Are there hackers out there as capable as Elliot from Mr. Robot?

I'm a pentester so I do everything with authorization.The only unrealistic thing is his online brute force. Nobody do that. When we do online brute force, we base it on most common passwords and/or leaked databases if the target is in there.There

Can a car be hacked?

Superchip and other "alternative ECU tunes" were an ECU hack. As is hacking a Toyota from disabling the radio whilst driving. Tuning the car based on parameters on the cars diagnostic port OBD-II is also a hack.  These are "computer" or "electronic" hack.Replacing struts and adding

Can an android phone be hacked remotely?

All mobile phones can be hacked, regardless of OS being used.Sadly, all mobile phones can be hacked. I keep the minimum number of apps on my phone, that way it is more likely to be secure. I have also have locked down permissions required by some

Can bcc in email be hacked?

Unless the sending MUA (Mail User Agent, i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird, Webmail) has made an error, you cannot see who, if anyone, has received a message set in the BCC.If I recall correctly it works as detailed below:BCC is essentially the same as CC: a copy of the email is sent to the recipient.The

Can someone hack our system with just an email?

If you open the attachment or open the given link(s) then you can be hacked easily hence answer is Yes.But can someone get hacked by just opening email? Answer is Practically No. Let's analyze all scenarios:-Scenario 1:- Hacker may use email tracking techniques, such as including 1 pixel

Can someone hack your computer through email?

Using email is one of my favorite ways of breaking into an organization!Usually, I will send out 10 emails to different employees. Out of those 10 people, 5 will click the link that I included. Of the 5 people, two or three will tell me their real work

Can WhatsApp be hacked?

Yes...Method 1 : MAC Spoofing 1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone or device. You'll install  it again at the end of the method, but you'll need to configure it  differently, and the easiest way to make sure you'll be able to

Can't talented hackers just hack the autonomous driving cars and cause accidents?

Articles are reporting that human-driven cars can be hacked (depending on you definition of "hacking".) So, sure. Autonomous cars too.But the practice of hacking cars has not taken off. After all, people don't actually want to go around sabotaging machines, arranging death traps, and killing each other. Does all the car-hacking scaremongering annoy you?But

Divorce: My husband hacked my mail accounts after our official separation, what should I do to protect myself?

You should contact the mail provider and get evidence. What he did is against the law (if you're in the U.S.) Google and Yahoo both allow you to view the most recent logins to your account, providing IP addresses. It is a simple matter to determine

Does MIT offer a course in ethical hacking?

TL;DR: MIT does not offer a formal course in hacking, but the environment is, and historically has been, very supportive of hackers and unorthodox but principled explorations of technology.AFAIK, MIT does not offer a formal course in

Has Facebook ever been hacked?

According to the Facebook Wikipedia page, there have been two public hacks in Facebook's history:In November 2011, several Facebook users in Bangalore, India reported that their accounts had been hacked and their profile pictures replaced with pornographic images. For more than a week, users' news feeds were spammed with pornographic, violent and sexual

How can an email be hacked?

There are many methods to hack someone's E-mail address.1-Phishing: Fake login page, always look at the Address and make sure it is genuine and real (facebook. com is not like facebook. net or FacebookUpdate. com etc...) <This method consists of 3 files: Index.php , post.php

How can hackers hack your computer?

Most hacks are based on sweeping and indiscriminate probes of all computers connected to the internet. Every computer is a target. These probes will detect if a computer is not protected and the information will be picked up by the hacker.It's not surprising when mega hacks hit the headlines, millions of credit card details scooped

How to create a keylogger in Android

Well creating a keylogger, if you are developing it yourself require good programming skills and a good knowledge of how the device works either you can choose to install already available apps or can create one. It will record your targets data and activities and will send it over to you when target activates internet connection. Overall things

How to get my neighbor's WiFi password using an app

How can I get my neighbor's WiFi password using an app?A very specific request. It doesn't say

How to get rid of a pop-up virus

Running the free version of MalwareBytes and then AdwCleaner usually remove all browser malware-caused redirections and inserted ads. Or you can follow the manual methods in this post ( ) to get rid of the pop-up ads.    Step1. Enter your

How to hack a game server

Actually Hacking a server is not a simple task because we are accessing their computer ( actually every web page you see is present in a computer at the Hosing Company Data Center ) and try to access their data without Physical Contact with that. So this is very Difficult.I tried to hack into Clash of Clans Server

How did computer hacking originate?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition of American freedom to think independently as noted here with a Thomas Jefferson

How do hackers actually hack? How would I learn to be a 'white cap' hacker?

