Are most girls scared of guys?

Some girls and women are scared of men and some are not, but I think quite possibly all of them live with some degree of having to keep their guard up, because, barring disease, accident, or Act of God (such as a natural disaster),

Do you fear getting divorced? Why?

I give advice to readers based on my experience and many cold case files i am aware of , Divorce in many countries is handled with levity, aside women who live in the UK that are guided by favourable legal bonds incase of divorce, I am a

How to get over my fear of interviews

During my campus placement, job interviews were always a huge headache for me, because I lacked oratory skills during those days. I was a meritorious student with a good CGPA, that's why I was eligible to sit for all companies that visited our campus.And no matter what they asked, I cleared all written tests.

How to overcome my fear of public speaking

Story Time:Back then when I was a kid, there was an event for Independence/Republic Day (I don't remember). I was given the responsibility of delivering a speech on Nation's independence day in English.I prepared hard, without understanding the content, I memorized every word written in the speech. I

How to overcome the fear of failure

SummaryTo put things in perspective, I created a resume of my failures. It feels depressing at first sight, but reminds me that there is a difference in failing at a task and being a failure as a person. It shows me that every time I wanted to succeed, I invited more failure in my life.EducationFailed for 5 years in

How to get rid of depression and fear

There is always a problem in our thinking and way of analyzing our problems. If we fell into some situation we start thinking all types of crap necessary or unnecessary.Even I also had been in depression for couple of days.One of my friend

How to get rid of fear? I recite the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra which has helped me overcome fear of death. But still, I am scared of dogs, monkeys, etc. How can I be totally fearless

A couple of years back, I attended a summer camp in the Himalayas where one day we were told that we would be getting a practical lesson in overcoming our fears. We were almost sure we would be indulging in some adventure like bungee jumping. Instead the exercise shocked us.In

How to overcome my fear of going to the gym if I'm really short (5′1, longest I've kept up is 5 times/week for 2.5 months straight then I moved)

Like anyone else who is fearful of anything: Just go.If you can't bring yourself to do it, maybe there is a family member, friend, or acquaintance who can go with you.You really don't need to be afraid to go the

How to get over the fear of hard work

You just kinda start doing it.We all have this fear of hard work. It can be hard to get started because the unknown is pretty scary, and hard work usually involves venturing into the unknown and not knowing how you're going to reach your destination. Which is scary, because all you want is the

I suffer from magical thinking OCD and intrusive thoughts bother me very much, I feel like I have to do compulsions and I am scared of those thoughts. What should I do to calm myself?

If you are not in OCD treatment already you may want to consider it. There is no avoiding this stuff. Any attempts to ritualize will offer only temporary relief but in turn make the condition stronger. This disorder learns from your actions. If you show it

I'm a recently divorced female in her early 40s, never dated before, and I'm scared. What should I do?

I got a divorce a few years ago. I was 42.The man I was married to and I used to work together, so everyone I knew regarded us as a unit. It felt like every road led back to him. It was clear to me that I

Is New Delhi scary?

Delhi is the most stupid metroplolis i have ever witnessed....Bangalore is one of the best....Bangalore still has some humility and compassion left which can be seldom seen in Delhi......The reason,i think,is the work culture. Delhi is inhabited

What are narcissist most afraid of?

WARNING WARNING : EACH OF THESE WILL POTENTIALLY TRIGGER ATTACKS AND REVENGE.THE NARCISSIST FAMILY FILESWhat the Narcissist Fears MostBy Julia HallCharming or abusive, seductive or abandoning, the narcissist fears herself most. Surrounded by terrors that reside within and can never

What are some steps for beating divorce fears?

Research. Try to get a free consultation with a divorce attorney. They can explain the process and direct you to other resources. The initial talk with the lawyer is not a commitment. You can change your mind at any time.Start looking for a place to live, a new job, and new hobbies. This will help you visualize what

What are the best ways to overcome stage fright?

Thanks for asking this question.The nature of stage frightPerformance Anxiety is what happens when you focus on yourself and your anxiety, rather than your presentation or performance. It stems from a tendency to resist and fight your anxiety, rather than

What are the ways to overcome fear of interview?

Three factors: knowledge; preparation; and visualisation.For knowledge- study the book

What can one do to overcome anxiety, depression and fear?

