After losing my mother, I feel depressed. How can I get my happiness back?

I lost my mother in 2015 in a sudden heart attack and she collapsed in front of my eyes. Within a span of 30 minutes my life was turned upside down. I did not cry and entered into silence for some time as I lost all my feelings together.

Are people with depression always depressed?

I have been living with diagnosed depression well over ten years, and likely a good while before that.Except during my worst episodes, I can act like a well socialized human for a few hours, carry on small talk at parties, laugh at stupid jokes, pretend I enjoy meaningless chatter, and even be a productive member in work

Are there any drugs that can cure depression immediately?

There is no treatment for depression that is guaranteed to work for everyone. But the FDA did recently approve a new medication, esketamine, that can relieve depression symptoms quite rapidly.The version of esketamine that was approved by the FDA this year comes in the form of a nasal-spray. You would need to have it administered at a

Are these signs of depression?

·Feeling Unhappy : When any feeling unhappy it signs of mental Health issue.·Feeling Upset: When without any reason someone feeling upset this is also a sign of mental Health.·Bad Thoughts: When someone in Religious Site and bad thoughts are in mind, it's also a sign of mental health issue.·Negative Thoughts: When someone always negative thought its is also

Can depression turn bipolar?

Depression seems to manifest in 2 specific flavors.Situational depression which might be caused by the death of a family, a divorce or romantic break up or something as simple as a failure on a test. This type of depression will typically dissipate overtime; as time heals most wounds.The more sinister type of depression, the illness which

Can I save my marriage when my husband is depressed and refuses any therapy and now we're on the brink of a divorce?

#Question name: Can I save my marriage when my husband is depressed and refuses any therapy and now were on the brink of a divorce?TOP 14 TIPS TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE!Hii friends, I checked all Quorra ansswers and marrriage tips on

Can one fight depression with exercise?

There is overwhelming evidence that the body and the mind are intertwined. And there are many healthcare professionals who conclude that an unhealthy body may reflect an unhealthy or undisciplined mind. So it's safe to conclude that a healthy body increases your chance of having a healthy

Can one overcome depression/anxiety etc. on their own and with just medication, no therapy?

The best way to battle your own depression is to focus on nutrition, exercise and meditation.Nutrition and exercise will offer positive signaling to your brain to produce more positive thought processes and perspectives. These are two great approaches to changing the way your mind and body will think

Can someone recover from depression without having therapy or medication?

Pardon me for being frank, but if your depression is to the point where you don't believe therapy or medication is warranted, it must not be very bad.Clinical depression is often genetic. The research shows that as much as 40% of depression is genetic; consequently, one should focus on managing rather than overcoming depression. Too,

Can someone successfully get rid of bipolar depression?

You can´t get rid of bipolar disorder . You have to get a diagnosis first. So the first problemis how do I get to a doctor or preferably an outpatient clinic specialising in affective disorders or just bipolar disorder?Then if it is bipolar disorder:

Can you die from depression?

Actually, yes. Depression is like slow poison. It kills you slowly and slowly. It's a mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and will. It weakens you from inside and when it bursts, people think of suicide. Eventually it leads to death. And death from depression are not so easy. Depression itself doesn't

Can you get rid of depression in 4 months?

Yes, if you are a tamagochi.There's no pleasant answer to this question. No, you can't get rid of depression in a definitive time frame. The chemicals in the brain just don't work that way.There are plenty of avenues to go along with when diagnosed

Do all teens get depression when growing up?

Whether Right or wrong I give my best answer to this question .My point of view not all teenage get depressed. Its depend on how they grew up in surrounding or family side.Let me know you that the age 13–19 (7 years) is exactly said to be teenage .I am right know 23 , I too get

Do narcissists get depressed?

Absolutely, yes. They may not admit how severe their depression is and try to escape their abyss in unhealthy ways which may involve you. Urge them to get professional help. Group therapy may help as well. You don't have to like someone or even understand them to steer

Does depression make you physically weak?

In my experience, it definitely does.Depression robs you of the will to do anything. To get up, to dess yourself, to eat, to go outside, to take care of things that need taken care of. It makes you miss appointments and classes, prevents you from getting yourself to the store even though you know the fridge is empty.You're paralyzed

Does depression makes you age faster?

