Could Magneto defeat Ultron?

No. Magneto's pretty ridiculously powerful, but Ultron is even more so.First thing to address, is whether Ultron can avoid getting instagibbed by Magneto due to his metal chassis. Amongst other things, ever since version 13 Ultron has had a force field designed to counter exactly the kind of

Could Superman pick up Thor's hammer?

Yes he can, Or I should say *surprise* he had actually lifted and wielded Thor's hammer i.e Mjolnir.Lifting and wielding Thor's Hammer are two different things.according to enchantment by Odin: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if (s)he be worthy, shall possess

Did Marvel comics rip ideas off of DC?

Oh yes, and they do spectacularly. Marvel didn't just copy the characters, but story lines, character traits, even the supporting characters etc., Even their most famous characters started off as shameless rip offs.If a character copied an ability like super strength or flying isn't a rip off,

Has Batman ever killed Superman?

There was a really messed up and depressing Elseworlds short where Kal-El's rocket hits Gotham, and kills Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce is horribly scarred (think, Two-Face, if someone took a blowtorch to his

How to convince someone that Batman is better than Superman

You can't or you shouldn't try. Not if the person is purposely and without any reason already aggressive towards the character.Trust me. Some people simply don't like because they love to hate.You can use all the arguments in the world as

How is it possible that Batman can defeat Superman?

Its easy really. Superman has only one weakness its kryptonite. And that's all that Batman needs.I'm going to explain the fight between Batman and superman from an animated movie 'dark knight returns 2'.Batman has finally killed Joker and the US government orders superman to take down the vigilante. In this

Is Superman overpowered?

If you talk about the standard version of Supes in the current DC Rebirth: NO.In the current Action Comics, a normal Superman got an ass whooping from Doomsday and took help from Wonder Woman. That too, he couldn't beat Doomsday in the end and instead used Wonder Woman's help to keep him distracted maintaining distance and caution

Superheroes: Who is stronger, Superman or the Hulk?

This is a very difficult question to answer. This is for numerous reasons that deal with comics and retcons but also the way each character's powers manifest.

What superhero is the most blatant rip-off of another?

The creator of the Man-Thing and the creator of the Swamp Thing were college roommates. The Man-Thing appeared between the first appearance of the Swamp Thing as a supernatural avenger in a one-shot horror story from the House of Secrets #92 (1971) and as a scientist turned into a plant for his solo

Which 5 people can defeat Superman and how?

Superman has been defeated by quite a few people with kryptonite like the Batman and Doomsday with only brute force. So is there anyone who could defeat him without kryptonite? Yes. I am going to consider Superman Prime one million of the future in this case who is immune to kryptonite and is

Which comic book superhero is most realistic?

Well, as most people have said, you have to start by eliminating anyone with any superpowers because they are unrealistic by their nature.Then you have to eliminate anyone who entire basis for being is unrealistic technology. (Iron Man, Blue Beetle, etc.)Then you have to eliminate those whose entire basis for being is some

Which Green Lantern would be most likely to beat Superman in a fight?

While I agree Sodam Yat, I would say most Green Lantern would defeat Superman in a fight. When I say most I mean of over 15000 green Lanterns through out the universe, well over 10,000 could take him down, and every one of them would be equipped to defeat him, whether they do it or not remains to

Who are the top five Superman rip offs in the Superhero comics?

While not what I consider the top nor necessarily rip offs, five I think of immediately:1. Hyperion (Marvel) -Mark Milton of Earth-712 was the last Eternal of his planet, raised by good folk and working for a newspaper with a co-worker with the initials L.L.

Who is the most powerful superhero?

Who is the most powerful superhero?I can directly name the Supreme GOD/Creator of a Multiverse like The One Above All from Marvel or The Presence from D.C., etc. So, let's first set some parameters before answering this question:-The Character should not be very mysterious.The Character should

Who will win in a fight between Hulk and Wonder Woman?

Two figures stood in the middle of a desolate city street. Dirt, debris, and trash lay in heaps all around. The rusted and crumbling buildings formed a wall to either side of them. Their presence in this totally abandoned urban sprawl was inexplicable.

Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk?

A straight-up, no holds barred fight? Superman. In a fight that actually allows the Hulk to compete? Superman. While this question will be asked until the side gets what they want:

Who's actually stronger, Superman or Wonder Woman?

Superman no doubt, better feats and almost trashed Wonder Woman when he thought he was fighting Doomsday. So he almost trashed Wonder Woman while being handicapped by the fact he didn't know who he was fighting. There is a huge difference if you are fighting a mindless beast

Who's better: Batman or Superman, and why?