Start by separating anxiety, depression, and fear because they are different things even though they may overlap.When it comes to anxiety, look at how you define it because each person experiences anxiety in different ways. Being specific about how anxiety presents in your life can help you better understand it.Identify the top three areas of your life that

What is the best way to attend an interview without fear?

Self-confidence is the most important for success in an interview.   1. You are unique in this world with your merits and demerits. Biologically, each one has different and unique genetic configuration, that directs our qualities. Comparison between dissimilar objects

What is the most frightening moment you have ever experienced?

Back in the late 70's young people were still hitchhiking across country as a form of inexpensive travel. Being in my early 20's and traveling with a guy I felt safe enough; we didn't take rides from single men who looked intimidating, we only accepted rides from couples or truckers and

What is your greatest fear?

MarriageMarriage is the biggest fear I have from my teenage.Today, I read one thing on quora and my fear grew further.The answer was:What sounds extremely wrong, but is actually correct? by Shubhi Agarwal Shubhi Agarwal's answer to What sounds extremely wrong, but is actually correct?The answer was not

What scares you about death?

There are three things that frighten me about death: the concept of eternal hell, an evil (or at least an amoral) God and reincarnation. Death does frighten me like any other unknown because it's a human survival instinct to be frightened by the

What scares you most about your future?

I can see myself doing anything.I could be a homeless person on the street, and be fine begging for money.I could be a soldier fighting and killing innocent civilians, leaving pieces of myself behind in the war zone.I could be a teacher, giving lessons

What scares you most in life?

Marriage.I have grown up with a very lopsided and overtly romanticised idea of what a married life, and relationship between a husband and a wife, should be like.This is ironic considering I have not seen one ‘successful' marriage around me; none have ended up in divorce, but that is not what makes

What scares you the most, life or death?

At this point of my life (at the age of 70) - neither.Death will simply result in loss of awareness, and total void, so I can see no point in fearing it. I was in a coma for two days in 2008 following an operation, so I

Why am I afraid of moving out of my parents' house?

When asked by my psychiatrist or other professional people if I had endured any childhood trauma or abuse I always truthfully answer not that I can remember no. I exhibit signs and behavior that are usually rooted by some tragedy

Why am I scared to have children?

Because having a child is a massive responsibility that never ends. You are bringing a whole new human being into the world. And the modern world, at least in developed countries, it's expected that you have only one or two children and give them the best of everything: you have to spend all your time

Why are people afraid of dying?

The following is an opinion - it is not accessible to investigation using the scientific method. Just in case this isn't obvious, I wanted to clarify that. Neither is it a widely held belief by any group of professionals - it's just a

Can humans smell fear?

When I was 17 I went into a room that had stored honey combs removed for harvest from bee hives. A few bees had remained on each of the combs, so in the morning they all flew out to relieve themselves. Ordinarily they would

How to lessen my fear of slipping on ice

LauraWe cannot change our reality unless we leave it and if this is not an option for you they you need to change your perspective.Firstly, accept that the odds are you are going to fall occassionally, everyone will. You see not

How can one get rid of fear of having anxiety?

Nobody except the person experiencing fear and anxiety can resolve his anxiety, because nobody else knows what is going on in his mind.Trained facilitators are needed to guide a person to follow his emotions to the memories of incidents from early youth where lies were received that are now held for the truth and that cause anxiety.

How to get over my fear of male humans

What do you think this fear stems from? You may want to introspect and understand what exactly brought about this fear in the first place to successfully tackle the fear.In the meanwhile, here are a few tips to help:Understand the gender. Assuming you are in university, understand what it is boys in your class are interested in. Sports

How to get rid of my fear and pain

The first step in my opinion would be to attempt to get some clarification around your overall diagnostic profile. If the fear is primary- there are specific therapeutic techniques. If all seems secondary to Major depression or Depressive Disorder with Anxiety- then another treatment may be advised.Sometimes ‘Scales' that measure Depression and/or Depression with anxiety

How should I learn to pass my exams when I am in fear?

Unfortunately when you are in fear, your body is in survival mode and you will not easily absorb or retain information. Eliminate the fear and you will stand a chance.You might find these study tips from Top 10 tips on Developing Study Skills - School Entrance Tests helpful.Find time to study – If

Is fear of the dark similar to the fear of death?

I am 29 years old and still afraid of the dark. It's not actually the dark itself I fear, but the things I can't see in the dark. During the day, or in the light, I can see when someone or something is near me, danger or no danger, and I can follow them and predict their movement.  When

Is lucid dreaming scary?

