How to write a college assignment

Depends on the parameters you've been given. I agree with Tim Storm, you definitely didn't expound on what kind of college assignment you have, so we can help you only in the broadest of sense, so to speak.First, what did teachers tell you about the length of

Is it better to stay in the hostels provided by SNU or in the nearby hostels available for a fresher?

It is compulsary to stay on campus. You can't stay in a PG nearby, and even if you could Dadri village isn't safe(neither is Chithera), and anywhere else is too far away.If you don't like the prospect of having 3 other people staying in the same room as you, I suggest you come mentally

Do college credit hours include the weekend?

Credit hours are basically just the number of hours per week you spend in a classroom. You can plan to spend, on average, 2–3 hours outside of the classroom studying or doing homework of some type in order to do well in the class. Typically, classes meet during

What are the best tips to achieve a first at university?

First, choose a university compatible with your values, philosophy, life style. Then learn of your course work and schedule preparation times. Insist upon these, within reason. Then notice that good teachers start a class semester by defining terms and basics of the subject. Take care to learn these well, if

What majors are the most popular in the U.S.A and in the U.K?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the most popular majors in the US are:1.) Business (21.3%)2.) Health/Medicine (8.3%)3.) Education (6.1%)4.) Psychology (5.9%)These statistics are from 2010-2011, so may not reflect current proportions, but should give you a general idea.According to

What are the best universities in the world to pursue Masters in GIS and Remote Sensing?

According to my knowledge, some universities in Netherlands are leading in Remote Senisng & GIS Applications field.I would rate ITC Netherlands as a top one. ITC - Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation - University of Twente. The successor is University of Twente.But country wise, following universities are good in this field:USAll

What are the 5 schools of psychology?

PSYCHO-ANALYST: This discipline was established by Sigmund Freud. His psycho-dynamic theory of the unconscious mind stresses inner conflict between the id, ego and superego. He suggested that problems during the pre-puberty psychosexual stages of development cause emotional problems in adult life. Analysts interpret dreams, word associations and slips-of-the-tongue

What is something that almost nobody knows about when going off to college?

Only so much! And in my personal opinion, its what makes you go from

What's the best university for a graduate degree in math?

There are several things to consider here. Questions to begin: What are your goals in getting a graduate degree? What are your research interests? What are your financing plans? Do you prefer a certain area of the country?Are you going to school to become a professor yourself? Or to work in a private

Do college credit hours include the weekend?

Credit hours are basically just the number of hours per week you spend in a classroom. You can plan to spend, on average, 2–3 hours outside of the classroom studying or doing homework of some type in order to do well in the class. Typically, classes meet during

Many employers and postgraduate degree programmes ask for a 'good undergraduate degree' in their list of requirements. What exactly is a 'good undergraduate degree'?

I've never heard of this before in my life. A pointer to an example would probably help contextualize it, but in the absence of that, and assuming that "good undergraduate degree" is used as casually as it sounds, I would suspect that the employer is not

Which U.S. city has the most colleges and universities? Which city worldwide has the most?

The Greater Boston area - is our Higher Ed center. What is interesting is the scope: Technology, Music, Arts, Business, Liberal Arts, Advanced Study (JD, MD, PhD, etc...). Part of what gives the area a special edge is the large prep school lineage as well. Higher-Ed is baked into

What are the pros and cons of going to private school?

I would say that the pros of going to an independent school or private school are:Increased access to technology and innovationPromotion of self learning and disciplineMore one on one time with teachersThe only disadvantage I have had is cost but for me it was worth it! My daughter grew so much by attending an independent school.

Which is the best way to study library and information science?

Librarianship as a profession provides a variety of employment opportunities. Today there are a number of career prospects in Library and Information Science. Qualified professionals are employed in various libraries and information Centers. Trained library professionals can find opportunities for employment both as teacher and as

Is studying at MIT University, USA difficult?

I think that it sort of depends upon the definition of

How is Government Medical College in Chamba?