We do it by exploiting human behavior, errors and technical vulnerabilities. Technical vulnerabilities being due to human errors obviously.To become a white hat hacker and have a good level, it takes years of practice.You got to learn networking, programming, various techs

How do hackers discover servers to hack?

This still works but it is much less productive than 10 years ago.I would call what I used to do for entertainment,

How do hackers hack banks?

Hacking bank account is not that easy and require substantial knowledge of computer and cyber security exploits. I have heard so much about hackers getting into your target account and credit cards and make huge sum of money for you overnight. They only

How do hackers hack into Instagram accounts?

Most of the popular social medias all have in common that 99% of the time the password is gathered from a third party.There's a lot of people claiming brute force, which is a merhod that never happens. This means you go

How do hackers hack software?

Wrong.Hacking SW can take one of several routes. Try an analyze the software to find vulnerabilities, patch it for new unwanted access, replace libraries that are needed, take advantage of programming errors. The other answers (like exe and dll) depend upon the environment and

How do hackers hack?

Hacking is usually broken down into five distinct phases: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, and Covering Tracks. These phases are used by both ethical hackers (white hats or penetration testers) and black hats (malicious hackers). To answer your question, I will focus on the malicious

How to find out who hacked my Facebook account

You can find whether your account is hacked or not by checking the active sessions of your you account.The Active Sessions section of your security settings shows you a list of devices and browsers that have been used to log in to your Facebook account recently.

How to know if my WhatsApp account has been hacked

Hey there.Method #1 – WhatsApp WebWhatsapp web is new feature of Whatsapp and this feature helps you to access your Whatsapp account on your computer. You have to scan the QR code from the mobile, then you can easily access your Whatsapp account on your computer in real-time. Also

How to learn how to hack a website

See hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hence before answering this question I hope you know some basic stuffs needed for just understanding the computer system(since you cannot find vulnerability without knowing things) like programming and networking . If  you know these things and now you

How to prevent Hackers from hacking my YouTube Account

Seem pretty bothered there. Look John you humiliated me and costed a lot of money and took anote important part of my life away. I am not as bad or as mad as the commenting was, but I don't have any fear of you and I am pretty sure

How to start ethical hacking practice to learn fast

I had been in a similar situation.I wanted to do hacking but had no clue where to start. I didn't have any course or any such hacker friend to my credit. As I am a mechanical engineering student, none of my associates knew hacking. Also, none of the faculties I knew knew hacking, even

How to stop virus like pop up ad sites in Chrome on my computer

Resetting chrome browser to the defaults may help. This will get rid of any adware that may have installed as a chrome extension.Open Chrome.In the top right, click the icon you see: Menu or More .Click Settings.At the bottom, click Show

How do popular websites get hacked?

Here some general steps :1-Gathering informations about the website , in the step the hacker need to get as much information as he can about the website , like : the running server , the ip adresse of the server , the websites on the same server , admins email ... and everything that can

How do we know when our phone is hacked?

Before specifically discussing how to know if your phone is hacked, it makes sense to get into the different ways that this is even possible.1. Spy Apps - Ways to know if your phone is hackedThere are several different applications out there,

How easy is it to hack an encrypted Android Phone?

A four digit pin is going to get cracked in minutes, even with a low-end PC. However, that's not where the problems usually lie. To get to the filesystem, you must first access the system. If you can do that, it's usually game over

How easy is it to hack another computer?

Hacking Windows in seconds even with Passwords!To be honest this is a vague question, but nevertheless, I will answer it, with numerous outcomes. BTW, like many others out there I can hack any Windows OS in less than 30 seconds - and that is without knowing the usernames or passwords

How easy is it to hack into someone's computer?

With physical access to a computer. Under 5 minutes physical access to the network. Under 5 minutes. same tool set.The OS really doesn't matter. They all can be hacked.Microsoft's Windows for Legacy

How hard is to hack a computer?

