As a man who enjoys wearing womens clothes, what dress size should I go for?

I would suggest going shopping in a real store first and trting on a few things to get your sizing.Charity shops are also great because often the racks are such a mess and so mixed that no one could see what section you are

Besides Nike+, what are some other personal fitness metric tools?

Are we talking about Nike+ mobile application or Nike+ fuelband / running sensor? If you're talking about the app, then I would recommend Endomondo (Community based on free GPS tracking of sports). Free and quite accurate. Yet

Can men wear panties?

I am a straight man, married for over 10 years, and had girl friends before marriage. I have been wearing women panties for over six years now. I have stopped buying men's underwear since then.Like most other people, I also thought of a man wearing women's panty as queer, but it

Can men wear short shorts?

Yes! It's done all the time. Most men's shorts are very long so you might as well wear pants! In the 60's men's shorts had 2″ to 3″ inseams which were as short as women's short shorts today. Fashion changes!To find short shorts go to the women's side of the store and check them out. Some are perfect for

Do women notice what men wear?

Five things women notice about men even before they start communicatingThey definitely notice what he's wearing and how he speaks to even his body language and good gestures.If you want to probably wear a five day old shirt for a date, Don't ! Because she will notice in all likelihood,

Do you think buying work out clothes would motivate you to work out?

Possibly, if you are conscious about how you look when you work out, or don't have any exercise clothes to begin with, it could help you to get out more.I would personally prefer to be motivated to work out due to the way I feel awesome when I do

How can a foodie be fit as well?

I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but I love good food and I have a big appetite. Living in Seoul, which starting a few years ago developed a great food scene, has made it difficult to stay fit. I don't have a six-pack, but I

How to dress well as a teenage guy

Yes. This depends on what look you are going for, but since you haven't indicated that, I am going to advise you on how to look neat and presentable by not overkilling it.Keep your hygiene in check. It's okay to not get manicures and pedicures but staying clean by showering

How to reach out to fashion buyers

Having been a fashion buyer in the UK for over ten years, here are my top tips apart from the obvious trade shows! :-)Ask your audience to tag their favourite boutiques that they would like to see you in!The boutiques will see you under the post they've been tagged in – win win!Build a list of stores that you

How to hem pants without sewing

This answer has been edited to include more detail.PERMANENT HEM - The simplest, cheapest, quickest solution is to use glue. Make sure you are selecting a craft/fabric type of glue which is also dry-cleanable. If the glue is not dry-cleanable, just make sure the

How to temporarily hem pants

It's pretty simple. If u know basic stitching then just fold your pants inwards(make sure it's even on both sides) and stitch it around. And if u don't know how to stitch at all, just take a needle and put a thread through it (colour similar to that of your pants). Make a knot on one end of

I'm about to start working out with a personal trainer. What kind of gym clothes should I wear?

There are so many answers to this question/ about this topic. It basically boils down to your personal preference, honestly. But here are some general tips to follow when choosing workout clothes.Cotton is best for low-intensity workouts.Wicking fabrics are best to get rid of sweat. If you just can't

If you get fat, do you keep your smaller clothes for once you lose weight, or you throw/give them away?

This actually happened to me with a few items of clothing... But not very many. I fluctuated weight quite a bit over 10 years and eventually the older clothing found its way out regardless of bigger or smaller sizes.From 2008-2014, my weight trended upward over time. Generally, I gave away/threw away the

I'm 4'9'and 13 years old. How can I get clothes that fit my age and my height?

My friend is 4'-9" and is one of the most beautiful, confident and stylish women I've ever met. Her husband is 6-'3". She never makes a big deal about her height. Thus no one sees that an issue either.People are attracted to her personality. She shops for clothes in either "petite" size or has them altered. She

In fashion, what is the protocol if my tailor hemmed my pants too short?

Ugh, the "tailor blew it" issue....and you probably can't buy a replacement pair!The protocol is they should offer to make it right; that is, let the hem out longer.How much longer do you need them? How much of an inseam did she leave?If

Is the bacteria on washed clothes aerobic or anaerobic?

Yes, they are aerobic. Most public water supplies are fairly well aerated, with quite a lot of oxygen from a bacterium's perspective. Regardless, the water in a washing machine is oxygen-saturated by all the splashing around.Unless you have a front-loading washer, though, the washer is not airtight, and

Men's Fashion and Style: Is it ok to wear blazers with jeans?