Yes and no.  Time doesn't speed up for depressed people so they don't age faster, but the effects of depression can "age" the body and mind prematurely. Depression not only depresses mood (as the definition goes), it depresses the immune system. It makes you more susceptible to illnesses, all of which take their toll on the body.

Does diet affect depression?

It can: obesity involves a lot of fat tissue, and that causes chronic inflammation, and inflammation in the brain seems to be one cause of depression. And then a vicious circle can result: the depressed person starts self-medicating with comfort food (e.g., macaroni and cheese), becoming more obese and

Does exercise help with depression?

Yes it does. It releases endorphins which are the body's natural antidepressants. Unfortunately, if depression is bad enough, it's very difficult to get motivated enough to exercise. Best bet, find a friend who also wants to start exercising and is at about the same

Does working out help in curing depression?

Yes I am 100% sure without any doubt.The doubt generated at the first point is defeating attitude which needs to be avoided.

Has anyone recovered from depression? I am currently on a high - dose of anti depressants and am seeing a psychologist weekly. I have very supportive family and friends. But I am still not recovering. Is there any hope?

Absolutely, although some people need to stay on antidepressants for a long time.I don't know how to bring up old answers here on Quora, but I gave a lengthy one several years ago, and it was fairly complete. You might try to access it.Briefly, as you know, clinical

How to deal with depression

We are a depressed generation. According to Forbes, 47% of millennials are going through depression. I often get calls, messages from people who are very very dear to me and they share how hopeless and depressed they feel all the time. Not that I am

How to help my friend with depression

Advise your friend to seek professional help. Also, know that this can be pretty difficult, because of a lack of mental healthcare professionals, but he can start by going to his primary care physician and getting advice.Our society sees depression and anxiety as some sort of weakness of character. The world

How to help myself overcome depression and social anxiety

What I am about to suggest may sound crazy.The reason you feel depression and social anxiety is simply due to a mistake in perspective.You, like everyone else, have been told you are a separate person with a separate personality, brain, body and wants and needs.In other words, you have been

How to overcome an anxiety, depression and over thinking

Depression comes from failure, regrets and inability AND Anxiety comes from fear mainly. Fear of doing new things, fear of failure, fear of tomorrow etc.. Both of these mental state can be fatal for life if actions are not taken and left to be healed by itself. If one

How to rid out from my depression

Hi Yashwanth,Please refer to the answer below. I keep posting this answer as much as I can to help people with depressionThere is no set of steps or rules o follow to come out of DEPRESSION. Go through the PAIN, FEEL IT ,ACCEPT IT and then MOVE ON.Here are few things I would like to

How to get rid of depressive guilt

Depressive guilt is something which would Trigger you again and again and take you to a bad mental state which could be quite harmful for you.In order to get rid of depressive guilt you should not think of past mistakes or the past incidents.Keep yourself in a

How depressing is divorce?

I highly recommend divorce.Divorce is complicated, chaotic, messy and takes a toll. So does being in a bad marriage.A bad marriage is a life sentence. It's forever. It will numb the senses, it will be the smallest voice and the dimmest light. It's a seed trying to grow in

How did exercising affect your depression?

I truly believed it saved my life, and continues to keep me safe from the worst parts of my depression.I had only been lightly active before 2011, when I was very abruptly taken off an anxiety medication known to cause physical dependence. The symptoms were so severe that I

How did you get rid of your depression?

Depression - the most underrated term in the world. Yes, I mean it. When we tell someone

How did you overcome severe depression without medication?

I healed my gut! I have a big story to tell the world and I share it when I can. Nothing was helping me, when I was sick. I tried the conventional methods. I turned to natural medicine and so glad I did. Recent science discoveries are showing us

How do entrepreneurs fight depression?