What most people don't understand is that in order for a computer to be hacked, a user or a user program has to, in effect, invite the hacker in.Hacking involves taking advantage of known or unknown anomalous behavior of otherwise innocuously-running software. A computer, for example, is rarely running a

How is a hacked computer fixed?

Start from scratch approachI would flash the bios, reformat the hard drives, reinstall the operating system and use either terminal or command prompt to search for hidden or modified malicious system files and code which shouldn't be present if the previous steps were done but hey, you never know.The surgical approachA hacked system can always be fixed. Root kits,

How should I start to learn hacking and what are the prerequisites, like programming languages, networking, OS, etc.? Is it a must to have knowledge of Java, PHP, or some others of these types?

Ok I will repeat what I have written in more than some 10 answers.If you are really serious about perusing career in computer system securities forget all about ethical hacking now. Ethical hacking is a jimick designed to attract rip of and make people feel they have

How was my whatsapp account hacked using whatsapp web?

Hijacking WhatsApp Account in a Seconds 2015This trick lets anyone surrounds you to get effectively control over your WhatsApp account. The attacker needs nothing more than a phone number of the target person and access to the target mobile phone for a few seconds, even if it is locked.Hacking Whatsapp account in such scenario is not hard for your

I just got my entire bank account hacked. How do I protect myself?

Well, you should change your bank account password directly, or transfer all your money to a new account, and never buy anything online again and never make any action that would leak out your bank account information. haha, just jokes. To be serious, you should call the cops

Is ethical hacking legal?

No, hence the term ethical.But...this does depend on your definition of

Is this computer hacked?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition of American freedom to think independently as noted here with a Thomas

Mr. Robot (TV series): Why did Elliot drill his HDD?

It does the most damage to data recovery in the least possible amount of time, barring access to more thorough mechanical and electromagnetic methods of data remanence.A secure reformat (minimum 3x overrwrite of the entire drive surface - and depending on who wants your data, you might consider

Was YouTube hacked today at 4:56pm?

Yes different channels of Youtube Vevo were hacked recently. In which many videos were removed by the hackers.Number of channels and videos were removed mentioned below :Shakira (ShakiraVEVO)Adele (AdeleVEVO)Selena Gomez (SelenaGomezVEVO)Chris Brown (ChrisBrownVEVO)Luis Fonsi (LuisFonsiVEVO)Post Malone (PostMaloneVEVO)

What are examples of hacking a computer?

I'd like to use the Ransomware virus as my example here, please do understand though that I've never created a Ransomware myself so I could be off at some details.First of all, how is the user targeted? Generally, hackers that use the Ransomware prefer to infect them through emails. So he has to get

What are hackers capable of?

Hackers are really clever programmers.The above statement pretty much, in my opinion, sums up the definition of a Hacker. They simply love to manipulate and tinker with software and hardware in order to achieve what they're after.Let's say that you wrote a simple banking program that transfers money by taking an

What are some ways to hack back at computer hackers?

TL;DR: You do not do that.Hacking someone's computer is not a game nor a revenge that is to be taken. You should never attempt to do so, because when I am answering this question I am assuming that:* You do not know about hacking and attacks but is hacked by someone

What are the advantages of learning ethical hacking?

Benefits of learning Hacking :Hacking can allow for the revelation of bugs and weaknesses in a particular software, which could in turn be used to make the software even stronger. For example, a programmer could test out his/her software by "hacking" it themselves or asking a professional hacker to do it for

What are the free websites for learning hacking?

Here are some of the basic terms along with them some websites I have mentioned.Ethical hacking"Ethical Hacking" when I heard this word for the 1st time I completely ignored the word "Ethical" and focused on "Hacking". So, almost all are very interested to

What are the prerequisites for learning ethical hacking?

The best way to start learning this, is to start right from basics. And for these specific fields, you need to have basics of Networking and related concepts as well as basics of all possible programing languages and technologies. Just, get hands-on first with networking and then you can move on

What are the websites where I can practice hacking?

HiGreetings!There are no particular sites where you can particularly practice hacking, however if you would like to get how the things in the real world work and would like to take a real world like experience then you can use a variety of simulators to do so. You can easily find these on the

What courses should we opt for ethical hacking?

None...Hacking - is much exploited arena of information technology & security. It has now became a billion dollar industry. Media are another game-changers to promote so-called hackers and such hackers become an idol for newcomers and thus cyber security training industry exploits them.In

What do cybersecurity experts think of the Mr. Robot pilot?

