Can I become a good programmer without math and algorithms knowledge?

No.To explain why, I'm gonna assume you have little to no programming background and try to use an analogy. I apologise in advance if this answer becomes  long.Say you wanted to build a small toy house with a kid. You buy some lego bricks and you two work piling bricks in such

What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known (exclusively for Mac OS X)?

Keychain Access can do several things, in addition to being a basic password manager*:Want an easy way to lock your screen without resorting to a screensaver or hot corner? Open Keychain Access (/Applications/Utilities/Keychain and then click Keychain

What are some good IT project topics?

You need to choose your projects carefully based on your goal.If you want to become a web developer, then you can develop websites.If you want to become an application developer,then you can learn programming languages needed like Java or Swift or C# for developing apps in Android/Windows/iOS.If you have interest in becoming Data Scientist, then

What are some good machine learning projects for automotive electronics?

Hello.Projects & Machine learning go in different ways. But you are going to learn different things in every project, that's for sure. Have few topics...Fuel Injection rate ControllerThrottle ControllerCooling System ControllerYou can give your own inputs in the most widely used Anti-Braking SystemNon-Skid Braking.... Again a topic under ABSBlind Spot DetectionParking AssistantI think in all of

What are some Microsoft Excel tips and tricks that everyone should know?

Hi,Excel is an extremely powerful data analysis tool which contains many functions and tools to do many analyses. I am going to list some functions below and explain what they can do.IF() : The IF() statement allows you to assign values related to other cells when a condition is

What are the common misconceptions about supercomputers?

This question has gone weeks without any answers, so I'll try my hand.There does seem to be some misconceptions about supercomputers. I will list them and do my best at explaining.Supercomputer is

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the internet for computer science students or geeks?

Effective use of the internet for students' career: I have never been a better learner before.Effective use of the internet for students.The Internet is an inseparable part of the 21st century, especially for the youth of this generation. But I wonder is it being used the way it should be? , Is it being utilized to its full

What is a computer 'trick' that in the past was cool, but today is unimpressive and trivial?

Touch typing on a piece of paper. When I was a kid, PCs (mostly 8086s and some "cutting edge" 80286s) were very expensive and pretty useless at home. Before my parents bought me a PC (as a major investment in my education), they gave me a piece of paper with "standard 101-key" keyboard printed on it. That

What is one random thing you know about a computer that most people don't?

I'm not sure how legal this is, so don't tell anyone.So in freshman or sophomore year of high school (year 9 or 10), I got banned from using the computer lab for doing this. But, I learned some valuable lessons.Lesson 1:

When will AI become smarter than humans?

It is quite difficult to mark a particular date for it to happen. Many (and so do I) believe that it will happen in our lifetime. The answer to this question ranges from next 10 - 15 years to hundreds of years. Many even believe never.Ray Kurzweil is a big predictor. Approximately his 80% predictions are

Which is more important for computer science: Intelligence or Hard work?

Really, both. There are some people who have incredibly hard time dealing with programming, and you have to be able to program to do work in CS. I don't think it's intelligence per se, but it's some part of it that has to do with being able to separate the problem into small pieces and think about

Do people consider AI as a threat?

47% of the working population might be under threat from robots in the next 20 years. According to the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, as we evolved through the natural selection of variation, so did our cognitive and learning abilities. In early 1969, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) gave us Shakey the Robot, with capabilities such as perception,

Do researchers in artificial intelligence believe that computers will pose a huge threat to humanity in the future?

We should always clarify this important point:The threat (such as it is) is if an artificial intelligence is either a significantly faster thinker or a smarter thinker than humans.If it's slower and more stupid than us, then it's not a threat - yet can still be very useful.Given that, AI researchers may well agree that

How intelligent is artificial intelligence really?

To quote physicist and science educator Michio Kaku, current AI is about as intelligent as a

How many FLOPS is the human brain?

