How can we file case against Amazon in consumer court?

The time period for filing a complaint for a consumer from the date of violation of a right is 2 years. The law in this regard is laid down in Sec.24-A of Consumer Protection Act of 1986.The Supreme Court however in this Landmark Judgement of National Insurance

How to file a case in consumer court of Bangalore? What is the procedure

Look the procedure​ is similar in every consumer Court . The easiest way to file a compliant is to file it online through the website of consumer forum and u can also call on their toll free numbers . Similarly if you wish to file it by a

What is the procedure to file a case against an employer in labour court in Haryana? to be followed:The above link states the grievan and the parties to be approached. Since I don't know the matter I can't comment.After approaching the parties above the labour commissioner referes the matter to the labor tribunal or court. The aggrieved himself does

Can I file a complaint against Amazon in the consumer court if they automatically cancelled my order?

Answer depends upon the fact and terms and conditions stipulated by Amazon .If they have cancelled the order after confirmation or you making complete Payment then you can surely file a complaint before consumer forum.There will be certain circumstances where you will lose the case but no one can stop you from filing consumer case for deficiency of service.

On an average how much time India's consumer court take to give judgement on the case filed?

For out of court settlement (1 of my cases against Panasonic): 1.5 monthsFor trial (Flipkart ex-parte): 5–6 months, then further 6 months for execution to get money (for difficult parties who don't pay after order!).You can read my free eBook Surviving the Legal Jungle which also covers basics