[SPOILER WARNING]Unlike Kim Guldberg, I actually watched the pilot episode of Mr. Robot and there I absolutely have to disagree that "It's going to have nothing to do with reality. Nothing at all, no relevance, not helpful." I do think that the cybersecurity aspect is more realistic than other

What is a good anime sites without pop up viruses?

Pop Up viruses?Mmm.. The paid ones have none and the good pirate ones only have excessive Adverts, not viruses. In all honestly, unless the site is trying to give you one, (trust me you will be able to tell) you

What is a link for a safe Wifi hack tool?

The greatest lesson I have learned is this. Output is always equal to input. So think about this. Sure, there are free or easy WiFi hack tools. There might be both, even! But anything free will be severely limited (or dangerous). As for easy, don't even bother looking for easy. As

What is a way to hack a computer system remotely?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition of American freedom to think independently as noted here with a Thomas

What is hacking? How to learn hacking?

Ha ha ... I m happy that I m writing an answer to one of my favorite questions.Let me begin.What is hacking?In my view hacking is just a misconception for today's generation. A misconception that is built by Sci-Fi movies and

What is the best hidden Keylogger for Android?

Thanks for the A2A.I have experience with keyloggers on windows but haven't known about any keyloggers on android. There are a lot of spying/tracker apps and such though if I remember correctly. Reminder - DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL APPS FROM UNVERIFIED SOURCES. DO NOT GIVE INTO THE ALLURING ADS FROM UNKNOWN AND NOT VERIFIED USERS AND SITES. Anyways

What is the best keylogger to use?

I think Spytech SpyAgent is the best keylogger because of its features:(Here I am providing an overview only)Monitoring:Logs Keystrokes TypedLogs Websites and Online SearchesLogs Applications Opened and ClosedLogs Internet Connections MadeLogs Files Opened and PrintedLogs Chat ConversationsLogs Windows Opened and Mouse ClicksLogs Email Sent and ReceivedLogs Internet Traffic Data Logs Files Uploaded and Downloaded

What is the best programming language for Hacking?

Hacking is usually meant to break a code. There are three sections of hacking ― Web Hacking, Exploit Writing & Reverse Engineering and each of it requires different programming language1. Web HackingSince most of the tech is build around world

What is the most effective tool to hack WiFi?

It's not clear wether you are talking about gaining access to to a wifi network / device by obtaining the SSID / Password combo or an existing users traffic on a wireless network.Either way you should start by using Google and researching various tools for pen testing and learning about security and vulnerability testing.There are

What should be the process to learn ethical hacking at home?

#Question name: What should be the process to learn ethical hacking at home?TOP 27 RESOURCES TO LEARN ETHICAL HACKING:Hi, I checked all resources on the internet and Quora answers and below are good sites to learn ethical hacking.#1. Masters In Ethical HackingThis is the best YouTube channel about ethical hacking.Subscribers: 230,000+Total of videos:

What's the best KeePass App for Android?

It depends on which KeePass file format you use. If you also use the original KeePassX on Linux which uses the 1.x file format, then KeePassDroid is best on Android. If you also use KeePass on Windows with the 2.x file format, or only want

Which is the best home setup for learning ethical hacking?

You will need a decent laptop preferably with 8GB ram and I5/i7(may not be latest gen) (Processor should support Virtualization tech) and may be non intel WIFI card. You always can buy external WIFI car with better antenna. I would prefer a NUC or refurbished laptop with 16G ram. Thats all

Who's hacking the computer hackers?

Think about how far one hacker can go, at some point she/he will reach a limit which they have no knowledge about. Usually, this is a programming language which is difficult to learn, so they skipped it while learning, this with hacking is a big mistake, especially if you have already penetrated a

Why server bases games can't be hacked?

Just say it as a ATM machine, the server is the money inside the ATM, the games is like the interface for you to interact with the server.The ATM card is your ID, the screen and keys like a game

Would you hire a hacker who hacked your website?

A lot of companies now offer bug bounties in the form of cash, gear, or recognition to folks who find flaws in their sites or code. The taboo over hiring hackers has pretty much faded away. But, how they went about it, and how they disclosed, would make a lot of difference to me.

