How can a husband control his wife?

I see a lot of sarcasm in the answers, and my guess is those writers are never controlled by their spouse.Let me provide a direct answer to your question, from a wife who was controlled by her husband.We have been married for over 5 years and have 3 kids together. Beautiful kids. They're under 6 at

How to control my husband

This is the most common question that women ask and guess what? Husbands also ask the same question about controlling women. So lets make the facts clear: Husband and wife should not fight for equality but they should try to be compatible to each other. With control, you mean, that you want husband

How to control my narcissistic husband's bad and third class behaviour

It's hard enough to control one's own narcissistic behavior, let alone someone else's!Seriously, this isn't a realistic goal, nor even a good one. That is, it shouldn't be a goal of ours to control someone else's behavior - that's what narcissists do!Your husband would want

How to control my urge to always eat something sweet

Replicate your urge to eat something sweet with the urge to achieve that goal for which you're sacrificing eating something sweet. Every time you have an un wanted urge to do something you initially didn't want to, wantingly now replace it with the urge to achieve that goal (of maybe weight loss

How do People who Work Out a Lot and Stay Fit Control Themselves so Well?

People who work out and stay fit have 2 things going for them 1. they have built their ability to self-regulate 2. they have turned their actions into habits.Let's start with point 2. Most people you find in a gym didn't wake up and then have a

What made you realize that it was time to take control of your life?

When I was down at the bottom. I didn't find anything fun, exciting or even worth doing at all. But then one weekend I met someone who explained their life story to me and it just made me realise how wrong I see everything. If you feel like everything is going wrong, or is

Can mind control techniques be used to control one's own mind as opposed to controlling others?

Yes, they can and indeed should be used to control one's own mind. Learning to completely control your own mind is becoming complete. The primary flaw of humanity involves the common inability of people to control their minds according to principles that, universally followed, would ensure peace and harmony for all

Can you have control over your own thoughts?

Conditionally, no. According to the science available, the subconscious creates all thoughts, decisions, and everything ever imagined. It is a data processing machine, and has no awareness. If it did, then could override millions of years, of evolution. Such a

Do I control my brain, or does my brain control me? Is it even possible to know?

The brain is the physical organ used by the mind, which is not physical and can actually leave the body, such as in astral projection.The mind consists of two parts: conscious and subconscious. Some people add a third superconscious that is our portion of the Infinite mind, but I include that within

Do our thoughts control another being?

No, they don't. Our thoughts are under our own control, and are a strong determining factor in the decisions we make for ourselves.There is no evidence, based on a study of non-chemical cult mind control, to support the idea that one

Do self-help books rely on a sort of magical thinking about the control we have over our lives?

imho and experience the essence of the spiritual experience is in THOUGHTLESSNESS , not in thinking even magical , NIRVICHAR SAMADHI = thoughtless awareness , it is called MANTEIA in the apoklaypse , it is not mindfullness but mindemptyness the

Do we control our thoughts and mind? If not, then who controls them?

Edgar Cayce, the great Virginia Beach psychic (died 1945) said, and I truly believe this:

Do we have any control over what thoughts we think?

Thoughts are like waves in the sea. It never ceases and not possible to be controlled at all. There are metaphysical and scientific studies that tried to quantify or categorize our thoughts. So far, I have not read any successes.If you are a student of meditation, this will be one of the core subjects to understand.

Do we have control over our thoughts?

If we didn't, no addict could ever break free.Addictions produce very tight knit and strong feedback loops -

How can we control our mind from distraction?

Distractions come in many shapes and sizes.Regardless, all distractions ruin your focus.For me, I could be sitting at my desk, immersed in my work, and then have my phone go off and completely ruin my focus.There are three main types of distractions:Phones, People, Our mindsI will give you some tips to help avoid distraction from each of these.PHONES

How to control diabetes in natural way

5-Step Plan to Reverse DiabetesStep 1: Remove These Foods to Reverse Diabetes NaturallyCertain foods negatively affect your blood sugar levels, cause inflammation and trigger immune responses. To reverse diabetes naturally, the first step is to remove these foods from your diet:Refined sugar:

How to control my pineal and other glands

IMHO, you cannot control the Pineal or Crown Chakra. It is the Chakra (the Most Holy of Holies) through which the human soul enters and exits the physical body. Perhaps you can enhance the the Chakras by devotion to God, by whatever Name

How to stay calm and deal with controlling people

People who try to control others are themselves out of control – in their mind that is. Often, they have many conflicting thoughts which create havoc in their mind. They will then latch on to that which they know they can control thus

How to control your own mind and not let it control you

Hello friend,I just came across a beautiful article by Acharya Prashant, I would like you also to have a look at the article.Acharya Prashant: Yes, the topic is the infectiousness of boredom. Not only is boredom infectious, anything and everything that the mind experiences

I plan a lot but do little, how can I control my mind?

We are often not been able to implement our plans because our plans are too ambitious and we are not able to foresee future. So planning needs to be short term but goals should be long term. For example you can have a larger plan , for example, you

To what degree do we control our own thoughts? How is this even possible?

Our thoughts are electric impluses that flow according to the prior thought pathways we have created through Our routines or behaviors. CBT & DBT cognitive behavioral training in dialectical behavioral training are methods that are used to help individuals with PTSD depression and other mental health disorders restructure

What are some good tips on achieving and maintaining better control over one's own mind and body?

Mind control is complicated. You cannot achieve it alone. Fortunately you can have the free help of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams and works like a psychotherapist. You only have to learn the dream language according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. His method is complicated, but I simplified it for

What can I do in 5 minutes every day that would train my mind to better control my thoughts?

