What company makes Apple computers?

The actual assembly location varies: Supplier Responsibility

Which company do you think will catch up and be able to compete with Tesla?

Most major manufacturers, in Europe anyway, are committed to introducing electric models, and cars like the Jaguar e-Pace have arguably caught up with Tesla already.

Which graduates (which engineers) do companies like Apple and Tesla hire for their electric car projects?

Historically, companies like Tesla and Apple want talent. A degree is nice but they want to see passion and knowledge about what you are going to be working on.An example of this is Brian Bjelde, an aerospace engineer who joined SpaceX in 2003 and became VP of Human Resources. Growth

What company is the next Microsoft?

When it comes to Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL), there's one basic question. Is Oracle stock the next Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)? Or is it the next IBM?The bull case for Oracle stock is largely based on it taking a path similar to that of Microsoft, albeit in the enterprise space. Just a

How do big companies (like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) fire their employees?

At Microsoft, firing experience is similar to others here. You're called and asked to come in for a face to face meeting with HR and your manager. Depending on the sccenario, you're either given 2 weeks to wrap things up

What are some common company cars?

I recently purchased a 2011 BMW 328i that was previously a company car for over 60k miles. Another job that I had working in a service industry each technician was given either a Ford Transit cargo van or a Ford

Why is Apple the best company?

Thanks for the A2A.I think Apple is a great company, but I am not sure it is the best company.

Which company out of Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet will be the first trillion dollar company? Why?

In fact, some analysts expect that in the coming time Alphabet or Amazon could outperform Apple in the race for the title of the world's first company with a market capitalization of $1 trillion. However, there are high chances that Apple will reach this goal first.

Which company is more cool, Google, Facebook or Apple?

Probably Google just because they have research going on in so, so many things. Including robots, drones, driverless cars, artificial intelligence.... You name it. Apple seems to be more secretive, not sure if they do anything outside consumer products. Facebook..... Big procrastination tool.

How to get a courier franchise, a tyre company franchise, or a camera company franchise

It seems that you are seeking a service franchise business and are exploring either a tyre (JK Tyre, Ceat), Courier (DTDC, Professional, Gati) or a Camera (Red Moments, GK Vale) franchise in India. You could visit Franchise Opportunities in India and

Which company is bigger, Nokia or Apple?

Probably Nokia,as it's a major Finnish industrial conglomerate,producing everything from rubber boots to polar sea ice breakers.

Why apple is the most valuable company?

What makes Apple the most valuable company is the value of their stock. That's how you value any publicly traded company. Here's how it works:If you owned 100% of the company, you would own 100% of the stock, right? So it would follow that if you went out and

What is a 'good' company?

What makes a company stand out among the rest? What makes it the place you'd really like to work or do business? • They treat employees like grown-ups. They share information with employees, listen to their ideas (or better yet, actively seek out and act upon their

Which is better as a company, Apple or Google?

Better in what way? Better can be based on objective facts and it can be based on opinion. So it depends on where you put your values. Apple is better at some things than Google and Google is better at some things than Apple. Depending on which things you value more will likely lead you to

How can a company like Tesla be facing bankruptcy when companies like Ferrari and Maserati make much more expensive cars?

So first, what do Ferrari and Maserati have to do with Tesla's financial situation? NOTHING. So, your question is utter nonsense.Tesla is facing bankruptcy because they spent all the money they had to get to a point to sell cars. So all the money went out

How can Amazon, Google, and Apple become the first 'trillion' dollar company when there are so many trillion dollars companies out there like SoftBank, Reliance, Tata Group, and Tencent?

When people talk about a ‘trillion dollar company' they're usually referring to the market capitalisation (basically value of all the outstanding shares) of the company.Let's have a look at the market caps of the first three companies you've mentioned (as on 6th April 2018). All numbers in USDAmazon

How does Apple make more profit than brands like Coca-Cola when Coca-Cola sells more?

Coca-Cola is a commodity product. In fact, the majority of the price of making a Coke is the bottle. When something is a commodity, it will command a very low profit margin. If you go to any grocery story, you can see hundreds of

In 2016, is Apple still an innovative company?

Are you kidding me? Apple has been extremely innovative in the past few years. Sure, it may appear that they are copies, but most of the time they improve upon them. They innovate and make the idea implemented better than ever. To start, I

What are the interesting facts about cars and their companies?

Let me make it clear to you by asking U this question: If I park an Audi Q3 and a Toyota Fortuner and then ask U to pick one, which one will U choose? Well, many go for Audi. Guess why? Its simple, its because of the status it holds.

What are the best and biggest electric car motor companies?

Scoot? = Renault's TWIZY & Nissan's. Or Renaut & Nissan's other e-cars.

How does lubricant oil company like Castrol market itself?

Blocking certain cookies can reduce the functionality of the site. .... Bringing South Africa Outstanding Synthetic Oils and Lubricants. Since 1929 Castrol has established itself as not only a local oil supplier but also as the leading oil company in ... South African market as an outstanding synthetic oil and lubricantproducer for.............more: http://www.seocheckpoints.com/ar...

Which company is more cool, Google, Facebook or Apple?

Probably Google just because they have research going on in so, so many things. Including robots, drones, driverless cars, artificial intelligence.... You name it. Apple seems to be more secretive, not sure if they do anything outside consumer products. Facebook..... Big procrastination tool.

