How to use Instagram wisely

Hello, busy people thanks for clicking my post with patience. Today I am writing this answer with peace of mind and this post is specially dedicated for crazy and creative young lads who are very fad about clicking and posing selfies and likes to post them on Instagram.

What are the common seo mistakes that content marketers make?

Content Marketers often overlook some types of content that Google doesn't like.Some of the types of such content are -Thin Content - large number of pages with only a sentence or two on them, and they make up a large percentage of your overall siteCurated Content - Sites that simply curate content from third parties and add

What are the latest trends in content writing?

Content is a powerful tool and can help in generate leads, drive in traffic, attract followers to your page, blog, account, or website. Dynamic is the word that best describes the current online market. The type of content that was used to make things go viral a few years back are outdated and using them would just make

What's your best content marketing tip?

Spend The Same Amount Of Time Promoting Your Content As You Did Creating It (Maybe More)We've all heard the saying:"Content is King."When I'm feeling lazy in a presentation, those three words sometimes even slip out of my own mouth. Why?Because it's become so

What is the biggest pain point you experience while doing content marketing?

What hurts me the most is when people, fellow marketers, run after attention without giving out more or at least equal importance to gaining trust of your prospect. Mostly it is the outcome of delivering results early or as quickly as possible, because the clients want it!Most of

What is your biggest challenge in content marketing?

I feel there is one question, and its the hardest question of all, that every content marketer has to answer. The challenge is knowing where to start.Working in the digital marketing space has never been more exciting, more dangerous, or confusing than it is today. Frankly, comparisons to

What's your biggest content marketing challenge?

There are two major challenges that keep companies from creating top-notch content marketing that actually does what it's supposed to: grow awareness, educate and ultimately, nurture intent to buy. 1. QualityContent marketing as a business term has long since jumped the shark.