The best thing you can do is to meditate. So, if you've never done meditation before, here are some tips.Set a time you will do it every day and use a timer like the free app, insight timer.There are many ways to meditate but I find that for beginners it is best

What food controls cholesterol?

Cholesterol iѕ аn important substance wе аll nееd fоr оur bоdу tо function properly. But in thiѕ case tо muсh оf ѕоmеthing iѕ nоt a good thing аnd high levels оf cholesterol саn bе dangerous tо уоur lоng term health. If уоu hаvе high cholesterol it iѕ a good idea tо lower it tо mоrе

What part of the brain controls emotions and how?

The amygdala, located in the limbic system has been most closely related to emotional memories of fear, anger, and other intense emotions. The hippocampus is the long term memory storage of the brain also located in the limbic system and will most likely hold memories of similar events

Why can't we control our thoughts?

Thanks for the A2AThis is indeed the holy grail of eastern philosophy and mysticism . A central question that dogs all living humans and something that seems unanswerable at first . First of all I believe that control of your thoughts is not entirely possible .

How can exercising self-control improve relationships?

I believe that although it is important to be yourself in every close relationship you have, it is also important to not let all of yourself be shown. This is where self-control comes in.In the beginning of a relationship for example, there are certain things that you may want to conceal

How to get better at self control

To get better at self control it is very important to understand how our brain works:Our brain is made of two main components:The human brain: prefrontal cortex. It is the brain that makes conscious decisions and it is also part of the brain that wants to be better.

How to learn to consistently practice and improve my control of impulses

Q. How can I learn to consistently practice and improve my control of impulses?-According to Theravada Buddhism, bodily actions, verbal actions, & mental actions are to be done with repeated reflection.-...... "What do you think, Rahula: What is a mirror for?""For reflection, sir.""In the same way, Rahula,

How to learn to control myself better

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a FuckThis article changed lives, it gave a new perspective of life to many people. Read on.Something/someone affects you only when you give a fuck about it. The subtle art of not giving a fuck teaches you that you have limited number of fucks

How do dictators gain absolute control over a government?

In the case of Hitler and Mussolini, both the political elite and the establishment of that country allowed the 2 men to come to power and create a dictatorship. A key method is manipulating the fears people hold - there was a big fear of socialism in the time of Hitler and Mussolini -

How to control my online addiction

Overcoming a habit or an addiction takes time.Firstly,don't curse yourself again and again for being an social addict.Try to improve yourself.But start with small goals.Praise yourself after achieving those.And try to remain positive even if you fail.For example_First day try to reduce the usage by half

How to improve will power and self-control

How to increase your willpowerOkay, we know that we only have so much willpower and as we go about our day, stress and normal self-control depletes our resource. Let's see what options we have for increasing the pool of willpower we have to draw from.1. Increase your

How to reduce my startle reflex and control my anxiety

SpeedI am an energy healer and I'd like to share with you if that is OKThere are a number of things your can do to take back control of your well beingDid you know, your subconscious mind(SM) is always watching out for you.In every moment of everyday,it takes

How much self-control and caution should one exercise daily?

I'm thinking if you're really into having a great time and do crazy fun stuff, that doesn't hurt others physically or emotionally or endangers their life without full knowledge, you know something like, ladies this could kill us but if we survive this will have been epic, then you need to stop just short of getting

How Successful People Stay productive and In Control?

To be in control is a greatest virtue which everyone should master in life.Successful people don't let their biased emotions, feelings come in their way to success. They think rationally and keep open mind hence can control their thoughts as well.When emotions and thoughts come under control success is nearby.

If a person is not naturally good at self-control for example when studying, what are the different skills to learn to improve self-control?

The most important thing in this era is to not have your phone with you, (this works best) or have it completely turned off or in airplane mode. Then, if you are not able to control yourself from checking social media on your other devices, leave them at home and revert to paper books and note-taking. Next, psych out

Why does the national government believe they should have control over gun control?

Does it? I'd like to hear which branch or US government representative expressed that opinion.Its not a bad idea though. The concept of having differing gun laws from state to state has proven problematic over the years, and really just confused the issue. Banning certain transactions in one state that are legal next

Do insulin plants control diabetics?

Costus Igneus, Insulin plant is a medicinal plant and capable of having Magic Cure for Diabetes. Leaf of this herbal plant helps to build up insulin by strengthening beta cells of Pancreas in the Human body thus popularly known as

Do parents have control over you if you are 19 and paying rent?

Likelihood is yes. Unless you are working fulltime and making a substantial amount of money, a person that age needs to have health insurance, car insurance, and maybe renter's insurance, plus handle payments for utilities, rent, food, transportation costs and incidentals, not to mention emergency funds. If you

How can ‘fake news' be controlled?

The only way to control lies, aka Fake News, is to confront the source and demand a public retraction. We can't say fake, we must be united in calling them lies, no matter who says it or prints it. Otherwise, euphemisms will become the public debate instead of consequences for the liar. Once

How to control greed and fear so that I can be rational while taking investment decisions

Greed, or avarice, is an inordinate or insatiable longing for material gain, be it food, money, status, or power.As a secular psychological concept, greed is an inordinate desire to acquire

How to control my life with controlling parents

Greetings,By devoting yourself for your parents because you are what you are because of them and you'll not loose anything. on the other hand too much love will change them and they allow you to control your life on your own as well as them but you don't change your style of being devoted and with this strategy

Why would a husband control when and where his wife can go pee?

Possibiities:She has a medical issue and needs help that he is providing.The couple is in a vehicle that doesn't have a toliet and he's the driver.The couple is on a train and only he knows where the loo is, and he is finishing his food first.He is a nutter and