FLOPS = FLoating point Operations Per Second. Think fast! What's 372236068.318888 divided by 0.000200020150189915, to 17 digits of precision? Are you done yet? How about now?(In other words, for all practical purposes, the answer is zero. That's not to say that the brain isn't incredibly powerful-it is-but if you want to measure its speed,

Is human a threat for AI?

Probably not an enduring, existential threat, but it's not impossible that humans may represent an occasional, temporary threat for AI.Banning AIHumans could ban AI in given countries, which would impede its progress.However, this would not stop progress in more friendly countries. The countries that

What are the common mistakes people do while learning linux?

One of the most common mistakes people do whicle learning linux is that they try to mug up everything, right from the linux boot process to basic shell commands. And call themselves masters after reading few blogs and couple of tutorials available on web.If you are follwing the same path

What is the best playlist to listen to while programming?

I am a huge music listener and I listen to almost every kind of music. I change the music genre according to what I have to code (surprisingly enough, I discovered that I am not the only one!). In a normal programming session where I have do my

When will, if ever, artificial intelligence surpass humans?

It depends on how you measure intelligence. If you mean the Turing test, then the best that a computer could ever do is equal human intelligence by being indistinguishable from a human. If you mean the ability to solve problems or do useful work faster and better than humans,

Which software program would be best for writing complex bodybuilding workout plans?

If these plans are to be used digitally, which I'm assuming since you're including hyperlinks, you could try Glogster, which basically makes interactive posters. That can be pretty cool.On the specific-to-Apple side, I've heard Corkulous is pretty cool-basically an interactive corkboard. A google search has turned up a couple of similar

As a software engineers, did you ever feel that you wanted to start a startup?

I would think that most software developers get this itch at some point. A lot of people mention the potential for money, users, making a difference, etc., and those are real drives for a lot of developers to want to start a company.There's also the engineering side of it. To actually develop software in

Can I become a good programmer without math and algorithms knowledge?

No.To explain why, I'm gonna assume you have little to no programming background and try to use an analogy. I apologise in advance if this answer becomes  long.Say you wanted to build a small toy house

Can machines learn to machine learn?

Learning to learn can have multiple connotations in the ML parlance. For example, if you have a machine learning model that has a number of hyperparameters that you have to tune to come up with a working model, it will require a good amount of human supervision. So learning to learn in this case will

Can one learn to be a hacker?

NO.Based on your description and my experience it is not possible. If you are not inquisitive by nature nothing is going to get you to do it. In the context you describe however it is assuming somebody has not got any type of inquisitive nature, I don't believe this is true of anybody.Yes

Can sentience one day just be programmed into robots/AI? Would teaching and learning be part of the process of giving robots/AI emotions, alongside programming?

Sentience and emotion are highly subjective terms that we humans assert we feel and experience so unless we can define them objectively in a way a third neutral party can measure, there is no way we can prove robots or AI-empowered machines have sentience or emotions.In other words, those terms need to be defined in a way where

Do people who do scientific computing enjoy scientific computing more or software engineering more?

The intersection of scientific computing and software engineering is pretty small. Scientific computing is all about the science and getting results, so fairly ugly code is often tolerated, as long as it gives interesting output. How do you know the code gives correct output to begin with? Good question, good question....Of course people who spend a

How to become a computer hacker or security cracker

If you have interest in hacking then at first you should have some basic knowledge about programming languages and networking skills. You can also get certified ethical hacking course to get clear knowledge about hacking which will help you to become an expert Security cracker. I suggest you to learn Certified Ethical Hacking course from

How to know if machine learning is suitable for me to learn

Its totally depends on your interest. If you are computer/IT graduate then you can easily understand it. First you learn necessary math topics (linear alzebra, probability, statistics) and programming language - Python, R, MATLAB then see you are comfortable with them

How to get started in computer hardware

Well, the traditional answer would be:Learn some basic electronics, including digital logic. Build some things. (Note: Heathkits were the traditional vehicle. Generally you'd have to buy some test equipment - signal generator, oscilloscope, etc.)Build a computer kit (e.g., an Altair or Imsai, or the original Apple). (Or, if you had a well-equipped lab available - as in

