How does GitLab work? It is quite new for me. How do I learn GitLab?

The GitLab CEO did a great course on Platzi on how to use GitLab. You can take it for FREE here:Git and Gitlab Live Workshop | MaterialesWe also have a webinar that teaches how to get started using Git and GitLab. You can register and watch it on-demand here:

How was Wifi developed?

Vic Hayes has been called the "father of Wi-Fi" because he chaired the IEEE committee that created the 802.11 standards in 1997. Before the public even heard of WiFi, Hayes established the standards that would make WiFi feasible. The 802.11 standard was established in 1997. Subsequently, improvements to the

Could I run binary code on a Raspberry pi?

I haven't done this myself, but I believe you can create ELF files in binary by beginning your file with an ELF header (tells the OS what kind of file it is and how to use it) followed by the file

What's the best approach to learn C# using Xamarin Studio instead of Visual Studio?

DISCLAIMER: I work on Xamarin Components Team (Microsoft), so I'm biased (at least people say so).If you look Xamarin docs, all docs that are IDE specific (Visual Studio vs Xamarin Studio) will have toggle/switch/tab in upper right corner where you can switch between XS and VS to see the differences.See: (MonoDevelop) tried to mimic Visual

How should I start learning Hadoop?

Chuck the book - Go hands on ! Suggestions & comments : Tom White's book is amazing, but get the infrastructure first , learning by doing is the best way, afterall .I spent quite some time configuring

What is a file pointer in C language?

A file pointer is a pointer to a structure, which contains information about the file, including its name, current position of the file, whether the file is being read or written, and whether errors or end of the file have occurred.The user does not need

As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier? How can one expect to improve life through automated programming?

Text messages! I got tired of hearing "You never message me" from friends and family alike so I wrote a bash script which later on turned into an apple script that sends random messages to random group members at random times on random days. Its pretty random.The messages constructs themselves twice a

What tips would you give to start programming with Java?

Start with something that really interests you. For me, it was plugins for the Bukkit server (Minecraft). Knowing exactly what I wanted to do helped me to focus only on the things I needed to know, and ignore all the boring crap that I

What language is Excel written in?

Originally it was in C. Now, it appears to be object oriented, which means that it's (at least in part) written in C++. It would be interesting to now if it has been entirely changed to C++ or if there are some pieces written in "the original" C.So,

Which is better for data analysis: A scripting language like R/Python, or SQL?

Huh? I use Python to connect to the databases where I work, and then create graphs, dump stuff in Excel, etc through it. Data that does not fit into memory has to live in a database, and I must do my joins there

Do software engineers get enough family time?

This depends on your job and it deadlines. It is not uncommon for software engineers to spend hours working at the cost of family time. It isn't healthy but it is the part of the job especially if there is 24/7 support.

How to learn 15 programming languages in one year

Put in the work: read about them, install interpreters/compilers for them, write programs in them. You'll get to know them all.If you want to get to know them sequentially it would take about 3 to 3½ weeks per language. Not bad, but you won't be an absolute

How can a beginner learn Python GUI?

TkInter isn't necessarily the most powerful of the Python windowing packages, but it's well supported on all operating systems.I'd actually say that Tkinter is easier for a beginner. Qt has a steeper learning curve, but it is probably worth investing the time.There is a

What are the hacker languages/codes that not so many hackers know?

There is no such thing like hacker languages.Although there are some programming languages which are used in various tools.There are Scripting languages which are used by hackers. This will help :- are used in some testing softwares like nmap. For example lua is

What is the future of Microsoft Bot Framework? Should I invest my time in learning this?

Hi,As per my knowledge the bot framework of Microsoft has largest scale in this era. You can choose this as your career. But always remember one things that a technology always come and go but if you always update then it will be

Arrays in c language?

Array's In C or any other Programming Languages, is a Data Structure.Arrays is a collection of elements (Value or Variables), in a contiguous memory allocation. Each element in Array is identified by at least one array index.It is one of the simplest type of data structure , its a linear data structure.When we

Can python read text from images?

No, but algorithms implemented in Python can.If you want to have ready to use solution, take a look at pytesseract which allows to use Tesseract OCR Engine, which is one of the best OCR Engines out there, in your Python programs.But if you are interested in implementing your own OCR solution, I'd suggest reading academic publications.

Why use polymorphism in Java?

Reference : presenting simple and easy Java tutorialPolymorphism means having many forms. In Java, polymorphism allows us to access an object in multiple ways, such as -When an object is accessed by using the reference variable of its own class.When an object is accessed by using

What is the most used software for hacking?

A Web Browser.Although there are so many ways that are termed as

Can Microsoft Office Excel do database stuff?

It depends on what kind of stuff you would like to achieve.Here I provide some differences between a Excel spreadsheet and a database application.1. Database application can store relations between your data, where spreadsheet worksheets are independent entities.2. Database applications can be shared among many users more easily.3. You can enforce

Is computer programming worth learning?

Yes, absolutely. First of all, here are the rewards: If you learn to program even moderately well, you enter the ranks of people who understand computer programs from the inside out... you learn that the computer is not just a

What are best data science books and resources?

These are the ones I currently have in my bookcase and can vouch for:Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total BeginnersThe Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and PredictionAn Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in RKhan Academy is also good for reference and learning!

