Can I learn to cook alone?

yes you can. you can start learning by following recipe from the internet. try to find recipe that easy to follow, such as stir fry/boil/steam or with simple ingredients while building up you knowledge and experience.once you are comfortable with basic

For someone who wants to learn cooking from scratch, how should they begin?

Two things, neither of which seems obvious...and everybody assumes they know already (but do not):1.) Learn technical skills. Good knife skills will last you a life-time. I know because mine are awful and I have the hand scars to prove it. You can learn enough to be

What are some simple recipes to make for someone learning how to cook for the first time?

They say start with an omelette!Look inti these links and choose the one you fancy. Best of luck!15 super-easy recipes for first-time cooksEasy

What are the top ten dishes everyone should learn to cook?

Everyone? That covers a whole lot of territory. I can't see telling Asians, who generally don't have ovens, to learn how to bake things. The ten dishes that have seen me through life will not be the same as yours, so I'd go with basic concepts, e.g. a primary ingredient or

How can someone completely new to cooking start learning?

I highly recommend the book Keys to Good Cooking by Harold McGee. It's not a cookbook, it's more like an encyclopedia of cooking and will teach you some great foundational skills to get you started.Next, visit your local library and flip through several different cookbooks. Keep reading recipes

Food: What are the basics for cooking?

Basic requirement-Appetite for food.Interest in flavors.Basics for cooking-Boiled food is healthier and less tasty and vice versa with fried food.Rely on your nose. If something smells burnt or sour, it is burnt or sour.Sim flame is safer than high flame (most of the times).Classic styles are called so for a reason. When in

What are some tips for learning how to cook?

You should think about the comfort foods you like the most and learn how to make those first. For me, it was always some kind of noodle or macaroni or pasta. If you learn to make homemade macaroni and cheese, which involves learning how to make a

How does one begin to learn cooking? Where does someone start?

Thanks for the A2A but this has been asked and answered so many times, I'm not sure why you didn't check previous questions.As has been written before inHow do I learn to cook?I want to learn how to cook easy, practical meals, but I know absolutely nothing about

Why should men learn cooking and then actually cook at home?

Becaaaaaaaause...Cooking tasty meals is funCooking is a great way to relieve stress from work in the eveningCooking fresh food from fresh ingredients is healthy and far tastier then re-heating industrial crapWe men finally have an excuse to get all sorts of neat kitchen gadgets, like a Julienne-peeler, a proper Passe-Vite and

Why should everyone learn how to cook?

It depends on what you mean by "cook" - not everyone can learn to be a great cook, nor do they need to. But....Even if a person is quite rich and has access to a great many restaurants, they may not feel like eating every meal out. And even if that person

What are some really simple recipes?

My favorite easy recipe is Key Lime Pie.  this is the traditional recipe, but I use a store bought graham cracker crust and use whipped cream as the topping.  The whole process is super easy and it's delectable.1/2 cup fresh lime juice (12

What are some tips when cooking with a wok?

As others have said, woks are very versatile-you can steam, deep fry, stir fry, and boil all in one vessel.The reason I'll choose my wok over a regular western pot or pan time after time is for stir-frying Chinese vegetable dishes, which tend to feature leafy greens that start off pretty large in volume but cook

What's your go-to quick and easy dinner you like to cook?

Back in the day, I used to have issues with what to cook but then I bought an Instant Pot. Now I can cook a full size chicken in under a 1/2 hour. Seriously, you can google it, and the chicken is literally fall off the bone tender.You can use it for everything and rarely do I

How to learn how to cook simple yet impressive recipes

You have to pick some recipes you like and practice them until you can do them easily. If you have no cooking experience at all, you might want to "batch" your recipes into cooking techniques so you can learn the basics of how ingredients go together. You might start with soups

What is the most simple life hack for cooking rice?

Use chicken/beef/veggie stock when cooking the rice instead of water. Personally, I prefer chicken or veggie stock. But this simple trick actually gives the rice much more flavor. You can add additional seasonings to specialize it for the meal you need it for. For example, cook your rice

Why is it so hard to learn to cook?

I can't remember if it was an old New Yorker cartoon or a joke my Mother made, but two older ladies were passing a French couple with their children. One of the women turned to the other and said

What are some good snack hacks?

Ok, kids, this looks like an excellent plan to get a jump start on your adult onset diabetes diagnosis. Kudos! You can get ahead of the curve and start losing your eyesight and all the sensation in your feet ASAP. Seriously, adorable video aside, that shit will kill you. More immediately, however, the pasty softness it

As an amateur cook, what easy recipe can I learn that will impress people?

Impressing your audience is in the details. It doesn't matter how simple of sophisticated the dish you prepare is, as long as it looks and tastes great, and all the sides and garnishes look and taste great.For example, if you do tacos, try grilling the marinated bistec de pollo (thin cut chicken breast cut so it folds open

How did you start to love cooking?

Worked at Hardee's, grandma too, enjoyed helping with Sunday dinners, seeing everyone happy and full!

What is an easy system for learning how to cook?

Thanks for the a2a.Im not sure that I had an obvious system when I learned to cook. I was motivated to learn by the fact my mum was a dreadful cook. She'd put pineapple in spaghetti bolognaise. Though she

How do learn to cook healthy food in a quick and easy way?

Meal prepping. Although, without knowing your food preferences, I can't really give you specifics. Here is an example of how I keep myself fed.To make things easier, I premeasure smoothie ingredients at night (minus liquids) and put the blender in the

Where is the best place to learn to cook?

In a working kitchen.I am a professional chef. I got started by working fast food, then grocery store deli work, then as a dish washer and prep cook in a nicer sit-down place. I learned a lot there. Then I got a gig cooking solo at a bar. The next step was find

What is one thing you should never do while cooking?