Meet other inspiring entrepreneur and your energy will come back. Listen to leaders may be through online videos, or attend seminars and events. To keep yourself up always, keep learning now things, and generate new ideas , new ways to work out things. Have business analysis which will

How to avoid getting depressed

Oh my. This is a big chunka change, as we would say in New York.The extent of my formal education in psychology is one semester of Psych 101. I have, however, lived with depression all my life. Literally. I can remember being very young (perhaps five) and not wanting to live. Putting

How to cure chronic depression naturally

First of all, I would like to express that my viewpoint on this topic is very personal and driven by my efforts to challenge the status quo on mental

How to get rid of anxiety and depression

I have learned to bring it to God. I talk to God. Some people may think this is either crazy or a trite answer. But I hope they reconsider discounting the simplicity of it. I suffered from severe depression and needed a way to cope otherwise I would have self-destructed.

How to get rid of depression and fear

There is always a problem in our thinking and way of analyzing our problems. If we fell into some situation we start thinking all types of crap necessary or unnecessary.Even I also had been in depression for couple of days.One of my friend

How to get rid of depression for a kid like me

Hi Miggy. Kids can get depressed. I think it first happened to me when I was 8. I didn't start therapy until I was in my late 20's so I have no clear idea of how treatment is different for kids. I think it's

How to get rid of my chronic depression

I have found out what works for me. My depression is horrible. Healthy diet. Google Seratonin rich foods. I do take meds. EXERCISE! That is the one most important thing to do to feel good. Join a gym. Go for a good 10 minute workout. If you don't feel better after 10 minutes go home.

How to get rid of my depression on my own as a teenager

OK, I will say it: get rid of cell phones until age 17 and/or have entire days of abstinence from electronic media. It is far easier to prevent depression in a teen than to successfully treat the problem once developed.Depression is complex and it often has to do with biological

How to get rid of my depression permanently

Trust me, you don't want to get rid of your depression (though you do want to shut it off). It serves a critical purpose, and you might even die without it. Let me explain.Depression is a natural human emotion. It tells us that we

How to get rid of sexual thoughts and depression

By watching the stars/sun in the night/day and observe this astonishing elements of the universe to eventually realize n deeply understand this magical yet scientifical existence of the universe. This will not only give you realisation of the self but, will also make you content with your soul

How to know if my depression pushes me to divorce, or on the other hand I'm depressed because I want to divorce

If the depression is clinical, then you first need to have it treated.  Because if it gets worse, you could hurt yourself and/or others.Once you have cleared it, you can take a fresh look at your marriage and have an objective assessment of it.  Keeping in mind that your

How to overcome depression after failure in exam

Distract yourself with good energy. Thinking that you will fail in all attempts will only make you down. Life is a long journey with things to do. Always remember you can be always happy with stories of people who failed many times before they became successful.Perhaps you must know your weak points on how you are losing

How to overcome depression and divorce

First, I am so sorry to hear what you are enduring at the moment. I can relate to your pain because I have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. It was me who initiated the divorce yet I felt raw emotions because

How to overcome depression without getting help from anyone

As wonderful as some of these answers have been, I have to disagree with simply putting forth effort or the will and you will therefore be cured of your depression. As great as that sounds on paper, it isn't the case. You are not in control

How to tackle chronic depression

I recommend you to try psychotherapy and psychiatric medication both together. But, I also suggest below techniques for completely removing all your negativities, developing universal love and maximizing peace, focus and productivity in life - please read till the end as all techniques are very powerful.First,

How to get rid of depression

Please spare at least an hour daily before sunrise to critically and thoroughly read Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha in original Sanskrit text with translation of your choice along with Mahabharata to understand its background and the Upanishads to properly understand its teachings.You must follow its teachings to the

How do we get rid of depression and bad thoughts?

What you mean to ask is that what are the coping mechanisms for depression and such depressive thoughts.Well to answer that,there is no one coping mechanism.Different people have different coping mechanisms.Some like to read when they are feeling down. Some put on music. Some talk to their friends and acquaintances.I personally know a guy who plays counter

How to deal with chronic depression

There are 3 sections to address in this answer: Fighting depression, finding purpose in life and assessing your current life. Hope these help you.I use a mixture of the following suggestions to stop and prevent depression:If you feel like harming yourself, check into a

How to deal with workplace depression

Mindfully tasking from a list with timers set for expectation if procrastination is a hindrance. Guarding your conversation to not focus on you and humor even under sadness as a underlying frequent. I made it habit to know a few clean yet witty quick one two liners especially for work. Humor can be used

