Do you know the 3 biggest misconceptions in life?

One: religion – If your religion does not change you change your religionTwo: Food – everyone likes food all hot and ready to eat. The best food for you is one item foods like, apples, blueberry's, bananas, oranges, watermelon. Veggies that

To discuss common misconceptions, what do you think a first world country like the US has that a country like India doesn't?

except for equal opportunity employment, knowledge,advance in technology, and earnings that are at least 5 times that of india, u s a has nothing more to offer to india,dating, divorce rates, crime, drug menace, illegal immigrant problems, creating a strifed world through big brother attitude and partiality to white

What are biggest misconceptions about advertising and advertisements?

...that the form of advertising known as "brand advertising" is the most effective way brand. It depends on your specific situation. But there are often far more effective ways to drive considerable change for your brand.If a brand is early in its development

What are biggest misconceptions about business?

Making money in business is easyYou need an office to start a business - an office is often a waste of money and a distraction, you can start working from homeHiring a sales person will somehow fix your sales issues - if you are not making enough sales now you probably

What are biggest misconceptions about Chicago?

Some thoughts:That the South Side is the worst part of the city - Nope. The West Side has long since surpassed the South Side as Chicago's "urban battleground."That Chicago is somehow "isolated" - Chicago is the centerpiece of a giant conurbation running around

What are biggest misconceptions about France?

I suppose it would be its alleged military weakness in the WW2. An example : the French tank was the most technologically advanced of its time, excepted for a very critical feature : it had no radio ! Basically, the

What are biggest misconceptions about friendship?

from my experience, there are several:it will last: there is no embedded duration or a set/ predictable expiration dateit can end at any moment for any reasonit will be a mutually satisfying experience: a friendship can leave a person scarred and torn since a friend can turn into an enemy

What are biggest misconceptions about investing?

Here I am going to compare two methods of investment that most people do:- 1. Taking home loan to buy homes.2. (SIP): Systematic Investment Plan to invest in Equity Funds:Assumptions:1. Investor is equally comfortable with

What are biggest misconceptions about literature?

That it's boring and dry and academic.No, no, absolutely not! I mean, keep in mind that literature persists because it captures the public heart. It's been said by a lot of people that Shakespeare wrote his plays for the uneducated public. And while I don't know how much I'd agree with

What are biggest misconceptions about movies?

You laughed at the comedian who fell inside a wet sand and if you felt that the comedian too enjoyed it, you are wrong.You cannot enjoy watching a movie shooting as that's the most boring thing I have ever witnessed. A single scene

What are biggest misconceptions about schizophrenia?

Multiple personalities. That's the biggest one. We don't have multiple personalities. Or alters. I think that is what they call the other personalities. We hear voices. We may even

What are biggest misconceptions about social dynamics?

One huge misconception about social dynamics is that you have to do nice things for people in order for them to like you.Although I'm not against doing nice things for people, more often than not it can come across as manipulative, as in "she's just

What are common misconceptions about coding?

There are plenty of misconceptions and myths surrounding the art of programming. Many view it as a job only for the very gifted; the process, methodical, the rewards, glorious. A career path only for geeks, or for the mathematically inclined, and a job not tolerant of mistakes.New link please click and watch out:

What are common misconceptions about lawyers?

You have seen a lot of good answers with which I agree. I will add some of my own.1. Lawyers should work for free.It is amazing the number of people who believe that when they stop paying or can no longer

What are common misconceptions about software engineers?

That we are "programmers".Programmers write high level programs.  They give relatively simple instructions to complex systems that others have built.Software engineers design and implement those systems.  They understand them from the hardware gates on up and can understand it when something goes wrong inside and fix it.A "programmer" is someone who

What are common misconceptions of becoming an entrepreneur?

These days, I define an entrepreneur as a person who sees a money-making opportunity in an improved idea, process or device and then accepts the personal responsibility and risks associated with turning that opportunity into reality by way of a financially sustainable

What are common misconceptions?

One common academic misconception is about the philosopher GWF Hegel.The typical notion of Hegel is that he is the precursor to Marx, and must be an Atheist and a Communist, or at least a Socialist.Actually, Hegel was a faithful Lutheran, and he maintained that private property was the ultimate basis for Family

What are some common misconceptions about Americans?