How to learn theoretical machine learning

You can take below course which needs basic high school mathematics as prerequisite for learning Machine Learning-Interested in the field of Machine Learning? Then this course is for you!Requirements to take this course is-Just some high school mathematics levelCourse link- Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R

How to motivate myself to do big

Create a chain of events that are linked. Do each one after the other. Big dreams contain lots of small moments.Pitfalls for an it business include (anything not mentioned is not excluded) larger rivals, partnering with larger rivals, not owning the knowledge, no curative processes for knowledge gathering, hardware

How does machine learning help machines learn?

Machine learning is very big topic which can have the night scope in future.Machine learning is represent the ability to learn the human strategy,speech,behaviour,etc.Let me tell you how the machine learning works.Robot or machine is mainly understand the speech of the human

How hackers hack operating systems and what some good books I must study to hack OS?

You need to learn the basics of hacking and writing code first.  Then what you need is a book on writing operating systems (if you want generalities) or a book that digs into the system calls and interfaces of an

How hard is it to get started with deep learning?

Like anything worth while in your life, your journey begins with the first step, seriously, that is all it takes, you MUST take that first step!If you have the desire and let yourself form a commitment to learning, whatever it is you want to learn, the journey will not be hard at all. It will

I have 25 hrs/ week to dedicate to learning Machine / Deep Learning (from scratch, CS & stats background). In how much time can I get a job in ML?

You can have a look into my blog post on AI/ML which is written considering beginners in mind. Feel free to ask any question or leave a feedback . links below-Basic Concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning10 Most Commonly Used Machine Learning Algorithmsalso wrote a python implementation -Linear Regression Implementation

Is deep learning the ultimate way of machine learning?

There was a paper written called No Free Lunch Theorems for Optimization ( that basically says that when considering optimization, all solutions, when averaged across all problems in the problem space, are the same. As the paper puts it,

Is it possible to teach AI what love is?

Could humans learn to think without emotions? The answer is yes to both. We as humans are taught emotions, even though they are not needed. We are born with the ability to think logically and with a desire to learn

Is Linux a viable everyday operating system?

I'd say that this question is too broad, and much depends on what your

Is machine learning dying?

Certain areas appear to be.  With the great interest in Deep Learning, it appears that a lot of work in advanced convex optimization is slowing down.I have not seen much work on structural or transductive SVMs in a long time, although there are still a few holdouts, and

Is Python more suitable for scientific computing?

Purely on its own? No.Sure, there are simpler problems where you could implement codes purely in Python and the efficiency will be sufficient for your needs. However, for the more research level problems being tackled in scientific computing, Python on its

Is there a way to bridge 2 computers, 2 laptops or a laptop and a computer to where they use their hardware to operate one operating system together?

A2A. Yes. As others have said this is clustering. Other distrubuted computing models exist as well. SETI uses a method that installs a client on computers and when notified that the sysyem is not being used allows the SETI program to send instructions for signal analysis. Some file sharing networks were a fir of

"The algorithms developed by computer scientists are not merely of academic interest and they are also intended to be used". what is the meaning of an algorithm which is only of academic interest and why should we come up with such an algorithm?

That quotation from Invitation to Computer Science by Schneider and Gersting is not really true.Many algorithms developed by computer scientists, both academic and industrial, are of huge practical importance: where would signal processing be without FFT? where would databases be without B-trees? ... where would linear programming be without the simplex method?There is continuous competition

To what extent do you believe in the law of attraction?

The common definition of Law of Attraction among people is

What are common misconceptions about having careers in AI?

Common amongst people in the field or common amongst people in general? I don't think anyone who works in the field has any misconceptions about it. On the other hand, as evidenced by questions on Quora, there are many misconceptions about AI including:The incorrect belief that it is capable of thought.The insane idea that it is

What are the biggest myths about machine learning?

