Can a covert narcissist fake several years of marriage?

Yes. A narcissist can not only fake a marriage, but by definition a narcissist can ONLY fake a marriage. A narcissist is not capable of a marriage by the romantic definition, so if you are asking if a narcissist WILL fake a marriage the answer

If a covert narcissist is so good at lying and pretending to be a good person, how do professionals realize the person is a narcissist?

The first sign would be an obvious tendency to idealize or devalue others or oneself during the conversation with the therapist. It's a first hint, that there is a self-eestem regulation going on. Usually the patient isn't aware, that he idealizes or devalues during a normal conversation. I for sure, wasn't aware

What is it like to be a covert narcissist?

A2A       And for those who often see my stuff generally told from a strictly personal perspective, I must resort to someone else's probable expertise, as I have never knowingly seen this myself. This is what I found:   " Covert

Since a narcissist is quite capable of behaving appropriately and kindly to those he wants to impress, or in public, how can it be argued that their abusive and cruel behavior is anything but an intentional choice? Isn't this just an enabling excuse?

I will use a different approach. I know this question is the most difficult of all. I will try to keep it short.Narcissists are quite capable of PLAYING the part as long as you are PLAYING yours. The abusive and cruel behavior IS an intentional choice, but they

A covert narcissist is known as what type of narcissist?

Oh wow, this is a really hard one. I have to really exert myself to figure this one out.But do not despair as I, the great Christian have the correct answer.A covert narcissist belong to the type of NPD that are called covert narcissism.Oh wow, much wow. Hope this educational post helped your intellect grow.

Can a covert narcissist regret discarding you if you were a long-term "supply" for them?

Narcissists do not conceptualize people the way neurotypicals do. They don't emotionally bond with others as neurotypicals do. Their thinking is self referential. The type of experience the question expresses is more along the lines of how a neurotypical would think.A narcissist would think in terms of how unfair things are for them, of how they're not being

How to expose a covert narcissist

You don't. People with NPD don't realize what they are doing. They have a disorder. The only solution is to walk away. You are probably never going to get along with this person and have a normal relationship with them ever. There is a

How does a covert narcissist act in marriage?

It wasn't until years after I left that even heard the word narcissist. I had no clue I was married to one and for about 10 years. The majority of our time We were both active duty and were apart

How does hatred show in a covert narcissist?

Right from the start, before they get to show you any of their ugly faces and sabotaging deeds, they already show their hate in the most subtle ways by seizing control of your agency in everything they do.Everything they did right from the start was to subvert or destroy your ability to make wise,

What are signs of a covert narcissist?

They need support your emotional support, all the time.They never smile with their eyes. It's that creepy, dead eyed smile.When you ask them to support you emotionally their bodies become stiff and their eyes betray an almost scare look.Once they get

What is the difference between narcissistic abuse by a covert narcissist and an overt narcissist?

Overt: done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden.Covert: not openly acknowledged or displayed.With an overt narcissist what you see is pretty much what you get. They can be abusive however it is much more obvious as they are openly what they are.When you are the victim of a covert narcissist the

What's the difference between a covert and a malignant narcissist?

A covert narcissist only has NPD.A malignant narcissist suffers from a syndrome consisting of many different disorders. Paranoid personality disorder, sadistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, extreme levels of aggression.While covert narcissist tend to be non-dangerous and non-criminal the malignant narcissist

When you are dealing with a covert narcissist, who is your blood, gave birth to you and has helped you on numerous occasions, then suddenly turned on you and into the monster that they are. Does this mean that they noticed that you can see them?

Possibly.When I started to show my narcissistic dad that I wasn't playing into his mind games and manipulations, he started to hate me and turn on me. When I had my daughter, I finally said enough and he had one last big blow out. I didn't

Why are covert narcissists so convincing?

Covert narcissists are highly agreeable, likeable, generous, broad-minded, and kind. Covert narcissists are not braggarts; they are soft-spoken, easy-going, funny, self-deprecating, and even sweetly shy. Covert narcissists give you their undivided time and attention; that they do not neglect you suggests that you are quite special to them in some way.