Definitely. But the jacket must truly be a casual sport coat. One of the worst looks IMO is a suit jacket worn like a sport coat. To qualify as a sport coat it can't be sleek and refined. It can't be a solid or pinstripe

Men's Fashion and Style: Where can I get a sweater like this?

Looks definitely Italian made/styled -- fine gauge yarn -- merino wool /pima cotton or silk blend. Model is wearing one size smaller for snug fit. Moderate to upper scale dept stores should have. For designers, try Brunello Cucinelli,  Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna.

Should girls wear shorts?

If you are asking with respect to India my answer is no.No girls should not wear shorts.Why you ask? We live in a country where people are killing each other to protect cows ( I am a Hindu and respect cow, but killing people ?). When it comes to a girl they go and hide themselves in some unknown

Should I get a custom tailored suit?

No, probably not. For a few reasons.Bespoke, custom suits are expensive. Regardless of where or what they are made of, you are still going to be paying for the tailors time and effort. Good craftsmanship is costly.You are not sure if you

What are essential fashion tips for men in their 20's?

Hello !I would say, that as a girl, I might not be the best person on earth to answer you, but I think I can still be helpful, so here we go !For me, men, of any age should be

What are some affordable fashion tips?

Most Sought Fashion Jewellery and Accessories in IndiaFashion Jewellery and Accessories have become a trend over the past decade and new generation women prefer fashion jewellery over traditional jewellery as the former is very much low on cost. Fashion Jewellery is nothing but ornaments that are made particularly to

What are some cheap weight lifting shoes?

If we're talking strictly weight lifting shoes, then there are a couple options out there that are fairly priced. I'm referencing traditional weight lifting shoes with additional straps, elevated firm heel, and designed for assisting power/strength movements. There are a few models under $100 right now, which is pretty good for the

What are some dressing hacks that girls should know?

Edit: I know I gave tips and not hacks, so here are some that I know of:use panty liners on your shirt's armpit area to absorb excess sweat. this helps in avoiding body odour along with keeping armpit area of the shirt clean and stain-free.Running late and having a bad hair day- no time to shampoo? Dust a little

What are some fashion tips for middle-aged men?

Don't try to look young, as maturity has a different charm and sophistication.The level of formality in the outfit should be a notch higher than your juniors. Color combinations with a high level of contrast, firm fabrics which do not cling to the body look good.Avoid trends such as red shoes, sockless sneakers, fancy

What are some fashion tips on casual clothing for girls?

So, there are a couple of low-support measures to take in the event that you know you will be snapped-regardless of whether professionally or amateurishly-that'll make you right away look more slender. Read on for 12 helpful hints on the best way to look thin

What are some good fashion clothes for guys?

For guys, Jeans and shirts give him a casuals looks. If they are in a meeting or in some official work then trouser, shirts, and blazer with wrist watch give him a professional look. There are no specific fashion clothes for guys, they just need to remember that wear clothes should be according to his physics. Such as, for

What are some good tailors for men's suit in Noida?

F2style Doorstep services can be contacted for Gents suit tailoring services through their website ( fact you can design your dress & order the stitching online for Gents suit at just Rs 3500. their mobile no- 9990934932Other Famous Names are:TailorSquare ( & GentsTailor (

What are some great men's fashion tips for humid areas?

As you have not mentioned you gender, for males the Aussie uniform of singlet and boardies should serve well. If you want to dress up a bit - a linen suit would be good. For ladies, loose dresses that fall away

What are some men's fashion tips for trendy look in 2019?

There are so many styles that are in the 2019 trends likewise:-Summer Must-Have:-A denim jacketA bomber jacketA leather jacketA sweatshirt pull-overA sweatshirt button placketCasual Must-have:-T-shirts; colors: white, black, sky-blueJeans; colors: blue, black, whiteShirts; colors: white, navy blue, black, red, maroon, olive greenPatterns; colors: tartan, plaid, solid, floral, vertical-stripedshoes; color: white, redAmogue Your Personal Fashion Stylist

What are some men's tailors in Mumbai?

Though there are many tailors in the multiple streets of Mumbai, the one you can trust is difficult to find. Also many of the designs need specific fabrics and machines for the final finish. With passing generations, the art of tailoring

What are some of the best fitness apparel brands out there? Which ones help boost performance?

i don't think there's any apparels or clothing brands that can actually help boost performance. in the end it's just a piece of clothing you wear and things like a weight lifting belt, shin sleeves, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, gloves, straps, and etc. i count them as a accessory/gear/equipment rather than apparel. in

What are some tips for dressing fashionably?

