Every time I cough a little bulge pushes out under my rib cage, I can push it back in with my thumb.. What is going on?

Every time I cough a little bulge pushes out - wherever, I can push it back in with my thumb..Beautiful description of a hernia. Medical students should memorize. The wherever is usually in my groin but it does happen where the muscles arise of the ribs and sternum.Substernal or subxiphiod are exotic but textbook sites.

Why do we start coughing after eating lot of sweets?

Sweets don't directly cause coughing.But there is a possible indirect reason. I'll make some assumptions about the sweets being dry sweets and the weather being warm or the heater is turned on in cold weather.Most sweets are sweetened with sugar. Only some

Does a cough cause upper back pain?

It can in certain situations. If the cough irritates one of the costo-vertabral joints, which is the joint between the rib and the spine, it can cause upper back pain.This is because during a cough we have a large change in intra-thoracic pressure, which leads to a shift at that joint, and can sensitize it and activate

How to get rid of cold and cough fast

I use Ibuprofen 800 mg prn for cough as cough is a reflex reaction to a bronchial irritation which is a type of pain. To dry your nose I would very sparingly use Sudafed Plus just until symptoms resolve as there is a massive mismatch in

Which is the best excercise or yoga to get rid off cough and cold?

There are several Shatkarmas (cleansing processes) & Pranayama (Breathing techniques) to remove cold problems, like Jalneti, Kapalbhati, Kunjal kriya or Vaman Dhauti and Bhastrika.These all are intended to clear the nasal passages and the sinuses of accumulated mucus secretion by a Ventury effect. Through these techniques, we can remove cold from our lungs, chest, vocal cord and nosals.These all

What are the causes of lower abdominal pain when coughing?

Inguinal hernia?Prudent* to see a general surgeon*/for II opinion. With NO INSURANCE MEANS YOU MAY CONSULT A local homeopath [for less costs]/dermatologist for physical examination, relevant investigations, accurate diagnosis and permanent cure by medication and or surgical interference.Because, in all chronic issues with complicated

Does eating a banana lead to coughing?

No, and if it does you should probably slow down when eating.I had to research this a bit to understand what you meant, but apparently in some parts of the word there is a superstition that eating a banana when you have a cold

Why do I start coughing after drinking or eating dairy?

Is this happening only with dairy milk based products?Have you tried substituting a non-dairy product such as almond or soy milk? If not, then try it and see if it has the same effect on you.The answers/results to these questions might assist your doctor in providing a more informed diagnosis. Regardless of the answers/results, you need to be