The misconception that ‘Americans are less superstitious'.Being an Indian, I come from a land of traditions and beliefs ( also rituals and superstitions). Before coming to US, I used to think, as a developed nation, US must be free from

What are some common misconceptions about Arabs?

That Jews and Arabs are "cousins" (fighting forever over the same effing land, and blah blah). That's basically deploying the Bible to interpret the contemporary world.  Oh, and also that Iranians and Pakistanis are Arabic-speaking Arabs (one might as well include turban-wearing Sikhs to the list).

What are some common misconceptions about becoming an engineer?

I'd like to focus on two common misconceptions . . .Engineers get stuck behind desks all dayEngineers only need technical skills.Both of these are WRONG.Yes, there are many engineers that end up at their computer all day long, but there are also many opportunities out

What are some common misconceptions about China?

Not all assumptions about China are true. But there sure are a lot... here are a few.China girls & boys are ‘easy' for foreigners.People in China are not easy for foreigners. Every person is different. Chinese people have standards too like Americans, and Canadians, and any other country. Some

What are some common misconceptions about engineers?

Here are a few that I have noticed or faced.1) All engineers love each other. This is not true each branch of engineering has a internal competition/hatred towards others branches.2) An Engineer is not a expert in all facets of life, even the faculty he is a part of he may not

What are some common misconceptions about evolution?

Dan Holliday and others explained the main misconceptions I come across. A more subtle misconception people often make is to misunderstand the time scales involved in most noticeable evolution. (In fact, evolution is happening all the time, very quickly, from one generation to the next.

What are some common misconceptions about hacking?

Lots of people talked me about "hakers" like wizards.Hakers are mostly related with illegal activities.Saw a lot of 0/1 in TV films....But, in the real world...The most of the so wrongly called "hacking" is done every day by using publicly known bugs and vulnerabilities of

What are some common misconceptions about Israel?

Misconceptions and truth (as I see it).Preamble: When I mention Israel, I mean the State and population within the world recognized borders, unless I explicitly write the West Bank.Israel is an apartheid state. Israel cannot be a government supporting discrimination state as there are many judges, police, lawyers, students, and more, from every

What are some common misconceptions about Mexico?

I lived in Mexico; also I've been around Western Europe. Now I'm residing in the eastern side of the continent and that has given me a good idea of how misinformed people are about Mexico.·        Everyone's brown, short and fat. This one is wrong but easy to understand

What are some common misconceptions about Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs is a legend. He did a bunch of great things. No denying that. But, lets remember him for the great things he did and not for the ones he did not. Here is a list of common misconceptions about Steve

What are some common misconceptions about Thailand?

I lived in Thailand for almost two years. These are my thoughts:All the women are whores and/or have a price for sex. You do hear people say this when you are there, and it is more an indication of where these men

What are some common misconceptions about the economy of China?

[1]. China has not undertaken major reforms in the last decade.The Western media look for

What are some common misconceptions about university professors?

Some of the answers given below are good, and the picture is very amusing and not far from the truth.I'm lucky to be a professor. I have an enjoyable job, I get to research things which interest me, and I

What are some common misconceptions about women/girls?

One common misconception about women is their sexual nature. Women in the media are very sexualized in everything. An attractive woman, is sexually appealing but this does not mean that she is a hoe or slut. There is a difference between being sexually attractive and sexual in nature It is said women become

What are some common misconceptions about your job/field?

I'm the boss. I have software engineers and infrastructure engineers working for me.Misconception...I'm disconnected from the daily work. I do nothing other than talk about the next shiny thing. My life is easy. All I have to do is go to meetings all day. I leave early with a smile on my face because I

What are some common misconceptions and facts about Introverts and Introversion ?

Found from 10 Myths/Facts About IntrovertsMyth #1 – Introverts don't like to talk.This is not true. Introverts just don't talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are

What are some common misconceptions people have in general?