Is Udemy good for learning programming languages and worth enough for spending money, or should I go for something like edX?

Udemy is far better than edX or other such free platform. But do not spend thousands of rupees on udemy, wait for the festive discount! (Udemy offered courses at 95% last mother's day!) If you have money to spare, go for it right now!But if you can't wait

How did Zuckerberg code Facebook so fast?

To round off this discussion, compare the roles of three computer-industry pioneers in the business: Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. When it was time to implement Microsoft's first big order - the order from IBM for a disk operating system for their

Do hackers know programming?

It depends on how successful they want to be.I'll go the technical route rather than the social engineering as you've asked about programming.Generally a higher level but informal knowledge of computer science is more useful than programming but most hackers with adequate ability

Can I learn coding for without high level math? I just want to learn coding for increasing my knowledge.

Yes, basics in maths is enough to become programmer. Almost 75% of the software industry runs on CRUD based projects rest are the cutting edge techs,R&Ds, other things etc. The higher level maths understanding can be plus point when you are implementing something complex which requires intensive maths calculations otherwise learning maths that intensively is not recommended.

Should I learn PowerShell before learning Python?

Not unless you want to. There is no correlation between the two. I would recommend learn Python as your first programming language. It will set a good foundation and then you can learn any other language including PowerShell.

Is there a programming language that uses a language other than English?

I am not so sure what English-based means her. The common ones use some English vocabulary, (IF, THEN, ELSE), but does that make them English-based? FORTRAN, the first higher programming language is more based on mathematical formulas; COBOL tried to look a bit like English (with sentences, clauses

What is '->' used for in Java?

You can consult the link belowWhat does the arrow operator, '->', do in Java?

Does Jimmy Wales know how to code?

Yes, I do.If you search quora, you will find other answers which describe my history, but I will tell you about what I can do now.Last year I took a month off to teach myself Ruby on Rails.  I got to a beginner's level of proficiency, building on old skills in coding that I hadn't

How many programming languages have been designed by Microsoft?

Visual J# and Visual J++ which is considered plagiarism to Sun Microsystem when Oracle didn't disclose the buyout yet.Polyphonic C#The Cω(Cee-Omega) is where the LINQ originally introduced and developed.I am not sure if Microsoft have intervened IronPython and

How to use Gitlab and Gitlab CI for .Net projects

I'm basing this on my experience designing Wayfair's .NET release pipeline.Your pipeline should be different for code library projects than for web applications.A NuGet package is built and published one way; an The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site application is build and deployed another. While their release pipelines will have

What is the easiest method to learn Matlab software?

Learn by doing.Learn how to graph. Visualize your datasets, results, and intermediate results. This will not only teach you about MatLab, but also the Science and mathematics behind the problems you are solving.Get a good set of problems to solve. Check out problems in good text books, the internet, from friends who are using Matlab

What is a good age to start computer programming?

It's never too early - or too late! - to start coding.Have a look on these pics..

How quickly can I learn Java from a book?

It depends on your previous experience with programming languages. If none at all, then i would advise watching a bunch of youtube videos to help ease the process, as some books can be really discouraging in the way they present information. This is

Is Python better than R?

Assuming that you are interested in using either language for data analysis or data science, I would say yes and no.Purely in terms of language design (not functionality), I believe Python takes the cake. It has a consistent, predictable but flexible design. Variable naming conventions follow reasonable patterns. As one example, one of the gripes

Which programming language is most useful for finding a job?

I'd made some research and in my answer I gathered some infromations which can be useful while looking for the best programming language on the job market.1. Demand on job market (the data from job listing website

Would you use a Surface Pro 2 to learn programming?

Nope.Then again, I prefer the use of a desktop computer with a powerful video card and a dual-monitor setup to study. No Wifi but internet over a cable. No wireless keyboard and mouse but wired through USB. And a huge hard disk. Preferably two.Now, if you need something portable then get a tablet. An iPod or Android

How much time is required to learn complete Java for mechanical students who don't know anything about language?

If someone is new to the programming language then in my point of view don't start with Java. Instead start from C or Python then move to Java.If you start with C then approximate one month will be required to complete the C programming language then 3 months for

Who is the best book in the C language?

In my opinion the famous Kernighan & Ritchie, aka the Bible of C:

What are the tips for hacking?

There are no ‘the tips'. To learn how to hack (in the ‘breaking systems' sense,) you will need time (years), experience (school isn't enough), a inclination towards IT in general, networking skills (all of them, social, hardware and software networking) and especially: you

Why most of the hacking cyber-attacks are from china?

China is one of the few countries who have a large cyber army of cyber warriors working under Govt. shelter. China finally admits it has special cyber warfare units : China Finally Admits It Has Army of Hackers On the other hand china is pretty much serious

What is the best learning material for learning Java for someone completely new to programming? seems to be easy to read, contains working examples -- that can be executed just in browser. Highly recommended. I also recommend to use Netbeans. It is simpler than Eclipse for beginner. I also advice to start write own your programs as soon as possible.Good luck!

Why do we use threads in Java programming?

By implementing runnable interface or extending threads class.This might helpCreating a thread in Java - javatpoint