except shop, restaurants, trains, noise, smelly people and pollution.But that seems to be the main attraction to anyone who visits the country. After living here for decades, you probably

What are some examples of how expensive is New York compared to the rest of the United States?

A very tiny apartment can run from $3000.00-$500O.00 easily and that's why so many people have roommates to share the cost. Subway and bus fare is $2.75 Everything else like food, clothing, cafes, restaurants supermarket and furniture is decent because there are so many of these retail stores competing. Night lift is awesome. Clubbing all night, Central Park

What are some hidden facts about New York City?

There's a secret train station below the Waldorf Astoria.There's a whispering gallery at Grand Central Station.Coney Island's beach was named after Brighton.It was the Hollywood of the East.The best 360-degree view of the city is from...Governors Island, the birthplace of New York.It will be home to one of the world's tallest Ferris

What are some interesting facts about New York?

Here are some interesting New York facts:The city of "New Amsterdam" was given to the Duke of York in 1664 as an 18th birthday present from his father. He renamed the city as"New York.New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the USWith 800 languages, New York is the most linguistically diverse city

What are some tricks for living in New York City?

Some tricks I've learned through the years include:1) Buy yourself an unlimited weekly or monthly MTA card, which you will use for your bus and subway trips to and fro here in NYC. Of course, this depends on your budget. But it makes sense

What are the advantages of living in Boston rather than New York City?

I lived in both cities - NYC for 4 and Boston for 7. The scale of Boston is so manageable and the network of people you plug into isn't as vast --  you'll expect to see people you know on the streets of Boston and you'll be shocked in NYC to do so. If you

What are the best suburbs of Sydney to live in?

Well, different people quite possibly have different criteria for deciding what means ‘best,' but generally the Sydney suburbs with high desirability are those with close access to or views of the harbour or city (or both) or within a short distance of one of Sydney's famous beaches or

What are the biggest misconceptions of people from New York?

New York is mostly rural. One of the biggest misconceptions people that aren't from the area have about New York is that they have a difficult time separating New York City from the rest of the state. While it is the largest city (by population) in the United States, the majority of New York State's

What are the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City?

Wow! I'm 64 years old and live in the Bronx, lifelong ny'er and city traveller. On a scale of 1–10 it's a 1 for a sober attentive individual. I have travelled in every neighborhood at all times of night, back before Safe Streets Safe City in the 80's and 70's it was

What do Paris, London, New York and Tokyo have in common that other cities lack?

I agree that these are four very important cities, but I would not exclude Frankfurt and both Beijing and Shanghai from any discussion of the major world cities.To be a major world city, a place should have the following:a modern transportation system (even if it dates from the 19th century) including access to high speed trains.a

What is it like being an Indian working in Tech and living in New York City?

You're on the subway to work with a bite of every demographic you know. There's the attractive females still touching up their make-up inside. There's the hipster male who's wearing articles of clothing you'd only seen on Fashion TV as a kid. There's the token homeless

What is it like to live in New Jersey and work in New York City?

There are a lot of pros and cons to living outside NYC while working there. I actually wrote an article about this, Should You Live Outside NYC?To sum up a few of my personal opinions of living in an NJ suburb:Pros: A lot more room, both in your

What is New York like outside of New York City?

I live in a village of 500 people in the Mountains of the Adirondacks in Northern New York State. Actually, it isn't even a village anymore, its classified as a hamlet.When I tell people I live in NY they automatically think my cost of living is huge. I own 12 acres of forest land, plus my house sits

What is the most beautiful thing about New York City?

Diversity.There isn't a city on the globe where you'll find more cultural diversity. In New York City, every country, language and religion is represented, and represented well.On the streets of New York, you will find every sort of cuisine, from just about every country.Also, you will hear people on their cell phones, speaking every language from across

What is the most culturally westernized city in India?

What is westernized? Are you looking for American culture in regards to dress, food, music, dance? Are you looking for organized infrastructure such as wide clean roads, dustbins, vehicles following lane discipline? Are you looking for acceptance of other cultures, yet divided into little villages (such as "little Kenya")? Are you looking for

What is the quintessential San Francisco experience for a visitor with only a few days in the city?

This is my idea - may not be for you. the old fort at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge; walking across the GG bridge, Visiting the Presidio which is at the south side of the bridge. Walking along the beach from the Marina section of SF as far as

What is the worst city you've ever been to and why?

I have not traveled much left the farm to go to school in St. Louis Missouri . What a contrast noisy slums forced integration hatred expressed to what good. Saw things Iwould never imagine.My mother called me liar whenI wrote to her.unbelievable to some people.

What is Tokyo like compared to Los Angeles?