I'm doing an Acting Workshop in my college presently and I'm basking it allot. I always wanted to experience something like this and I do hope to do theater also in the near future. That's the canonical reason for why I'm attending the workshop.After

What are some common misconceptions that we have learned?

Let me share few things..Which we take them in wrong ways. Some of which I too had a great misconception.But, Not a problem actually.. Afterall Mistakes are made to rectify...!!1.We all watch movies with resolutions 480p, 720p,1080p etc.. So what is

What are some misconceptions about smart people?

I think some of the most common negative misconceptions about smart people are often perpetuated by some of the smart people themselves.  Although it may be somewhat of an overstatement, one bad apple spoils the bunch.For instance, some smart folks just can't keep their mouths shut when they don't know what they're talking about,

What are some misconceptions about universities?

Some are from my own experience. But here's what I've heard throughout my gen ed days.-College is going to be more difficult than high school(Mostly false. Even university students said university was easier)-Your just going to abuse the privileged of being

What are some misconceptions held by Indian Americans about India?

That is a very general question. I cannot answer generally though, because that would be an unfair generalization. From my experience, I can talk.2 years ago, I visited my cousin in Connecticut. She has 2 daughters, both born in the U.S. and currently being raised here in the U.S. The younger one, may be around 4 years old, asked

What are some misconceptions in the world about India and its people?

This answer is especially for Indian readers who have been constantly fed that all Govts since 1947 have been corrupt, and that they have done nothing for India. Though it may be partly true, it is a misconception.In this answer, I am going to put my thoughts straight, and many may disagree

What are some misconceptions of India and Indians?

Here are just a few things that I could think of right now. Will be adding in more in case I remember more.That we don't know how to speak good English.That hindi is the only language spoken in India, and everyone is ‘supposed' to know it.That it's a land of elephants and charmers and we

What are some misconceptions that Americans may have about China?

There are a couple of ideas that come to my mind:1. The Chinese government vs the Chinese peopleI'd like my fellow Americans to understand that the Chinese government isn't always representative of the Chinese people. Just because the Chinese people aren't actively trying to change the system doesn't mean they agree with everything the

What are some misconceptions that other countries have for India and Indian people?

1- India is a poor country and all Indians are poor leaving some.2- India is dirtiest country and people too.3- India means Bollywood , colourful, spiritual and people are behave as shown in bollwood .4-Generalisation- Indian food spicy and oily ,but the truth the food is not same in all parts of India

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about marriage?

Well, the first and foremost misconception about marriage is that everyone should, as a rule get married. Even if they haven't found someone that they'd want to spend their lives with; they should at any cost get married within a certain

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about Russia?

One of the major misconceptions about Russia is that we are the nation that likes to fight. They say that the Chinese even call us "战斗民族

What are some of the biggest misconceptions Americans have about India?

How I can predict your misconceptions?Anyway Americans I noticed can not differentiate between Sub continental people like Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian.They do noy understand difference between Hindu and Muslim.The other popular misconception is India as a extremely poor country. That is not the case.What ever poverty figure you see in

What are some of the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about the British rule in India?

The question is based on a pretty nasty premise.If Britain didn't regularly generate apologist historians (who routinely dazzle the 'cousins' in America) then there could be some serious talk about reparations for colonialism. If anything, people in former Colonial India today underestimate the rapacious nature of British rule.It

What are some popular fitness tips that are totally wrong?

For the last few years in the U.S., at endurance athletic events like marathon and triathlons you frequently hear athletes and fans reminding athletes to get their 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of finishing the event, or even regular

What are some things foreigners believe about the United States but aren't actually true?

Why the poor in America are so fat? -common question I've encountered in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and England. This is an extremely complex issue, and I'm no social scientist. There apparently may be a connection between obesity and low income households among children and white women, but no such correlation has been found

What are some unusual misconceptions in India?

"Hamara beta IIT kar raha he."(Our son is doing IIT)Okay what??Like really, Aunty your son is DOING Indian Institute of Technology??This has occurred many times with me.I'll tell you my experience:I have a neighbour 'Rahul' who finished his 10 th grade last year.He got

What are the 3 biggest misconceptions Indians have about Gandhi?