There are two ways I can interpret this question.Fashionably as in Trending at the moment and to that my answer is plain simple:Follow the fashion shows, copy what the

What are some tips for guys to get better at fashion?

Hello there, look around. What do you like? Buy simple onservation you can decide and conclude what looks good, what you think would look good on you, and most of all are you comfortable wearung it? Hey a vintage tee shirt and

What are the best clothing tips for men over 30?

First of all remember, 30 is the new 20. So don't hold yourself back from experimenting with your outfits in a casual set up or an event. Wear anything that's known to the mankind; just make sure it fits you well. Try and stay away from torn or obnoxiously faded clothes

What are the best fashion blogs?

Over the last decade, the number of style blogs has exploded. Unfortunately, many are cookie-cutter sites showing the same looks, same personalities and same sponsored product.The following style setters are a little different. And blogs are only one these stylists' channels. Be sure to

What are the best fashion tips and tricks for short men?

You should wear sporty outfit if you are short men and now a days, fitness is quite important to keep body fit and every men want to look fit so i will suggest you to buy the sporty dresses for short men. Decathlon is the biggest online fashion and sports company in India which provides amazing products for short

What are the best tips to choose winter wear clothing for mens?

These tips will definitely help you out:Dress in layers. Use many thin, warm layers rather than a few thick layers. It will insulate better and allow you to strip off layers if the temperature climbs.Buy or find a pair of insulated boots. Ideally, the lining should be wool or

What are the few best fashion tips for men above 32?

One wants to look good always as this gives the confidence to face the world and also other people perceive you with seriousness and you will be looked upon as an inspiration.Few Best Fashion Tips For Men in their 30's are:-Invest in good polo shirts and chino pants as combining both

What are the good tips to choose men's fashion clothing?

When it comes to choosing men's fashion clothing, it can get a bit problematic. This is true for women who are shopping for men's clothing brands. But it can be done. Here are some great tips that are going

What are the top mens fashion essentials?

HI,hi,Brother-sister duo from Colgate University pitched a novel idea in 2015 to Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hyman, Neil Blumenthal, and MC Hammer, panelists at an entrepreneurship program: swimwear made out of recycled plastic bottles. They didn't know much about the technology then to convert old, used plastic bottles into clothing, but as children who grew up on

What clothes do people commonly wear at the gym that actually hinders their workout?

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR GLOVESIf you are planing to do strength training and lifting weights, always remember to use good quality gloves. The gloves should have good padding to protect your palm from any damages and calluses, a good grip for the perfect workout - look for a silica one (you can test it

What clothing size (dress) is the ideal for women?

In United States of America:Women who live in regions with major media influences prefer to be ultra-thin because this is the typical type of female that is portrayed in film and modeling industries. In Manhattan and Los Angeles, many women

What fashion advice do men want to give to women?

It depends on the man. Some men like less clothes. Others like edgy looks. I myself am the type of person that really likes it when a girl wears cute things and rarely shows skin. I really do fall in

What is best to wear (including both shirts, pants and all types of clothing) for men to be more attractive? I'm a bit skinny. (Read the details.)

Check the pictures out...will help you decide what to shop next time, besides, keep one thing in mind, don't run for the trendz...always look for your comfort zone.Keep the compliments in mind too, see what people are appreciating you for..Since, it's summer ahead try choosing cotton it tees to

What is the best style for men?

Mmmm...tricky one to answer definitively for obvious reasons. But I can authoritatively state the best style for this man. For me it's  well fitted shirts, ( loose baggy shirts are circa 1990 ) trousers/ jeans again fitted, but I have yet to be seduced by ( for me,)

What is the latest fashion for men in clothes?

City clothes for men described as stylish-hop culture began from African-United states, Caribbean American and Latino youth in New York. Urban culture clothing for guys continues to be enriched by various cities like Chi town, San Francisco, and Atlanta. As

What is the worst outfit you could wear to the gym for a workout?

Uhh--for those of you who have answered, this question was asked by a male. Bikinis and opaque what evers might not be the answer he is looking for.To Richard Guy, what do you mean by outfits? I was never a fashion plate no matter what.The

What are the best tips to tie a necktie?