My friends i would like to inform all of you that dreams and visons are not to be taken lightly...the bible highly speaks of them.Since i was a kid i have been lucid dreaming and dint know that it was called lucid dreaming until last exprience with lucid dreaming has always been negative and evil and it

Is New Delhi scary?

Delhi is the most stupid metroplolis i have ever witnessed....Bangalore is one of the best....Bangalore still has some humility and compassion left which can be seldom seen in Delhi......The reason,i think,is the work culture. Delhi is inhabited by

What animals scare people most? Why?

The most common animals (and bugs) that people fear are:Spiders, mice, moths, sharks, bees, certain dogs (mainly pit bulls, Rottweilers...), snakes, etc.These fears can have any cause, such as evolutionary. With sharks, the fear is pretty self explanatory. But animals like spiders which are mainly harmless, may have been

What big animals are scared of seemingly tiny animals?

First thing. Honey badgers.Lions don't really mess around with them, wild dogs don't. No one likes these plucky little things, they are possibly the most aggressive animal I have ever seen in my life. They have been known to attack and puncture

What cause people to fear darkness?

The unseen and unknown.Human brain is wired for certainty. Darkness is non existence of light, hence absence of eye sight. Without vision our brain goes into a primal state. Our senses cripple as we shift into flight or fight mode. Amygdala, part

What does fear smell like?

Fear induces a strong response in any living organism, and this correlates with an elevated level of adrenalin, cortisol and other components in the bloodstream. Some of these components are then excreted in breath and sweat. Reportedly some animals can smell this, and some people also claim to be

What is a fear of the dark like?

It can be frightening and disorienting.  Close your eyes for an extended period of time, perhaps one or two hours to start with and try managing around your home and see what happens.  I have done this. Fear of the dark can become a phobia, nyctophobia that is common in children that need nihht lights to

Which wild animal would you most fear to come across?

A hungry salt water croc or a hungry polar bear.Neither of these species has learned by hard experience to steer clear of humans who may look like an easy meal, but all to often have pointy sticks to stick them

Why are so many people afraid of wild animals?

From tracking Polar bears, Arctic fox, and ringed seal to swimming with sea lions, penguins, whales and seals in the Sea of Cortez, the world is full of incredible wildlife adventures that you need to experience at least once. If you are a sucker for animals, you won't want to miss

Why aren't dogs afraid of humans?

I brought home a newly weaned German Shepard puppy on Monday. This time around I have been watching her from the perspective of having raised and lived with her new 7 year old companion. It is pretty amazing, when you think about

Why do we (almost) universally fear snakes?

We don't universally fear snakes. I do think we have a startle response when we see a snake-like object unexpectedly, because Africa has a lot of deadly snakes, and you don't want to step on one, or get too close. Jumping away would be an evolutionary advantage.But after the initial jolt, most people aren't AFRAID

Why do we fear the darkness, not light?

Darkness obstructs your vision and when we, as humans, are deprived from using one of our senses that we rely on so much, we tend to fear it. You're always going to be afraid to walk into places you can't see or can't get a good view of. From a philosophical

Are all fears irrational?

I'm going to follow up Paul's response with this: You know why mankind exists? Because our forefathers chose to run away from scary situations instead of choosing certain death by predators or other humans alike.The

Are atheists scared of death?

Time – 25.04.2015Place – Noida, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaWe were working on the first floor of a 7-storied building. Everything was normal. Colleagues were working on their computers. Office ambiance was peaceful.It was actually a serene Saturday...until an incident turned it into chaotic and

Are people actually afraid of death or are they just afraid of dying?

These are, it should go without saying, intertwined fears. I suspect most of us are roughly scared equally of both, but if anything more afraid of the latter than the former. If you're a believer, you can put stock in going

Are you scared of death? If not, what could be the reason of your death?

Death is a mere departure from the material body. When the Soul emanates from the Supreme Soul for a specific noble mission, it leaves the material body after its completion of its noble mission. So why should we get scared of. But when terrorists attempt on our life it does

Are you scared of death? Why?

No I am not scared of death because death bring us new beginnings and new opportunities in life, we died several times in life, we didn't notice, like heartaches, betrayals, rejections, etc for me they are called death it brings me hope in life to stand up and start a brand new beginning in life,

Are you scared of your future? Why?