Does ISS have access to Internet? If yes, how do they deal with malware and other computer systems security threats?

Probably they check every bit of information before they send it to the ISS, on the ground. So they don't have to worry about what they click on. Unless some malware goes by undetected and wakes up at some random date to do something. But even then, their computer is watched

How to track my wife's cellphone GPS without loading an app on it

You can easily track any cell phone you have access to, either using GPS (global positioning software) or by using the phone's IP (Internet Protocol) address; many use cell phone tracking to find lost or stolen phones or to keep an eye on their children.This can be done

What are some ethical hacking tools?

You meant tools for scanning, addressing and testing websites ,applications and IOT based Devices right?Here we start with Kali Linux with some preloaded tools: [This is not a comparison, so please don't judge from a comparison point of view]Maltego: Used for information gathering Owasp-zap: Used for Mapping and

What is the best career in IT?

This is a tough question to answer because so much of it depends on what you are interested in. IT has such a wide variety of opportunities these days, there is almost something for any kind of personality.Project Management – Are you organized? Are you a planner? Project management is a general skill that can be used

Are hacking apps illegal?

Generally no, in most of the world, because they're used by white hat ethical hackers to find weaknesses that can be fixed. Certain tools that were clearly built with malicious intent have been used as evidence to convict their authors of aiding in cyber crime. Also, some countries have stricter laws that ban all exploits.

Are there hackers out there trying to hack other hackers?

It happens. The first guy that I actually helped prosecute came to my attention when he wiped the disks on the main VAX UNIX system at a client site. Everyone was baffled as to how they could have gone home one day and come back to a completely blank

As a network security engineer, should you go for CCIE security or multi-vendor firewall certifications (Juniper, Checkpoint, Cisco ASA) to get a high salary?

It depends.Don't you just hate that?No really. There are different types in environments, and as such different types of engineers. If you work in an an all-Cisco shop, the CCIE is a good bet. About the best you could accomplish is the rare triple CCIE. At that point it becomes

At what point does 'hacking' become illegal?

There was a time when hacking and cracking were different. Hacking means creating workflows that a computer code was not designed to. For example, extending its functionality, using it for what it was not meant to, autostart it by using an auxiliary device instead of just click the icon and so on.Cracking means

Can a hacker hack bank websites and internet banking?

Yeah it is possible but not that simple as you or I or anyone think...How do Hackers Hack Bank Accounts and Personal Information?Most people studying hacking have a keen interest in learning how to can hack bank accounts. They become discouraged with the

Can a Netflix account be hacked?

You bet it can!Any online account can be hacked, and it's becoming a growing global concern. According to research from Symantec, compromised Netflix accounts sell for cheap on forums and marketplaces found on both publicly accessible websites and the dark web.Here you can find everything you need to

Can a professional hacker get hacked by another hacker, and will he know that he is hacked?

Absolutely, and it happens a lot, for two reasons:Hackers have exploits and exploits are valuable. Hackers also have other valuable security information to steal.Everyone likes to prank their friends, hackers more than average.In real breaches by advanced attackers (e.g. intelligence agencies) against advanced defenders (e.g. major tech companies),

Can a professional hacker hack HTTPS websites?

See if you think HTTPS can save you from getting hacked than you are getting on a wrong track...why?Because if anything is made in this IT/CS world it has a vulnerability....even SSL and TLS also have vulnerabilities there exploitation techniques are out...though

Can a server be hacked?

A2A Can a server be hacked? Yes, anything can be hacked with good tools given physical access. So, Can a server be hacked over the network ?Sometimes.Since you have a server on a network, it must be listening for requests. That means there is an attack surface - the set of all possible requests that can be sent,

Can an iPhone account be hacked simply because the hacker knows the user's IP address?

I can speak to one scenario, but it has provisos: besides knowing the device's current IP address (and assuming the device is currently online) you'd need three other conditions to be true:The phone has been jailbroken and is running Cydia (commonly used by iPhone enthusiasts to install unauthorized software on

Can I become a hacker without Python?

May be YES or may be NO. It also depends on the expert level you want to achieve in hacking. Python is one of the many programming languages used in hacking mainly for coding exploits. What makes Python more attractive is the simplicity with which it can be mastered.It is

Can my bank account be hacked?