Hello,Govt medical college is only name there. No separate building is there. Classes are running in old building of Raja Ka Mahal. Practical work is in govt hospital. Rest is good.You have to search for residence because there is no hostel for students and for doctors also.Rest everything is good.Best of luckVinay

What do I need to study at university to become recording studio engineer?

It will depend on where you want to go. Take the time to read the university requirements and courses. Check the individual subjects online. You will find out what you need.As a basic guess you should have high level maths, physics and music in addition to the regular requirements of your school.

What's the expected date of online hostel booking at SRM-KTR for B.Tech freshers?

Hostel Booking for freshers starts on 1st July, 2017.For more info join Facebook group for SRM Freshers 2017 - SRM University 2017 FreshersHope this helped. For more details about Aaruush and the happenings of SRM University, click here -Aaruush, SRM University.Have a great day ahead !

Does Stanford University offer internships for Indian students?

They do not have any specific summer internship program for Indian students.During my stay at IITB, the only person that I have ever heard who interned at Stanford was a senior of mine in Electrical Engineering Department- Raaz Dwivedi. He worked on load balancing in computer networks. Mind you, he was IR

What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is aid some some kind, typically monetary, granted for a person intended on perusing further studies.  The scholarship can be given based off skills, study specific, merit, or need, but is not limited to just these reasons. 

What distinguishes Cambridge University from Oxford University?

The UK's two oldest and most famous universities, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge have a historic rivalry dating back more than 800 years. These two halves of

Can my soul go to other universes after I die?

It is possible, but not statistically likely, that this physical world is not the one that your spirit (soul) most commonly returns to. According to my spirit world sources,* there are many physical worlds, each with a large group of spirits who return to it for almost all of their physical lifetimes.

What are the best colleges for VFX?

Best is a relative term. Before entering into Vfx Arena, ensure that you possess desired creative aptitude & passion towards the medium. Call it Vfx or Animation or Multimedia or Communication Design..there are lot of qualification available in form of B.Des or even Skill based Certification Programs. ~Top few International Institutes-CalArts, Ringling, Rhode, Savannah ,

What are the biggest myths about SJWs?

That they're liberals. SJWs are absolutely not liberals, and have very little in common with them.Liberals are individualist. They view and treat people as individuals, rather than as a collective. SJWs view people as collectives, and attribute characteristics to these people (this is why you hear them writing things like

What are the greatest college basketball players of all time?

I am going to simplify this a bit and mention some of the college basketball players who were great but never quite reached the same heights professionally. otherwise we talk about MJ, Larry, Magic, Oscar, Russ,Pete Maravich-no way in hell he reaches the same heights, 44 ppg and amazing passing. Impossible to do that in the pros. He was

Why is a scholarship provided?

First of all we want to understand that initially scholarship is provided only for SC/ST caste students upliftment in education.The main reason for providing scholarship to them was implemented by the Honourable India's First Law minister Dr.B.R.Ambedkar .The reason that told for such practice was said to be during

What is it like to study at the New School in New York?

It's non-traditional and very different! I graduated from the New School College in 1971, after transferring from NYU in my junior year. The New School's courses were small seminars with 15 to 20 students and emphasized a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, which, I

Why do so many people look down on trade schools and feel its inferior to college?

ApprenticeshipsThe solution to solve the shortage of skilled trades people, create additional employment for the unskilled and broaden the tax base.As we listen to politicians and the media, we repeatedly find a great concern expressed for the social and economic well-being of our citizens. In order to maintain the lifestyle and the programs, to

What are the top 10 culinary schools in the U.S.?

There are many lists, including this one Page on restaurants.comTypically the CIA and Le Cordon Bleu are on top.

Should government stop giving subsidy to government colleges of India?

NO. Education is fundamental building block of the nation. If India today has some standing in science and technology and comparatively affordable health care it is mainly due to subsidised education given. Otherwise a student who has studied under a loan is under immense pressure to

What are the best colleges in New York?

If one is interested in a system for ranking US Colleges that actually attempts to take academic quality into account one might want to start with the US News and World Report College Rankings:Best Colleges | College Rankings | US News Education - US NewsAccording to their methodology the highest ranking

What screams 'I'm a professor'?