Depends on your perspective. Here are the merits of both heroes.SupermanSuperman is the trend-setter, the father of all superheroes. The creators of Batman started working on him only after Superman became a runaway success.He's the

Why is Batman cooler than Superman?

1. Batman spent almost a billion dollars on all of his tech, including his gear, weapons, vehicles, etc.2. Batman looks much cooler. He is more credibly incredible.3. He actually has a believable way of hiding his identity, rather than the slouching and glasses that Kal-El uses.4. Batman has a cave.

Why is he called Superman if he can die from kryptonite?

Why is he called Superman if he can die from kryptonite?Why are men called men when they can die from something as simple as an allergy?Have you ever heard of anaphylactic shock? This can be caused by the most simple of things.So men and women in all of their

How was your experience of Delhi Comic Con 2018?

When we reached the venue, despite having food before leaving home, we were hungry again. So first stop at comic con this year were the food stalls where the food was over-priced.My friend and I bought a

Why do comic fans always assume anime fans are weebs?

The simplest answer to this is word evolution. First off what is a weeb...Weeaboo (from everyones favourite Urban Dictionary + I saw this on Papa Franku's channel ;) )

Why is Black Clover the worst manga at Comic-Con?

No. It's not even the worst, nor is it bad. The keyword here is Unoriginal .The manga is without a doubt popular as all shit. Insanely so. It ranks behind Boku No Hero(My hero Academia) and One Pice, mother fucking One Piece. The reason why we hate it is the same reason why we

Comics (narrative art form): How do DC superheroes compare to Marvel superheroes?

It is kind of a fundamental difference to me.When Donald Blake, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Benjamin J. Grimm, etc. obtain their powers, they initially fight against them (in Pete's case, he denies that he should use them for good). When Hal Jordan, Barry

Did Marvel comics rip ideas off of DC?

Oh yes, and they do spectacularly. Marvel didn't just copy the characters, but story lines, character traits, even the supporting characters etc., Even their most famous characters started off as shameless rip offs.If a character copied an ability like super strength or flying

Does Wolverine age at all?

You never heard of "Old Man Logan"?Wolverine aged very slowly until the Weapon X procedure laced his bones with adamantium.  Cap can carry a shield made with the stuff, but the bones are where the body produces white blood cells and Adamantium is toxic.  The fact that it slows

For one day you get to be your favorite superhero. Who would it be? Why would you be that superhero? And what would you do?

My favourite superhero is Batman, but honestly, I'd be scared. True I'm calling Batman a superhero, but he's too ethically complicated for my taste. I struggle to even call him a hero, not saying he is a bad guy, but the way he handles criminals

Has anyone tried to become a secret vigilante in real life like we see in super hero movies?

The other answers have pointed out some of the very cool stories of normal people putting on costumes and going out to help their communities. Usually they're mostly just really nice folks who volunteer their time. The costumes just make that even cooler.On the other hand, there have been real life vigilantes

How can DC and Marvel rip each other off so much with character clones and not get sued?

Well, you know, they could do that at any time, employ a LOT of lawyers, and wind up... ...right where they are, except for making a lot of lawyers very wealthy.Within comics, as it was with, for example, special effects in the 1960s and 1970s, there was a limited talent pool.  People

If superhero comics were more realistic, would they be better? What are the most realistic and smart comics?

They would not necessarily be better if they were more realistic. I enjoyed the thoroughly fantastic origin of the Silver Surfer, for instance. His concept for those who don't know the character, is not just unrealistic but also a bit silly.I generally do not enjoy comics that attempt to realistically depict violence. Part of this may, however, be

If you could be a superhero for a day, which superhero would you be, and what would you do on that day?

The only superhero i would imagine being is Superman. Because Superman has the right set of powers. Is unbreakable, has super-strength, heat vision, x-ray vision and all that. But I am not going to wear a Superman costume. Instead I'll wear a Batman

If you could be any superhero, outside of DC and Marvel, who would you want to be and why?

The 19th Century Batman: Edmond Dantès, the Count of Monte Cristo.Rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Multi-lingual. Knowledgeable in the arts and sciences. Master of disguise. Strong and intelligent. Connections everywhere. He used his riches and know-how both to exact revenge on those

If you could make your own superhero and had the option to choose if he/she would be in the DC or Marvel universe, what would your superheroes name be and what powers would they have?