How to get over a depression after a divorce

There's really not much that you can do to stop feeling depressed after a divorce: this is a normal and healthy response to a very traumatizing event. The end of a marriage is like a death and the longer you were married, the longer it'll

How to get rid of depression

Please spare at least an hour daily before sunrise to critically and thoroughly read Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha in original Sanskrit text with translation of your choice along with Mahabharata to understand its background and the Upanishads to properly understand its

How to know if you are about to get into a depression

Chemical depression is primarily genetic. That may seem odd to a layperson, but it is. Research reveals that at least 50% of depression is genetic. Also an insult to the brain, traumatic brain injury (TBI) will almost always cause depression and

How to know if you have clinical depression

The first time it happened to me I really didn't know what was wrong.  I was a child and I just believed what the teachers and my parents told me.  They said I had no initiative, I was lazy, etc.  But I was suffering.  I felt like damaged goods.  I thought there

How to stop/prevent depression

If you are suffering from depression for a very long time or if you are suffering from a major depression also known as clinical depression then anti depressant medicines are must as during these times brain gets physically changed. Only anti depressant can correct it. Later on you may change to natural remedies given below

How to walk out of depression

I believe some depression is good. Yes, in bold.Depression is an evolutionary mechanism that is present in humans just because it has helped our ancestors survive adverse conditions and prosper. It is definitely not a disorder any more than you want

How does depression affect someone?

It can be both constructive and destructive depending on how we handle it.Destructive - No retrospection, No Logical Analysis. Only Guilt and Regret Slowly destroys the self and let us live only in past.Constructive - Retrospect, Empty your mind or creating a pause in your life to let

How does depression affect the body physically?

I have to disagree with the other answer here, about depression being an emotion only. We wouldn't have invented the term psychosomatic had we not felt physiological symptoms that stemmed from the brain and not any other internal functions or organs. That's precisely what defines psychosomatic symptoms, is that the brain makes them up, but make no mistake, they

How does depression affect the body?

The most commonly used theory is the affection of serotonin levels which is a neurotransmitter in the brain and other parts of the body also know as the

How does fitness help depression?

First of all we need to understand what is depression.It is the feeling of intense sadness, including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless lasting for many days to weeks which keeps you from living your life.So as we indulge into exercise and fitness we undergo all kinds of changes

How does one heal from depression due to low serotonin? Depression, anxiety, fearing to social contact, and unwilling to sleep are shown. There are people have similar behavior in family.

The good news is healing the cause of depression is possible.Donald Kuhn, Ph.D., and colleagues at Wayne State University School of Medicine set out to study what role, if any, serotonin played in the development of depression. The study with mice revealed that lacking the ability

How does one overcome depression and anxiety?

Please keep patience, it will be a long one.I think I am eligible to answer this question because once I was suffering from depression and I overcame it without any medicines.I am not going to provide you with any tricks to overcome it because

How effective can exercise be in dealing with depression?

I have read that on countless occasions.But, I can guarantee there will be people reading the answers to this and thinking

How effective is Xanax for treating depression?

If you have not been prescribed Xanax, please don't start. It is hard to get off this class of drug. I will put a blog entry here, dated September 1, 2017. I have been taking this drug for anxiety for

How is depression affecting learning?

I may not be an expert in the subject of depression but I am a sufferer.I'm 15, a year away from my GCSE's and what most people would refer to as a top student. Ever since I was little, I was able to pick up things very quickly

How is life after overcoming chronic depression?

Honestly, everything seems so calm and beautiful now. But the damage caused by my depression was massive. I ruined myself in 3 months with depression, paranoia, stress and being scared. Now, I'm recovering for like 2 years almost and still need healing.Now I

How often should someone exercise to ease depression?

No answer possible for that I guess. Exercises in general help as they boost endorphins and increese serotonin (which is your goal actually). However, it all depends on countless conditions related to you, your depression, moment of your depression, treatment you use, etc. I am

I am a high school senior and I'm depressed. Should I go to college?