Technically I am not a professor but an assistant professor. Nevertheless, being in academics, I have had many opportunity to observe a number of great professors or researchers. Being an Indian, when I say

Are there any public universities in Washington, D.C.?

These are the public universities in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) area. University of Maryland - College ParkGeorge Mason University - Fairfax, VANational Defense UniversityUniversity of the District of ColumbiaUniversity of Maryland University College - College ParkUniformed Services University - BethesdaBowie State University - BowieSt. Mary's College of Maryland - Saint Mary's

How to find universities that will allow a self-funded PhD

I don't know of any universities that will NOT allow a self-funded PhD degree. However, you still have to get in, and we will generally not lower our admission standards to make that possible. So you can't just buy your way in.Generally the number of PhD students we can admit is limited by

Are universities worth the time, money, and effort?

First and foremost, you should think of a university education as a means of enlightening your mind-it has a great deal of intangible value, quite separate from what you choose as a career.Second, to answer your question, the response is that it depends

How do PhD students in Europe get funding?

Each country is different and studying for a Ph.D in Europe may be different than studying in the US.  In the US, typically, you take graduate courses for 2-3 years, then take the qualifying exam, and then you complete a thesis. In Europe, it is not uncommon to join a professor's group (or Lab) (Profs are BIG in

How is Aligarh Muslim University for engineering?

Hi,I am a undergraduate from the Zakir Hussain college of Engineering & Technology, AMU (Mechanical branch). Presently I am working in a PSU(Maharatna) as most of my classmates(Mechanical Branch) are working in PSU's which include ONGC,IOCL,NPCIL,CIL,SAIL,BHEL,NTPC, BARC,BEL etc including 4 final selection in IES(Civil Branch from my batch). Talking about Faculty is quite good some of the Teachers are

Is it worth self-funding a PhD at Oxford?

I think the answer depends. If the topic's something that only Oxford can offer, then yes, if you can afford it. Keep in mind that academic jobs are scarce these days, especially in topics that aren't STEM or money-related. And Classics profs NEVER retire. I've seen one retire, but then he retired from life a month later.If it

How to find a fully funded PhD in Canada for international students

I can speak to the University of British Columbia: all you need to do to find a funded PhD in Canada for any student is look at the program. The University guarantees a funding level for all students. Whether you consider this to be

How good is Johnson & Wales University?

Johnson & Wales ranks at #67 in the Regional Universities North section of the US News & World Report rankings.How Does Johnson and Wales Rank Among America's Best Colleges?What that actually means is rather subjective since that is an overall ranking and the fit between an individual

How is Aligarh Muslim University for law?

Amu law faculty is considered as one of the best facullty and ranked among top colleges for law in india ,after that medcines and engineering faculty comes .perhaps these are the three departments which make amu to be always counted or ranked among

How is Aligarh Muslim University for MBBS?

I dont have any idea about this college. But I can tell you  what all should you consider before choosing your college. Most  importantly, look at the number of students who clear the all India pg  entrance exams, cos that will give you an idea of the kind of student  crowd you will

How much does it really cost to go to Temple University per year, including all costs after scholarships and aid?

Ok, so I live in New Jersey so my tuition is out of state. For full time, the tuition is $17,000 a semester. If you take a class for summer it runs about $4,500 a class. Now, remember to add to this the cost of living and all

What is it like to be a self-funded PhD student in Cambridge or Oxford?

Majority of British or EU students, especially pursuing STEM PhD degrees, are not self funded. A big number of international students are self-funded.I can only speak for Chinese students:Chinese students applying for PhD degree in Cambridge have 4 major sources of funding:CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council)- a few dozen people/year, need to go back

What is the weirdest experience you've had at college?

I heard there were ghosts in the college I enrolled in. At that time, I was not sure if they were true or just rumors spread by the students themselves. Apparently, I think I got my own taste of a paranormal experience in the college's restroom.It was after a fun session of physical education class. I walked straight