Rub your eyes while chopping chillies. Or go to the toilet when chopping chillies without washing your hands thoroughly first (and of course afterwards)Not good.

What are some good tips for cooking rice?

I love rice and dishes made from Rice.I did so many experiments for cooking rice. Here sharing few tips for Plain Rice.These tips are really very helpful for cooking best plain Rice. ( things may change with the quality of Rice. I prefer old Rice for everyday)Add few drops of lemon or

What are some great recipes for those learning to cook?

Cooking eggs are a good starter.Start off with something simple like a boiled egg, learning to judge the time it took to cook and the different types such hard and soft boiled. Then try making scrambled eggs, adding ingredients to another and cooking it. Maybe try cooking an omelette . Someone once said that you can

What's the first meal or dish that you learned to cook from scratch?

Pork roast, baked potatoes and carrots. I remember that because I had my supervisor and his wife coming over for dinner. I was looking for a promotion and he'd been hinting that I was well qualified.But there was a little

What is the best way to learn cooking for a complete beginner?

Well, I've been cooking for over a decade, i can't really expect everyone to learn cooking the same way as i did (i watched and copied from my dad, then blundered around for years).However, i do have something i wish

What are some quick and easy recipes for someone that just started living on their own?

Can you afford to live wherever you've chosen? Do you have the funds for utilities, if those are extra? Often, new services require cash deposits, and that may include your new residence.Is the place safe from intruders? How will you get back and forth to work, grocery store, etc.? If you don't

What are some cooking tips or hacks?

Save bacon fat. It should be a sin to waste bacon fat, a crime, in fact. It works great for eggs, cornbread, roux, baked beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and many other foods as a flavor enhancer. The next time you use a can of anything (tomato sauce, beans, etc.) save it, put it in

I am new to cooking. How can I start?

1. Start simple. Stir fries, omelettes, that sort of thing usually works well.2. Make sure to have your mise en place, in other words, get all the ingredients you need ready and set up for use so you don't burn food while finding and preparing them.3. Follow directions precisely and try to learn

What are Indian cooking tips for those who are extremely poor at it?

1st Tip : U aren't bad, just lazy 2nd : Indian spices are the

What are some sites to learn cooking?

Well assuming you know the basics, like how to boil water. And not to put metal in a microwave oven and in fact how to operate a oven :-) you can start out with almost any website that has recipes. Start with things you enjoy but keep it simple. I think a good start

I am learning how to cook with hand tremors. What are some tips to make the basics of cooking easier?

I had a severe electrical shock about 40 years ago that left me with damaged nerves in one hand. This did not stop me from being a chef at many renowned restaurants, though. The key is to focus mentally on what you are doing. You can't stop tremors all the time, but

What are some easy dinner ideas with white rice?

A nice piping hot Rasam (preferably the all time favourite Tomato Rasam) followed up with some Curd Rice will enhance the creditability of the White Rice and simultaneously satisfying your hunger and since you mentioned dinner it will be really light and will allow you to have an excellent night's sleep. Seriously try it out!!!!

What is the first thing to learn about cooking?

I'll also say to learn how to clean as you go. Just as important to food safety is keeping your workplace clean and the easiest way is as you go. When cutting veggies, I keep a plastic bag nearby to toss my scraps

Which is better, an OTG or an air fryer?

Air FryersIt is secret recipe to a healthy lifestyleThese are only some of the basic benefits of an Air Fryer in comparison to conventional fryers used for deep frying.For those who are trying to start a new healthy routine, it becomes essential to opt for a new healthy diet. Opting for an Air Fryer helps

What are the best Indian breakfast dishes that a beginner can learn to cook?

There are so many options like upma, pongal, idli/dosa (if batter is readily available) even paranthas do not take long to cook. Try this broken wheat recipe that's quick and healthy too. Veggie Daliya / Daliya Pulao / Savory Cracked Wheat recipe / Savory Broken Wheat recipe / Bulgar Recipe - Indian Recipe Secrets

What are some tips to help someone who is learning how to cook?

Be fearless! The worst that can happen is you'll ruin some food, but you'll always learn something from the experience. It's hard to ruin a dish so completely as to make it inedible if you make sure it doesn't burn into charcoal.Spices are your friends. Experiment with flavor in different ways and you'll discover new combinations you'll enjoy.

What is the best way to 'de-game' wild game before cooking? Is there a universal marinade or prep that can be used?

I'm a little bit at a loss as to why this question is being asked. I wasn't going to answer it, but I got an A2A. Nobody seems to be happy with most of the answers because the truth is, there is no way of making wild game taste like something

What are Indian cooking tips for those who are extremely poor at it?

1st Tip : U aren't bad, just lazy 2nd : Indian spices are the

How did you learn to cook?

I don't remember exactly from where..My mother was a teacher working and managing home and I started off as a helping hand to her,..Somedays I wanted to eat different and she didn't make it..then started the inventions..I give the credit to my nessicities and

How to make my aunt cook better

Take out the trash. Mop the floor. Carry in the groceries and put them away. Run to the grocery store for anything she's forgotten. Peel the potatoes.That will free her time and energy for better cooking.

How hard is it to learn to cook delicious Indian food?

That depends entirely on you. Are you a quick study? Are you already conversant with basic cooking practices? Can you afford a personal trainer/ cooking class?Or do you have trouble boiling water?If the former, you shouldn't have any problem picking up the basics

What are some good cooking tips that chefs know?

I'm going to let you in on a few professional cooking tips that will help make your everyday cooking simpler and stress-free.I'm going to share with you the kind of things you would only learn working in a serious restaurant kitchen.These are the 5 things I bring home with me from my culinary office.Anchor Your Cutting Board