What company makes Apple computers?

The actual assembly location varies: Supplier Responsibility

Which laptops are better, Hp or Apple?

If you just started using windows laptop then just go on using windows and Hp is the best laptop which is rough and tough and comes at very affordable price. If you buy this laptop from Price-hunt E-commerce site then HP laptop price on this E-commerce site is Fair and provide discount and good deal on these

Is hp 15-ab219tx good for gaming?

Yes,it's a budget laptop meant for some entry level gaming at 720p.It's got a ULV i5 and a Nvidia gt 940m. So if you're satisfied at 30-40 fps at 720p medium/low settings,it's definitely a good buy.Considering that it costs only 50k,it's a

Where can I see a graph of computing power growth for the next 38 years (2050)?

Moore's law seems to be continued at least till 2020. However, due to power wall the performance of computers do not grow exponentially, unless we find ways to better harness parallel computing. Here is a great book about this:The Berkeley Par Lab: Progress in the Parallel Computing Landscape

How are quantum computers being used today?

For the most part, real ones, like at IBM, solve optimization problems. There are quasi-quantum computers that do qkd. check out Quantum advantage solves black box bit riddle for a use case. You can actually, try it for yourself: IBM Q Experience Cheers.

What is a cloud in a computer?

Cloud is the storing of data in the virtual space. As the data volume is growing at a very high pace, it is quite important to store data out of the device memory. As the device memory is limited it is required to save it somewhere else.Features of Cloud* Easy

How to know if the parts I buy for a PC end up being a little bit smaller or bigger for any case

We don't want to overthink this one. Assuming you have a case made to the ATX spec, components made to ATX specifications will generally fit. For instance, an ATX power supply will fit in an ATX case. Where trouble arises most often is if you get a kick-ass graphics card, it might be taller

Who invented the first binary computer?

The Z1 was a mechanical computer designed by Konrad Zuse from 1935 to 1936 and built by him from 1936 to 1938. It was a binary electrically driven mechanical calculator with limited programmability, reading instructions from punched celluloid film.The Z1 was the first freely programmable computer in the world which used

Are computers fast enough?

Most of them are - considering what they are used for. Most of them are overpowered considering what most people do with them. Where performance is needed then we can squeeze much more out of them. We have got here on the back of hyperbole and too much competition. If

Is cloud computing the future of the computer?

Cloud computing does not exist, it's something like cyber security.What does exists are some common used frameworks or platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, etcetera. They make it possible to use compute and data through commands without having a sense of using

What are some tips to becoming a better presenter for electronic presentations?

1. Prepare: Know your audience and what you want them to know. Understand the demographics of your audience (i.e. profession, standards of dress, education level). Prepare your presentation to meet their needs. People tend to remember only 3 or 4 points from a presentation. What are the main points

Should teachers be replaced by computers?

No, teachers cannot and should not be replaced by computers. The current learning atmosphere calls for a hybrid between teachers and computers. I recently read a blog on artificial intelligence replacing teachers. It talks about how artificial intelligence

What is the cost of computer power as of today?

Alright, the average computer uses between 80 and 250 Watts.Because the cost of computer power is negligible, we'll round up to 250. So your computer uses a kilowatt hour in four hours.The cost of power is 12 cents per kilowatt hour.So an hour with your computer on will cost 3 cents

Which is better, buying HP or Apple laptops?

I think they both offer excellent laptops (I have both) and it mostly comes down to these things :budget (Apple is more expensive, but quality is very high and hardware replacement is quick and totally hassle-free in any Apple Store)aesthetics and design (if

What is the next generation of computing?

Interpret a Competitive outlook Analysis Report with FREE PDF sample: http://bit.ly/2BNXHbrLarge number of next generation memory technologies are under development which promise to meet the growing demand of consumer electronics and enterprise storage systems and applications. Smart phone and other

Is it possible for someone to hack into my laptop or mobile using my wifi, and can someone hack into my password protected wifi?

Anything can be hacked, given enough time.From the game boy you once had, to the smartphone in your pocket, to that tree outside being chopped down by a lumberaxe.Anything can be hacked. No amount of security will prevent it from happening, it only delays the inevitable.But the inevitable could take so long that by the

Which apple laptop is ideal for student?

Go only for Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. Dont buy macbook. If you can spend, then go for pro as it has both, good processing power and are lightweight. All macbooks are of top quality that can easily last for 5+ yrs. And they have great battery backup. (macbook air have more the 10+ hours of backup).

What is BOINCs computational power and cost to run compared to a supercomputer?

A volunteer-based distributed effort is nearly free to operate: at most, a few publicly-accessible servers are required. The only computations suitable for such an effort are low-data, embarrassingly-parallel ones, which also means that very little coordination is required. Because volunteers are untrusted, it's important that

How much does a decent computer cost?

As Vic Ba said; But if you want a rough guideline though, I consider that a small simple laptop or station in the 300's is good enough for basic stuff, office internet browsing and music listening.At least double that for a computer

How to make calls from a computer

Depends on how far down the stack you'd like to go. I'd recommend Skype or Google Voice for just basic phone call support. There is also RingTo as option if you want to port your number.If you want to dig deeper and control each aspect of

Would it be in Apple's business interests to converge MacOS and iOS?

While Microsoft has controversially been trying to blur the line between computer and tablet, and are now even selling a tablet with full blown Windows in the form of the Surface, Tim Cook has gone on record saying he doesn't believe it's in Apple's or their users' interest to make a tablet with a desktop OS,

What makes a 9-cell battery for laptops better than a 6-cell?