Could your bank account be hacked? Almost certainly! It depends on what YOU are doing to prevent it.If you mean could someone break into your personal account and take your money, I would say that is possible more with phishing, social engineering, computer malware, hacking other accounts

Can someone hack my email? If so, how can this be prevented?

There are several vulnerabilities with email that need to be hardened.Your email host. Some email hosts (vendors/providers) take security deadly serious. Others are not much better than criminals themselves. Start with a host that takes your privacy as seriously as do you. This means they:Encrypt your email in transit between your

Can someone hack your computer through email?

Using email is one of my favorite ways of breaking into an organization!Usually, I will send out 10 emails to different employees. Out of those 10 people, 5 will click the link that I included. Of the 5 people, two or

Can we use python for hacking?

Yes absolutely!!Many hacking tools are made by python language.Python has some important features that make it particularly useful for hackingbut probably most importantly, it has some pre-built libraries that provide some powerful functionalityThe most good point about python that it is much easier than other programming languages like C C++ C# Java Cobol Fortran massam etc.Metasploit framework software uses

Can WhatsApp be hacked?

Yes...Method 1 : MAC Spoofing 1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone or device. You'll install  it again at the end of the method, but you'll need to configure it  differently, and the easiest way to make sure you'll be able to do that  correctly is to completely

Can your phone be hacked just by someone having your phone number?

No, or telephone directories would be extremely dangerous :)More seriously though; scammers have been known to take fake ID to the store of a mobile phone company and get a

Could my iPhone be hacked?

It's possible for any device that is running software of any sort to be hacked. Depending on how well the software is written will determine how easy it is to hack.While iOS is well designed and written, with security included at multiple levels, it can be hacked. If you haven't jailbroken your

Do hackers get legal jobs, and if so, where do those hackers learn to hack?

Yes, hackers get legal jobs.The world of hacking has evolved significantly in the last 30 years. Universities nowadays offer a host of different courses in Computer Security, which come under the names of:Cyber SecurityInformation AssuranceInformation SecurityInformation Systems SecurityDigital ForensicsThe courses can lead to either a BSc, an MSc or a PhD degree.Graduates can then become Information security professionals. They

Do malignant hackers use machine learning for criminal hacking activities?

Yes, they do! I'll give you a little bit of a practical application, I already implemented. It is still relatively new to accommodate machine learning into malicious apps, but the technology is ready and dedicated frameworks are easing the work .Imagine you have

Do passwords stop hackers?

Stop them from what? Getting access to the information they want or just random hacking of a target?There are a lot of misconceptions about hacking in the world today. Most people think that some evil hacker will target them and stop at nothing to get their information. What information do you have that caused you to be a target

Do you think the current FBI investigation on college scandals will help to stop future cheatings?

If only they had donated a wing this never would have happened.That's legal, bribery to an individual isn't.I really tried to get worked up about this but I just can't. Do I want to spend my tax dollars on putting some

Does any university offer an online course in cyber security/ethical hacking?

Yes In my opinion Cybrary - Free Online Cyber Security Training, Forever | Learn and Find Jobs is the best course available online and Its totally can also try Computer Security - Stanford University | Coursera,

Hackers: Are groups like Anonymous good at hacking?

I personally think they are very powerful, they are uncoordinated, yet very coordinated, let me explainFirst off, there is no single group "anonymous", it's more a, structured idea, there are encrypted chat systems, Twitter accounts, communities and such some can communicate through, but are not as organized as a hacker-teamHowever

Hackers: What ways are there to find out how my computer was hacked?

Check your logs!In windows: (windows key)+r and then enter eventvwr.mscIn the *nix world you'll find similar data in /var/log/*If you can isolate the events that occurred around the time before your symptoms (missing files). then you may be able

Has my SKYPE Account been hacked?

This would be in keeping with the idea of individual freedom, in that, each person should be free to define his own thinking and his own life absent those real actions, not opinions, that are detrimental to another or to society.In keeping with the tradition of American freedom to think independently as noted

Have you ever hacked into another hacker's computer?

In simulation training, yes. In real world with consequences, no. It was a

How are emails hacked? And how can I secure myself from getting my email hacked?

Most of the ones where I know exactly how it happened, the user responded to a phishing mail that asked for their password. I can see the webserver logs. Most of the users who got hacked that way were