There are a lot misconceptions Indians have about Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi.Some of them I am listing here.India got freedom because of Gandhi : the biggest misconceptions indians had then when we got freedom. And further the same misconception became the biggest lie. If India got freedom because of Gandhi then what

What are the biggest misconceptions about Africa?

I cannot speak for Africa on a whole but I have first hand information from a source who's lived in Lagos, Nigeria for 6 years.A friend's father had been living in Lagos since 2004 and he wanted to go

What are the biggest misconceptions about Amsterdam?

There are certainly many... I'll try a very brief bulleted list approach:Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. While everything you've ever heard about Amsterdam in this regard certainly exists, it is not a particularly significant part of daily life for the locals. In fact the reason

What are the biggest misconceptions about Australia?

Anything ranging from 'shrimp on the barbie' to crocodile wrestling in the barren outback. Actually, Australia is a highly developed/intelligent nation that's consistently the number 1 choice for people to move to.1. Melbourne/Sydney (More so Melbourne) is very European influenced. We have some of the best restaurants,

What are the biggest misconceptions about branding?

Ed has a great summary!Let me ad that a ‘brand' goes back to the days of cattle ranching. A brand was applied to the cattle to identify who owned which cattle. Keep in mind the steer had nothing to do with it...A brand in business is given by it's customers and clients. You can buy all the ‘branding' you

What are the biggest misconceptions about Canada?

Not the ‘biggest' but some common misconceptions about Canada in China, especially among older generation of Chinese.That all Canadians know Norman Bethune.Well, it's all Chinese know this name, Comrade Norman Bethune, actually.Norman Bethune (1890-1939, Chinese name: Bai Qiu'en, 白求恩) was a Canadian thoracic surgeon.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Christianity?

Common misconception:  that all Christians believe __________.Not all Christians are aligned with, for instance, the "Conservative Christian Right".  There is an active and devout Christian "Left".  No one gets to tell you what you must to believe to be "Christian".  I grew up Baptist with intentions of becoming a minister.  In college, I

What are the biggest misconceptions about college and university faculty?

I think a great number of these professors live, perform, and teach in a sterile environment. Simply put in their world 1+1 always equals 2. Out in the real world, day to day, world of employment, all the layers of management, the bureaucracy, uncooperative employees, time demands

What are the biggest misconceptions about depression?

Depression means you are sad all the time.False. Some people say depression is more than sad. I'd say it's totally different from sad. Sad is a kind of emotion, often come in an intensive way. Your heart aches, your body reacts,

What are the biggest misconceptions about engineering?

ENGINEERS ARE SUPER-HUMANSPeople do not understand the reality of ‘engineering.' For them, engineers are

What are the biggest misconceptions about exercise, fitness, body building, and working out?

In no particular orderyou must lift heavy to get big. We have always been told that we need to lift heavy to grow and since in the fitness world most things become reality once they have been repeated often enough, this went unquestioned for a long time. Now, while it is true that an increase in

What are the biggest misconceptions about gynecologists?

In the USA:  that a routine yearly gynecological exam is needed and useful for healthy women starting at 20 years of age.  Couldn't find any scientific proof for this, but fits the widespread American misconception that people need to have yearly

What are the biggest misconceptions about Hawaii?

I moved from Hawaii to SF Bay Area when I was in junior high. I was asked:If schools were taught in English (I went to Punahou, just like our current president, and it was all English). This was asked by my teacher.If I went to the beach every

What are the biggest misconceptions about Indian History?

There are 5 answers to the question but I have a different take which is not liked by either left leaning so called liberals and right wingers , what I will write may surprise many of the readers but kindly think without prejudice that extreme view of both left and right,

What are the biggest misconceptions about Islam in India?

10 Common Misconceptions about IslamMisconception #1: Allah is exclusively the God of IslamAllāh الله ‎is simply the Arabic word for

What are the biggest misconceptions about Japan and Japanese culture?

Biggest? Why only the biggest? I have had so many misconceptions to deal with while interacting with foreigners including on Quora. This would be a perfect opportunity for me to express my own native Japanese perspectives on some of the well distributed ideas regarding our country.Table of contentsJapanese trains

What are the biggest misconceptions about lawyers?