The biggest misconception people have about machine learning is that it is incredibly difficult to learn and implement any machine learning algorithm or project. People will often view machine learning as a nebulous field, only accessible by those with PhDs and extensive backgrounds in computer

What are the companies that use the Oracle database?

There are thousands of companies using Oracle. Most of these are located in the United States and in the Computer Software industry. Moreover, Oracle is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and over 1000M dollars in revenue.Companies include:Fiserv, Inc.MultiPlan, Inc.Shiksha Infotech Pvt. Ltd.SHINE AND SMILE LIMITEDPentagon ServiceIn the arena of Database Management

What drives you crazy about being a computer programmer?

The constant need to stay ahead of the curve. The IT landscape is constantly changing. Using Blackberry as an example: How many developers spent time and energy learning the Blackberry platform only to find that it evaporated nearly overnight?This is a two edged sword. The constant evolutionary changes, invention of new languages and frameworks keeps

What is one random thing you know about a computer that most people don't?

I'm not sure how legal this is, so don't tell anyone.So in freshman or sophomore year of high school (year 9 or 10), I got banned from using the computer lab for doing this. But, I learned some valuable lessons.Lesson 1:

What is scientific computing?

Scientific + Computing = application of Computing to solve scientific problems. These scientific problems span across various disciplines of science such as chemistry, physics, maths, biology. In addition, the same techniques can be used in novel ways to solve problems in other areas (finance, social Sciences etc.) as well, wherever the problem can be modeled mathematically.People usually confuse

What is the biggest misconception people have about Deep Learning?

This is a great question, which is well covered by the press. I really like this summary, which supposedly is based on asking multiple experts.First, people seem to vastly overestimate what is achievable by machine learning. I elaborate on this in my recent Quora answer.Second, people think that machine learning is an

What is the intuitive explanation of Learning to Rank and algorithms like RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART? In what types of data/variables can these techniques be used? What are their strengths and limitations?

RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART are all what we call Learning to Rank algorithms. What is Learning to Rank?Learning to Rank (LTR) is a class of techniques that apply supervised machine learning (ML) to solve ranking problems. The main difference between LTR and traditional supervised ML is

What is the next big thing in Python?

I teach the world's largest Python course (Python for Everybody) with over a million students so far. I know and have programmed professionally in >10 programming languages and have taught about 10 programming languages at various universities over my career.I am not a fan of Python per se - I love programming in Python

What should I learn for machine learning?

appliedaicourseThis course is designed forFor students and working professionalsNo prerequisites to learn this coursecourse contains 140+ hours of video lectures10+ real world case studiesBuild a provides online courses related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to

What's the most user-friendly Linux operating system? Specifically, I'm looking for something for potential Windows converts that will feel familiar and intuitive to them, and not require use of the command line.

Ubuntu is the more well-known of the two distros, but Linux Mint is also one of the most popular out there. Both provide users with a great introduction to Linux.Ubuntu Linux has long reigned the king of user-friendly

Where do I start learning Machine Learning?

So as to learn machine learning, you should be better than average at math. Here are the maths you should learn keeping in mind the end goal to be prepared.Linear algebra-Linear Algebra– MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra by Gilbert StrangProbability theory-

Who is the best known cyber hacker?

There are none, they are all liars and out for money. Think about it, if they were good and decent people wanting to help others they would probably not be hackers. I have tried to hire Quora and they took my money and ran with no results, do not do it and Quora has them

Who is the most underrated computer programmer?

I think it's Bill Gates.Disclaimer: I am a Linux Guy and not a Microsoft Fan but ...Having said that I just feel that Bill Gates has been such a successful businessman, most of us have ignored that he is a great programmer as well.One example, from Wikipedia:In his second

Why are there so much energy toward teaching machines to think, but, not the human? Shouldn't there be AI devices that teach human brain concepts they do not know?

Currently AI not not nearly so advanced that it could teach a person much of anything. Try this experiment with your iPhone.