That is a difficult decision, and only one that you can make.You can always wait and go later if you don't feel you are ready.But I'll share my experience: I have had schizophrenia (and sometimes depression) since I was 15. I didn't wait to go to college, and I had a difficult time. Still, going to college was one

I keep relapsing. I was diagnosed with depression after my breakup and probably haven't recovered totally yet. It's nearing 2 years still I miss him and keep getting depressed. Nothing seems good in life. What can I do to stop relapsing?

Felt like I was asking this question..I was n the same position about five years back..the love of my life got married to another girl n an arranged marriage.I became extremely depressed..I didn't prepare for my pg entrance exams..failed utterly n life and studies..the worst party family didn't know tat I was

If someone can overcome depression without medication or help, does that mean it's not really depression?

Not every illness requires medication to heal.Remember, nature has provided with all the cure for most illness, even the dreaded ones.Part of the problem is people in modern societies do not follow nature's rules.Medication can temporarily make you feel good, but it is likely to relapse in future.It is important to understand the root cause and make

I'm living a depressed life and I have no one with whom I can open up completely and share what I'm going through. What should I do to overcome my depression?

Dear soul gPasting lenghty answer written sometime back and may be useful..Please give your response .How can I recover from depression and anxiety?Below you may find answer different from others,but would request you to read fully and will be helpful

Is depression healthy for life?

As I was going through the answers I found that a lot of philosophical explanations have been given but let me tell you that you may not know that this question which may apparently seem to be so simple and something not much important to be

Is it possible to recover from depression by yourself?

Depression is a situation when you feel nothing in the world can make you feel better. Put simply, it is a devious disorder which produces symptoms which discourages you from completing your task or seeking external help(counsellor,parents,near and dear ones etc. who really cares for you).Low self-esteem, low

Is it possible to have depression but also sometimes be very happy?

Yes.I have suffered from clinical depression since I was a teenager. For many many years it went undetected and undiagnosed. I simply thought I was crazy, too difficult and too stupid.There were times of great joy.The day I married, the days my children were born, a trip, a hug from an old school friend,

Is it wrong to listen to depressing songs when I feel depressed?

No it isn't wrong. But I do notice that when I was younger and suffering from depression more, I also listened to really sad and moody and dark music. As I learn to manage it better in my life I do notice that surrounding yourself with people that are happy,

Is my mother's abuse my fault?

Sounds like not only can she not take responsibility for her own actions, she's going to blame you for her treating you badly. She could have done what any normal mother does and tried talking to you more and voicing her concern. The fact is you're protecting yourself from her destructive behaviour, that's not only fine

Is there any good book that can release my mind from depression?

First, I want to congratulate you on making the decision to do something about it. Unfortunately, I cannot give a simple answer to that question but I'm going to try to give you a bit more complicated one. I will tell you what helped me.I

My husband is an alcoholic and he wants to pay for treatment for my depression, is it possible to get through depression while living with an alcoholic?

I would love to give you a definitive answer. However.I am an alcoholic, it is under control, no blackouts anymore, but very detrimental to my health.I am, and have been diagnosed with depression for nearly 25 years.I'm assuming that you are an American couple otherwise

Sometimes I feel depressed. What should I do to get rid of it?

people are depressed because they have made their limited aspects of life into everything . Yes you heard it right the word limited, For example your

What are circumstances that may cause serious depression?

Life setbacks. But a very negative person can send you there too.I was very depressed at 17 after 3 major setbacks in the space of 2 months. but I snapped out of it in about 2 months using music. Since then, I have learned more things about it and I will offer a

What are healthy ways to cope with depression?

Depression is something that no person will ever understand until they've personally suffered through it.I will say that restricting your calories to a borderline starvation level is definitely going to make your depression much worse.Aside from anti-depressant medication, there are several things I've found to be helpful.

What are some good ways to cope with anxiety and depression without using medication?

I have diagnosed bipolar, PTSD and anxiety. I not only manage all of these systems effectively but am doing the best I ever have in my life and have launched a business to help others.I want to be careful and say that while this can work for a lot of people, some people find

What are some less obvious signs of depression?

An uncontrollable compulsion to make people laugh.Being the life of the party at every social gathering.Posting ONLY happy photos on social media, usually with a fake or forced smile.Having (superficial)

What are some of the best ways to fight mental health issues?