There are a couple of big misconceptions. One is that all lawyers are cocky jerks. Some are, some aren't. Most are probably somewhere in the middle. Second, all lawyers are expensive -- again, some are, some aren't, most are probably somewhere in the middle. Third, lawyers take cases on contingency or pro bono all

What are the biggest misconceptions about marketing strategies?

Their not that hard to develop, they can happen faster than you think, it only needs to involve the people in marketing to create, data isn't needed until execution of the strategy, and that marketing strategies are set in stone with finite goals. These are just a few of the misconceptions I see

What are the biggest misconceptions about Mexico?

Misconceptions about Mexico abound. Here are just a few that may not have been addressed by others: 1.      That we're brown.

What are the biggest misconceptions about millennials?

That millennials care less about home ownership.While it may be true that millennials are facing harder times than the older generations, being that the price of everything is more expensive-which might have an effect on their desire to own real estate-many of them do have good jobs and very good

What are the biggest misconceptions about movie directors?

- They are always busy. - They are invariably rich or wealthy. - The successful ones are incredibly gifted. - They lead lives of immorality and frivolity. - The great ones always know what they are doing. - They are inscrutable and complex people. - They have impressive personalities. - They can spot talent instantaneously. - They always

What are the biggest misconceptions about movie producers and executives?

I would say, as one who works in the Industry, that it's often very easy to write off executives as talentless. In reality, they are really good at sourcing property that fits within the criteria of the studio or network they work for. They are in business to make money; there's nothing inherently wrong about that, I

What are the biggest misconceptions about nurses?

From the top off my head:1. Nurses are personal servants. Now I have never denied help where it's needed. Have taken extra time aftr duty hours or had been inconvenienced time-wise to comply to any requests. But I have had mothers

What are the biggest misconceptions about plumbers?

The first and the foremost.  1) Plumbing is all fixing leaks. This is the biggest misconception ever!Fixing leaks and unclogging drains is a microscopic aspect of plumbing. Besides these two, plumbers inspect and attend to all kind of issues

What are the biggest misconceptions about politics?

That conservatism is about meddling in the affairs of the individual.A classic conservative does not apply his focus on intervening with freedoms - it is exactly the other way around.A classic conservative focuses on limiting government intervention in the affairs of the individual citizen.Ironic as it may sound in 2015, focusing on the U.S

What are the biggest misconceptions about Scotland?

The biggest misconception of all is that it's just a northward extension of England with kilts. It isn't; culturally it's as different from England as Ireland is. More so in many ways, perhaps, because unlike the rest of Britain and the rest of the so-called Anglosphere (except Louisiana I believe) it is not a Common

What are the biggest misconceptions about the Islamic States?

Having spoken to a number of ISIS members for a study I conducted on radical Islam, and also having spoken to a even bigger number of

What are the biggest misconceptions about Ukraine?

A common misconception about Ukraine, which many Ukrainians have themselves, is that it is a predominantly agricultural country. In fact, in the 19th century Ukraine was one of the first places, where oil was discovered. Industrial oil production continued in Western Ukraine well into the 20th century. The world's first kerosene lamp was invented in Lviv,

What are the biggest misconceptions about Venezuela?

1. Socialist country: Venezuela it is not ruled by a socialist government but a very corrupted elite decided to stay in power at any cost. For this purpose they use all the country's resources and propaganda (and various element of populism

What are the biggest misconceptions about waiters?

In my experience, the biggest misconception about waiters and waitresses is that they're not educated, intelligent, ambitious, or talented people because they work in a job that is technically an entry-level position.I encountered it quite a bit in my customers. Many people would just assume that you were working in what

What are the biggest misconceptions about wars and warfare?

That there is only one kind of bravery and a brave soldier is fearless in the face of grave danger.I once came face to face with a bank robber. He was tearing down our street with the police right up his arse. There were sirens and lights from three

What are the biggest misconceptions about work, employment and careers?

Some thoughts:That your work/job defines you - You are not your job. Your job is a financial transaction between yourself and another entity. If you need it to be more than that, you aren't doing things right.That it's "your" job -

What are the biggest misconceptions about working in a restaurant?