Why did distributed computing efforts like Folding-At-Home fall behind centralized supercomputers like the US Department of Energy's Summit, Sierra, and Titan by several orders of magnitude?

Folding-At-Home uses brute force exploration; try every configuration of a protein to find its lowest energy state, that is, the state it will fold into in nature. (SETI-At-Home similarly carves up the sky and gives each processor a separate set

Why did you learn Machine Learning?

Hello,Learning machine learning was purely from an interest in Artificial intelligence for me. For some reason, just hearing the word robots or anything about AI just fascinated me but it was just a moment of joy at that time. As time went by, I slowly came into computer engineering but

Why is Kubernetes sometimes referred as k8s?

I got the story on this from Craig McLuckie when he was chair of the CNCF and I was on the board.When Craig and Joe Beda set out to implement Kubernetes at Google, it was designed to be a re-implementation

Would ISPs block people that use Linux from installing online things?

Blocked completely? Unlikely. I envision some sort of equivalent to LTE/4G/3G that the cell companies use. Certain license paying providers can stream to the faster protocol if they pay the price, others are limited to a

Do hackers exist?

Just out of curiosity, what makes you doubt that they are real ?They are very real and come in many different flavors;Some examples:HBO, an American pay-tv channel had a lot of files stolen by hackers, movie files and scrips of un-aired episodes, financial data, etc. The blackmailed HBO for a lot of money.Wannacry. Wannacry used code that

If an artificially intelligent computer becomes conscious & decides to take over the world, could it secretly spread it's own consciousness throughout all worldwide connected devices, including weapon systems, to become a single super-aware AI?

Nope. But it would be great for us if it tried anyway.To start: secretly disseminating itself would be pretty hard to pull off. It's not the dissemination part that's the problem. It's basically just trying to assemble a bot net, and deploying the viruses needed to get that ball rolling is pretty easy.

Mr. Robot (TV series): How far from reality is Mr Robot idea of economical revolution?

the economical revolution will emerge from advanced of technology, it can not be done by overthrow currently system along. what you ask in fact is how far are we from technology singularity, that has been answered by many people, 20 years 30 years 50 years 70 years from now on maybe.

We are capable of building computers that exhibit human-level intelligence. Are there certain areas of application where we should push to accelerate the building of such computers? Which areas are they and why?

We are not even close to building human-equivalent AI. Not only that, but no one understands what is needed. So it is hard to know where to put in research effort. One thing that is very clear is the today's technology will not lead us to human-level AI.What

What are some ideas for a hackathon related to banking?

A2A -- I'd love to give this question a shot.The following are where I consider banking and hacking to overlap:(1) Prediction: In finance, millions can be made or lost by predicting something just milliseconds sooner rather than later. For risk-analysis on loans/mortgages, a banker

What are some interesting weekend hacks?

The term 'hack' has come to be popularly associated with computer related projects, though it's not necessarily true. But since I'm most experienced in software hacks, that's what I'll talk about.An often ignored but important facet of the weekend hack, is the scope of the hack. It's easy to get ambitious and

What are the best computer hacking tools and techniques?

Ethical HackingSome refer them white hat hackers, others use the term legal hackers, and still others call them as pentesters. All of them mean constant thing: A hacker that helps organisations uncover security problems with the goal of preventing those security flaws from being exploited.The thought behind Ethical

What are the similarities between computer viruses and biological viruses?

Viruses are simple constructs which can infiltrate a host then use its own resources to replicate, harming the host in the process. Both biological viruses and computer viruses are relatively far simpler than the host it infects.  The rhinovirus which is the typical culprit for the common

What steps can be taken to over come the jobs lost due to artificial intelligence and machine learning?

I will answer in a few points:There will be a lot of training and teaching jobs created to have a specialized educated workforce. However, I imagine this can happen over online videos and resources rather than physical centers. People are already becoming

What's the smartest thing you've ever seen AI do?

I can't really judge what was the