A man broke up with me after 3 months, which I feel like wasn't enough time for him to fully get to know me and all I have to offer. How could I stop being haunted by thoughts of what could have been?

Accept the truth.He doesn't want you.Guys are weird.They start out really liking you and then something suddenly changes their minds. Should they push through that and get to know you better...probably but you can't control that.There is NO could have

Did you regret quitting your career for marriage?

I am yet to meet a girl who want a struggling or not working bf, she can be friendly with you and spend time with you but the moment you share your feeling, the only answer you get is

Do people have regret after getting a divorce? If yes, why and what do they regret?

Definitely they will regret , if they had mutual love in their marriage life. They will recall the memories spend together. They will think about the future plans they made together. The real depression point is their kids. They will really start worrying about their kids

Do you regret having children? If so, what are some reasons why?

Probably because the kind of kids they have brought them more sorrow and pain than love and joy. Many kids grow up to be devils. And it's not always the parents fault. A neighbor of mine regrets having her son and daughter. Her son has been in jail many times and doesn't seem to want to change his

Do you regret your divorce? Given a chance, would you resolve things differently?

I wrote this for another question that was asked about how can divorce be prevented.....but I think it fits this one maybe even a bit better. Apologies for the repetition for anyone who happened to see the other answer! They can't. At least that is my honest opinion. While this might be

Do you regret your marriage, and why?

I regret my Divorce.I am 31 Female Delhi.I married my boyfriend of 6 years. I was 27 then, when I told my mom about my boyfriend they that time only raised too many base less issues they may have someone else in mind. But all agreed after meeting my boyfriend (He is a true gentlemen and

Do you, years later, regret filing for divorce?

Of course I do! No one ever marries thinking it will end in divorce! I think there are some good reasons for people to get divorced, but I also think there are many equally good reasons for people to stay married. The path we choose depends on our perception of

Have you ever regretted getting married to your partner?

I don't regret it but I do wish the circumstances where different wish I handled the marriage more seriously and treated her better.but I've pushed her to seek an affair that I'm positive was going on for sometime.i was with her for about 7 years and when we met didn't take long for me to fall madly in

How does regret in marriage affect their children?

I can answer this since we were born in a family where my father was very vocal that he made a mistake in listening to his dad and marrying a woman from arts stream and who was not educated though my mother was a PhD.Everyday of my life in my house I saw my parents fight, everyday my mom

Is there something you did that you have regretted for a long time and later realized that it actually benefited you?

I figured out a long time ago that the worst times of my life were occurring at the exact same time as the best times of my life I say that as it correlates to how I have done things that I severely regretted which later on it was shown that those actions

Must we regret our past?

We can use it to inform our present in order to build what we consider a better future.Use this.The difficulty we humans find is that concepts, and to-do lists have some, yet limited, power to dissolve the restrictions created by the child who was being invalidated, or made to feel worthless, powerless, in some fashion.Adults often do that out

What are the most common regrets of life?

Most common regret in every one's life , first realtionship ( as I heard so many stories .. soch usko ha Kia mne types)Not getting proper guidance after 12th what to be in life ( not everyone is as intelligent as me, I always knew what I want from my

What do you most regret doing in your life?

I regret marrying my ex. I've got all of the i should've, I wish, .if only I'd listened to my Mom, I called her to let her know and her response was

What have you regretted the most in your life?


What is it like to regret not having children?

There are times I wish there was a little person that I could call mine. Specially during family times like Christmas, Easter, Birthday parties and such. But as much as I love babies and children, as much as I know I would have been a great mom, I do not regret having children.My reasons for not doing so

What is the moment you regret in your life?

A couple of years back, when I was not married (trust me, it is a big deal in Indian middle class family if the daughter is above 25 years and not married). I left my job in Mumbai and went to live with my parents in Lucknow, so that

What is your biggest regret after a divorce?

My biggest regret is doing it in the first place.  He wasn't a bad guy, but we really didn't have much of a connection and there were definitely things about him I really didn't like.  But, we did have three small children and a lot of money.  Ten years later,

Why did you divorce and do you regret it?

The ex divorced me. The truth though is that I no longer loved her anymore the day we were married. Was crazy about her when we got together in grade school and in junior high school we had to go to different schools. We remained together though but only one of us was being faithful those 3 years.

Has having experienced a deep regret changed your life in any way? Was it permanent or temporary?

I have experienced deep regret. The regret itself hasn't changed my life, because the thing I regret most is in how I lived my life, when I was young, which caused me to waste much of my life chasing chemical euphoria and numbness.However, I stopped using hard

Is there something you wish you Did or regret Not doing back in high school? If your in high school now, is there something you want to do before graduating but not sure how to go about it?

I regret not telling someone how I felt about her. I found out before I could say anything to her that she left this earth, and now it really weighs on me what I did not do, and what could have been if she got to know me. If she rejected me, well, then it was not meant to

What will I regret not doing in my 20s?

I'll put this in the form of mistakes I did in my 20's:Made bad friends that had me skip university and get bad grades.It's nice to go to a club at least a few times with friends but that's not the ideal place to start new relationships or short-term flings, that

At the end of your life, what will be the one thing you most regret not doing?

At the end of your life, what will be the one thing you most regret not doing?What looms large in my memory was my failure to pay back the money owed to one of my brothers!Long story short, my brother had borrowed $10,000 as

Do you regret the major life decision of moving away from home and never moving back?

Solution: No.Moving away from home is a rite of passage. I assume everyones' stories are pretty similar. We're excited and scared to move away from our parents and explore the world. It's what everyone from nearly everywhere does. For me, it was the start of my life and I have

Do you regret things you have done, or do you regret things you have not done?