That black people don't tip well. And it is funny because that is a huge misconception where I am from, and so they give black people less service thinking they are going to get a smaller tip anyways, then they get a smaller tip because of

What are the biggest misconceptions about you?

That I'm older than I actually am. This is probably the most common misconception about me. I'm really tall for my age, is dare I say, educationally advanced and I've been told on numerous occasions I act a lot more mature than kids my

What are the biggest misconceptions Indians have about USA?

That your career is automatically settled and will be the best!What people don't seem to understand is the tough life and stress behind a visa lottery, search for jobs when market is down or up or that every graduate will get a dream job. Not true.Most of us are stuck with a job that satisfies a

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about economics?

How prices are set - prices are generally set at by determining the profit maximizing price, many people believe that prices are generally set on a cost plus basis.  This misconception is behind the belief that businesses will simply 'pass the cost on to consumers'.  In

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about love?

1). That women need rescuingThey idea of a damsel in distress is past tense. It's backfiring making women go above and beyond to prove that we don't need men for anything at all.It's actually keeping men at a distance.We just need someone to

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about New York City?

New York City is just Manhattan- When most people think of NYC they think of Manhattan but each of the 5 boroughs offers a fairly different offering. For example, you can go to the beach in Brooklyn, you can check out the old World's Fair in Queens, Staten Island is

What are the biggest misconceptions regarding cars and driving among Indians?

I'm writing few random myths in Indian car scene which comes to my mind now.Older heavy cars were more safer than today's cars. I have heard people say old cars like ambassadors used to be solid and heavy they were much more safer. No! just because you're car is heavy and bigger that's not going to

What are the biggest misconceptions that Hindus have about Hinduism?

God or absolute truth is originally formless and we are absolutely non-different from Him is the biggest misconception which almost half of the Hindus have. It's actually very silly to consider or accept God as impersonal only. It is, however, considered as a very initial stage in spirituality. Allow me to share one of my answers

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about India?

1- Girls just want money in any relationship whether she is going to be someone's gf or wife. You can just impress her with money and nothing else.2- If you don't believe in god you are cunning, if you don't believe in religion

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about Japan?

There might have been a various instance when you have heard about the way Japanese do things differently.In fact, Japanese trains are late all the time...The government finally started tracking these numbers and found that trains in Tokyo on the Chuo-Sobu Line were late an average of 19.1 days a month

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about mythology?

Similar to Greek mythology, ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans or any other culture that we see around us, even Indian mythologies are based on star myths. This is the biggest misconceptions as per me in which people have developed religion, race and caste

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about Pakistan?

Pakistan controls the jihadis: Or Pakistan's government controls the jihadis. Or Pakistan Army controls the jihadis. Or ISI controls the jihadis. Or some rogue elements from the ISI control the Jihadis. Nobody knows the whole truth but increasingly it's the tail that wags the dog. We must remember that the ISI-Jihadi alliance was

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indonesians have about India?

Im not sure that the misconceptions you mean is political related or just a general . but heres some of  the misconception of most Indonesian (or maybe even the world) about India that i know- Indians are vegetarianI got to admit i

What are the biggest misconceptions that Russians have about Russia?

The biggest misconception we have about ourselves is our bigness. Living on the territory that is larger than the planet Pluto (Russia-haters managed to have it demoted to a

What are the biggest misconceptions we have learned from movies?

That anything a hero does is for the greater good and anything a villain does is for the selfish, destructive reasons.Here is an instance for the above statement made.Well, firstly a great thread. There are very nice answers here.Now I read the "Answer Wiki" for this

What are the common misconceptions about snipers?

A common misconception is that snipers are invincible supermen whose job is to mercilessly slaughter large groups of enemy infantry who will be bumbling around like fools looking for the sniper. Not so.Let's address a few of these. A sniper's greatest asset is not his weapon. Rather, it is his ability

What are the common misconceptions about supercomputers?

This question has gone weeks without any answers, so I'll try my hand.There does seem to be some misconceptions about supercomputers. I will list them and do my best at explaining.Supercomputer is