I've already came up with some original superheroes for both the DC and Marvel universes.Vincent Lance aka Spellcaster (Marvel): his powers are being skilled in the Mystic Arts, and casting magical spells like his name implies. His skill with the

Is Batman the greatest superhero of all time? What makes him better than other godlike superheroes?

Today I am going to tell you Why Batman is favorite and what makes him so special. If you are a fan of Batman than you must read it as it will make you happier than ever and although if you don't like it then also you should

Is Cable a marvel rip off of any DC character?

Actually, in this case, it's DC that ripped off a Marvel character. If you look at Magog in his debut in the KINGDOM COME miniseries, you would see the similarities right away. Glowing eye? Robotic arm? Prefers killing over capturing enemies? Seen as a symbol of metahumans abandoning pure heroismall for violent retribution? All there! The only real difference

Is Thor the most powerful comic book superhero ever made?

NO!!! thor is obviously not the most powerful. he has been defeated many times!!but still, most characters cant match his power levelsbut many marvel and dc characters are far more powerful like phoenix, captain marvel, silver surfer, superman (may be not), quasar, beta ray bill (almost same),etc.wolverine is basically immortalmany characters possess

Overall, which has been more successful: DC Comics or Marvel?

Marvel may appeal more to readers and Audiences below 15 years more than DC because of MCU but DC is more successful without doubt as its superheros like Batman , superman . flash are much more popular than MARVEL ( most

Since most heroes in the Marvel universe seem unrealistic, who is the most realistic superhero in the DC Universe?

marvel is the most realist of the two companies, there characters have real motivations, failings and flaws.DC on the other hand has always been the

Superheroes: Which is more realistic? Batman or Punisher?

Between the two of them, that would easily be The Punisher. There's a HUGE misconception about him that he just shows up and sprays bullets. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Before he does anything, he heavily researches and gathers intelligence on his targets

What are some differences between Marvel and DC?

Let's see, the main differences of DC and marvel: DC has had the same name for like ever. Marvel has had like three name changes before this one. DC comics originally published crime and Western comics (I think) while marvel was all about romance

What are some of the most realistic comic book art?

The correct answer to this, as rightly pointed out by many existing answers, is the great Alex Ross . His hyper-realistic illustrations are the examples of

What are some realistic superheroes?

There are no realistic superheroes.There are realistic costumed heroes, but they are only "superheroes" in the sense that a costumed hero is termed as being one.The two most "realistic" in my book would be Marvel's The Punisher and several of DC Comics incarnations of Vigilante. Both are normal humans beings, who use firearms and who

What if DC & Marvel Comics combine and create a unique superhero with best of the qualities?

There was the storyline called DC vs Marvel Comics. The two universes collided and combined, and resulted in the Amalgam Universe. There is a long list of such amalgamated characters on here: List of Amalgam Comics charactersThese are some of my favourites among the heroes:Super Soldier

What superhero is the most blatant rip-off of another?

Marvel tends to do this a lot... cannibalize DC Characters. DC does it too, but not to the same extent. I guess it's fitting, since DC in general came first. Some of the highlights would be.Dr. Fate (1940) and Dr. Strange (1963): A sorcerer who generally stays out of superheroes lives, but assists them in various ways.Green Lantern

What was the worst superhero origin story?

Maybe Daredevil is a candidate here. I saw the movie, but didn't read the comic book. The whole story was not my favorite, including the origin story, summarized below:As a child, Matt was blinded after toxic waste was spilled over his eyes while he was

When it comes to movies, who is better: DC or Marvel? In comics: DC or Marvel?

Okay, let me be very honest here, I am not American so I am going to give very honest outside perspective. I have noticed that most of the Marvel fans who try to outright bash dc as they have never read DC that much or did not know much about DC universe either. DC has always been

Which came first, Marvel or DC?

National Allied Periodicals was founded in 1934. A little later, after the publication of Detective Comics and the merging of National with Independent News, Detective Comics Inc. was formed, which eventually became their official name, DC. DC was the first to introduce - to regularly published comic lines - the superhero with Superman,

Which DC character can kill Deadpool?

To kill Deadpool you have to destroy his entire body in one shot. And by destroying I don't mean cutting it down or blowing it up to pieces. His body has to be burnt to ashes, annihilated or split it up by

Which Marvel or DC superhero has the highest IQ?

The category should be narrowed down. Firstly I think this question should only include humans from Earth or else all sorts of hyper intelligent AI's, and immortal/extra dimensional alien entities end up being included. (for example Superman operates on the same intellectual level as Lex Luthor who has

Which Marvel superhero is most realistic?