Tokyo is a wonderful city, large and sprawling like Los Angeles, but also efficient, with a superb underground train system. Great food, polite people, clean as cities go, with a refined aesthetic, and very Japanese. Most Saturday nights, you will be treated to the

What is your favorite neighborhood in the New York City boroughs?

Some areas in Queens are so pretty and quiet.In Brooklyn, certain parts of Bed-Stuy and Williamsburg are very nice.I've never been to the Bronx so idk about that.Staten Island, being the

What makes New York City one of the most influential cities in US? Both historically and geographically?

It's on a primo piece of real estate. A natural deep water port opening to the Atlantic to the south. A natural estuary (with its own deep water ports) opening to some of America's most fertile farmland and clay deposits (read: brick making materials) to the north. Trade was inevitable.To that point, it was right in the middle

What was the best thing you have eaten while traveling? What city/country was it in?

When we were about 17, my sister asked me what the top three things I had ever eaten were. I found the question to be very interesting and I took some time to think about it. We then proceded to name the three things from first

Where do people run in New York City?

I'm a running coach and also lead NYC running tours so I've navigated a large portion of the city on foot. The bridges are my favorite place to run as you get amazing views of the city and have no car traffic to worry about. The Manhattan Bridge and Pulaski Bridge are my favorites for

Where do people who work regular jobs in New York City live?

Peter Flom nails it.This is why any issue concerning New York City comes down to real estate. At every income or social level.Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, Inwood, Harlem, East Harlem, Spanish Harlem, Long Island City, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, Rego Park, Flushing, Corona, Bay Ridge, Upper West Side, The Bronx, Yonkers, Lower East Side, Alphabet City. Much of

Where do the wealthiest citizens of New York live?

Others have already mentioned the Upper East Side, specifically from Park Avenue on west, up to 96th Street, Central Park South, and Central Park West, also no higher than 96th Street or so. Tribeca, Soho, and the West Village are places for the hipper, less establishment super-rich (successful artists and musicians rather than bankers and hedge

Where should I live when working in New York city?

Pragmatically speaking, you should talk to your (future?) coworkers and start by checking out the neighborhoods where they live.  They aren't stupid, and they picked places that solve the complex optimization problem posed by their situations and their jobs.That said, here are some thoughts about New York.Living in New York is

Which are the places to avoid in Tokyo (tourist traps, et cetera)?

The only specific place to avoid in Tokyo I can think of is Roppongi crossing area. It's perhaps the only place where anyone can get into a serious trouble because of the rampant crime. Spiked drinks, robberies and rapes are common enough to be worried about

Why are so many people drawn to New York City?

NYC used to be a place where the freaks and weirdos could go to live. A small island off the coast of America. Expats from the mainland escaping the brutality of

Why are there so many people in New York City?

To begin with, a city the size of New York has a vast internal economy, mostly involving services.  This accounts for a substantial share of the city's GDP.  Still, you are right that the city needs to import a great deal, mainly manufactured

Why didn't the USA build a Subway that covers all of New York Metropolitan area including Cities in New Jersey on the Hudson River? Most of the cities in the world build their subways that cross city borders.

The NYC subway was not entirely built by the city and state of New York as one post here claims. Of the three originally independent systems, the BMT, the IRT and the IND, only the IND was built by a government agency. The BMT

Why do people in New York City always run?

They don't. It just seems like a lot of people are running because there are a lot of people in New York. I doubt the ratio of running to non-running people on any given street at any given time is much higher than it is anywhere

Why do people love New York City?

This would probably be a rather more realistic answer rather than the fairytale-like answers you get on here from "New Yorkers", as I feel most "NY'er's" opinions about NY are limited to an extent, as most "NY'ers" or "Manhattaners" never step outside

Why do people walk so fast in New York City?

Walking is how we get to where we're going. People from other places, particularly American suburbs, often have a hard time understanding.The best way I can explain it is, we walk like you drive. So don't walk in a way that you wouldn't drive. You wouldn't stop

Why is it called "New York, New York" if the city's name is "New York City"?

The cities name is New York City. The famous part of the city is New York County which is referred to as New York, New York. New York (Manhattan) is the place where in 98% of the famous theaters are, it is the focus and what people think of in countries all over The world. When the

Why is "New York City" called "New York"?

New York city is comprised of 5 boroughs -Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx.But, to complicate things a bit, that is only the names of the boros. The boros are actually individual counties:Manhattan - New York County, Queens - Queens County, Brooklyn - Kings County, The Bronx - Bronx

Why is New York City so expensive?

New York's always been expensive. As a matter of fact, New York never really attracted the wealthy; they created New York. For that reason, it has become the financial capital of the world.But throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, New York was notoriously downtrodden, becoming

Why is New York City so nauseating?

Most large cities have many less than pleasant odors connected with them. It unfortunately a part of the accumulation of dirt, trash, grime, and yes, urine, that comes from having so many people living in close proximity to each other. New York may be worse due to size, summer heat, and the

Why is New York termed the 'Big City'? Is it really the biggest city in the globe?