Yes and NoI feel like that's what I answer everytime xD. But really for somethings I am and for sometimes I'm not.I'm not scared as I'll most probably be better than average person. In financial terms. But I'm scared that I won't match my greed.I'm not scared as I'll probably get a good medical branch and will work to

Are you scared to accept your death?

I've thought of a loophole for death that comforts me if I'm ever afraid.It's based in the theory of non-linear time which I've simplified in my mind to mean time not viewed as beginning and ending but as a blob where everything is happening simultaneously. So as I'm typing this, there are dinosaurs walking the Earth, Plato

Are you scared?

YES. I am scared.1/ As part of my work, I learn about genome engineering. Basically, if we think of a biological body as a text file, genome engineering will edit the content of the text. Literately, it will cut, copy, or paste genes

As a teenager, what is your biggest fear?

A teenager's greatest fear becomes their reality whenever they lose all their friends. This happens sometimes even after they have tried very hard to fit in, by wearing the trendy clothes, disobeying their parents, going to all the parties, movies etc. and having all the cool gadgets.

Does worry create irrational fears? What is your irrational fear? Do others, mock you for it?

Worry is an idea that can travel through space and time in any direction; seeking to make sense out of senslessness.Fear is created in the mind in part by ones perceptions and beliefs.All fear in the mind is irrational, in

From the experience of nurses, are people afraid to die?

It depends on the circumstances. Often those who have an injury that LOOKS horrible, but is quite

Has your greatest fear ever come true?

I really can't tell what exactly my greatest fear is, but I really have seen many of my fears coming true.And according to my experience, when your fears come true, you realize that you are no longer afraid of that thing. I was always afraid of parting from my parents and family. I had never imagined my

How to stop myself from hating gay people

I am so sorry that you had to endure such a thing. Regardless of the gender or sexuality, it was wrong and should not have happened to you.I may be wrong, but the person you very briefly describe sounds like a pedophile rather than a gay

How did you overcome the fear of death?

I too, find myself contemplating my mortality from time to time. I cope by flipping it around into something a bit more optimistic. Perhaps this will work for you. :) Consider this: In a harsh and unforgiving universe, your very

How did you overcome your worst fear (if you have already)?

The worst fear of my life is and always have been DISSAPOINTING PEOPLE.I can deal with people being happy with me, envious of me, angry with me, not caring about me...and everything that comes with it but people being disappointed with me od what brings me down. It has been this way ever since i

How to deal with irrational fear

I believe, from your very question it has come to your awareness that what you fear is

How to feel comfortable in the dating world without having the fear that a woman will accuse me of doing something inappropriate to her

That's a good question, one which has great significance in an increasingly litigious society (esp. the USA! though False Eye Witnesses & Persistent Serial Fraud Gangs have assembled in force in the UK; I was subject to Fraud last night when taking up an Offer at Just Eat whose website is advertising Buy One Curry Get One Free

How to overcome my fear of going to the gym if I'm really short (5′1, longest I've kept up is 5 times/week for 2.5 months straight then I moved)

Like anyone else who is fearful of anything: Just go.If you can't bring yourself to do it, maybe there is a family member, friend, or acquaintance who can go with you.You really don't need to be afraid to go the gym. People don't tend to judge you there and even if they do, they won't hurt you in any

How does one overcome fear of getting older?

One can do so by resolving to take one day at a time and live his/her life to the fullest at present.I've experienced this affliction myself, and, to be honest, I can't say that I've fully eradicated it, but experience helps.I'm 27 years of age right now. When I was in

How has the fear of success stopped you from achieving your goals?

Everyone has fear. It is the brain's natural function to create this emotion to protect your life. The only problem is that this mechanism was developed in the reptilian brain (developed back in cave man times) some times the fear is no longer relevant in this modern age. We

I asked my teacher to stop patting my arm or tapping me, but he won't stop. It makes me uncomfortable. I am too afraid to speak up. What should I do?

I teach sixth graders and have done so for 24 years. Personally, I occasionally do tap kids on the upper arm (with a single finger) to signal I need their attention or, if giving approval, two quick pats on the scapula (and no more, and NO KEEPING THE HAND THERE), accompanied by whatever verbal approval that's

I'm a 14-year-old girl and I'm afraid I'll never find love. I know this sounds overdramatic and I'm too young to worry about this, but I feel like everyone hates me and I'll end up alone in the end. Is there any way to stop thinking about this?

