Are Canada and Australia more British in culture and identity than the United States since the US broke with the British in the 1700s while Canada and Australia remained colonies until the 20th century?

I would say definitely ‘yes'.As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, we have a common bond with the UK. Even though we are a democratic country, technically Queen Elizabeth is Head of State. Although she has no power here and is a figure head, but the crown joins all commonwealth countries together with

Why did Canada become less British compared to other British colonies or Commonwealth realms?

I think I understand what this Question refers to. Canada is certainly a Commonwealth country but doesn't have quite the

How did Indians who supported British colonization react to the Independence of India, and are there any Indians who want colonization to come back?

Great great question.Those Indians who supported British Colonization were the rich upper class families. Now some of those rich upper class families also saw benefit of Independence by seeing themselves as the politicians to lead the country and take the benefit for their

What would France have to have done to have kept hold of its African territories?

I honestly don't believe France could have kept territories South of the Sahara, or even Morocco and Tunisia - But there is a place France could very realistically have kept. And that is Algeria.(Note: Just for you to be aware of, I am in no way opposed to an Algerian state nor supportive of those

Why were Indians upset with British rule?

The answer is in the history book of class 10 we study in India.The Doctrine of Lapse (The Doctrine meant that when a ruler of a dependent state died without a natural heir, the State passed back to the English). This ofcourse

Did the British colonization of India unite the country?

territorially, yes it did, as pretty much the entire subcontinent became part of the Raj, where before there had been divisions.Ideologically however, it did not. There were people who resisted and protested British rule, but there were also those Indians who relied

Why is cricket not popular in the United States?

There is a United States of America Cricket Association so apparently some people are playing it here. However, it is not popular like the major professional sports here like baseball, basketball, hockey, or football or even sports like golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, or volleyball. I came across an interesting discussion of why