How does a cell phone company change your phone remotely?

Depends on what they are trying to change. There are cellular standards for Over The Air (OTA) that accomplish this. For the purposes of initial programming and changing the MSISDN in your SIM, etc. (if you are using a GSM/LTE phone).This allows them to change the SIM parameters, etc. The carriers can also download

Is it possible that there is a private company that is more valuable than Apple?

Such companies exist, and the reason we don't hear about them widely is because privately held companies have no public disclosure requirements - so they can file their statutory returns and be done with it.Public companies, on the other hand, have a number of registrations and requirements to maintain and uphold, and

Which companies in India use Python for data analysis?

Most of the Data analyst,Machine Learning and NLP companies using Python.InnoplexusSocialCops | Better Data, Smarter Decisionspashmark.comFractal Analytics | CPG | Financial Services | Retail | Insurance | Telecom | Life Sciences | Government | Technology |and lotmore

Which car company has the best engines?

For size and power: GM and Chrysler.For efficiency: Honda and Nissan.For balls-out performance: Ferrari...but only because they make their own.

Which company made the first mobile phone?

The first handheld mobile phone was demonstrated by John F.Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973, using a handset weighing c. 4.4 lbs (2 kg).In 1983, the DynaTAC 8000x was the first commercially available handheld mobile phone.Source : Wikipedia (Mobile phone - Wikipedia )Cheers :)

Why are people so insistent that Tesla, SpaceX and other companies helping this world are going to fail?

Others have written about Tesla and its short sellers.Regarding SpaceX, I suspect that much of the doom-mongering is wishful thinking by people making money from expendable launchers including Boeing and the SLS program.

Why don't Indian car companies team up with Tesla?

Yes! Even i thought the same question few months back! But rather asking, i began to analyse it! And by analysing i got to know these facts:If at all tesla wants to pair up which indian company, which one has its level

In what chronological order following companies will cease to exist - Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon?

The first one is an easy one.Yahoo. Today, Yahoo is worth less than nothing (The market value of the company is lower than its assets), and more importantly, it has no strategy at all. Read Yahoo core business now worth less than nothingAfter that,

Will a company ever achieve the trillion dollar valuation?

I've recently written an article on the probable companies that could reach the highly anticipated 13-figure mark.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/f...

Is Apple a good company?

Apple is good for common user but from the technical side there are another good companies, which provide good stuff for normal money.

How did Microsoft became such an important company?

Bias Alert - Former MSFT Employee. Many will assert that MSFT technologies were never ‘best in class' and perhaps that is true. But there are 3 things I think made MSFT a powerhouse:The Leveraged Business Model - MSFT adopted a marketing and distribution strategy that leveraged

Amazon just hit $1 trillion. Why are their profits so low compared to other companies?

Amazon stock got such a market cap due to e-commerce.Amazon's stock keep rising because of the excellent customer trust in the Amazon e-commerce brand, not because of AWS or Kindle.E-commerce is an industry with lot of competition from other e-commerce companies and offline companies like retail and small shops.In order to beat the competition the prices have to

What was America's first big tech company?

One of America's oldest technology companies, is still one of America's largest.When I think of technology, I think of IBM, an American multinational technology company with operations in over 170 countries. IBM can trace their roots to the 1890s.IBM (International

Could a company like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook ever go down to $0?

Sure, any company can go to $0.  It is called bankruptcy.  Not just a regular bankruptcy restructuring of the debt either.  Complete liquidation.As for these companies, I am guessing they are going to stay in business for a while.

Is Paypal still innovating?

It depends on your definition of "innovation." Innovation takes place when new products, services, or business models are created and introduced to the marketplace. Innovation also takes place when existing products, services, and business models are improved or refined.Has Paypal recently introduced a new innovation that

What are some facts about multinational companies?

Companies In India That Take Great Care Of Their Employees1. Flipkart

Which company made the world's first touch screen phone?

The first touchscreen phone was the IBM Simon, launched in 1992. During this decade the popular iPaq (not made by Apple by the way) was launched with touchscreens and optional phone attachments. HTC, the leader in touchscreen phones up until the iPhone and makers of phones like the Nexus One launched their first touchscreen phone, the HTC Wallaby

Which company is more 'cool' Tesla or Apple? Why?

Hm.I mean it really depends on how you define cool.By cool do you mean temperature?If so, then the obvious answer is Tesla. Because they're fighting for more sustainable energy by using things like solar panels in order to cool the world. (Ha)If you mean any of the other uses of the world, such asfashionably

Is it better to start a company or become a executive of a bigger company?

Both are great, as once you get that high up it shares many of the qualities of running your own shop.However, I am a firm believer that raising the corporate ranks has tons of value. You absorb a lot of context, learn the mindset and

Where is Apple going as a company?

I really wish I had an answer for you. I was tech support for Apple and just did my job. All I know is that apple is serious about customer service and are always coming up with new ways to get the customer service feedback at 100% if you notice that when you call Apple

What is your opinion about the Apple Company?

So lets start,I would not tell you what Hardware quality/ design/ Specification etc Apple has and its competitor not, but i will tell you a very important thing which only apply hasIts Security of YOUR DATAYes, you read it correct, every APP, Phone, OS stealing your data.Yes again you read it correct.Privacy is

How to compete with bigger companies

As companies grow, they need to find larger and larger segments to serve in order to