Have read the other answers to your question. All excellent and I echo much of what was read. While I don't know the specific mental health issues you are referring, As suggested in other answers, make an appointment with a therapist/specialist or general practitioner. This

What are some of the most effective ways to develop and sustain depression?

There's a lot that you can do on your own to ease the symptoms of depression. Changing your lifestyle can have a big effect on your mood. However, it's not always easy to change our ways. It's one thing to say that you'll exercise five days a week,

What are some of the most effective ways to fight depression?

Depression sucks. You feel unmotivated and it seems as though you are pretty much just stuck in that state forever. So the solution to this problem is actually very counterintuitive, but hear me out.People can give you all sorts of advice on how to get

What are some uncommon depression signs?

Extreme changes in weightLowered energy levelsChanged eating habitsChanged sleeping patternNot able to focusNot interested in going out or doing anything that would rather be funLocked up in room for most of the day aloneDon't wanna talk or talk too muchLaugh at silliest things too hardLost in their own thoughts......not aware of most of the things aroundFading interests

What are some ways of overcoming depression without medication?

Make an appointment with a specialist or general practitioner. This is coming from one, who is

What are the best exercises to cure depression?

First of all you have to understand that depression is like illness that can be cured with proper treatment . Now a days we live in stressful world where literally everyone is dealing with some kind of problem so it's normal to be in depression sometimes .Now about practical exercises that could cure

What are the signs of having depression?

Real clinical depression is hard to describe because it is a feeling which is not felt by people who have never had it.Remember a time when you felt sad, perhaps a grief when somebody you loved died. Now combine that feeling with the feeling of finding out that your partner has been cheating on you. Now add the feeling

What can I do to get rid of chronic depression?

Well, I think one key is knowing the root cause of your depression. For instance, is it due to a chemical imbalance or is it situational (or a combination of both)? Once you figure this out, it should be easier to know how to treat your depression.Of course, I realize the cause of

What can I do to help myself when I'm depressed?

I have lots of practice dealing with depression, and I hope I can help you with what I've learned. When you're depressed, not much appeals. Nothing sounds fun. Nothing seems worth doing. When that happens to me, I know I'm depressed. Losing interest in things you usually care about is a normal and typical symptom

What can one do to overcome anxiety, depression and fear?

Start by separating anxiety, depression, and fear because they are different things even though they may overlap.When it comes to anxiety, look at how you define it because each person experiences anxiety in different ways. Being specific about how anxiety presents in your life can help you better understand it.Identify the top three areas of your life that

What can we do to fight depression?

Hi Dhiraj :)Don't FIGHT DEPRESSION. Feel it. Go through the PAIN and then REALIZE that the incident or the reason for your pain is only going to be memory.There are no steps that I can tell you to follow. You need to understand that

What conditions are associated with major depression?

Many theories explain why depression appears. Most of them assert that depression is result of loss or abandant from presciouse persons, objects, relationships, or work.Because the normal human response to any loss or abandant is ((grief).. and in griefing we pass through five

What form of exercise is the best for beating depression? Can too much exercise make it worse? If so, how much is too much?

No, but if you don't want to exercise, but feel compulsion to do it, that becomes it's own stress problem. I exercised, starting at age 74, every day, for two years. I started to overcome back pain, on the advise of a neighbor who was a retired back surgeon.

What helped you overcome depression and anxiety?

Additional information:Our relationship became toxic in the end due to insecurities and miscommunication.We broke up on our 1 Year, and we took a 3 month break to give each other space because I couldn't be friends with him right after. He messaged

What is a way to get out of depression and/or boredom?

Exercise!One of the ways to keep depression at bay, and effectively help cope with it is to exercise. You could either go for regular walks for at least half an hour daily , go for  runs or participate in any sport of your choice. Exercise releases

What is chronic depression?

It makes you believe that almost everything in which you had faith or you were sure of was a lie. It is so hard to actually listen to the advice of 'mentally stable' people who say they know how it feels which

What is depression?

His name is Sam.You come home one day and he's lying on your couch, his bag propped at one end.You don't know him but he seems at home.You ask him to leave.He smirks.