Do you think buying work out clothes would motivate you to work out?

Possibly, if you are conscious about how you look when you work out, or don't have any exercise clothes to begin with, it could help you to get out more.I would personally prefer to be motivated to work out due to the way I feel awesome when I do

What is the lowest price for a tailored suit?

It depends on where you are in the world, whether you want custom tailored, or off the rack. If you're talking about custom tailored, there are places you can go to in Vietnam and China where you'll get a custom suit

Where do fashion buyers shop?

I think that fashion and tastes are very subjective, so it all depends on what styles you like. Another important aspect is obviously the budget. As we all know, it is one thing to love a brand and it is another to be able to afford it. But since the sales are on in most shops right now, you

What is slim fit and trim fit shirts?

Slim fit shirts typically have "darts" in the back, which are two crescent-shaped lines on either side, which allow the shirt to taper and hang closer to the body. The back panel of these shirts is also cut on a slight curve, bringing it in slightly at the shoulders and the back allowing the shirt to adhere closer to

Do you think buying work out clothes would motivate you to work out?

Never you can exercise with bricks and wood and iron pipes. ...and some shorts ...maybe cut from long pants wear a loose t shirt. Never focus on enrolling gym or buying expensive sportsgear. We can run barefoot on the road. Remember we dont need any special side effects if we really have the interest. All the best

Where can I buy best push up bra online?

When it comes to buying lingerie online I am very choosy from which e-commerce site I buy it. There are many online stores where you can buy branded bra at best price range but I found few sites which are actually good for lingerie shopping.Online stores like Myntra and Amazon have a