At age 19, I regret smoking, drinking, and substance abuse.At age 20, I regret listening to my close family members and relatives who asked me not to go to Europe for higher studies and that too with my own hardearned money.At age 21, I regret listening to my

Has any one regretted going to college?

I imagine you are asking this as you are getting ready to pick the college you want to attend. I am going to give you one piece of advice I wish someone had told me:Pick a college that is suited to you and your needs over academic merit, also pick a major (in England a

How to go on if I trashed life and it's too late to fix things

It's never to late to fix things, never. And though 31 looks late to get started from your point of view, it's really not. Think of it this way, you have only been an adult for about 13 years. If you live to 80 you've got 49 more adult

What do you regret in your life that you didn't do? What do you think would be different about your life had you done whatever it is that you regret not doing?

Everyone wants to spend their FIRST SALARY in a better way and even I had the same thought. When my first salary credited, I was desperately wanting to present TITAN wrist watch to my father. That was on a Sunday morning, one of my best friends (my colleague too) and I

What is that one regret you have had in your childhood?

Gobs!!!! Let me list the major ones:I wish I hadRelationships:Been kinder to my little brother.Expressed more gratitude to my older sister for her kindness, and perhaps beg her to take care of herself more, and when she didn't, accept that

What is the most recent thing in your life that you regret doing?

There are several things which I regret doing in recent days:1.Believing the wrong person when my all closed ones were warning me that she is not one to be trusted2.Not studying a subject before which I'd anticipated that is quite tough but comes out to be easy..yeah I studied during

What is the most regretful thing done by you in your life?

Maybe i could have saved her.  When i was in 11th grade, A new student took admission in our science class. She was new but soon became every teacher's favourite.She was academically brilliant and topped every subject... She was also an introvert(like me)

What would you regret not doing?

I am a regular on Quora and spend about 2–3 hours daily. Married 32 IT employee here. I have a daughter too. My wife is not the friendliest person too me atleast. she is at her mother's place now . Yesterday we fought for the nth

What's your regret about love and did it affect your life?

Here's something I have written about love!Have you ever loved someone so much that their presence proved you your existence..Have you ever loved someone so deep that their silence blocks your each vein..Have you ever loved someone so passionately that everytime you are sad, your all misery demands their one shoulder..Have you ever loved someone so rightly that

When I get to my 40s, what are some things I would regret doing in my 20s?

If you want to fail in life, pick the wrong partner and marry them. Think hard before you legally commit. See beyond looks. Marry someone who is also your best friend. Marry someone you would hire to be on your team at work.

Did you or anyone you know immediately regret getting married?

Yes. I worked with a man who, within three months of marriage, regretted it terribly. His wife of whom which he didn't know for longer than six months was highly abusive: stealing the apartment keys, expecting him to pay everything while not working, had multiple affairs and was very emotionally manipulative as well

Did you regret getting married immediately after the ceremony?

Going anonymous so my wife doesn't kill me...Yes. Big, fat, regretful, painful, YES. Apologies, but this is going to get a little involved, as I want to vent...It is all my fault, really. I am an idiot, and it has taken almost 3 years to realize it. I am a bad guy who

Do people have regret after getting a divorce? If yes, why and what do they regret?

Definitely they will regret , if they had mutual love in their marriage life. They will recall the memories spend together. They will think about the future plans they made together. The real depression point is their kids. They will really start worrying about their kids future life. If

I've wasted my day and now I'm regretting it. What should I do?

Wasted Your Day - No Problem Buddy !You have two option right nowBe ReactiveThink about how you wasted your day and dwell about it for the rest of the night which will ruin your mood completely thats what Reactive People Does - Complaining about the things that has already been happened or the thing that

What are the most common regrets of life?

This question reminded me of an amazing article I had read a while back. It was about a nurse's experience with people who were on their deathbeds. The most common regrets:I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.I wish I

What bad decision don't you regret and why?

I got pregnant out of wedlock. This was a bad decision in that my child is growing up without a father. I do not regret having my child. I have never prevented my child from communicating with their father. I have been open with my child about the situation

What do older people regret about their youth?

My mother always told me to slow down. I remember as a teenager that my usual retort was, ‘I'll sleep when I'm dead'. I thought she was life's handbrake. Forget James Bond films, I had the real Dr. No.Fast forward

What do you currently regret?

Life teaches many lessons....When im in 10thI spoiled my future by bunking classes daily. I watched each and every movie then and i lost my creativity.I wasted my time by roaming around the city.My parents are innocent, I decieved them many times.I stolen money from

What do you think you will regret in your life?

Not committing to a woman, and not having children of my own.In a way, I am glad. I have a hereditary genetic disorder, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and I would not wish it on anyone (it's the one where you see older people bent over staring at their feet when walking).

What have you done today and now regret about it?

A2AOn Monday , I promised myself that no matter what

What is the most important thing you do not want to regret once you grow old?

When I hit 50 I realized I had half my life left and if I just continued as I was I would regret many things.I began making changes, identifying things that I was not willing to continue dragging thru my life.Today, 4 years later I go to sleep nearly every night

What is the most important thing you learn about regret as you get older?

What have I learned about regret?It's okay to have it. It's human to regret certain things-or not doing them.If you regret treating someone poorly, it's never too late to sincerely apologize and ask for their forgiveness. You may not be granted forgiveness, but at least you tried. A+ for effort.The best way to avoid regret is to choose your

What kind of people regret in life?

mostly people have regrets for not spending enough time with the familyand people who ever have outspoken too much or be mean or been unforgiving tend to regret in lifeand also people who have stuck by their decisions and or let themselves evolve too regret for the unflexible decisions they had made in life....