How to listen to classical music

TL;DR:1. Listen to one piece (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky), all the way through.2. Read about it online.3. Repeat steps 1. and 2. for the same piece, at least 4 times.4. Learn about musical structure and form, particularly sonata form.5. Learn about music history.Listening to classical music is very different to listening to popular

What are the best Russian language operas?

Give a listen to Mussorgsky's Khovanschina, too. Mussorgsky died before finishing the last scene; Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky and Shostakovich all composed their own version of the final scene, and they are each strikingly different. It helps to read up on the historical events the opera tells, because (like

Does listening to classical music make you more productive?

Some people swear listening to classical, or at least instrumental, music does help because they want background noise but don't want lyrics to interrupt them. As a writer I have a difficult time listening to music with lyrics, like pop or rock etc., because the lyrics vie for attention with the same part of the