Which Marvel superhero is most realistic?I think James Rhodes is. Of course, without the suit. Since he didn't design or build the suit (Tony without the Iron Man suit counts as a superhero because he

Which Marvel superhero is the most similar to Batman?

The other answers give good answers in Moon Knight and Nighthawk but there's another couple who are not as well known. The first one's not exactly a superhero and I'm only really answering in the case of a

Which Marvel superhero seems to be of a DC style?

That's a tricky question. Since Daredevil was redefined by Frank Miller around the same time that he also redefined Batman (Daredevil: Born Again and Batman: Year One, both of which were also drawn by the masterful David Mazzucchelli, not to mention his

Which one superhero from the Marvel universe and DC universe has the strongest plot armor to have ever exist in comics? Which superhero's plot armor is stronger if they were to fight each other?

The greatest plot armor at DC is without a doubt Batman. No need to explain why, that's been done a million times.At Marvel? That's a bigger question. Until the mid 80's I would have said Spider-Man. Every time there was a big cosmic event, somehow Spider-Man found himself

Which superhero comics would you recommend to a total newbie?

Hmm.. Well if Batman interests you definitely check out:A Court of Owls (Story Arc) - 1st story arc of the Batman New 52 series.Batman: The Killing Joke #1 - One of the best and most iconic

Which superhero/villain died the most in the comics?

I would list one of 5 Characters.Hawkman Carter Hall who is Hawkman is constantly reincarnated when he and Hawkgirl die. Carter is the reincarnation of Prince Khufu of Egypt. (DC)Hawkgirl Shiera Hall is the same situation as Hawkman but was Princes Chay-Ara. (DC)Immortal Man name unknown a neanderthal who was exposed to the

Which superheroes in Marvel can defeat Superman?

I'm gonna say this. Superman is O.P. As shit. But if you look through DC he can be defeated so easily. Especially with magic. So all sorcerers and beings able to use magic or a form of magic from the marvel universe

Who are more powerful, DC superheroes or Marvel superheroes?

From, your question, it is not clear what exactly, do you mean? So I am going to give you two scenarios, you will get your answer from one of those two-DC vs MarvelThis is a superhero + supervillan of DC vs Superhero + supervillan of Marvel, right. So, to make it more clear, I am getting rid of

Who are the best marvel and Dc superhero and villan?

Well, thankfully, no inter-company comparison. Phew. That I refuse to make.In Marvel, Doctor Doom is the best villain. He has been written by strong writers that characterized him really well. He really evokes what it is to be flawed and broken. Look no further than Johnathan Hickman's run on the FF to understand him. A close second would be

Who designed Batman's costume?

When Bob Kane came up with the idea for the Batman, the Dark Knight was dressed in red and black, with no cowl, wearing a domino mask. Pretty generic.He asked Bill Finger what he thought. Bill came up with the color scheme, the cowl, the city, and the villains.Bill Finger drew upon the

Who designed Superman's costume?

Jerome Siegel wrote for the student newspaper, and Joe Shuster was one of its cartoonists. They were both sons of Jewish immigrants who worked in the garment trade. They met in high school during the great depression, while Siegel couldn't draw, but Shuster was amenable. For the student paper, they collaborated on a Tarzan takeoff called

Who has the worst Marvel/DC superhero fanbase and why?

I would have to say Marvel fanbase.Let's be honest. Marvel fans are kinda arrogant because the MCU is on fire. They make great movies. All their movies have gotten at least 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.The issue is that they think they're true Marvel Fans. They're not.If you asked them

Who is a better ambassador for superhero comics, Batman or Superman?

Superman by far. For one thing, he has actual superpowers. For another, he embodies our best selves, our hopes and aspirations, our ideal of what a good person should do. Batman is a traumatized rich guy who most goes around beating up street thugs and mentally and emotionally disturbed villains.While Batman is heroic

Who is the best DC superhero?

Batman is by far the most popular and his comics outsale any other superhero , Marvel or DC. Commercially nothing comes remotely close to the success of Batman which is why you see his face pretty much everywhere.Of course being popular do not necessarily mean you are the best.I don't know what best really meansBest as inspiration ? Superman

Who is the most educated superhero?

That depends on how you perceive being

Who is the most powerful superhero in DC Comics?