First, there are many different knots one can choose depending on the situation. There are some ties meant for serious business and some knots meant for is ALWAYS up to you to know the difference.Also, the wide point in the front of the tie should never hang lower than your belt fact, it is exactly

What would be your day to day fashion tip for average built men to look more presentable and attractive?

Shave, always shave. A clean shaven man always looks better than a bearded man. No matter what the hipsters say. Short haircut. Not a lot of people can wear a long haircut.For shirts. You'll want to start with your favorite colors. Now if your favorite colors are bright neon green or

When males wear shorts pants, do females look up their pants legs?

Not if they can help it!I once copped an eyeful of my mate Bill's hairy bollock, when he had short shorts on, and for some reason he was also going commando. It was a picnic day with me, my husband, Bill, and my daughter who was a

Where can I find men's fashion tips regarding clothing style?

You can go through sites as suggested below :-How To Dress Sharp | 9 Style Tips For Young Men | Clothing & Fashion AdviceFashionBeans.com20 Must-Follow Rules for Men Who Want to Dress Well25 Ways to Upgrade Your Style15 Quick Fashion Tips for Men - Kinowear

Where do fashionable men (ages 21 - 35) shop for clothes?

It really depends on your price range and fashion sense. I for one, really dislike overly labeled clothing (think large logos/brand names etc); I prefer classics that are versatile and allow me to pair and experiment. I'll answer assuming a median price range somewhere

Where in Bangalore can I find a tailor to get a suit stitched?

Hello,You should try the exclusive Made-to-Measure service at @Tailorman We're a premium menswear brand based out of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. With experienced stylists on board, our team can help you curate and design the perfect wedding look from a range of over 4,000

Where is the best/cheapest place to buy a tailored suit in NYC?

What is your desired price point?  There are different levels of custom-made suits in terms of construction quality.  You can always buy an off-the-rack suit and get it altered but that could be a bad investment depending on your body type. 

Which are some good custom tailoring options in Mumbai?

Mumbai being the fashion hub has some very good options when it comes to custom making your clothes. Right from luxury to an affordable custom made apparel you can find wide range of options.Also, it depends what do you want to Custom make as there are specialists who only specializes in Custom made Business Suits, 3 piece

Which are the websites/apps that guide or give fashion tips for woman on dressing?

For the Love of Fashion. Shopping malls use to be the 'go to' for trends and styles that are current but these days we have access to it all online. I suggest finding a celebrity or someone that already has the style you like and duplicate thier looks. Its

Which is better: high fashion or street fashion?

Looking around my room, I see HUF, Quiet Life, and similar gear everywhere, but also a cordorouy blazer and a leather bomber jacker hanging next to a puffy HUF vest and a HUF letter jacket. A  Quiet Life green "Aztec" pattern 5panel cap with earflaps, right next to a pair of Tom

Which is your favorite workout wear?

Workout clothes should work as hard as you do. But if you regularly find yourself tugging your clothes downstairs at the gym or distracting while performing yoga because of women's sportswear shorts, then there is some problem in your gears that you need to resolve soon.It is

Which kind of clothes should I wear at the gym?

Workout clothes should work as hard as you do. But if you regularly find yourself tugging your clothes downstairs at the gym or distracting while performing yoga because of women's sportswear shorts, then there is some problem in your gears that you need to resolve soon.It is true that

Who are some good tailors for men's suits & trousers around Vile Parle or Dadar (Mumbai)?

Hi! My family is residing in Dadar since more than 70 years now and in terms of buying fabrics, we only trust a shirting and suiting store in Dadar West called Plaza Textorium. It is right opposite to Veer Kotwal Udyan on N.C. Kelkar Road. You will definitely find good collection of fabrics there. If

Who are the best tailors in Bangalore?

If you want the best designer Traditional or Indo western wear, Kindly check out Naina Boutique in Commercial street. We have the most experienced tailors and designer working in our store. You can bring your own fabric or choose from a variety from our store itself.We Stitch Lehengas, Gowns, Wedding

Why do fat people prefer to use skinny jeans instead of regular fit?

Someone in my family used to ask questions like this, and it was clearly a passive aggressive attempt at sarcasm or witticism.

Why do people wear gym workout clothes as an outfit when they're not working out?

The Rules for Wearing WorkoutwearAccuse the planner athleisure blast or the yearly overabundance of New Year's resolutions to hit the exercise center on the consistent, yet this month you can hope to see much more ladies than expected wearing exercise equip. Be it on the school keep running, in the line for morning espresso,

Why do people wear workout gear even when they are not working out?