New York is usually called "The Big Apple," not "The Big City." People from rural areas in the USA sometimes think of New York as the epitome of everything urban and describe it as "the big city," but they might also use

Will New York City become more affordable?

Real estate analyst and investment professional here. We're actually in a period of marked rent decline right now, which many experts believe could exacerbate over the upcoming year or so, as a record-level of new apartment stock is expected to be developed and thrust onto the market. Even despite inflation

Will Trump ever be able to walk down the street again in New York City?

No, for a few of reasons. For one people do hate him because of his divisive words and nationalism, and demonizing people from other countries.But every former president, regardless of how well liked or hated he is, gets Secret Service

Would you consider living in a city with strict rules, regulations if it also meant that it would also be the most technologically advanced in the world? The rules would include max children of 1 per household and mandatory community functions?

Technological advancement offers no benefits, it is nothing but a characteristic of actions, whether those actions are beneficial, harmful, or neutral. Perhaps the city has the most technologically advanced methods of making life miserable, or the most technologically advanced method of watering municipal lawns.The question lists two costs but no benefits. What fool would accept such a deal?

How to know when it's time to move on in life (leave jobs, change cities, find new friends, etc.)

You will know. It will more than likely be a process, which will be a natural progression of your life. In most circumstances it goes like this:You will become bored of a job or feel you are not gaining any new insights in which you can enhance your progression

How many cities are there in Kerala?

Kerala is the state and well-known as a beautiful tourist destination in India also listed in top 100 tourist places in the World. There are hundreds of towns dotted in a different part of the State and Population spreads equally throughout the state. Thiruvananthapuram is the largest metropolis area and the capital city of kerala. Many

Is Mumbai a very nice place?

Let me tell you my Experience on Mumbai. Today was my 3rd day in Mumbai , but this city has made me learn many thingsTIMEMissing a 8.45 Local and catching a 9 Local is considered to be being late.Even if you purchase

Is there anything else to do for tourists in big cities when it rains apart from visiting museums?

Theater, Movies, Concerts, find Matinee performances, church choir or organ rehearsals that take place during the day. Otherwise EAT, find special restaurants. Some places have castles or manor houses that are open to the public and in some areas there are caves to be explored (located not to far from some cities).

What are the cities with the lowest cost of living in Canada?

Predominantly in the Maritimes. And I have to agree with Chris Liu, that this typically means poor job prospects. However, a very notable exception to that at the moment is Halifax, NS if you are in the skilled trades (plumbing, pipefitting, welding, etc.), as there is a major

What city has the most expensive housing prices?

If talking about House prices, Makati City Philippines is quite high.In Makati CBD, the average land value increased 4.59% to PHP523,000 (US$11,050) per sq. m. in Q1 2016 from the previous quarter, according to Colliers International.The actual house might be cheaper to build, but the land cost is high. (A$14,000 per sqm)Philippines: nationwide

What is the best city in Canada with low cost living?

Almost anything in the east or centre-west. The smaller the city, the lower the cost of living. One of the fastest growing areas in the country, Moncton, NB, also has a very low cost of living. Fredericton, NB; Charlottetown, PE; Halifax, NS all have relatively

Which city in the world has the lowest crime rate and why?

I think social and economic factors have far more influence on crime rates than do architectual features. Crime rates (number of crimes per 100,000 population) are the best measure we have of crime, but they can still be misleading. Vatican City has an alarmingly high

Which is the best city in Kerala for food?

Kozhikode is without dout the best centre for cuisine in Kerala.There have been a large number of Indian and foreign influences on the food forms available in the streets and bazars of Kozhikode. The Malabar cuisine finds its expert exponents in Kozhikode.There have been several influences on the food of Kozhikode. This would include the British, Chinese, European

Which is the best city to live in Kerala?

Kerala is one of the best places in the country to set home base in. In a survey conducted by the Times Group among the five top cities in Kerala, the capital came out tops. With the advent of the Techno Park, the

Which state is more expensive New York or California?

California seems to have a more even distribution of high COL areas whereas New York state can basically be separated into two COL extremes with everything north of Albany (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, etc) being dirt cheap and everything south of Albany

Why is Karnataka developing border cities?

Bengaluru - it's not at all a border district now, as we good connectivity with other cities like mysuru , Hassan , hubbali, tumkur so Bangalore is not at all isolated from rest of the state.Mangaluru - it's being a port city has some good economy, city has proximity

Why is Kolkata's total fertility rate the lowest among Indian cities?

My wife is also has apple type shape. If you live in Kolkata and observe women of Kolkata. You'll see that 70% of women here are overweight and apple shape body with small buns. This is a type of syndrome which leads to such Body type which is a