Every one will tell you that Superman /Martian manhunter/Shazam ....BUT I THINK IT WOULD BE:: DOCTOR FATE..Why???????????????? ans::: Flash can kill superman Shazam and Martian Manhunter by USing Time travel powerr....Thats how, NEW 52 was created by flash...But it had no impact on Fate...Fate

Who is the most powerful superhero?

Who is the most powerful superhero?I can directly name the Supreme GOD/Creator of a Multiverse like The One Above All from Marvel or The Presence from D.C., etc. So, let's first set some parameters before answering this question:-The Character should

Who is the most successful superhero?

That is kind of a difficult question to answer. Multiple heroes have had very high success in their own ways but of we're being honest it really only comes down to 3.The easiest is Superman and I don't think I have to explain myself why he's successful but I'll do it anyway. He's an American Icon, has

Who is the most underrated comic villain in your opinion?

There are many underrated villians, whether they don't get enough credit, enough storyarcs, they are forced to be underpowered by plot because of the writers, or anyhthing else. Villians can have hood reasons on why they chose the path of evil, or not necessarily evil but opposite of the

Who is the most violent "superhero"?

The Punisher is way up there, perhaps more than least when Wolverine is hanging with the X-Men.Very few characters are specifically written to be cold-blooded murders, yet still be considered heroes. But Frank Castle is and always has been. He's a good person who does things that he believes must be done for the

Who is the richest among all the DC and Marvel superheroes? Why?

I'm going to give an unusual answer to this question.Majority of people think that Black Panther, Iron Man and Batman are three of the richest people. But, I find that wrong. People believe Black Panther is richest because he rules a country where Vibranium is found.If we apply the same rule, then Aquaman and

Who is the strongest fictional superhero or supervillain?

Not that versed in DC to comment. Though Superboy Prime could punch a hole in reality, so that probably deserves a mention. Also Kronos, The Phantom Stranger, Dr. Fate, Gog and Magog, Ion, are high up there.Marvel:Heroes1. Iceman (People forget he's

Who is the weakest DC superhero? Why?

I'm going to exclude characters created purely for humor value and unlikely to be used otherwise. The Inferior Five are certainly weak, but creator is going to use them except for humor. And if anyone tries to use my beloved 'Mazing Man as a serious character, I will personally ask they step outside to settle the affair as gentlemen!

Who ripped off more characters, DC or Marvel?

This topic shouldnt be considered for only between marvel and DC.There were tons of comicbook companies before both of them.DC ripped off these companies,graphic novels and myths,lot more than marvel did.Most of those so called original characers like Atom,m.manhunter,green arrow,d.stroke,plastic man,flash,batman,superman etc..are all

Who's the most mentally strong superhero?

Batman/Bruce WayneBruce Wayne is an interesting case in how he doesn't have telepathic or mental manipulation resistance as a superpower, but as a skill he developed over many years of training. Combined with his relentlessly sturdy will, his telepathic and mental manipulation resistance would arguably become even stronger minded than the rest of the DC and Marvel characters.

Who's the most powerful and famous Marvel superhero?

Most famous? Arguably Spider-Man. You can find someone completely unknowledgeable about comics or Marvel, and they will know who Spidey is.Most powerful? Unlike the MCU, Captain Marvel is not the most powerful. That title would fall among four characters depending how they feel that day: Thor,

Who's the weakest character in the Marvel and the DC universe?

Weakest character, as in the flatest, most steretypical, who does not develop much along the way? Many contenders here, from the powerless (JJonah Jameson, most of Johnny Storm's girlfriends) to the extremely powerful (Steppenwolf, Starro, Crimson Dynamo). This becomes a question of character depth and development,and Dr Doom is infinitely stronger than

Why are Marvel and DC identical to the point they rip off each other?

Both companies were/are located in New York City; both hired and fired many of the same writers and artists, both were low margin concerns until other forms of media recognized the value of their products. And both are often

Why does the Marvel Cinematic Universe keep rolling out their movies silently while the DC Cinematic Universe keeps taunting Marvel and telling people Marvel is a rip-off?

Iam really not sure how this concept of rip off is getting viral everywhere. None of the executives of DC or Marvel has given a bumping head of such statement rather every executive has been consistently denying the existence of

Why would any superhero with super strength have huge muscles? Wouldn't they have to constantly bench press locomotives (or whatever) to build them up, and what would be the benefit?

As Ms. Porco says, in some ways it's simply an art convention and a way to sexualize male superheroes: very strong = big muscles = sexy macho guy. And yes, with super strength it's entirely possible to have a wiry little guy with stringy