Yes, your to young to think this. Some children have a terrible outlook in high school but just know it's temporary. steps to thinking differently:A. Change your perspective. Instead of thinking no one will like me think will I like them? Reverse the way you feel about others. Change how you see yourself. If you hate yourself, your not

I suffer from magical thinking OCD and intrusive thoughts bother me very much, I feel like I have to do compulsions and I am scared of those thoughts. What should I do to calm myself?

If you are not in OCD treatment already you may want to consider it. There is no avoiding this stuff. Any attempts to ritualize will offer only temporary relief but in turn make the condition stronger. This disorder learns from your actions. If you show it that you are afraid of these thoughts your brain

I think I'm gay, but I'm afraid that if I do tell, my parents, they will kick me out of my house. I'm only 14, and I have nowhere to run. What can I do?

I know lately, these past few years with media being more prevalent, there's a lot of preassure on those of us who are gay to come out. No matter the consequenses it'll have on us.So, as a person that's 21 and gay, I'd advice you to not come out if you worry it'll harm you

Is it common for 3 year olds to become afraid of the dark when they weren't afraid before?

Thanks Kristin for a2a.Yes. At 3, that is possible. It is possible even much later as well, i.e., at 6 or 7. What happens is that some bad memory about darkness clings in subconscious and suddenly amygdala in our brains start getting trigger. Amygdala processes

Is it normal to be scared of girls you like?

To fear a girl and like them would be like being afraid of heights but to like climbing mountains. By this logic, you've already accomplished the hard part. Ask yourself what you are really afraid of, but also ask yourself what it is you like about this girl.If you're only in it to

Is it normal to have a fear of the future?

Yes, but just a little bit of fear, if you are in normal circumstances in a normal country.  It should not be your biggest fear, but maybe #6 or less.It is reasonable to be concerned about graduating, getting a job, moving to new places, etc.If you are in a nation at

Is it normal to not be scared of death?

If it's not normal then also absolutely not abnormal to not be scared of death.It is not even mandatory to be like others and you know that you are different from other people of your age, your acceptance on that is what makes you normal.As far as you don't have the zeal for life is concerned

Should one be afraid to die?

My thought is that it is such a waste of time to fear it. If this is before you are actively dying, why would you want to do this? There is nothing you can do to change that all of us will die in the end.

There is this girl I've talking to for a few months now and really want to ask her out but I just can't get the nerve to ever do so. What could help get me past that initial fear of asking? (And yes, I do have her number)

Ask yourself if you are going to die in an hour, would you call her?If the answer is yes, then call her, because you never know. Life is about living. Death will come soon enough, so don't waste your life wondering what might

What are a Startup CEO's biggest fears?

Getting enough money to keep going dwarfs everything else. Being able to meet payroll week after week while seeing revenue-producing opportunities get delayed because the people on whom you call do not have the same sense of urgency you do is scary.Many

What are atheists' biggest fears?

It depends on the person.What are A-santa-ists biggest fears? What are a-tooth-fairy-ists biggest fears? Those groups are so vast and their lack of belief in the existence of Santa or The Tooth Fairy don't have a huge amount of impact on the rest of their values.There are homophobic atheists, there are gay atheists, there

What are your irrational fears and why is it?

Perhaps it's like this:You know that there is a genuine chance that you child will have a disability.  It could really happen.  You know that.  You also know yourself.  If it did happen, you know that you would be vulnerable to seeing it as punishment.  You fear being in

What do you do to beat fear?

I remember that I have to breathe.... I freeze when I'm feeling fear and somehow forget to breathe normally! I try and take slow deep breaths in and exhale them slowly.Sometimes, depending on the situation, I do a mindfulness exercise where I sink my

What insects are you scared of the most?

The ones that liquefy their prey from the inside.No, how about the ones that can cause complete organ failure?Better yet, the ones that attack almost everything in legions of millions of insects.Eh, I'll just include them all.The Asian Giant HornetWhy, just why?As if normal

What is something that never frightened you as a child but increasingly scares you as you get older?

My future.I thought in Grade 6, simply that becoming a Lawyer would be hard.But, I'm smart, and enjoy a challenge.Now I'm in High school, go to a school with weak graduation classes, with 100's of scholarships for our school only. That's positive right?Now I see that

What is the greatest fear you have known?