You asked: Why do people wear workout gear even when they are not working out?Its a combination of being ultimately comfortable and slack at the same time. These days athleisure wear is considered fashion, so you will find a lot of women and men will be seen in athletic attire even though

Why does the Bible say women cannot dress like men and men cannot dress like women?

The Bible does not say women cannot dress like men. The Bible is a compilation of 66 books all written at different times but with one binding story. Jesus Christ. It must be properly read and understood. The portion often quoted to support the view that women cannot dress like men is

Am I a old soul, even I was born generation z I don't dress up trendy don't wear a lot of brands wear baggy pants sleep on time and eat healthy food?

Hey hey hey !  Who did tell you that u are old soul . You aren't a old soul.Dear aap unhen dekho jinke pas pehno ko thng k clothes nhi.. kuch k pas toh clothes bhi nhi..Toh aap ab khud ko dekho .. zruri nhi h

Are pants supposed to be worn at the belly button line or at the hips?

Yes.Pants are supposed to be worn at the height the patternmaker set the rise for. The rise is the distance from the center of the crotch to the top of the waistband. Some trousers have a low rise and are meant to be worn at or even below the hips. Some are made with a higher rise and,

Are skinny jeans actually bad for you?

This question confounds me. I think if you don't provide elaboration you will receive joke answers.  Maybe it's what you want; it is usually the case for an innocuous topics asked by anonymous.  I read it an article of clothing bad for me?  An article

Are super skinny jeans okay to wear?

Why wouldn't they be?If you like super skinnies and have the body-type best suited for them then go for it. There's nothing

As a skinny guy, how can I find clothes that fit me well?

Being a skinny guy myself, I have always had this problem of non-fitting clothes. Finding the right size is an endless quest in stores and I really don't like to do so.In order to avoid this kind of bother and because

Can I wear sports bra and leggings outside of gym?

Yes !! - Not only can you wear a sports bra and leggings outside of the gym, but it's actually stylish to dress like this!This fashion trend is call Athleisure and I wear these styles all the time!20 Style Tips

Can I wear sports bra for gym?

A sports bra is a bra which provides support to female breasts during physical exercise. They help in minimising breast movements, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments. Many women wear sports bras to reduce pain, and physical discomfort caused by breast movement during exercise. Some of the sports bras are designed to be worn

Can I wear track pants to hike in cold weather?

I mean, technically you can, that doesn't mean you should. Really it will depend on what they are made of. If they are made of polyester, then they should be reasonably good at wicking sweat off your legs and drying quickly. But the biggest concern I have with track pants, especially in

Can only skinny people wear skinny jeans?

No, of course not.It's unfortunate the marketing types chose such a silly descriptive for this style of jeans; I suspect it was because the style was first marketed to women and

Do I have to wear a sports bra for sports?

The short answer, YES!If there is one thing (apart from sneakers) that you should spend your money on, then it is definitely a sports bra.Not wearing a sports bra is actually a common occurrence, especially in smaller-chested women who don't think they

Do I have to wear a sports bra to gym?

It would be advisable to wear a sports bra during any activity requiring a lot of movement as it will control the bounce of the breasts. Of course how necessary it would be for you personally would depend on your body structure and bust.

Do leather belts stretch?

Yes but it depends on the quality of the leather. Genuine leather is the weakest kind of leather and as a result is will stretch more. Genuine leather is made from splitting leather into two and taking the bottom half. Full grain or top grain is the top half which

Do skinny jeans keep legs cooler than wide leg jeans?

Your thinking is good. Consider going into engineering! Consult a thermodynamics engineer to get your answer. You are correct...if cold outside they (your pants) will transfer the heat or cold to your skin better due to being in contact with the skin. Also if it is cold outside and you want to be warm wear

Do some jeans make your butt look bigger?

The answer to your question is yes. I will list things that make a person's ass look bigger, smaller and all sorts of other things.Jeans with big back pockets will make a person's ass look bigger. However, you also have

Do you always wear bra and panty?

When I am home I go commando. I once tried to not wear panties but figured out that it acts as a layer for the vagina discharge and sweat. I recently have stopped wearing bra just to experiment so here are pros and cons of not wearing a bra

Does cotton polyester stretch?