A laptop battery runs on 11.1 volts. That's three 3.7v rechargeable LION batteries.but I said 6 cell and 9 cell...Three rechargeable cells in a line. Like a stick. End to end, so that the total output is 11.1 volts. If each battery is a 2600 maH battery, that's 2600 milliamp Hours... then

What are the key tips that I should keep in mind before purchasing a computer table?

Study your interior spaces - Make a note of the wall and floor colors, and type of space available. If the interior space of your office has a lot of wooden paneling, you're better off getting tables with similar finishes.Consider customization options - Custom

What will a computer be like in 5, 10, 20 years?

Well the hardware formats like PCIE and motherboard sizes probably won't change in the next 15 years because it would cause issues for the whole industryUSB-C will replace USB-A in all systems by 2030 with the exception of a few servers here and there.6 Ghz will probably be the norm by 2025Graphix power of a 1080 will be in

What is the most secure computer?

I was just reading about the seL4 microkernel, which has "end-to-end     proof of implementation correctness and security enforcement". See e.g. the story Unhackable kernel could keep all computers safe from cyberattack

Do you think anything will replace computers in the near future?

It's safe to say that the gap between smartphones and low-end PCs has now closed. I personally think that the future will be a place where all devices are connected in some way and if something has a display, it'll

What fields do you think will be taken over by computers in the next few decades?

Over the next 2 0r 3 decades Quantum computers will really hit their stride. The un-fathomable will be thoroughly "fathomed".  Modelling chemical reactions, biological systems, artificial intelligence, and any other processes or problems that's very hard or impossible with today's

Is Microsoft becoming the McDonald's of computing?

What I don't understand is, on one hand Bill Gates is spending humongous sums of money on charities etc. and on the other his very own company are spending so lavishly. The point is the culture remains same, his spending wont make a difference to the people in his company. On

Who was the first person to code a computer, & how was it done?

One problem with answering this is the difficulty in deciding what was the first computer. The computer was not invented in a single stage - there were a number of steps between fixed function calculating machines and what we could consider a computer. It is

Word 2016: How can I get all my footnotes on one separate page?

MS Word 2016, I haven't' really messed with footnotes, since they are meant for the end of the page, but there are also endnotes, they put all your footnotes into a single page. So try converting you footnotes to endnotes, right click on the footnote, a menu will appear giving you the choice to convert footnotes to

What is the most secure computer system in the world?

A computer system is only as secure as the environment that it's operated in and the users that have legitimate access. The moment that the environment is compromised or a legitimate user decides (or is coerced) into using their access inappropriately, no amount of software, technology or architecture can prevent

Will Apple ever come out with a computer for gaming?

Why would they?  Just because *you* want a gaming computer with an Apple logo on it?The game companies, by and large, aren't writing their games to be installed on a system with OSX or iOS.  So right there.  If you have some Apple manufactured gaming computer, but Valve or EA aren't making games

What was America's first big tech company?

One of America's oldest technology companies, is still one of America's largest.When I think of technology, I think of IBM, an American multinational technology company with operations in over 170 countries. IBM can trace their roots to the 1890s.IBM (International

Which laptop is better for biotechnology student?

It depends on how you want to use it. Have a budget in your mind first and then things become easy. If it's only for browsing and creating documents any mid range laptop would suffice

What kind of technology would be needed to upload our consciousness to a computer?

Friends,may i share this issue from different notion ?It has been reported in talks of our esoteric scientists as follows.Whether it is fact or not is not matter here,it sounds something on this issue of handovering/shifting/uploading/transforming of consciousness from a man to a man or any life form or machine.King

If Apple had become the dominant company for computers instead of Microsoft, how would our current computing climate differ?

It would look just the same as today, because your hypothetical scenario wouldn't happen. Not because Microsoft is too difficult to defeat, but because Apple would get in the way of Apple.Take the phone industry of today. Apple may have a minority market share, but there is no doubting the fact

Did I go wrong by buying a Dell Inspiron 3576 (15 3000 series) i7 laptop for Rs 70,000?

Yes. The current price is 64k so you spent another 5k. Also the laptop has an AMD card which is far worse compared to its counterpart by nVidia. The laptop contains loads of bundled adware which you paid for.If I were you, I would return

How will computer gaming change in the next 10 years?

Hopefully, VR and MR (virtual and mixed reality) will become the norm for computer gaming and we won't need thousand dollar computers to run them. The first big advancement in this would be Oculus Go, it is a cheap oculus rift basically that

How powerful will the computers in 2050 be?

Well i guess you should have asked , how powerful will humans be to control computers , or say robots.Things are changing at quite a good pace in terms of development in technology. And the day is not so far , when robots will be in mass

Assume you can upload your consciousness to a computer. Would you?

Hell, I'd give it a go, with a couple of caveats.Firstly, I'd want to do it toward the end of my life.Secondly, I'd want to be able to wipe my own hard drive once I got bored.

How to hack my partner's laptop

There are lots of telltale signs, but sadly, there's no one set of behaviors.

Has Apple ever released a computer?

Yes they have, think MacBook :) Apple look for Mac at the top next to iPhone.

Which is better for a student? Apple or Microsoft laptop?

This is one of those questions that comes down to personal preferences, prejudices and your budget. I have not personally worked with a Mac notebook in a very long time, and I will admit to never being a big fan

Will Apple ever build a super computer?

Supercomputers are very different beasts from personal computers. Apple is big in the latter market, and seems utterly uninterested in the former.For instance, the sort of people who buy supercomputers like to plan ahead, so they like to get informed about future company plans. I've been to presentations from computer companies about

Will Apple ever come out with a computer that's competitively priced for gaming?

Thanks for the A2A.It depends on what you think is competitively priced, of course. I have read that the new iMac Pro pricing competes with top of the line gaming systems, but I have also read that while it is well suited as a workstation, it lacks some specs that would make it