From the dawn of civilization, the plethora of fears and jeopardies exist. If you start focusing on fear, then only you will get nothing than restlessness and high blood pressure, which often can be transformed into severe non-benign consequences.There is a lot to fear about,

What is the most frightening moment you have ever experienced?

Here is a good camping story, a real experience I had when I was a child. This is a real story. Don't know why but i feel like sharing it. The only person I ever told this to was my Dad. This was not a dream. I

What is the most irrational fear you can think of?

The woman on one of those daytime talk shows (Jeremy Kyle? Was this one the fault of the English? Fucking Sassenach) who was mortally afraid of cottonballs comes to mind.Of course, daytime talk shows manufacture needless drama for ratings, and whoever the host was immediately terrified this poor woman by having a crew member approach her

What is the name of your greatest fear?

Expiration dates O_0At least I'm sure that's what you guys would think I would put.Yes I fear expiration dates but no it isn't my greatest fear.My greatest fear is darknessI can't stand being in the dark alone.Once all the light so out...I

What is the point of being scared of death?

Blind Prisoner: You do not fear death. You think this makes you strong. It makes you weak.Bruce Wayne: Why?Blind Prisoner: How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible without the most powerful impulse of the spirit: the fear of death.Bruce Wayne: I do fear death. I fear dying in here,

What is your greatest fear in life that you are afraid of?

Not getting accepted for being who I am. Being the real me.Yeah, as weird as it may sound but, this is something I fear the most. I always distance people around me so that there remains a gap.I fear of being

What is your greatest fear?

Androphobia : I am an independent girl, making a living alone in this world, but all these news about kidnapping, rape, eave teasing sends shiver down my spine and which has changed my inherent nature . From a strong,secure girl during the day I tend to become a little scared ,frightened and insecure

What is your greatest unconquered fear?

Me, myself. I spent 40 years paranoid anxious and afraid of everything; what if this happens, what if that appears, what about him, how about her? And lo and behold a bit like the wizard of oz hiding behind that screen at Dorothy, the lion, the scarecrow and the

What kind of people are not scared of death?

People who honestly believe they know what they will experience

What makes you feel scared?

I have to go anonymous on this. Not really looking forward to getting upvotes or many views, I just need some space to vent safely. Lets start with today. I feel some evil forces were conspiring against me to show me the ugly. I was surfing on the internet and

What's the most frightening moviegoing experience you've ever had?

Way back in 1960, I was the Malek Theater less than a block from my house on 2nd Avenue, watching Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint in

What's your biggest fear for your partner?

My future wife moved in with me on Christmas Eve, 1983. We literally had a real Happily Ever After marriage until death did we part. But back in the beginning, shit was going on that I had no idea how to deal with.Every couple of months I would walk in the house to my

What scares humans most often?

Fear of something bad happening to them.Fear of suddenly getting laid off from a job. Fear of failure/rejection. Fear of some grave medical condition. Fear of ending up tied in a bad marriage/ end up alone.Fear of loosing a loved one. Fear of heartbreak. Fear

What scares middle-aged men the most?

I believe it would be the thought of your own death. In youth, the thought of death is far away, something distant in the horizon that happens to other people. In middle age, that black scary thing on the horizon is no longer far off on the horizon but much closer. Suddenly there are possibly less days ahead of

What scares most people, but it doesn't scare you?

Apparently, going to hell scares the bejeebers out of a lot of people. Spiders are another thing lots of people are afraid of. Hell I don't worry about since I don't believe it exists and I like spiders because they eat insects that are harmful. That's not to say I'd

What scares the rich the most?

The rich are not scared of inflation. Their portfolios make 10–18% a year. What the wealthy are scared of is ignorance. They know that a socialist/communist government can come into power in any country and decimate their wealth. That's why they diversify. Also

What scares you about death?

We humans are scared of that which we do not understand. The unknown frightens us.Thus, it is not the dark that I am afraid of, but of what may be hidden in it. Nor is it death that frightens me,

What scares you about some kinds of people?

One of the most scariest things about people is how far they will go in revenge if they are offended or upset, we live in a age were someone will literally do everything in their power to lose you your job or destroy your name to the point you can't get a job

What scares you the most about being on your own?

Firstly, I live in a society. I am not allowed to live alone or if I do, I'll die in the wilderness. Actually, I don't think I would be allowed to go die in the wilderness. I would be caught and put in a psyc ward and be forced to be miserable in there ‘for my