It stretches, but depending on the exact blend/ratio think about the Seinfeld app where George C. talked a football team into switching to cotton because it "breathes". Cotton was blended for durability, it will make you sweaty and can't be worn for hours on end, ie sleeping. Think cotton for pjs and lounge- wear.

How can a foodie be fit as well?

I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but I love good food and I have a big appetite. Living in Seoul, which starting a few years ago developed a great food scene, has made it difficult to stay fit. I don't have a six-pack, but I do have a

How to dress in order to make it look like I have a more lean physique when I have a more pudgy body

I would say dark colors, monochromatic ( top and bottom should be the same color), tailored, shoulder pads under jackets.However, there is system developed by a stylist named David Kibbe that categorized people into types and subtypes based on their physical characteristics. He then demonstrated which clothes look best on them. It was intended for

How do skinny jeans look on fat people?

Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, it really depends on what those looking at you see or enjoy seeing.Some see

How do slim fit straight jeans differ from skinny jeans?

'Skinnny Fit' is what it sounds like, made with very narrow legs, with the narrowness maintained from hem to waist. Small waist, skinny legs needed. 'Slim fit' on the other hand, is similar to skinny, just not as skinny & the legs aren't as narrow. Some skinny and

How do warm gear running shirts (like under armour or c9) and fabrics work? Are they a scam or are they actually different from other running shirts in some way?

They are polyester and polyester doesn't absorb any water (sweat) at all and thus allows the your body heat to drive water (sweat) away from your body, across the fabric where it can evaporate away from your skin and preserve a warm dry layer directly next to you. Polyester

How does a fat person look when wearing skinny jeans?

In my opinion, I believe you should wear clothing best flattering the type of body you have.Skinny jeans, by their nature, are designed for people with a lean body type. I would agree with Adam Pringle with regard to the slightly awkward look and, specifically, the accentuation of weight of a fat

How does athletic fit differ from regular fit?

The definition of fitness for any being, from an evolutionary standpoint, is tha ability to adapt to ones surroundings. Fitness in athletics is almost directly related, however peoples' perception of it has been warped a bit.For example runners, swimmers, climbers, people who practice parkour, are all

How's the fit of Hollister's super skinny jeans?

That depends on the person.Different people's bodies suit different jeans and while Hollister might be fantastic for some people it maybe a bad brand generally for someone else.Even different jeans within the same make vary.The only way to tell is try the super skinny

I am about to start bodybuilding this summer. My chest is currently 36 inches and I wear a medium t shirt. About how long will it take until medium no longer fits and I need to wear a large, approximately?

Depends how hard you work, what you stick in your mouth, how quickly your body can recover, how much rest abd sleep you can get, what your form is like and your dna.Just lift. And eat something dead. Sleep well.Next day get up and do it again.Keep doing it

I have a 25 inch waist and I purchased a skirt that has a 31 inch waist, how can I take in the waist to fit me without making the skirt look weird or uneven at the bottom hem?

Without at least seeing the item, it is difficult to advise you properly. But, in general, there are three basic choices: 1) Take in the waist in at least two places - this works for most skirts that are wider

I'm 4'9'and 13 years old. How can I get clothes that fit my age and my height?

My friend is 4'-9" and is one of the most beautiful, confident and stylish women I've ever met. Her husband is 6-'3". She never makes a big deal about her height. Thus no one sees that an issue either.People are attracted to her personality. She shops for clothes in either

Is army cargo pants good for trekking?

Thanks for A2A..If the objective is trekking, then any light-weight, breathable, easy-drying pant is good for trekking.The choice should depend on the region in which you wish to trek, not if it is a cargo pant or not. I have trekked all my life in shorts, track suit

Is it appropriate to wear an exercise outfit where your bra is showing?

Yes. Living in Los Angeles where it is sunny year-round and people are expected to stay in shape all the darn time, you see this look just about every day of the year. Sports bras used to be something that was functional, similar to a real bra, and not worthy of showing off. Thanks to

Is it better to buy 2 separate washer and dryer machines or an all in one?

I think you mean is it better to buy a separate washer and dryer then an all in one machine? A separate washer and dryer is preferred, if you have the space.For a dedicated dryer to work optimally, clothes need to tumble in about twice the size of space required to wash them in. If

Is it healthy to wear two trousers?

Why 2 trousers? If you are in weather that is -25C or -10F then yes to get from point A to B for heat and you remove the 2nd trouser once indoors. Otherwise no. However if one trouser is a see through material then it's very thin and you are using it as a