What's the weirdest thing you have seen at school or in the classroom?

Starting with me: In supervising anther teacher's parent conference, I said,

If you are a classroom teacher would you choose a different career if you had it to do over?

Wow. Thanks for the A2A.I have been a classroom teacher for more than 25 years. I've taught in big schools and small, rich schools and poor. I've seen a lot of changes in my profession, some good, some bad, and

What should a student teacher be taught about life in the classroom that would make them more successful as a teacher, but is not taught well in teacher training?

Actually I was taught this in my teacher training, but it was long ago and at the top education program in the country: Nod and smile and attend all the required in-services, but when you are in your own class room with the door closed, you

As a teenager, what is the naughtiest thing you have done in a classroom?

I once failed to do my maths homework.That in itself was nothing unusual for a teenager, I know, but the teacher was pretty strict. She was also our form teacher.We checked the answers at the beginning of class but she took the books in at the end.